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fuji_buyers_guide_01I have been a Fuji fan boy since the original X100 and, as you can see from the photo above, I have continued to drink the Fuji juice. That’s almost all of my Fuji gear. I have a few things loaned out right now. All I wanted was a small easy to carry camera that had great image quality. I wasn’t looking for a new system. I didn’t need a new system. I just needed that thing in between a point and shoot or cell phone camera and a full fledged DSLR. That’s where the X100 came in. Then Fuji introduced the X-Pro1 and hired me to go shoot with it in India. I still wasn’t looking for a new system. Look at all the shit I have now.

I’m asked on a daily basis what my thoughts are on this X camera vs. that X camera. Which lens? Which accessory? Which battery? But what about the Sony or Olympus such and such? The goal of these posts is to answer those questions. All of these answers are based on my personal opinion and from using this gear on personal projects and paid client work. Remember — these are my opinions. This isn’t a review of the gear. This isn’t a gallery of sample images. This post is for those of you looking into a system like this and I’m giving you an educated opinion. Also note that no one is paying me a dime or a yen to make this post.

This post will deal with the cameras. Part two deals with lenses. Part three is about accessories. I’d do it all in one post but this would be one long ass post. Might as well break it up a bit.

Fuji x30

Fuji X10 / X20 / X30 :: I bought an X10 when it was first released and I’ve recently added an X30 to my bag. There’s one reason and one reason only that I got the X30: So that I would have an educated opinion about the camera when people asked me about it. It’s a cool… point and shoot. It has nice styling. It has nice image quality from a small sensor. The new EVF is fantastic and has moved it leaps and bounds ahead of the original X10.

At the end of the day? It’s a nice point and shoot that isn’t all that much smaller than an X100. It has some nice controls on it. Wifi is great. It has Classic Chrome film simulation. It has some great features. The AF is fast as well. It is a really nice point and shoot. Many people consider this camera when they are looking at the X100. When I think about the X30 vs. the X100 series I think about Jeremy Clarkson talking about the Porsche Boxster. It’s a fantastic car. It handles well. It has great acceleration. There are many great things to say about the Porsche Boxster. But buying a Porsche Boxster says one thing — you couldn’t afford what you really wanted… the 911.

X10 – You might be able to pick one up cheap. Barebones little point and shoot with nice styling. This camera is not an X100.

X20 – Meh. Just go straight to the X30 at this point. Get the Wifi. Get the Color Chrome film simulation. Get the new EVF. It’s not an X100.

X30 – If you are an X10 user and love that camera, you’re going to LOVE the X30. If you are an X20 user and you love that camera then you’ll be happy with the upgrade to the X30. FWIW – I prefer the black model. I have a black X10 and a silver X30. I prefer this series in black. Still isn’t an X100.

I will say that the coolest thing about these small X cameras is the super macro mode. You can get right up on something with these cameras for super macro images. My kids love that about this camera.

Who should buy the X30? Anyone who wants a stylish little point and shoot with a nice set of features like Wifi, a usable EVF, and a flip screen. You don’t really care about manual controls what-so-ever nor do you want a camera that can step in for paid work from time to time. Yes this camera does have manual controls and you could go to print with this camera but… you know what I’m saying.

Who should not buy the X30? Anyone who really wants the X100 series. If you think that buying an X30 will give you that X100 feeling you will be disappointed.

Fuji_X_Series_Buyers_Guide__006 X100 / X100S / X100T :: If my studio was going up in flames and I could save one camera it would be my Fuji X100T. I’d let my Phase One burn, burn, burn, burn before a wisp of smoke hit my X100T. No question about it. This is my favorite camera ever. I truly wish I had the the balls to sell all my shit except two X100 cameras, the two conversion lenses for it, and maybe a few lights. That’s the utopian photography lifestyle I dream of. A couple X100’s and some clamp lights and very understanding clients. That’s what I want. I’ve warned clients that this might happen one day. I might just show up with an X100 and that’s it.

The beauty of the X100 series is the form and function of the camera. The X30 is a photographer’s point and shoot. The X100 series is a photographer’s camera. It’s simple. It’s gorgeous. It’s the zen of cameras for me. Tens of thousands of photos later… I love my X100 cameras as much as I did when I first started shooting with them. Look at how many of them I own and one is missing from that photo above. I own seven of them. That’s stupid. I don’t care. I’ll be buried with one. I’ve bought some. I’ve worked for a couple. I’ve traded for the rest. I love these stupid little cameras.

There are two very capable conversion lenses for the X100 that give you a 35mm full frame equivalent of a 28mm, a 35mm (native lens), and a 50mm lens. I’ll talk about those in the lens post.

Original X100 – If you want to get into the Fuji X100 family look for a good used X100. Fuji did a great thing by releasing one last great firmware update to the camera. Some folks still prefer the original X series CMOS over the new Xtrans CMOS. It can sort of be like people who preferred VW air cooled engines over water cooled engines. Or cast iron over teflon. The original X100 is still, to this day, a great little camera and I’d be happy to keep shooting with one if that was my only option.

X100S – You can pick these up on clearance or used now that the T is out. Great camera. Faster performance than the original. New CMOS sensor. Better viewfinder. Etc. Etc. Etc.

X100T – Wifi and faster performance. End of story. They are brand new so they have the newest technology packed inside. If you can scramble to get a few more hundred dollars together the Wifi and the better performance is worth the money. Especially if you want to think about getting the Instax SP1 printer. FWIW – My personal preference is the silver model. I have a black one as well. I personally prefer it in silver.

Who should buy the X100 series? Anyone wanting a small, silent, constant companion of a camera. You are already comfortable with the 35mm (equiv.) focal length. You aren’t looking for a system camera per se but just a nice camera that has all the controls you want where you want them. It’s fantastic for family photos, travel, street, and can jump in on a garden variety of paid working assignments. The thought of a leaf shutter that allows you to sync at high shutter speeds with flash is also a very attractive feature to you. You’re all set with a system camera and all the lenses and crap that go with that. You just want an every day carry kind of camera. You should get an X100 series. I’ll warn you… it’s the gateway drug into the X system.

Who should not buy the X100 series? Anyone who just has to have a wide range of focal lengths. You have to have a wide and a telephoto and something in the middle and you can’t, for the life of you, figure out why anyone would want a fixed lens camera. Even if you are this person I still think you need an X100. It’s the only camera I’ve ever owned that I’ve thought, “Everyone should own one of these cameras.”

Fuji_X_Series_Buyers_Guide__004Fuji X-A1 / X-M1 :: These are the little intro cameras into the interchangeable lens X series. I personally own an XM1 and my favorite lens on that is the 18mm f2. It was given to me as a gift directly from the great people at Fujifilm in Japan. The serial number on this camera is “ZARIAS”. It’s a cool little camera.  If I was considering a purchase of this camera I’d be looking at a used X-E1 instead.

These small cameras are like the X30 of the interchangeable lens series. They are capable but the controls just aren’t as user friendly and there’s no viewfinder so you are going to be composing on the back screen only. Yes, it gets you into this X series line but — they come with compromises. Mainly in form and function. The best place for something like the X-M1 would be an inexpensive backup to another X series camera. Or a small third camera for something like a photo booth situation or something similar. I’ve actually used my X-M1 as a photo booth camera once. It was fine for that. Do you need to buy this as a photo booth camera? Probably not. Would I purchase one? No.

Who should buy one of these entry level X series cameras? Teenagers with some Christmas money who want a fun camera and want to learn a little about photography.

Who should not buy one of these entry level cameras? Anyone wanting an X-E1, E2, Pro, or T. Or anyone trying to decide between an X-M1 and an X100. Buy the X100 series. End of story. IMHO. Really.

