Hi everyone! Great job on jumping in on this first assignment for DEDPXL.

Here is the current grading system for these assignments. This is subject to change but I think it gets the point across.

A = DAMN! Excellent execution of the assignment theme as well as the image being executed very well technically.

B = Nice. Well seen and nicely done. Slightly above average.

C = Met the minimum requirements for the assignment. This could also be called the “Meh” grade. It’s ok. It’s not bad but it’s not great either. Yes… you met the assignment but the photograph doesn’t go further than that. Could have investigated the subject better, waited for better light, found a better composition, done something different with your post production, etc.

D = Ugh. You have some element of the assignment in your photograph but it was so poorly executed that it’s a rather boring photograph. These photos seem like very little, if any, thought was put into making the photograph. These photos have poor composition, light, post production, subject material, etc.

F = FAIL. EXIF or upload data shows that you pulled images from your archive and placed them into this group that is reserved for NEW work. You won’t become a better photographer looking through your old work. The point of these assignments is to get off your ass and shoot new stuff. You can also get an F if we feel the image didn’t meet the assignment criteria or it was so poorly shot that it doesn’t even deserve a D. Did you not have your camera set to the proper date? Too bad! 🙂

While I have seen each and every image so far posted to flickr, 500px, and instagram I can’t possibly critique or grade each one. I will be grading a selection of them via comments and in the critique videos. I hope to show enough of each grade type in the critique videos that you can start to grade your own work. (Side note – Due to requests from several of you I have created a Google+ community for these assignments and for general discussions.)

Also note that I’ve limited the number of images you can post to the flickr group to two per week. Some folks decided to dump 20 or more images into the group and that’s insane. If 100 people do that then that is 2,000 images taking up a lot of space. Great photography doesn’t come in large numbers of images. You have to edit your work. You have to sit on it and think about it. You have to make hard choices of what you are going to show and what you are not going to show.

I’m going to be an asshole about some of this stuff. I don’t really care if I step on your toes, make you cry, or piss you off. I hope I get under your skin. I hope you get a bit sad or angry. The next time you pick up your camera then you have a little fire in your gut that you have to extinguish. The only way to extinguish that fire is to shoot better. I might be a bit of a drill sergeant. I’m not trying to be mean just to be mean. I’m trying to teach something and I may do it in a way that stings just a little. Don’t take it personally. If you shot a D or F image then you shot a D or F image. Next time shoot a C image. Then prove us wrong and start shooting B images. So forth and so on…

Here’s the thing. If you cry. If you feel like a failure. If you get pissed off and curse my name… that’s fine. That’s good. I’m all for that. DO NOT PUT THE CAMERA DOWN!!!! Pick that damn camera up and go do it again. And again. And again. We all fail. We all fall short. We all could be doing better. Every one of us. Someone will get a great shot for this assignment and then fail the next one. I’m the guy who started this group and some of you shot way better photos for the first assignment than I did. That sucks for my ego but people shoot better photos than I do all the time so it’s nothing new for me. 🙂

KEEP SHOOTING! If you keep going with these assignments then you are going to be a much better photographer in a year than you are now. If you give up on photography then you’ll never get better. Ever.

morocco lines

Check out the next assignment here. It’s due April 25th, 2014. BTW – No more lines photos. That assignment is done and we are moving on. Feel free to jump in on assignment #02. If you didn’t participate in the lines assignment, take some time to look through those photos on the flickr community and takes notes from this critique and jump in now to shape and form.

How do you feel you did for this assignment? Did you enjoy it? Do you think my grading system is too kind or too harsh? Let me know in the comments below!


Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. Dan Flores

    I think you guys did a great job with showing all levels of the grading scale. I wouldn’t mind if you were harsher with the lower graded photos. Looking at and hearing why the better photos earned a higher grade gave me more in terms of what I should be paying attention to. I think the insight Meg and Zack gave in those photos were much more informative in comparison to the D and C work. I think maybe selecting specific works that stood out initially were discussed during the video (as opposed to random selection) might be more constructive in terms of identifying what solid photography consists of. There’s my 2 cents, thanks again for all the hard work. On to assignment 2.

    • Zack

      Great feedback. Thanks Dan!


  2. adam

    thanks for the critique, you made my day, and its only 12.49am.

    as for the grading, i got a U for my latin O level. which stood for unclassified.

    • adam

      just so you know, to the right of the post, there are palm trees and an abandoned store, no ’79 accords in sight.

