We’ve gone back and forth on some different ways to handle the group critique and we have found works best is to just do what we do.

I still have some ideas to change the format but the other issue you we deal with is time. We have so much on our plate we can only handle “record and upload” at the moment. Once we get some breathing room in our schedule near the end of the year I’ll have some time to work on this. Just know we are working on making this better!

DEDPXL06 is up now.

Can’t wait to share what DEDPXL07 is going to be!


Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. JT

    How does the image at 44:50 (“Naked Self Portait”) rate as a reflection?
    He looks square on to the image/reflection.
    If that’s the case where’s the camera?

  2. Patrick

    Thanks for this, people.
    Armpitbutt Guy.

  3. Jorgen

    I’m thinking you kind of didn’t get the picture of the two silhouettes in the windows (reflections as an afterthought), whereas I think it is a really nice out of the box thought out shot where the silhouettes reflect each other. Think of a mirror in the middle of the shot, basically…

  4. DRB

    What about the Instagram group critique?

  5. jarWoodson

    Cheers for including me at 1:07:01, and for the B- !! Meg, I still worship you and will try to give you an A+ egg shot for DEDPXL 06 🙂

  6. DRB

    I am excited that one of my photos made it into the video but also confused. The image selected was not my strongest submission in my opinion. The feedback on the image was great but I guess what would really help is feedback on what made it better than my others. I realize Zack does not have time for this but perhaps some of the viewers could chime in here. Check out my last five posts on G+: https://plus.google.com/+DanielBaer/posts/p/pub

  7. Chri

    So, wow! You actually picked 3 of my images to critique! That’s kinda cool.

    First of all, I guess I gotta admit that I did use some VSCO shit on the lake shot around 1:06:12 in the critique. In my defence, I knew you’d dislike the VSCO treatment but there is a reason for that: time. That was the last image submitted before the pool was closed for entries. I was coming back from a trip to Oslo where I took the photo on the last day of the assignment and knew I wouldn’t have time to get to the computer and edit all the files so I whipped that one across to my phone, edited it on there and uploaded. Once I got the files back and did a proper edit on them all this is how it turned out:


    Better black-point for you? 😉

    I also took the shots at 1:11:06 & 1:16:18. You were right about holding something right in front of the lens to create the reflection. Thanks for the positive words. 🙂

    • cary

      I do prefer the V2 black point, but can see the appeal of the original, too. Each edit sort of says its own thing. If I recall correctly, I sort of fixated on black points. That’s why I leave it to the pros.

      • Chris

        And when I go back and read your reply and then re-read my post I realised that if each edit was saying it’s own thing then the V2 was saying: “You exported under the wrong settings and way over-sharpened me! Please help.”

        So, I replaced it one final time. And what I am learning here is that when I am posting to the internet I need to slow myself down and do some QC.

  8. Bruno

    This was my first participation and I really liked the incentive to try and shoot something in a defined concept.

    My picture was not selected for the review but I really liked the video, even if it’s kind of chaotic sometimes hehehe
    I think all the + and – rates give a wider than necessary range, but maybe it’s just not as second-nature to me (not being from the USA).

    One question though : the selection for the review is purely random, whatever catches your eye or is there some rules/method? Just curious.

    If any commentators would like to leave feedback on my entry it’s here:

    Thanks for the work you do, I’ll certainly enter challenge 06!


  9. Ben

    Thank you very much, you are doing a great job here!