Fuji_X_Series_Buyers_Guide__002bFuji X-E1 / X-E2 :: As you can see, this is the class of X series camera that I do not own. I used to own an X-E1. It was the backup camera to my X-Pro1. Once I started to use X series cameras for paid work I needed a second camera and the X-E1 was the affordable choice for me at that time. I liked the X-E1 well enough but never enough to have it replace the X-Pro1 as my main camera. I kept the X-E1 until the X-T1 came out. The T became my main camera. Then I bought another T so I could have two identical bodies on hand at all times. I always prefer having two identical bodies on a job even if one is simply there as a backup.

The X-E2 is highly regarded and loved by droves of photographers out there. It has newer tech than the Pro and honestly… I consider the X-E1 and the X-E2 as the entry level camera into the X series. If you’re into photography don’t mess around with one of the baby X cameras like the X-A or X-M. Just dive right in with an X-E2 as the best affordable option for building an X system. Look at a used X-E1 for a backup / second camera.

Why am I not head over heels in love with the X-E1 or 2? Because of the form and function of the X-Pro. Then the T came out. I personally prefer those two cameras over the X-E1 and 2.  These cameras are awesome for a garden variety of photography genres. They are more than capable of replacing a DSLR system or as a supplement to a traditional DSLR system. I know several photographers who still rely on their Nikons and Canons but like a small system like this for times when a small camera is called for the job or for traveling restraints.

Who should buy an X-E1 / X-E2? Photography enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for a compact camera system that has all the dials and controls where you want them to be on a good camera. Maybe this is going to be your main camera for awhile as you build up some lenses. Maybe this is going to supplement your DSLR system as a travel / secondary system. You also aren’t put off by this being an EVF only camera.

Who should not buy an X-E1 / X-E2? People who think larger cameras make better pictures. People who like to walk around with big expensive looking cameras on their neck like they are some sort of effing trophy. Other people who should not consider this camera – Sports photographers. Wildlife photographers. People who make money shooting video. Video capabilities are less than stellar. That’s an across the board statement with Fuji X cameras right now, though.

Fuji_X_Series_Buyers_Guide__010The X-Pro1 :: The X-Pro1 holds a special place in my heart even though I haven’t shot it on a single project since getting the X-T1. Let me tell you a very brief history I’ve had with this camera:

I was anticipating this being the DSLR killer camera for me and my first week or two with it let me down. Then I took it to India and I fell in love with this and the 35mm f1.4 lens bolted on the front. I fell in love with it but it didn’t kill the DSLR yet. After owning it for a few months I was second shooting a wedding for a friend of mine with this camera and the hotshoe fell off the camera. The whole hotshoe came off. I shelved the X-Pro knowing it needed to get sent in for service. Life was busy and it stayed on that shelf for a few months. I loved this camera but, evidently, I didn’t love it that much. I was hired by Fuji to shoot another job for them and I figured I better get the X-Pro fixed prior to that job so I sent it in.

It returned from Fuji service and I unboxed it and bolted the 35mm on it and that is when the DSLR died. That moment. I realized how much I missed that camera. How beautiful that camera is to look at. How well it fit in my hand. That optical viewfinder. Mmmmm. It was like a John Hughes movie moment when the main character realizes they are with the wrong person. That’s when the Canon’s really hit the shelf and never returned to my life as a working photographer. Yes, yes, yes. I have a Phase One that I shoot with on a regular basis but I’ve burned gabillions of pixels through my Fujis on personal and paid projects.

Some still love this camera for the original X series CMOS sensor and they swear by it. I’ve moved on to X-Trans and I’m good to go with those sensors. The first gen CMOS sensors do have their own quality to them though. I can’t say they are better but they are a bit different.

Who should buy the X-Pro1?  The traveler. The correspondant. The slower and methodical photographer. The photographer who loves minimal design and simple controls. The documentary wedding photographer who doesn’t need 14 frames a second. The X-Pro1 is not a speed demon. It isn’t the best in low light auto focusing. Firmware updates have made it a much better camera than it started. It’s best suited for slow and methodical thinking photographers. It’s a beauty to hold and operate.

This is a great camera for those of you who’d love to own a Leica M, M9, etc but won’t or can’t ever part with that kind of cash. The X-Pro1, IMHO, is still the most beautiful of the X series. I know that doesn’t mean shit to the pictures that are created but it’s a joy to use and carry with you. I really should pull it out of hibernation.

But unless you need one NOW NOW NOW… I’d look for a good used one or a good sale price on a new one. Because… one day… ONE DAY… Fuji is going to finally replace the oldest X camera in their lineup and it’s probably going to kick ass all up and down the block. I have no idea when but I’m going to guess… next year some time.

Who should not buy the X-Pro1? Those of you wanting the newest tech in a camera. This one is getting long in the tooth compared to the newer X cameras. If you find a good deal on a used one though? It’s worth looking at for sure. New technology does not equal better photography. Remember that.

Fuji_X_Series_Buyers_Guide__012Fuji X-T1 :: To be very honest with you, the X-T1 is a stopgap for me as I wait for the X-Pro2. It’s my “work” camera. I love this camera but I don’t love, love, love it like my X100 cameras and my X-Pr01. That’s not to say that this isn’t a great camera. It’s a fantastic camera. There’s a reason I own two of these. A regular working kit of gear for me is two X-T1 bodies, an X100T, and some glass. I’ve shot magazine covers, product catalogs, promo work for bands, etc. with this kit of gear. To me the X-T1 is at home in the studio like the X-Pro is at home on the streets. Both are capable of doing either one… these are just feelings I have about the cameras. I’ve shot the T on the streets and the Pro in the studio many times. My feeling is the X-T1 is for my work. The X100 and X-Pro1 is for my heart. I really shouldn’t separate those two should I?

This is the biggest, baddest X series Fuji has on the market today. Fastest focusing. Best EVF. Best processor. Best screen. Wifi. Etc. This is, basically, the X-Pro2 but with a completely different feel and design. For final image quality I would put this up against any competitor in the small format (Full frame 35mm and below) market. It beats my old 5D2 files to hell and back.

Who should buy the Fuji X-T1?  Those who have been looking at the X-E2 but have the funds to go ahead and get the X-T1. Just do it. It’s a better camera. I mean, there’s a lot under the hood that are close to equal between the two cameras but the EVF on this is what makes this camera. If this had an X-E2 EVF I’d probably still be shooting my X-Pro1 to be honest. The EVF on this is sick. If you are thinking of going to a small system and you’re a very passionate enthusiast or aspiring pro or working pro… this is the body to look at for your workhorse camera. Weather sealing, good focus tracking, dedicated ISO dial, Wifi, etc. Great for portraiture, product, travel, food, weddings and events, journalism, etc.

Who should not buy the Fuji X-T1? While I know a few folks shooting some sports with this camera it still isn’t there yet for the person in the sports trenches week in and week out. If you are a wildlife photographer you probably aren’t looking at this camera either. Part of the reason Fuji won’t work for these two genres is the lack of glass in the 300mm 2.8 range and up.



Those are the main Fuji cameras out right now that I’m asked about regularly. I’m also asked a lot about this model vs. that model. Here are my thoughts and opinions.

X30 or X100? I can’t say it enough… If you are looking at the X30 but you really want an X100 then save your money and get the camera you REALLY want. The X30 will fall short of your expectations. Used X100 series beats an X30 for me. There are a lot of fans of these small X cameras out there though who are shooting great stuff with them. I’m not saying the X10/20/30 suck. I’m just saying they aren’t an X100. Boxster or 911? 🙂

X-M / A or X-E1 / 2? If you are less than 50% into photography then one of these cameras and a lens or two will be fun for you.