  3. Jeremy

    11:20 #MilwaukeeArtMuseum

  4. Pedro Soares

    Hi Zack,

    Great assignment and great critique as expected coming from you and Meghan.
    Looking forward to see where the next one leads.

    And to be fare, Meghan’s picture, despite I like it, should be an F since the date says April 17, 2013 (or is it wrong?) 😉


    • Zack

      @Pedro – The fact that I can get Meg to use a digital camera at all is a miracle! 🙂 I can personally testify that she shot that in the right time frame. She’s using an old Epson RD1 camera that has the wrong date set.


      • Cristian

        Wrong date apart, it’s an awesome camera for b&w. 😉

  5. DavideV

    Thank you very much for the time and precious thoughts you gave us, Zack & Megan.

    Zack, you talked a couple time about “negative space”: would you PLEASE spend a few words on it? Looks like to be a key concept about balancing and composition, but I have a blurry idea of what it is…


    • DavideV

      Oh, and can anyone explain how did you get to have your personal image as avatar? Is there a way to sign in? Thanks!

    • Zack

      Negative space is a difficult concept to get your head around at first and, honestly, it’s a difficult concept to talk about or teach. At the surface negative space is easy but finding the balance sometimes comes to a gut feeling for me. It just “feels” balanced. How do I describe that “feeling” of balance? If you look at the post for Assignment #02 you’ll see where I begin to talk about negative space.

      As for your question on the personal image as an avatar, there is a way to sign in with WordPress and create your own avatar. I’ve never done it myself but need to. The DEDPXL web designer just rolled out the skull avatar for any user on this particular site who doesn’t have a custom avatar. As you can see… that includes me as well. 🙂


      • DavideV

        So, it’s something like balancing what makes the image with what’s “not” making the image, I guess… maybe I’m kinda sorta starting to get something 🙂


        • Jon

          Google is your friend (or your big brother).

          There are some exemple of negative space applied to illustration on a blog i found there :

          “Negative space is, quite simply, the space that surrounds an object in a image. Just as important as that object itself, negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition.”



  6. bottle of broon

    Hey, I made a picture that sucked! go me 😛

  7. Jan Schwarz

    I’m a bit sad you didn’t review anything on Twitter but I get your reasons. I was just hoping for some kind of feedback for my stuff but oh welp. Thanks you two for doing this anyway, a big can of chocolate soy milk an then the next assignment is waiting!

    • Zack

      Yeah, I’m sorry about that. As I started going through the hashtag on Twitter I kept getting led back to the usual sites of Flickr, IG, 500px, etc. Eventually I’d like to find one place where all photos for the assignments can go. I’m trying to let things be a bit open and free right now to the main places where people post work. Some folks hate flickr but like 500px. Some like to post to IG but not facebook. Facebook is, well, facebook. We’re going to try Google+ for this next assignment.

      The other issue I wasn’t expecting was the sheer volume of images that were submitted. It’s a learning process. I appreciate your patience while I figure out how to best manage this thing.


      • heidi anne morris

        An event on Google Plus would be a great idea 🙂

        Nice idea Zack

  8. Aaron Srader

    Great Job on all your critiques .. I didn’t make the cut but next go around I will focus more and do a better job. My goal is that at the end of the year ,you are critiquing me saying “great job and he gets it.. Remember that first pics he submitted , wow he has come a long way.”


  9. Jim Shaw

    Your dedication and tenacity is noted and appreciated from here, I wish I had your ambition. Heres looking to the future for all of us and the art. J

  10. Jami

    I appreciate how hard you grade submissions. There isn’t any point in participating in something if everyone gets a blue ribbon. Honesty is what makes you grow. Thank you for taking the time and putting so much effort into review our photographs. It is much appreciated.

  11. Stephen Ratcliff

    Zack I see a preference for high contrast black and white images chosen by you. My question for you is….Is HDR really more of a variance of reality than black and white? Are we more familiar with this classic treatment of this photographic medium and therefore we have more of an affinity for this black and white world treatment vs HDR? Curious of your thoughts.

    • Zack

      There’s a lot of room for personal taste when it comes to this type of discussion. I for one hate the low contrast, flat, VSCO’ish look that is quite popular right now. Some people love it. I can’t stand it. As to HDR, I personally don’t mind HDR when I can’t see that it is HDR. Or, when it is done in a very subtle manor to retain details in highlights or shadows. When a photo starts to SCREAM HDR or starts to get that cartoon look to it then I check out. Not a fan of that at all. Is over the top HDR wrong? I think so but who made me king of photography to make that kind of statement? Right?

