Hey everyone, Caleb here! I do the majority of the video work here on DEDPXL and I want to know what you all want to see from these videos and from DEDPXL in general. We’re creating a lot of original content this year and we want to set some priorities based on your feedback.

Please take a moment to let us know what you want to see. If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve please leave a comment below.

Thank you so much!

The Lazy Procrastinator


What do you want to see more of? (Multiple Choice)


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  1. Rob Timko

    I’m surprised more people don’t want to see shoot-outs! My favorite thing is watching other people shoot!

    • Josh

      I don’t know, after Michael Mann did “Heat” all other shootouts fall kinda flat.

      • Andy

        whaw . . whaw . . whaaaaww . . . . I actually started to look it up. Ok, I did look it up.

      • Chris Hood

        OMG best sequence EVER! That music made it too!

    • Chris

      I selected Inspiration, as I feel like shootouts could maybe fall under this category (?).

    • Xavier Veys

      I agree, I much enjoyed the Zack vs Bernard shoot out and discussion afterwards, this is where we can follow a photographer’s thought process and vision as well!

    • Arthur van Reijn

      Hmmm… Read that as gear shootouts.

  2. Bert McLendon

    Keep up the great work Zach and mini Zachs, and crew… Shoot outs with short videos of what each photog was thinking and goals were. That’d be the hotness!

  3. adam bucci

    i wouldn’t mind something along zack taken out of his comfort zone – videos about being second shooter at a wedding, taken to the wilderness to shoot some landscapes, a day at an olan mills. that could be fun.

    • Zack Arias


      A day at Olan Mills. Brilliant. What about a day at Glamour Shots? Olan Mills has rebranded to “Flash Digital Portraits”. That’s their name now. Seriously? That’s a stupid re-brand right there.


      • Lawrence Sheperd

        Olan Mills no more? “Flash Digital Portraits?

        My Senior Yearbook photo weeps….

        • Richard Wintle

          LifeTouch. Just sayin’. 😉


  4. Chris Riordan

    First and foremost, the videos you guys create are awesome, so even if it was just more of the same I’d be happy. But if I had my choice it would be the short 3-5min vids like the one following the portrait shoot with Rabbit for the dedpxl website…and I’d be happy to pay for more longform content like the Onelight 2.0 videos (these are the best photography videos I’ve seen!)
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Yvens

    Just keep it coming!

    Good job Caleb

  6. Greg

    Really just want more quality content…

    Oh and please just put out the Fuji Guide 🙂

  7. Leif

    I highly prefer longer videos. For me such videos have replaced the boring TV content and jumping from short video to short video isn’t that much fun. If the content is great I don’t care how long it is.

  8. Piotr

    Watch out for the poll results as you might be fooled by the masses. The question to ask it not what majority wants but what your target audience, let’s call them your tribe, wants.

    Keep the signal to noise ratio at least as high as it is now if you want me around! 🙂

    PS. The web is more than full of tutorials and reviews and short movies and lists of “top n skills” or… You get my message.

  9. Jeff Weeks

    Hey Caleb,
    Personally, I like photography web videos to be on the shorter side, in the 3-10 minute range. I think videos lend themselves well to certain kinds of instruction where spatial relationships or subject-interaction come into play (“I put the light here and it does this. I raise it a little and it changes like this…” “I ask my subject to drop their shoulders – see the difference in their energy?”) or in gear reviews when you are demonstrating something specific like menu navigation. Since you’re soliciting input, I LOVE the guest posts by Anne, Sid, and others. These “anecdotes from the field,” combined with interesting ways to think about photography and art, are really compelling in my view. Thanks!

  10. Tyler Bell

    There are plenty of gear reviews on the web. I would like more content oriented around Zach’s experience. I like the idea someone suggested about seeing Zach out of his comfort zone And how he adapts.

  11. Christian Heinrich

    Inspiration, Shoot-outs, Rants (loved the sensor size episode). 10+ mins.
    The web is full of quick-tutorial and short top3,5,10,20… videos.
    Be different, dive in, show detail below the surface.
    And thanks a lot for all of your work so far!

  12. Armando

    Probably a few more vids on how to deal with Fujis current weakness…..The Flash dept…..I currently using Neewer TT850 (the only flash that uses rechargeable batteries)…..But so few TTL, no HSS…..whats a Fuji user to do ? LOL…..I know, get a ND filter…..

  13. Carlos Sandoval

    Keep ém coming! Doing a really great job… Be cool!

  14. Mike Bourgeault

    Love the site. I subscribed to the newsletter, but does that tell me when new posts go up? This is one of the few I’d like to know as soon as something is posted. If not, Is there a way to email subscribe to the posts that I just missed?

    • DEDPXL Admin

      Mike, do you use RSS? If you subscribe to our RSS feed you will always have the newest posts as soon as they are published. We recommend using something like Feedly.com.

      • Mathias

        Add option to delete/edit saved comments like disqus

  15. Louis LBNC

    I honestly don’t care what you put out. As long as it’s original, honest and bullshit free. This is what brings me to this site. There are plenty of photoblogs basically reposting the same shit with click bait titles “9 reasons your instagram followers will think you’re cool if you take blurry pictures”.

    I think what’s interesting is just content around what’s going on in your lives. Had an assignment and you were proud of the lighting you did. Share it and maybe sprinkle some basics in there for those of us less experienced. Have been shooting a new lens for a few months, share you thoughts! Reach a fork in your life and career? I’m all ears.

    Just keep it real 🙂

  16. Jeremy

    “How to use a light-meter, Vol. 1&2”, please.

  17. Mathias

    Hi Caleb . When you will you make a new article? o_O
    not just a poll

    • Mathias

      Let me fix my comment *
      When will you make a new article?

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