X-E1 or X-E2? If you are 75% or more into photography you need to be looking at the X-E2 or the X-E1 for those on a tight budget. X-E2 for those who want to get into the X system and save a few bucks to put into some glass so you skip the X-T1 at this time. You might also be buying the X-E2 knowing that it will eventually be falling into the backup camera position when you eventually go with the X-T1 or if you are waiting for the X-Pro2.

X-E2 or X-T1? You are 90% into photography as a very serious enthusiast or a working professional go with the X-T1. You get the X-T1 one for the newest tech and most robust body in the Fuji X line. X-E2 if you are supplementing a current DSLR kit or you’re an enthusiast that would rather save some money on the body to get another lens for the system. X-T1 if you have the cash to do so and / or you are a working pro.

X100 or X-E2? If I had a dollar for every time I’m asked this question I’d be rich. If you already have a decent bit of DSLR gear like a good camera body and a few lenses then get the X100 S / T. If you only have an iPhone or a point and shoot and you really want to get into photography then start investing in a system like the X-E2. Build that kit up a bit and then decide if you want to add an X100 series later. An X-E2 with an X100 series as a backup camera would be a great solution.

X-Pro1 or X-T1? If you are slow and methodical and the look and feel and design of your camera is an aesthetic that is important to you then get the X-Pro1. If you need and/or desire Wifi, faster performance, and the like then go with the X-T1. It’s still a good looking camera but, IMHO, the X-Pro1 is a classic.

X-A or X-T1? Stop. Just stop. 🙂

X100, X100S, or X100T? Whichever one you can afford without going into debt. If you only have to save up for 60 or 90 days more to get to the next tier of an X100 then be patient. The higher up you go in this series the more bang for the buck you’re going to get. If you find a steal of a deal though on an original X100 then grab it. Remember too that you’re going to want some extra batteries, an extra charger or two, a lens hood maybe, and other accessories that will dig into your budget.



Next up will be lenses. Then accessories and final thoughts and maybe some Q&A that comes from the comment section here.

PLEASE do not ask when such and such firmware is coming or if such and such feature will be added to such and such camera. I have no idea. I can say that if you are wanting Classic Chrome on a first gen X camera that’s probably never going to happen. Classic Chrome would have to be developed from the ground up for that older sensor. At some point a company has to move on. Fuji has done a great job supporting older cameras with new firmware. Something they need to always be doing but at some point… yeah… you have to move on.

Will Classic Chrome be coming to the X100S? I don’t know. When is the X-Pro2 coming out? I don’t know. Are they working on a medium format? I don’t know. Is this or that happening? I don’t know. What about TTL flash systems? I don’t know. What about tethering… THAT… THAT is coming. I do know that much.

Any other questions hit me up in the comments below.


Fuji Buyer’s Guide Part 2: Lenses Fuji Buyer’s Guide Part 3: Accessories

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  1. Markus

    Well written article, like always. I like the the style of the camera pictures. The leather background makes them somehow special. Out of curiosity, why did you shoot them with a rather short (22mm equivalent if I’m correct) focal length?

    • Zack

      It’s what was bolted to the GH4 I used to shoot these images. Plus I wanted to hit them with a ring flash so getting close works best for that.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Al


    I am a wedding/portrait photographer who has just purchased an x-e2 for my backup camera. I shoot primarily with Canon gear, but since getting this camera, the Canon has grown dusty. This thing just makes photography fun again! I also rented an x100s for a wedding and loved it as well. My biggest concern with fuji is needing critical autofocus at weddings. With many shots, its not a deal-breaker, but when that bride comes down the aisle you need to get that shot. I’ve not tested the x-e2 at weddings yet, but the x100s didn’t work well with getting the shots I needed. When people say that the autofocus of the x100t and x-t1 is “better”, what the heck does that mean? Am I crazy for waiting for better autofocus before ditching Canon?

    • carlo

      Not reliable autofocus is one of the reason DSLR still exist and big player like Nikon and Canon still producing and selling them.
      You can be sure that when those issues will be solved also Nikon and Canon will remove that noisy and obsolete mirror!

    • Jeff

      Well, I think you missed the part where Zack said “…slower and methodical photographers.” I don’t own a Fuji but I had my hands with it a couple of times and surely it really doesn’t have that blazing AF that those big, black, and heavy things do. But what it does is it blows the DSLRs out of the water in terms of image quality.

    • Alex

      I am also a wedding photographer and have no problems using Xt1 for weddings – that is any part that does not absolutely require flash. Currently there is still no good TTL flash for fuji cameras. Nissin i40 might be a good choice but i was not able to figure out yet if it works well with XT1. Autofocus speed is almost never a problem with xt1 with newer lenses – with older lenses its more uncertain.

  3. David Yates

    I have an XE-1 that I bought to start my kit and work into a back-up, and I have an x100s that you’ll have to pry from my dead hands. I know I can get faster, cheaper, bigger sensors, yada, yada, yada, but I do love the X’s because they are the one camera where I can shoot without ever having to think about the camera. As if that wasn’t good enough, I get amazing image quality.
    Your recommendations seems to be spot-on to my own observations with the pieces I have handled, so when I start thinking about new equipment, I always take your advice seriously. Thank you.

  4. Robin Horton

    Hi Zack, will you be covering any legacy lenses or adapters in the lens section or in another post?

    • Zack

      Hi Robin,

      I’m not going to get into legacy lenses and adapters because that can go in a million directions. I’ll speak to it a bit but not spend a lot of time on it.


  5. Nobody

    None of Fuji’s X series have used CCD sensors. All have used CMOS sensors. Fuji has used four sensors in their interchangeable lens cameras:

    * 12MP Bayer CMOS – in X100
    * 16MP Bayer CMOS – in X-A1
    * 16MP X-trans CMOS I – in X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1
    * 16MP X-trans CMOS II – in X-T1, X-E2, X100T, X100S

    In their compact cameras, the sensors are:

    * 12MP X-trans CMOS II – 2/3 size – in X30, X20, XQ1
    * 12MP Bayer CMOS – 2/3 size – in X10, XF1

    • Zack

      You are so right! I’ll fix.


      • note

        The X10 does NOT have an Bayer CMOS. Neither an X-Trans CMOS (both are just a different Color Filter Layout). Instead it uses a EXR CMOS Sensor 😉

      • Jordan Steele

        It appears your article still implies that the X-Pro 1 has a non-X-Trans sensor, though it has the same sensor as the X-M1 and X-E1.

  6. Steven

    Great article Zack. I have the original X100 and an X-E1 with the 18-55mm kit lens. Out of the box I love both of these cameras and they’ve served me well for over a year.

    Almost exclusively I shot with these two cameras during the protests/riots in Ferguson during August and September. While all of the other photographers were hauling around their Canon’s and long lenses, I was moving around with ease with these two cameras. They were great conversation starters too because there were so many times other photojournalists would come up to me and ask about them. “So THOSE are the Fuji’s!”

    I still have my Nikon and it’s a camera that still shoot with, but I love these. Thanks to you and David Hobby for getting me into these.

  7. Jarrett Hucks

    I can’t agree with you more on what you have said. I started out with an x-10 but quickly upgraded to an x100. After that, I felt it wasn’t really my style and sold it off during the realization of my G.A.S. discovery.

    Fast forward a year and I am now completely Fuji powered, having sold off all of my Nikon gear. I love the X-T1 as my main workhorse and like the X-E1 as my backup. I may jump back to an x-100 series camera but if the XPro2 comes out next year, I may put myself in line for one of them instead. I love the Fuji lens lineup and can’t wait to see what you think about them too! Cheers!