      I personally prefer a solid B&W image that has tones ranging from a dark black to a bright white. That’s a personal preference. You’ll never find me flattening my work out because that’s popular right now, but I’m not the bastion of photography so do what makes you happy. Even if I think it looks like crap. 🙂


      • Stephen Ratcliff

        Thanks for your quick response and input. I appreciate your thoughts and insight as one who has spent a great deal of time with the issues. Just to go through the thousands of images submitted for this first exercise is quite a sacrifice. I’m looking forward to the future critiques and drills. sr

  12. DLuker

    I had a feeling using Twitter wasn’t going to work. Oh well, my bad for not making a decision on flickr or 500px before now.

    I loved your critiques, mostly for your honesty. I definitely learned from this assignment, both from shooting & the critiques. I’m even going to go grade myself & point out what improvements could be made.

    A good term for many of your F to D grades is “shoehorn.” Pretty sure I shoehorned at least once. 😉

    I really appreciate the time & effort both you & Meg are giving this project. Many thanks!

  13. Josue

    Congrats Zack, I think you are doing a great job with these critiques. The only way to get better is to be cold in judging our work, even if it hurts..it’s just means to an end. the end is to get better!

  14. Josh

    Great critique! And hey, I’ll take a “C” grade. Spoiler alert: shot w/ Slowshutter, edited with Arias-approved VSCOCam.

  15. Chris Smith

    Just got back from vacation and found out you reviewed one of my photos. I was pumped even though you didn’t like it.

    I’m doing a self portrait every week and I didn’t even use the shot you chose to critique for my self imposed challenge because I didn’t like it. So it goes.

    Love the work you’re doing. Love the critique you and your wife gave. Looking forward to figuring out how to work another self portrait into the next challenge.

  16. Howie

    Well crap. I have a metered internet connection so maybe if I have enough bandwidth left at the end of the month I can watch a 1:37 video. I was really hoping the images and comments would be viewable in a static format.

    • Zack

      Sorry to hear that Howie. To get through as many images as possible it’s more efficient to do a screen cast.


  17. Rodney

    Laughing at my F

    • brett

      not to be an ass or anything, but what image was yours, i cant remember

      • Rodney

        The ballon dogs. Funny my worse picture submitted. All good. Getting back into my photography. Using a very basic camera on purpose to work hard on my eye before investing in the camera I want.

  18. Morrie Fink


    Thank you very much for the time you are putting into this. And thanks for the critique! My image of the reflections on a wall through the fence is not a double exposure. It was shot with a aperture of f4.5 with the lens all but up against the fence and the focus on the wall.

    Appreciate the time and efforts by all.

  19. Jake Lunniss

    The building at 30:44 is the Sydney Opera House, if you’re interested to know. I’m pretty sure no one has said that already… if they have, sorry!

  20. Rajbir Bhattacharjee

    Hey Zack and Meghan,
    Thank you so much time for taking the time out to give such a detailed critique and also pushing me to work harder. It is much appreciated..
    I don’t know if I’ll ever break the D ratings, but shall keep trying 🙂


  21. Kelli Hogg

    Yesterday I got a text that said, “Guess who made the Dedpxl critique. You.” I haven’t felt fear like that since my photo 201 class in college when the seniors were allowed to participate in weekly critiques.

    As for what you posted on this page – thanks for adding that even if you do get a bad grade, (or even not make the cut at all) KEEP SHOOTING. I’ve made the mistake of walking away from my camera because of a few “bad reviews” for too long. Thanks for encouraging us. Photographers as a whole are way too hard on themselves.

    • Rodney

      Hey Kelli I made the critique too. Albeit with an F, but I am encouraged since I am stepping out of my Cubicle that has killed my creativity for years. I am seeing photos everywhere I go. Keep shooting.


