One of my main goals with DEDPXL is that it doesn’t become “The Zack Show.” There are so many amazing voices out there with different perspectives. I think of DEDPXL as becoming an independent record label of sorts of hand picked artists, writers, and teachers. It is with great pride that I am announcing a new class here with non other than John Keatley.

John Keatley is one of my favorite photographers working in the industry today. John is one of those artists who has that signature extra something to his work that you can recognize before you even see the byline. I often refer to John as the Edward Norton of the photography industry. John’s work is equally quiet and humorous. It’s bold but subtle. Quiet and confident. In other words John is his work and his work is himself. There’s no pretense to John. No brash ego. No “ME ME ME ME!” about him.

Back in September of 2014, Bernard and I flew to Seattle to spend three days with John. I filmed the class that I personally wanted to take from him. I wanted to know where he got started. I wanted to know about his initial struggles and his current ones. I wanted to know how he transitioned from not being a photographer to second shooting weddings to photographing Annie Leibovitz. Not only did I want to learn about his life I wanted to see him create.


John set up an entire day of shooting that encompassed pretty much everything he does while on assignment. From working on location, to working in a studio, to photographing a headshot on a simple background.

This class is inspiring. It’s encouraging. It will kick your ass. It will give you insight into a photographer well on up the food chain from any of us. This is one of those classes where you’ll be drawing bit by bit from it for a long time to come. I can say this confidently because that’s what it has done for me. And this class is on sale for $50. Fifty bucks to get into the mind of John Keatley. You don’t want to miss this.

About this class. I specifically asked John not to teach but to shoot. You see, you can do one thing really great or two things just ok. I wanted to see how John made his kind of images without the pressure of trying to teach how he shot. It’s best to just observe in some situations. I wanted to observe how he lit, directed his subjects, and solved problems; I wanted to watch him think. This isn’t the super technical class that spends lots of time on shutter speeds, apertures, flash power settings, and all of that. If you have a decent grasp on exposure and a basic understanding of how to expose for flash then you’ll be good to go. If you are still struggling with the basics this class will teach you a lot but not about the very basics. If you need help with the basics of lighting and exposure for flash then OneLight v2 is where you want to start.

Jump in and grab this class while it’s on sale! You get over three hours with John plus jpg copies of all the RAW images he shot as well as the final retouched images.


Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. Edward

    Not gonna lie…Saw this come up last night and although I’m an admirer of Johns work I wasn’t going to purchase this.

    Then you made this video…guess I’m gonna be out $50.

    …Dammit Zack

    • Anselm

      WOW!!!! Keatley gave us ALL of his shoos from the shoots, from the setting up to the end. All the “bad” frames, missed shots, EVERYTHING! UNEDITED!???? WOW!!!!!

      And I haven’t even looked at the videos yet. I already know this is video is a keeper.

      Well done guys!

  2. Philipp Winter

    Great work!

    BUT: I love this flipping pictures in the back of Johns monitor. Whats that???

    • Jebb

      It’s one of the screen saver options on Macs. I think it’s called shifting tiles. Also found on Apple TVs.

  3. Keith

    Suffering from CAS now. (Class Aquisition Syndrome)

  4. jason

    i do pretty much all wedding shoots but still might buy this class…

  5. J.R.

    Is the download not live yet??

      • J.R.

        No, sorry was a Paypal issue. 🙂

        • David Charles

          Did your paypal account get flagged too? Mine just did. They want a photo ID (not gonna happen) from me to keep using PayPal after they flagged me because of my DEDPXL purchase. Which is not the first, or the second, or the third charge from DEDPXL by the way.

          Zack, any way we could have another payment option? Not sure how I’ll be able to purchase things from DEDPXL in the future since my paypal account is now frozen.

  6. Bert McLendon

    Just got this and am watching now. SO awesome and the price is super fair. Thanks again Zach and team!

  7. Jay

    Very cool. Just purchased the Keatly video as I am always interested in the process others go through. Now you just need to get Dan Winters to pull back his curtains…

    • J.R.

      you read the Road to Seeing?

      • Jay

        @J.R. Absolutely. Had a copy from the first run.

  8. Jason

    No. Brainer.

  9. Frank

    Hello Zack. Can you tell us what lights you took to make this video. I like the look. Thanks.

    • Bernard Brand

      Hey Frank,

      I can answer this for you. It was all natural light and whatever John had setup for his particular shots.

      Thanks for reading

  10. John

    Got this a couple days ago since John is one of my favorite photographers (his work has a similar feel to Dan Winters’ style – who is also a fav of mine). Watched it twice already, gleaning what I can. Great video. I was surprised to have many similar connections to how John got started (reassurance from a photo lab person) and to the feelings of doubt… those parts are very therapeutic for me.

    I love the minimal post production on it. Feels very real and unscripted.
    The price made getting it a no brainer.

    Great job Zack and crew!
    Please do one with Dan Winters next! ; )

  11. jerry

    Listening and watching John share his experiences and passion for capturing people raises my focus to a higher level. Thank you Zack and John

  12. Jim

    Bought it and have one very important question. Was that a bust of Walter White on the speaker behind Keatley? Enquiring minds want to know.

    But more importantly, I watched all the content after being snowed-in and enjoyed it immensely. Wonderful insights! Amazing to me that so many of whom I would call “successful” photographers still have the same insecurities that keep me from taking the professional leap. Interesting.

    • Bernard Brand

      Jim, you’d be correct..

      How f**king cool is that? I almost packed it into my bag before we left.

      • Jim

        Bernard, f**king ice cold! 🙂 I almost didn’t recognize Heisenberg without his glasses.

  13. Matteo

    Hi Zack…bought the class! Just started watching the interviews…

    I really like the photo slideshow john got on his monitor…! Do you or anyone knows which software he’s using…?


  14. Trent

    Zack, are you going after Photovision or CreativeLive’s niche?

  15. Ping

    Bought it. and love it. the video is very different from others. is not much of a how to video ( which is good ). and you get to understand abit more of John’s side. truly a great work zack&team !

  16. Dave

    No posts since March? Zack, is dedpxl doa?

    • DEDPXL Admin

      Nope! We’re taking a little summer siesta. Things will back to normal soon enough!

  17. Roman Sotelo

    Wow!!! For so little money it would be silly not to go to his class…

  18. Tor Ivan Boine

    busy I take it? Been a while since a post. hint hint 😉