  8. Donna Luker

    I still have a screenshot from Jan 2012, when you tweeted right after getting the X-Pro1. You were kinda orgasmic 😉

    But that tweet is what sold me on trying a Fuji. I never even held one before buying it, but I knew I’d love it. The X-E1 (EVF is fine for me) and the 35mm were my first purchases. I was in love with photography again! (How many times have you heard that?) I’ve since added the X-E2 and the 18, 18-55 and 55-200. I’ve ALWAYS got a Fuji with me now. And having a zoom for each body gives me lots of range while at the beach; no lens changing required.

    So I’m happy with my Fuji kit now. Except for this tiny tingle I get when I read about the 100T. Then I’d have all I need. I wouldn’t need anything else. Good to go. Right? 😉

    So, thank you, Zack. And this is a great article that I’ll share with anyone I see considering a Fuji.

    • Zack

      Thanks Donna!

    • Mike

      Thanks Zack!

      Would you recommended the X-T1 for architectural photography?

  9. Bryan

    Jumped on the x100S bandwagon when it first hit the shelves and fell in love with it. Tried to move to Olympus M43 systems for a bit but that damn Fuji kept whispering “come back…” in my ear. All my M43 systems selling on Amazon and my new x100T is beautiful. Holding steady with just the tele lens adapter now until the XPro2 is a reality…

  10. jarWoodson

    Excellent guide to those still not sure about the “Fuji Juice.” I know a lot of beginner photo folks that were burned by all the quality control issues that the XF1 suffered (shame for such a sexy point and shoot), but anyone I talk to that has an X100 refer to it with religious reverence. Still saving up for mine!!



  11. Michael Tissington

    Great review of the fuji cameras .. now maybe you are going to answer this .. but hole for me is flash and being able to do rear curtain sync. I love that I can use pocket wizard components and adjust power on my numerous nikon speed lights … but if I could only have rear curtain sync too … I’d be in heaven.

    • Zack

      I’ve been requesting that!


  12. Bruno Ribeiro

    Hi Zack,
    Thanks for the wonderful article,i have a x100 and a 5D mII,at the end of the day,i only look to .RAF files,it is what it is,for me i like more the “organic” feel on Fuji files,but it was a long journey until i was able to learn pretty much what i need about the camera,its quirks mostly.i use it for everything,street,portraits,pay jobs,everything that comes around,my 5d mII is my 2nd body per say with some cheap prime lenses.

    I pretend to acquire the x-t1 this month or January.
    I´ll wait to read what you have to say about the lenses

    Thanks to speak and teach what other don´t teach and speak

    Merry Christmas to you and for your family man
    i wish the best for you

    been waiting a long time to meet you.

    Bruno Ribeiro

  13. Ian

    Great blog post. I have a 5d3 and have been looking for a smaller “walk-around” camera for a while (I take my canon everywhere and its got the bruises to prove it). I bought an NEX6 w/ 16-50mm a few years ago to fill that “need” but the file quality just wasn’t there. Muddy and a ton of lens distortion, yes I know it was a zoom not a prime. Even with an adapter and using my canon L glass the sharpness wasn’t there.

    I lusted after the X100, even more so with the X100s and with the X100t’s new viewfinder and wifi it looks irresistible! I might have to pull the trigger early next year (tax purposes). Thanks Zack, for separating this idiot from his money.

  14. Broon

    Christmas will arrive early classic chrome and remote shooting for the xe-2 firmware update next week! 18th December, this will stop me from wanting the XT1 until I see what the xpro2 is like or what the 90mm f2 is like 🙂

  15. Jonathan

    One thing that stands out to me after reading this excellent write-up: Fuji is starting to have the Apple-In-The-1990s syndrome. Lots of great tech, but too many models. The selection is segmented to the point it is hard for people to know what to choose.

    Consequently, I’m encouraged by the rumor that they will be dropping some of the entry-level cameras from the lineup in the near future. I agree with you that anything lower than the X-100/X-E level doesn’t really provide the [i]je ne sais quoi[/i] of the X system experience. That’s the point where the design of the cameras shifts from competence to full-on sophistication. From “Splendid effort, old chap” to “Dude, let me buy you a beer. No wait, let me buy you a brewery!”

    I think they’ll actually sell more cameras with fewer models, if they focus on the models that have the most compelling reason to exist.

    • Richard Wintle

      That’s been kind of my take on this too, and reinforced by this article. Without this guide I would find it hopelessly confusing to even begin to understand which, if any, X-series camera would suit me. Even with this article – and bravo Zack for de-mystifying them all as much as you’ve done – I’d have to go back and read it a few times to get my head around them all.

      • Simon

        I’m still lost.

        I found an xpro-1 with 3 batteries and charger for 500$. And now I’m thinking I don’t need the XT-1 since it’s soooo cheap!

        But shit… it’s still an oldie (Xpro). I’m trying to lay off my Nikon D90 because it’s old and beaten. Don’t want to change it for something similar….


        • Zack

          That’s a damn good deal on that camera. You could get that XPro and a few lenses. Get to know the system. Get shooting with a great camera and then… when you’re ready for the XT1 or the XPro2 comes out, then you can upgrade and have the XPro1 as a backup camera. I’d probably go that route right there.


        • Jonathan

          The lenses will be marvelous regardless of the age of your camera. XPro1 and a lens for the price of an XT-1? Instant win. Go for it!

        • Zack

          Point to Jonathan.


        • laurent venet

          Hi Simon and All,

          I just did like you, I went for and “old” 2nd hand X-E1 one month ago for 500 euros with 18-55mm lens and just purchased last week the gorgeous 35mm 1.4. Then as a smooth start, go cheap first, it s helping to keep some cash to buy good lens. And considering the low 2nd hand prices of X-E1 and X-Pro1 you will never loose too much when you will sell them again to acquire maybe the X-T1 later or whatever gorgeous gear Fuji is creating.

          I began the Fuji addiction with X100, then now it’s a bit unfair as X-E1 get much more attention than my beloved X100 and old 5D MKII.

          If Fuji X was existing 4 to 5 years ago, I guess I won’t own my 5D MKII which is still a kick ass camera. I wish some day Fuji would spend Engineering time on video too. Then this would wipe away most GAS attitude.

          Thank’s a lot Zack for your awesome web site, I’m delighted to read you and smile with your great words. It’s so kind of you to share your knowledge with us.

          Cheers from France.

    • JMRD

      My local Fuji rep told me that Fuji has closed down all other cameras lines than the X series AND that they are moving away from the entry level as well; XF, XQ & X-A1 should already be gone and M _might_ follow.

  16. Rodney Topor

    What is your opinion of the Fuji X-Trans sensor for landscape photography? Does it have enough resolution? Does it resolve fine detail in green areas (e.g., foliage). I have an X100S and sometimes foliage is blurred even though everything else at the same distance is sharp.

    Also, why can’t Fuji extend the exposure bracketing limits from +/-1EV to +/-2EV (at least)?

    • Richard Earney

      X-series is just fine for landscape, the resolution and detail are great.
      The foliage issue seems to be with standard Lightroom processing but if you look at this article http://petebridgwood.com/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/, you will see a landscape photographer who has worked on the issue and has come up with the answer, he also prints large without a problem.

      • Rodney Topor

        Thanks for the sharpening reference, very interesting, will try its recommendations.

  17. Erol

    Great article, full of passion.

    I have been a Fuji X100s addict for a year now, and barely touch my D7000. Just don’t have the guts to sell it off yet, and even if I do, I won’t get much for it anyway.

  18. Shimmy

    I bought my X100 from a mate and the other week said to another friend that I wish I had discovered it myself. I do try to make it do too much but I am sure I will learn! Love the little thing.

  19. Pavich Robert

    Great review and I completely agree with the comments about the X100T.