      • Kelli Hogg

        I will if you will! 🙂

  22. Duncan McCall

    Hey Zack & Meg,
    Just wanted to thank you both for your time and really enjoyed the critique. Made my day with the A rating and I totally agree the picture is worth $Billions 🙂 As you both said you’d hang it on the wall Im going to send a print as a thank you. On to the next assignment now and super excited about it 🙂

  23. Bill Pierson

    Mornin! As always, I enjoyed your critique.
    First and foremost – know that I appreciate your valuable time. I sincerely thank you both for sharing thoughtful and insightful opinions on the submitted photos. There were several great points and suggestions given, of which someone that is paying attention will undoubtedly benefit from. You guys are awesome.
    If I may – I would suggest finding a volunteer to assist with gathering photographs for critique. He or she would be able to weed out the ‘photos from archive’ – along with the photos of underwear, and others that didn’t even meet the minimum requirements. For example – if it’s a ‘lines’ assignment, and there’s a picture of food, it shouldn’t even be considered in my opinion. You shouldn’t waste your time critiquing an irrelevant photo. Your time would be better spent looking at photos posted by those of us who did follow the instructions and who did put time and effort into the assignment. Randomly selecting < 10% of photos, of which several were pulled from archive, of which several were not relevant to the assignment, is frustrating. We saw some absolutely amazing examples of lines photos; I'd hate for you to have missed them and not shared them strictly based on the randomness of photo selection. There is no doubt that you can find at least one volunteer among the tremendous cache of talented photographers that follow dedpxl.
    I also think that the grades of the photos should not be based on other photo submissions. i.e. – a grade should be given on the merits of an individual photograph vs. a comparison to another photograph. In my opinion, there shouldn't be a limit on how good or bad a photograph is solely based on what you have to work with.
    Thanks, again, for the continued inspiration!

  24. Scott

    Lots of valuable insight into your editing process here, and into your approach to taking that first shot and exploring it to find something more. Thanks!

    The building you commented on at 12:00 is the Milwaukee Art Museum, Windover Hall. http://mam.org/visit/details/detail_windhover.php

  25. Fanny

    Nice critiques! Just want to clarify, my picture (appr 56 min) you’re saying “it’s layered, yeah it’s layered.
    It’s not 🙂
    it’s a shoot from a car window during travel. The different lines in the background are actually road marks.
    Thank you for taking your time to criticise, lot’s of good insights!

  26. Okapix

    Even if I feel the most rewarding critiques are about the A and B grade photos, it is definitely a good idea to include the whole spectrum. The A and B category is just more motivating to look at and your comments somehow offer more substance for learning. Maybe a balance of 60% of A and B and 40% of the rest?

    Zack and Meghan, I hope you’re getting even half as much out of this as I am. My humble thanks for your time and effort.

  27. Marc

    Thanks for this!, Learned a lot, will enter the next assignment but also ordered Onelight2.0 as I still have to learn a lot. Particular about “designing an image”. Time to go out and shoot some more…patterns and such…rhythm…



  28. Rey Cuba

    It is always hard to think out of the box, or should I said out of multiple boxes to create rhythm and party.

  29. V.Ladev

    Zack hit F11 next time you Review on flicker it will buy yousome extra space if you are Full Screen 🙂

  30. Jimmy Riviere


    That was nice to see all of theses photos. I saw some very good stuff. I only hope my picture will be reviewed next time (I have got some ideas for assignment #2).



  31. WhizzMan

    Dear Zack and Meghan,

    Thanks for spending so much time on this. I watched this go way beyond manageable in size and wondered how you’d deal with it. You spent way more time on it than I would have guessed you were going to, thank you so much for your commitment.

    I guess you did the best you could, but unfortunately none of my pictures made the critique, while people that didn’t even follow the rules got “precious” time. I understand that with over a thousand group members on flickr, you can’t grade everyone, but it feels kind of sad to not get critiqued because of people spamming the group with dozens of images, often not even following the rules set. Maybe setting some more strict rules might help keep the volume down a little bit? Things like “max 3 pictures per member” and “If it’s not following the rules, it doesn’t get critique time” would get more people that did do it properly a chance to get your comments on their work.

    Regarding all the places where you would allow people to upload, I have some observations
    -Twitter and Instagram are time line things, capturing a fleeting moment and then moving on. They are all about “look at me *now*” and not suited for monthly critiques.
    – 500pix are a bunch of pretentious frats that won’t let you browse their website without being logged in and you can’t post more than a few pictures unless you pay them.
    – Google+ want to know everything about you and they link you with everything you do on the internet. While they may have a good platform, the amount of privacy google demands for you as payment makes me feel it’s not cool to use at all. The same applies to facebook but their platform is horrible on top of that, so you ruled them out already.
    – Having multiple places to post makes it a logistics nightmare. I see you made screen captures of the various submissions just to manage the critique. That must have cost you over an hour just to prepare and you can’t zoom in or scroll to point things out during the critique.
    Please keep it simple and stick with only flickr please. It’s the most “open” platform and as you found out, it works best for this sort of assignments because of the group structure and you get to cull the “did not meet requirements” before you start critiquing.

