Hey everyone! Thank you so very much for all of your kind words in the comments and on social media from the first video in this series. T...
  • Hello. It’s Me.

    Hello. It’s Me.

    Hey everyone. I’m making my way out from under this rock that I’ve been living under. I’m working on a series of vlogs t...
  • I Promised Signal

    I Promised Signal

    Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3. Hello and greetings and salutations everyone! When I launched this site last year I promised it would be a plac...
  • Inspiration Interpretation

    Inspiration Interpretation

    This week on DEDPXL we’re going to dive into the topic of inspiration. Everyone who contributes to this blog will be speaking about it fr...
  • The Society of Good Stuff № 11

    The Society of Good Stuff № 11

      Hello everybodeeeeee!   It’s Inspiration Week here at DEDPXL and what better way than to start off with a TSoGS post? As...
  • Conquering My Everest

    Conquering My Everest

    It’s 9:25pm. I’m staring blankly at my computer screen. The deadline for this post is looming over my head and this is draft ...
  • The Archer and the Arrow

    The Archer and the Arrow

    I’m a comic book nerd. Always have been. One of my favorite characters was Green Arrow. He was a superhero archer. Dressed up like Robin ...
  • Giving Up & Getting Back To Good

    Giving Up & Getting Back To Good

    “Life has loveliness to sell. Buy it; never count the cost.” – Sara Teasdale   You might think that the very first ...
  • Inspiration//Motivation


    Man! Inspiration week? I guess I am always inspired, but not always motivated & that is the crutch. There are things to inspire all ar...
  • Sid the Muppet talks about Inspiration

    Sid the Muppet talks about Inspiration

      Inspiration. It’s a funny thing.  You can’t contain it and it seems impossible to track down; sometimes it’ll bl...
  • DEDPXL09 Assignment / 08 Critique

    DEDPXL09 Assignment / 08 Critique

    Don’t you hate being in front of the camera? I do. I hate it. That’s what this month’s assignment is: Self Portrait. Yay...
  • This Is How I See You

    This Is How I See You

    “Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.” – George Edward Moore Kyoichi’s Engl...
  • DEDPXL Presents John Keatley

    DEDPXL Presents John Keatley

    One of my main goals with DEDPXL is that it doesn’t become “The Zack Show.” There are so many amazing voices out there w...
  • The Phottix Indra 500 TTL

    The Phottix Indra 500 TTL

    I have this dream of getting my photography gear simplified to a bag of cameras and a bag of lights. Right now I have two bags of cameras....
  • The Many Uses of White Seamless :: Pt. 1

    The Many Uses of White Seamless :: Pt. 1

    A simple white seamless background is a very versatile tool for you to have whether you are doing photography or video. In this video I wa...
  • The Many Uses Of White Seamless :: Pt. 2

    The Many Uses Of White Seamless :: Pt. 2

    In part one of this series I go through the space considerations and gear needed to shoot on white seamless. I also demonstrate the basics...
  • Truck Stop Light

    Truck Stop Light

    I’m standing back stage at a venue called Iron City in Birmingham, Alabama and I’m waiting for someone who I have wanted to p...
  • Four Different Modifiers

    Four Different Modifiers

      Welcome to #LightingWeek on DEDPXL! We’ve got a number of things coming up each and every day this week and it’s all ab...
  • The Society of Good Stuff № 10

    The Society of Good Stuff № 10

    Salutations everybodee. I’m currently sitting in San Francisco Coffee on Dekalb Ave. here in Atlanta, finishing up this TSoGS post, ...
  • Head Over Heels And Ass Backwards

    Head Over Heels And Ass Backwards

    That post title sums up exactly what this tumultuous relationship with photography feels like. A month has passed since my last post. In ...
  • This Boat

    This Boat

    I wonder if Ansel Adams ever looked down on Walker Evans because of the kind of camera he used.  I wonder if Richard Avedon was called na...
  • DEDPXL08 :: Moody B&W

    DEDPXL08 :: Moody B&W

    We are back with assignments! In order to be more consistent with our assignments we are going to be doing one assignment per month. We...
  • Poll: Future DEDPXL Content

    Poll: Future DEDPXL Content

    Hey everyone, Caleb here! I do the majority of the video work here on DEDPXL and I want to know what you all want to see from these videos...