    This camera line has mojo…that’s just all there is to it.

  20. Colin Nicholls

    Great post, very informative breakdown of Fuji gear, looking forward to your thoughts on the lenses,


  21. A Photographer

    Of course you know many of the things that come around from Fuji anytime soon. Fact is that you are under a non-disclosure agreement so you are not allowed to tell.

    Makes sense though.
    And you are right about the fact that people should not ask you about these things. You are in the position that you can’t tell without breaking agreements.

  22. ben

    Hey Zach, I’m just wondering if you had any quick tips for workflow for fuji raw files?

    I often find my files in lightroom can look a bit muddy, especially iso 1250 and above, and especially in difficult lighting conditions, while yours always look fantastic!

  23. Wes

    Looking forward to that tethering! I teach and I do miss the tethering to a mac/lightroom scenario. (At least I hope it will have a mac solution!) 😉
    Enjoyed the post as usual!

  24. Fuji Lover from Portugal

    Congrats on the article. It will help a lot of people.

    Since the release of the X Series I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the X100 or the X-Pro1. My father bought a X10 because I told him that was the camera to get in terms of image quality and looks at the time.

    A few weeks ago I had the chance and bought the X-E1 with the 18-55 lens for a very reasonable price.
    I thought “This is not really the body I wanted to buy but this way I can get into the X Series ecosystem and build my lenses lineup and change for a better body in the future.”
    Don’t get me wrong. I love the looks of the X-E1. Saying out loud it seems you’re saying Sexy One 😀 It’s small and doesn’t intimidate anyone, along with a great performance. Battery life and somehow sluggish EVF are a bit of cons though.

    The jpegs look beautiful but I’m still trying to figure out how to get the most of the raf. I’ve been using Lightroom to do so. The raw files of my old Nikon D5000 tend to look better IMO.

    Does anyone know if I will be able to faithfully mimic the Classic Chrome film simulation on the X-E1 using Lightroom?

    Thank you

    • Peter Ort

      Lightroom has had the Classic Chrome profile for a couple weeks now, for the X-T1. I’ve heard if you modify the exif data to trick Lightroom into thinking you’re shooting with an X-T1 it will work for the other cameras.

  25. V. Opoku

    That’s tons of gear mate! Ha at the boxer vs 911 comment. I have two X-Pro 1’s + X100S. Decided to skip the X-T1 and wait for the X-Pro 2, fingers crossed.

  26. Patrick Freichel

    Hi Zack,
    I am an Nikon user since i started in photography (amateur) in 2006.
    I did the most shots with 35, 50 and 85mm lenses.
    Since two weeks i am owner of an X100T and now i understand your “Love-Story” . It is such a great gear and i love to take it with me everyday and everywhere without having a broken neck at the end of day. Your report about the X100T was my inspiration to buy this baby.
    Greetings from Luxembourg,

  27. axis

    Enjoyed reading the article Zack and am looking forward to Part 2.
    I’ve only been into photography a couple of years. As well as a Nikon DSLR (which rarely gets used now) I have an original X100. It’s the camera that taught me how to shoot in manual mode, I learnt exposure and composition all thanks to this little gem. It’s the camera that goes everywhere with me. The DSLR gets occasional use for Sport etc but I wouldn’t be without by X100. I’m currently deciding whether to get myself a XP1 (double lens package deal here in the UK) an XT1 (which I’ve yet to try out) or, most likely, upgrade my X100 to a T and then look at adding an XPro2 in a couple of years time. Keep up the great work Zack 🙂

  28. Louis B. Cady, MD

    Hi Zack. I bought into the Fuji system with a 100S after reading your famous essay about “four cameras (or some such) walked into a bar.” Like you, I love love love this camera. I was so impressed with the image quality that I stopped using my Nikon d800 and started toting the Fuji X100s. Then wanted range of focal lengths, so bought and XE2 with 18 – 55 mm kit lens (MUCH better than a kit lens- incredibly so), and the jaw dropping 10 – 24 mm. Now keeping my powder dry for upgraded sensor (either in Fuji XPro 2, or XT2. I’ve got the glass – now I just need the sensor. Pixel peeping on my 36 MB Nikon images, I still like’em better than what’s coming off the XTrans II. But they’re really really good. So – in summary – THANKS for your original review and what you’re doing on dedpxl. If it weren’t for you, I’m not sure I would have bought my original Fuji. And, as my mentor Jim Rohn says, “Let your name be in someone’s testimonial.” You are certainly in mine. Thanks for all you do.

    • Talia

      I love you added MD to your name. It’s so Eyes Wide Shut-ty…

  29. Christos

    Hi ZacK,

    Great article. I love my little X-E1 +27mm, and can understand your enthusiasm about the X100, but your medium format 100% crops made me wanna cry…

    Looking forward to your opinion on the X100 converters, and if you’ve had experience on X-mount Samyang wide lenses would appreciate if you could write a few lines about them.

    Many thanks!

    P.S. Love your street portraits

  30. Kavi Pradeep T

    Hi Zack,

    First of all, a great review and an excellent article, a little about me before I get to the question. I’ve been shooting for over 14+ years started my life with Nikon FM’s, Cosina’s then moved to medium Format, Sony Mavica, DSLR’s, I still film (Nikon 35Ti, Contax T3) though its in a dying phase, I’ve been a great fan of Fujifilm right from the Velvia days, I now shoot with D800 and Fuji X100. it wont hurt I if say that i no longer shoot with my Nikon, and Fuji is and has been my everyday companion to shoot street,
    and now my question, I’m super happy with my Fuji X100- I’m planning to get a T though but how big is a difference except the Liquid Cooled vs Air Cooled.
    lastly ‘ i love the way you interact with the people (some call it subject like objects). that’s it., wait wait, are you planning to come to singapore for work anytime soon???

    Cheers, -Kavi

  31. Frank Grygier

    I have a 100S. Not feeling the Juice. Do I have to sleep with it or something? I may be looking for a new home for it soon.

    • Zack

      You haven’t slept with it yet??? There’s your problem Frank! 😉

      • Frank Grygier

        Tonight’s the night then.

        • Zack

          The x100 prefers a dry red wine. #ProTip. 🙂


    • Tyson L Johnson

      I’m an xpro1 owner, I had a play with a friends x100t and I honestly didn’t feel the juice either (at first) but after a few more goes I can say I’ve tasted the juice and it’s sweet. If you are looking for an even sweeter juice & a real spiritual experience with a camera the xpro1 is something I soo highly recommend. Never have I felt so creative with a device in my hand it is such a classic camera and a real pleasure to use.

  32. sghound

    brilliant writeup zack. thank you.

  33. Matteo

    Hi Zack!

    I’m a professional photographer in Milan, Italy…I shoot Canon 5D2…

    I started with a X-E1, some lens…sold some Canon gear…than X-E2…sold other Canon gear…X-T1…

    I’m left with 5D2 + 24-70…that’s it…and I’m close, close, close to sell it… my concerns are still life without tethering…(ok it’s coming, but just windows!??? That Sucks! 95% professionals use Macs…) and video…some times I shoot event videos for clients…nothing special, just people talking and presenting some new products…will the X-T1 be soooo bad? Acceptable…? Hopefully the 18th december firmware will help…


    • Zack

      PC tethering is still in beta. Mac tethering is coming from what I’ve heard.

      I’d hold on to that 5D for video. Once Fuji gets the X system really solidified I hope they turn their attention to video.


  34. Mason Marsh

    If Fuji gave you a dollar, just one effin dollar, from every camera they’ve sold on your passionate recommendations, you’d have enough each year for a nice vacation. Keep up the great work. It costs me money but I’m a happier person for it.