    • Zack

      Thanks for the feedback WhizzMan. Good points there and a few that I don’t really agree with but point taken all the same. We definitely have a bit of a learning curve here and as the assignments go on we’ll get better at the critique and organization. Thanks again.


  32. Jawsh

    Y’know, I was really stoked on Zack’s work over the years, and when folks asked for pro photog info, I always directed them towards his CL work. But this Dedpxl critique is bullshit subjective nonsense, that isn’t’ remotely focused towards constructive criticism. The assignment is “lines lines lines” and then he harshly critiques for not fitting into whatever weird bubble of expectation he hasn’t articulated into his assignment description.

    Look, it’s fine all you rawkstartogs get your ego boosted by all the twitter followers and feel like you have some odd authority on the issue, but this critique is absolutely the least constructive content I’ve ever seen from you, and makes me immediately regret spending the money on the broken OneLight download you may or may not get to us eventually.

    And for the record, you didn’t critique my work. It just seems like you have developed quite the ego (of which I’ve contributed to), and I’m officially over it.

    Photographers: Focus on what your client responds to, and not some “RockstarTog decides is acceptable for his new “workshop” project. Adios, Zack with a K.

    • Zack

      Hi Joshua,

      I’ve issued a refund to you and have sent you an email.


  33. Emily Gallagher

    Hi Zack and Meghan,

    I really enjoy your critiques, they are honest and helpful. I would like to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into these. I am having a lot of fun doing these assignments.

    Thank you,


    • Jon

      I’ll second Bill Pierson for everything he said.

      I’ll second Rtephen Ratcliff about flat images : i nver heard of visco until i watched this video, but i always liked low contrast images for their finesse. I didn’t know it was popular… But being popular doesn’t mean it’s bad. Still i don’t like the instragramme sepia thing, as well as the overHDRed pictures.

      I’ll partially second Whizzman… I agree with him until i saw what i believe to be lots of prejudices about users of some of these services. I only have a Flickr account (with only the DEDPXL pictures atm), no website (well i got an old crappy jalbum thing) and not using facebook to promot photo, yet. Means all my pictures are desperatly waiting to get out of my hard drive. With all that in mind, i can’t be acccused to be a fanboy of one or another community. 😉

      I Agree with Jawsh about the too subjective critique. I also understand you do that on your free time (probably hoping for some to eventually spent some cash in the store, though :p ;), and therefore you like to do the review at your pace, but saying to someone “your picture is meh” won’t help him improve. Discarding all flat pictures beforehand seems exagerated. It’s the same as saying “all pictures with artificial light are worthless, end of story”.
      What we see here is more an insight than a critique (if i’m not confused – english isn’t my mother language).

      I’m also not fan of themes such as “lines” and “shapes|patterns&rythm” because, well… isn’t that what photography is all about? Also, these remember me too much school work (i’m starting to be an old fart but whan alike assignement when i spent time in evening photo classes).

      But, again, thanks for the time and the dedication you’re putting on that work. There is a learning curve on both sides. 😉

      I actually didn’t know about you before i ran into that assignement, so i don’t even know what kind of pictures you make. And i’m not sure i’ll do it soon, to preserve the surprise (good or bad)… 😉

      Anyway, cheers, mate.

      I still don’t have any ideas for the second assignmements (well i did one picture, but…), let’s hope inspiration strikes me someday.


      • Jon

        i didn’t wanna reply here.

        Sorry, Emily.

      • WhizzMan

        Hello Jon,

        To each their own, but my comment about the various websites was not about their users, but about the people running the web site.

        For what it’s worth, 500px is a great resource to find inspiration and there are a lot of talented photographers represented there. My remarks about 500px are regarding the amount of options you get as a “free” user. If you compare the features a non paying user gets from them to most other image web sites, they come up awfully short. Even paid users get deprived of people browsing their work, since they require visitors to have an account and be logged in to have any useful features of their web site enabled. While you can view images without an account, you are left to external search engines to do actually find those images. I have nothing against users of this web site, but I dislike the way the site is putting up barriers against visitors and non paying members.

        I work in computer security and I know pretty good how much you can tell from people’s facebook or google accounts and usage. Every time you visit a page with a facebook thumb icon on it or a google icon or service used, those companies log your visit. If you have an account with them, they link your visit to that account. They even have so called “ghost profiles” for visitors that don’t have an account and they are very good at guessing your identity regardless, partially because your friends have your details on their Android phone or in their facebook tagged pictures and such. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but you have to realize that these companies know more about you than you can probably remember yourself. I myself don’t want to add any more to that if I can prevent it without too much trouble. Sure, Yahoo is also in it for that game, but given the features Yahoo’s platform offers you can’t really exclude it and neither Facebook nor Google+ are known for their excellent photography platforms.

