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Grab your camera because DEDPXL05 is ready to go. This assignment is all about reflections. Glass. Water. Mirrors. Metal. Whatever. If it reflects then it can be photographed.

Slow down. Think through your shots. If you are going to photograph the clouds in the reflection of a glass building you need to stop. How can you take it past that? Aren’t we expecting that shot? What can be done that is unexpected?

Find reflections that become abstract.

zack arias

Look for mirrors in your environment. Or take mirrors out into the world.

DSCF6993 copy

Work your angles.

Zack Arias DEDPXL 05

Lay into that reflective surface and wait.

Zack Arias Street Photography

A reflection of someone reflecting. Whoa.


This assignment is open from August 12th – August 24th, 2014.

Upload your photos to the DEDPXL communities on Flickr or Google+ or share them on 500px with the hashtag #DEDPXL05. Share them on instagr.am as well with the hashtag #DEDPXL05 and we’ll throw some of those in for the group critique at the end of the assignment.

Think through your shots. Remember line. And shape. And form. And pattern. And shadow. And light. And all of that.

Slow down. Think it through. And check to make sure the clock on your camera is set correctly.



Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. Eduardo

    No video for the assignment this time???……… I’m a big fan of those videos 🙁

    • Zack

      We love ’em too but just too busy with stuff and behind on other pressing matters. If we waited to do a video it would be another few weeks!


  2. Bart

    Ha! Was expecting that :).

  3. Jonathan Steele

    This assignment reminded me of your GOYA shootout with the mirror. I tried to look at the archive but the images wouldn’t load. I remember them being very creative.

  4. Randy

    damnit zack. why’d you have to pick an assignment that i’m not good at. hahahaha well i guess thats the point. i’m definitely not gonna be first in the pool this time XD

    • Zack

      Went out to shoot for this yesterday and didn’t get one damn photo. Ugh. I’m with ya.


  5. Chris

    Zack, is it fine to add a photo to the flickr pool even though it was taken on the 11th? I know you’re getting strict with submissions to the pool.

    • Zack

      August 12th! I am strict about this. The banned list is growing and growing! 🙂


  6. Dev

    Having recently discovered your youtube channel, I’m looking forwards to getting stuck into this. I’m glad this one popped up after the weather went wet and windy though. Otherwise I would have been drawn to the many gorgeous reservoirs near me, destined to produce a boring clichéd lake shot! Thinking cap is officially on.

  7. Terry

    I’ve been looking for a place to challenge myself creatively as well as finding a place where I can receive honest critique. Thank you. Let the fun begin.

  8. Benjamin

    Ah, was allready so sure about this one and thought I had great Ideas – thought I had great pics but now they seem dull to me.
    Ok, back to thinking…

  9. Gabriel

    Hey Zack, I took some pics for #DEDPXL05 on the weekend but my camera date/time were not set properly. Any chance to share those pics anyway? thanks.

  10. John Seidel

    Hi, Zack.
    I don’t see any guidelines for image size to upload for assignment 05. Is 700 pixels on the long edge large enough? I’ve entered 2 photos at that size. If you need larger, please let me know.

  11. Nick McGuire

    Hi Zack
    Please lift the ban on the flickr group that was put on me for not following the instruction based the time period. I just started following dedpxl and really like the stuff you are producing and would like to continue to learn from for your videos.

  12. Onoku

    Having a hell of a time coming up with something that isn’t lame >.<

  13. Andras

    i’m having a hard time figuring out whether or not the dates are inclusive. It’s not in the rules on the flickr group and i couldnt find it on the site either.

    ( Y’all know why i’m asking!! :-)) —————–>

    • Zack

      Andres – When I post a new assignment the date and time start for new work to be made. Then it has to be shot by the ending date I set. You can not go into your archive of images and post something you already shot. Period. End of story.

      New. Work. Only.

      New work. Not old work.


  14. René Sagstad

    When is this assignment finished?

    best regards from Norway

    • Zack

      It’s over now. Will have the critique up this week and the next assignment.


      • johanduch

        When this week starts and ends? 🙂

  15. Ioannis Imamidis

    I stuck with a certain image in my head while wondering what to shoot. Just wouldnt think of anything else. It involved a pair of old motorcycle goggles which i finally didnt find in time. Missed the deadline. I am gonna make that shot though! Thanx for the motivation 🙂

  16. Mathew Donovan

    Inspiration! Hate when I run out of ideas and just randomly snap pictures of people walking or a dog outside my door because nothing particularly amazing has jumped out at me yet. Thanks to this, I’m back out there, but this time with purpose!

  17. johan duchateau

    Hey Zack,
    500px has now groups, maybe you can make one for the assignments.