    • Matteo

      A nice vacation? He could do a round the world trip. maybe two!!! 😉

  35. Tracy

    Own both the X100S and now the X100T plus converter lenses (and the T is so worth the upgrade to me). My oldest teenage daughter (art student) has taken the “S”. I also shoot sports (indoor basketball) and my Canon 5D3s pretty much serves me well in that arena. I am very exited about a Fujifilm system and will likely wait for the X-Pro2 (type) before I invest in it as a second system. I absolutely understand why so many love the X100 series of cameras. It gets you shots that a smart (dumb) phone or dSLR cannot get you. It is small enough and silent and does not draw too much attention to you. My only wish is that the the next X100 camera adds weather sealing and a better battery. That said, it is still my favorite camera.

  36. Talia

    I love your articles Zack. Passionate and straight to the essence of things. When shall we read about the lenses part? Can’t wait! Very curious about extension lenses for the X100 series. Got the XT1 with 35mm to carry around, but eh… It’s not wide enough at the end of the day, and the 23/1.4 is too big. So since 50mm equivalent is still is interest, X100 plus extension lens might be a winner…!

  37. Scott Collins

    Curious article.
    Zack, you baller!

    I’ve been working my XPro to the metal, and I dearly need a new body.
    I’m torn between getting an XT1 and the new X100T. Each has their own merits and limitations, but I’m curious if you had to choose one as a second camera to the Xpro, which would you go?
    I have shot with both (well, the XT1 I have worked with, the X100T I have played with in the stores)
    The XT1 was nice, but it never made my heart sing like the Xpro did, but then it never made me wish to smash my camera into a wall like the Xpro did.
    The X100T has the nicest layout and feel of buttons I have yet tried on an X.
    Which would you pick?

    (I eagerly await the Xpro2 if that is any hint where my heart lay…)

    • Zach

      You really need to read my post again.


      • Scott

        Hehehehe. X100T it is….

  38. JL Williams

    Interesting to read this since my own perspective is so different. I mostly use an Olympus E-M 5, but bought a used X-Pro 1 earlier this year — plus the 35 and 56 — mostly in hopes of getting better high-ISO performance. (Apparently lots of X-Pro 1 early adopters are dumping them for X-T1s, because the local shop almost always has one or two used ones in stock, generally looking as if they’ve almost never been out of the box.)

    Using the Fuji has been hugely frustrating for me — the image quality is good, but not all that much better than what I get from the Olympus, and using the camera is a struggle. Harking back to your original bar essay, the X-Pro 1 always feels like it just woke up with a bad hangover, while the Olympus handles as if it had gotten up early, gone for a brisk run, and had a couple of cups of Starbucks before showing up for work. The X-Pro is painfully lethargic by comparison.

    Fuji’s control logic drives me nuts too. For example, having a conventional shutter speed dial seems nice, and if I want to further tune my shutter speed in 1/3 steps, I can use the back controller. But if I get to 2/3 and need to go one more click, I have to move my hand back to the top knob and turn it, then go back to the rear controller. On my Olympus I can just keep turning the same dial until I get exactly the shutter speed I want. Fuji is paying too much in convenience here for the sake of making geezer photographers happy.

    I started out with rangefinder cameras and love the blackout-free view through an optical viewfinder — but again, Fuji’s implementation is lame. Never mind Leicas… if you’ve ever looked through the huge, bright, clear VF of a Bessa R2, which wasn’t an expensive camera, you know just what a half-hearted job Fuji did. I still use the X-Pro’s optical finder a lot, but I’m never quite sure what I’m getting because the optics are blurry and the magnification is too small to see subtle facial expressions.

    Sorry to have ranted at such length, but you’ve positioned this as an advice post and I’m in a quandary about where to go from here with Fuji. I still like the high-ISO results, but I’m now at a point where I feel as if I either need to get serious about Fuji — which at this stage would mean springing for an X-T1, I guess — or bailing out entirely.

    Or I guess I could park my Fuji gear for a year or so until the X-Pro 2 maybe, possibly appears, and then re-evaluate. But a lot of picture opportunities go by in a year…

    • Jeeves Stops

      I agree with you 100%. Olympus’ cameras are infinitely faster than Fuji’s are. It’s not even close. I never can understand why Fuji can’t make a camera that is responsive. Seriously, they are up to the XT-1 now and STILL haven’t cut it yet. Either Fuji is that bad or Olympus is amazingly good. I don’t know which.

      • JL Williams

        I have to assume that boosting overall responsiveness is something that Fuji COULD do — it’s just not something they want to make a priority (…along with video features, lens compactness, image stabilization, wireless TTL and HSS flash… all areas in which Fuji is ‘way behind the pack.)

        I’m sure they could do a better job of ALL of these — they just don’t want to bother. Oh, well, we MIGHT get HSS flash next year…

        I realize the R&D budget is limited, and they can’t work on ALL the features everybody might want. But sluggish operation seems inexcusable in this price class — especially since the X-T1 is likely to be cross-shopped against the extremely responsive Olympus E-M1 — so you’d think they’d want to try harder. Maybe if enough of us kvetch, they’ll eventually do something about it.

        Of course some fans say they like the fact that their Fuji “forces them to slow down and think more”, but I’m not buying that excuse. You can always slow down a quick camera, but you can’t speed up a slow camera.

        • Jonathan

          I’m not really finding the XT-1 sluggish at all. There’s definitely a slight molasses-time effect with the X100S, but the XT-1 is as responsive as a fine English butler. For me, the OVF is the only box it fails to tick.

  39. Siopao

    When I read the part on the X-pro1 it made me realized that it was a match made in heaven. All those things you said about who should buy the X-pro1 matches mine

  40. hentium911

    Nice article Zack! Totally sold me on the X system.

    The other week I tried my friend’s X100S and was really impressed.

    I currently shoot m4/3 and do enjoy it with the lenses I currently have. Planning to supplement it with a X100T. And like you said, it’s a gateway to the X system, and at that point I may have to start “reallocating, aka craigslisting” the m4/3 stuff for the X system.

    Thanks for the insight.

  41. Paul Mac Manus

    Hi Zack,
    I feel like a lone voice in the desert! Part of a small band of rebels who insist on seeing a fairly major difference between the xtrans 1 sensors and the xtrans II. I traded my xe2 for an xpro1 because I couldn’t hack it with RAWs and jpegs it produced. Plasticky texture- less skin tones and closed shadows etc. I find the xpro1 to have a much more nuanced output. I’m off now to find a bush to hide in 😉

    • Jeeves Stops

      You are not alone. Several DPR readers also have noted that Fuji’s newest sensor is a huge step back in IQ. Unfortunately, the moderators usually don’t allow those posters to last too long.

      • Paul

        Hi Jeeves,
        Glad to hear we’re not the only ones. It’s weird how little this is talked about as, in my experience there is such a vast difference between these two sensors. Maybe it comes down to sensitivities and lots of people love the muddy look of the xtrans II and only a few of us are drawn to the more analogical and nuanced look of the xtrans 1. I can understand that. What I can’t fathom is that people don’t notice the difference, which as you say is quite “huge”.

        • JL Williams

          Is there someplace one could go to see some examples of these differences? About the only thing that lets me tolerate the “X-Slo 1” is the tonality. If the X-T has lost that, I’ll want to stay away from it.

    • Talia

      Hum… Thise waxy skin textures, I got them with the XT1 at high ISO – starting 1600 – and under artificial light. Ugly as hell ’cause it looks like you shot eithet a macabe or at Madam Tussot’s.