        Since it will take Zack and Meghan a lot of time to gather all the images from so many places, I figured I’d give the arguments that made me decide which one I would use and which ones I wouldn’t. That might help them decide if they want to narrow down the list of places where you can submit your work for critique. Everyone has their own reasons to choose what platform(s) to use and if they want to submit their work for critique through any of those. If your reasons are different you might come up with a different result. You may not feel as strong about my arguments as I do, or you may have arguments against my preference that don’t apply to me, or that I don’t know about. I understand that Zack and Meghan will want to keep this project “free” and accessible for everyone so it seems logical to me that they don’t want to exclude options without a good reason to do so. In the end it is up to them to decide where they will take submissions and up to every submitter to decide what to use.

  34. Dan Root

    Hey Zack and Meg,

    Thanks again for taking the time to review all those images. As a wroking professional myself, with only one kid, I really don’t know how you find the time to do all this, so I greatly appreciate all that you give bakc to us who love to make images. Love the assignments. Gets my ass away from the computer, and out the door,

    BTW, who do I send the check to for making the edit reel?


    The Guy Who Got a “B” for his flat VSCO’ish Chair Shot Around the 50 min Mark

    PS, Give Depew a big hug from me.

  35. Stephanie Gough

    HI Zack,
    Just a quite visit to say that I am loving the classes. I love going back to basics and forcing my eye to see things that will make me a better photographer. It’s painful but good! And to be honest it’s fun. I have several friends that I met over the past few years on flickr and I decided to make a private FB group for us to share our images for the assignments. We are bouncing around in there critiquing each others’ work and having a blast! Thanks so much for sharing your time and skills with us! We are loving it!

  36. Big Mark

    I’m glad I didn’t submit any images to the first assignment because I had actually forgotten what genuine critique was actually like. The first time I was formally critiqued was a couple of years ago: I had taken a picture that I thought was pretty good. I stood in front of class and had ten different people slowly pick the photo apart. It was brutal.

    But it was so worth it. Good and accurate critique was so important to becoming a better photographer.

    But after watching the video all those horrible feelings in the pit of my stomach came back: that urge to argue back with the teacher, that terrible moment of dread when the next student got to have their say.

    And thats when I realized how important and how unique the assignments and the critiques are that you are offering here. I don’t need to read another article lamenting the state of the business of photography. We need people to tell us that we are shooting shit: and to pull our socks up and do better. 😀 (Just kidding, you know what I mean!)

    Just been reading some of the reviews of the new one light on a couple of forums I’m on. They are uniformly fantastic with no dissent: and as soon as I possibly can I’ll be putting money into your pocket. Thanks for doing this Zack. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we heard you were launching a new site: but DEPXL really is a fantastic and positive resource for photographers. Kia Kaha bro.

  37. Yolanda Santiago White

    I enjoyed the critique and now I feel I have a frame of reference for the expectations in doing these assignments. I felt that many of the C, D, F shots were people who were just looking for lines, as I was. We were training our eye “to see” (look) for lines all around us, but didn’t expect to make artistic photos with other composition/design elements…I’m going through these exercises to learn about composition and design, so I didn’t expect to be judged on other aspects of composition while seeking lines. Now I know what the expectations are, so in that way this critique was invaluable.

  38. Greg


    Congrats on the launch on your new venture and I think this is going to be a huge success. I love the assignments and the critique that follows. Im an enthusiastic amateur at best and continually thirst for knowledge. I’ve learned a lot of tech, know my f-stops, how I should set iso and a host of other things. That of course does just allows better exposed bad pictures. (kidding, its not that bad 🙂

    A few years ago,I took a few evening classes at a school in manhattan and this reminds me of that time. When I took the more advanced courses, it was just like this. The majority of the class time was critique. It took me a few classes to realize its true value.

    I missed the first assignment but I was out this weekend shooting for the second one. You got me off my but and motivated me to take pictures of something besides my kids.

    Im very techie by nature and have thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment I shouldn’t own. At least you got me to got out and start using it again.

    Forget that guy who was very rude in his critique of your launch. There is no ego coming across from your side at all. Confidence and ego are very different things.

    You experience thus far allowed you to launch a website far and above how most start out.

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