      Difficulties with RAW files too in LR as the simulated color profiles don’t quite match the JPGs. So I’m torned. Love the handling and manual controls, thought I could shoot only JPGs, but it’s not true, and headache in LR…

  42. Tony Seeley

    Great article Zak. I sold my Nikon D4 and a crap loads of expensive glass and moved to fuji a couple of years ago and NEVER looked back.
    I know what you mean when you talk about the XPro-1, the size and feel of the camera to me was just great. However, as a glasses wearer (for reading only) I found the OVF frustrating and sold this body when the XT-1 came out.
    Also I’m SOOOO Happy that Fuji didn’t go down the “We must have a full frame sensor” rabbit hole and are sticking to APS-C sensors. The image quality on these cameras is just sick.
    Keep pushing Fuji, we need to continue to spread the word.

  43. Jim

    I’ve owned all of the X100 cameras, and just upgraded to the “T”. I think it’s worth the extra few hundred bucks compared to the X100s.

    I can’t emphasize enough how versatile this camera is…especially for street & travel. The macro feature, the fast lens, the ability to capture bokeh, the perfect focal length, IMO.

    Zack is right. If you’re comfortable with the 35mm focal length this camera is a must have.

    One accessory I’d like to have is a good fish eye adapter. They always seem to come in handy while traveling. Oh, and if they could add a Trix-X simulation I’d be in heaven.

  44. Mark Allen

    I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

  45. Michael Greer

    Great reading – thanks Zack. I’ve been seriously around photography for the past 60 years. In retirement, I’d refined my digital kit down to a Leica M9P and a Nikon D800e. And then on a whim one day, I bought the first X100. Bugger, bugger, bugger. The Leica’s gone. The Nikon’s gone. And in their place, humming quietly to themselves in a now (comparatively) tiny camera bag, is the X100, X-Pro1, and X-T1 with 23, 10-24 and 18-135 lenses. With already a forward order for the 16-55 and X-Pro2 when they’re finally released. Any advice on how to explain this to the wife?

    • Jeeves Stops

      You sold a Leica and Nikon along with lenses, worth over ten thousand dollars most likely and you have to explain buying a toy that costs a pittance compared to your other gear?? Really??

      • Michael Greer

        Unfortunately in retirement, it becomes difficult even for me to rationalise having so much capital tied up in kit. But having discovered the X series, I have absolutely no regret. It’s just that those darn courier vans play such a merry tune when they arrive at the door with the latest “Guess what’s arrived dear…”

  46. Rob

    Fantastic article!

    I need my soul back. Jump ship back to Canon and sold all my Fujis (gotta keep up with the action). Now, I don’t sleep well at night regretting why I sold the X100S for piece of glass. Wasn’t the wisest decision. Fast forward and after borrowing my buddy’s X100T, I feel like a born again…

    The extra exposure compensation was what’s missing on the “S” and the overall combination makes it alive. I miss that leaf shutter and ND filter. The classic chrome…okay. I’m scooping one and have my best friend back.

    Thanks for writing this article.

  47. wilf

    Zack, you’ve written history =). By doing these cool comparisons at the bottom. Very helpful. Then again, you probably just wanted to avoid annoying questions =).
    Good to hear that the X-T1 beats the 5D2 files to hell and back, because my x100s didn’t. So i might take a second look at X…
    one big question though. do you have a way or a magic trick to radio control a X camera (not via mobile app!) ? someone told me he managed to get a canon USB plug in or something… Look, i need that for photobooth. that would be my excuse for buying the 3rd camera.
    cheers, wilf

  48. Carlos Lacroze

    I’m pretty sure I want the overall Fuji e-X-perience (and the X20 design) for personal everyday use (not a Pro). Like yourself, “All I wanted was a small easy to carry -versatile- camera that had great image quality”. Still using film cams, cheap P&S and/or smartphones.

    I’ve been following the X10 and X20 like a dream. By the time the X30 came out, I was expecting something like a smaller X100T (or at least a bigger/better sensor combined with a 24-120 Constant f2 fixed zoom lens), considering the other innovation updates from Sony and PanaLumix. I was disappointed.

    I don’t know what or when is Fuji planning the X40, an though I like the X100T concept and idea, I’m afraid to stick up with only one focal length… and the tempting X T1 is a whole new system I wouldn’t like to get into either.

    My trouble is I can even define myself. I would like the improved X20 (AKA X30), and don’t really want the X100 series, but would like the X40 to give us that X100 feeling. Should I wait for that X40, or is it a dream, consider the other mentioned options, or dive into the X 100T? with obvious restrictions for a lot of situations. Don’t forget I’m not a Pro.

    • Simon

      don’t hold your breath.

      entry level is dead to Fuji and they will focus on mid to pro range. Not a hard thing to get when you look at how bad their entry level sold…

  49. Neil

    Really good post Zack. I have had a similar eureka moment and am now a fully paid up member of the X club. I look forward to your take on lenses.


    Neil Hennessy-Vass

  50. George Stone

    Great article! Looking forward to your second article on lenses! I’m enjoying my X-T1!

  51. Darrick

    hit the nail on the head. I have an x-e2 and it was my first serious entry into photography. I debated between the x100 and the x-e2 but ultimately the interchangeable lens won out. Spent 7 months photographing all of south east Asia with the xf 18-55 and the xf 23mm and haven’t looked back. I recently had my xf 18-55 stolen so I upgraded to the xf 18-135mm for a bit more reach. I highly recommend the x-e2 as an intro into the fuji line. Save a couple bucks over the x-t1 and grab a prime. If you shoot outdoors at all the EVF (not available in the x-m/a1) will come in so handy. Great article. Wish it was available when I bought my x-e2 last year, but I came to the same conclusions after doing a ton of my own research

  52. L.M.

    Hey Zack, great article.

    You say “I truly wish I had the the balls to sell all my shit except two X100 cameras, the two conversion lenses for it, and maybe a few lights.”

    Love it! I’m a young photog with a X100, a Fuji gf670 (<3) and a few lights. Do you really think a young photog could start working with this camera only or it was more of a joke? I was looking at the XT-1, but then the x100 has these cool conversion lenses… so yeah, I thought about it and now that you bring that question here, I'd love to know what you think.

    Thanks! Looking forward to the next article.

    • James

      I started out with an older Nikon Body and 35mm f2 (very similar to what Zack got back into the industry with)…….You’ve got far more than that in the X100! Shoot with that till you can afford something else DON’T go into debt (yep I should have told myself that a few years back 😉 ).

    • Barry O'Connor

      ps. A merry christmas.

  53. Cam Mead

    I picked up the XE2 when it was released right before the XT1 (doh). I love the tilting screen and the slightly bigger EVF but otherwise i’m content perhaps for the extra cost of switching i can pick up another lens. At this stage i’m trying really hard to hold off for the Xpro2. I have played with the x100s a couple of times & also would love to add it to my bag. Would i find myself abandoning the rest of the fuji kit & lenses.. possibly!

  54. James

    You seem right on to me with all of these.

    I wasn’t planing to pick up a x100 any time soon but just found one for $375 and couldn’t pass it up. (I ended up selling my 14mm 2.8 that I never use to pay for it)

    Now I have 3 fuji cameras in my bag (XE1 XT1 and x100)

  55. Francis

    Hi ,Zman

    After reading this blog, i just help me on my burdens in choosing the X camera for me.. thank you so much!

    More power and i hope to see blogs about Lens + Camera topics using this X series line ups. 🙂

    Thank you!

    Thank you very much!!

  56. Matt


    Is there a major difference between the x-trans I and II sensors in the different bodies? I’ve been perfectly happy with my X-E1, but I find myself wondering if I’m missing out on anything important from the x-e2 or x-t1 after a few years of development.

  57. Kevin Bjorke

    Last week Leica loaned me an M Monochrom for a bit and I took it for a spin alongside the X100s — it was a fine trip back down memory lane to use the M but the X100 still came away with the better pictures. I’ll cut the M some slack — I hadn’t used one for a while — but the X100s is just so light and fluid.

    Like you I also have XT-1 but only use it when I don’t think I can get away with only the X100s. If only they’d weather-seal the X100 series… I’d never need another camera. Until the next one.

  58. Matthew Brandon

    You took the words right out of my mouth when it comes tot he X-T1. I fell deeply in like with this camera. But I loved the X-Pro1 and am holding back more love for the X-Pro2. The X-T1 does it all. It is functional and efficient. It just isn’t sexy like the Pro1. It’s like a sister not a lover. Like a doctor not a dancer. It is technically perfect but lack a bit charm. But functional and efficient trumps sexy and charming, so I use it and my X-Pro1 sits on the shelf.

  59. Hernan Zenteno

    I really appreciate someone that directly put it about the XT 1. Is not yet for sports. I suppose that with the new equivalent 70-200 would be a SRL killer. Hope at less is pretty good tracking subjects like those evasive politicians we have to cover time to time in south america. Anyway. I bet in the XT 1 and I will try to save money for the long lens. What you said about the X pro 1 is true at less for me. I did wonderful job with it but need switch to a more fast EVF like the XT 1 for close ups. The 35 1.4 is a wonderful lens and I like go close for portraits but the OVF is not good for that. I still use the slow EVF and have good results but several out of focus photos too. Will see how works the new firmware that will be launched this days. This is a nice reply of Fuji to the customers. I appreciate a lot they improvements and I wait more. Don’t forget Fuji X pro 1 user please. Thanks and all the best

  60. Ian K

    Awhile ago, I sort of gave up on photography. I didn’t have time, and I didn’t care about bringing so much gear with me on trips with my girlfriend, because when I bring my camera, my girlfriend feels a bit neglected. She walks alone, walks well ahead of me, and needs to look back over her shoulder to see if I’m still following her.

    I sold all my Nikon gear, which was a considerable amount, and THEN I pre-ordered an X100. This was based on pre-release reviews from “real” (Fuji-sponsored) photographers who were given an extended trial period with the camera in order to provide feedback and provide some publicity.

    I believe you were one of those photographers, and so I guess I should thank you. 😉 Best decision I ever made. The X100 was my only camera, and its 35 mm equivalent lens was my only focal length option, for approximately 18 months. Eventually, I broke down and purchased an X-Pro1 with 35 mm lens, but the X100 is still my favourite, and still in use today.

    I now have the X-Pro1 with 18 and 35 mm primes, but I’m seriously contemplating selling the entire system, and purchasing an X100T, plus the wide and tele converters.

    And if I do, I’ll have you to thank, once again. 😉

    “Some still love this camera for the original X series CMOS sensor and they swear by it. I’ve moved on to X-Trans and I’m good to go with those sensors. The first gen CMOS sensors do have their own quality to them though. I can’t say they are better but they are a bit different.”

    The X-Pro1 is the first X-series ILC, and the first to use the X-Trans sensor. The only non-X-Trans sensor is the X-A1. The only update to the sensor has been going from the X-Trans1 to X-Trans2. Perhaps you were referring to the X-Trans2 sensor, which is what you see in the X-E2 and X-T1???

  61. dmward

    Glad to hear tethering is coming.
    I too love my X system kit.
    I started doing commercial photography with Nikon, Leica and Hasselblad. Along with assorted view cameras.

    I bought an X Pro 1 along with the three lenses when it was introduced and was sorely disappointed in the focus performance. It all went back.

    After awhile I saw a used X Pro1 and a 35mm lens. I bought it once the store assured me I could return it if the firmware update did not satisfy me.

    I still have it, along with an XE2 I got for backup to the X Pro1 and now also 2 XT-1s. The Canon kit is no longer used and mostly sold.

    Its just a pleasure to use this kit. I have too many lenses but they are all such a pleasure its hard to part with any.

  62. Chuck


    You might want to provide further clarity regarding the X100. I also have an X100 (and an X-E1 and X-T1) and I love this first of the Fuji cameras. With the latest firmware updates to the X100, this is very much a different – and much better – camera. The X100 with the original firmware was fraught with issues. But now, the X100 is humming! Even the AF is reasonably decent now in terms of speed. And the IQ from that original 12 mp Bayer sensor is sweet. The X100 is well worth considering.

    • Zack

      Hey Chuck,
      I did mention the last firmware update above and how it made the X100 a much better camera.


      • Chuck

        Great, Zack. You’re forgiven.

  63. Jim

    I bought an X100s a little over a year ago and quickly realized that what I really wanted was an Xpro. I haven’t shot weddings in several years but a dear old friend insisted I do hers so I picked up an X-E2 as well. Had a blast shooting an 18 hour day with both cameras around my neck and a couple of primes tucked in a waist bag. I’m honestly going to start advertising as a wedding guy again because of how nice it was compared to when I was shooting D700s.

  64. Natalie

    You missed one key difference between the x100T and x30 – zoom. I have had the x-pro1 for quite some time now and was considering a compact Fuji X, in particular the x100/x100s. For an upcoming concert, I wanted to take some shots of the band but didn’t want to lug around the x-pro1 in the crowd and didn’t think an x100s would be capable of getting some close up shots, so I just went for the x30 last minute. This little camera surprisingly performs well too. I’m actually surprised it has grown on me; the compact size and evf combo is perfect for days where wearing a puffy winter jacket and lugging around a camera and/or bag gets annoying. The zoom is an added bonus. The only thing I miss (but can live without) is the shutter speed dial and aperture ring.

    • Zack

      I figured anyone looking at these cameras already knows a zoom lens is at play in the deciding factor. I didn’t want to get into listing technical specs on each camera. There are tons of places to find that information already. This is more of an opinion piece.


  65. Peter Engdahl

    Very nice article, Zack.

    When I was considering buying my X-T1, your video from Marrakech was definitely one of the things that helped me making the decision to do it. And I think I might get an X100T too. And also, the thought of selling my 5D MkIII + lenses is in the back of my head, every day. 🙂

  66. David Gilmour

    The X A1 takes photos just as good as the X T1. And the JPEGS of the X A1 are even better.

    • John Gibson

      +1 X A1 Haven’t used the XT1 but have been very impressed with the XA1. I went from the X10, which I dearly love, and was waiting for the X30 last summer- which didn’t happen, so went for the XA1 as I got great deal from my camera shop on the 2 kit lenses. Also, splurged for the 35/1.4 which was the best deal, and I use this for my everyday walk around lens. So for those who can’t afford the XT1, what’s wrong with getting the XA1? I’m hoping the new (and perhaps final) entry level camera due in 2015, will be an improvement to make me forget my dreams for a XT1.
      Also, I would seriously like to get a X100/T, if I can find one without me having to rob a bank.

  67. E.P. Scott

    I disagree with you Zack with regards to the X20/30. The X20 was my first foray into the Fuji lineup and I loved it. It only sucked in low light in that the shadow noise was horrible. That’s it. The camera, as with most cameras, benefits from great light. So knowing its limitations just forces one to better consider composition. I’m not one to pimp my 500px or Flickr streams on others sites but I feel confident enough in my X20 images that I could throw down with most APS-C and full frame rigs if challenged. Saying that the X20 wouldn’t be ideal for printing is mostly true but again I come back to vision. Not everything needs to be blown up to living room appropriate sizes. The spartan resolution really lends itself to smaller prints and of course photo books. I wouldn’t steer anyone away from the X20 because it’s high image quality in good light is augmented by its variable zoom lens which is something I think a variant of the X100 series could greatly benefit from…like in the coveted 24-70mm range. If Panasonic can do it with the LX100, why couldn’t Fuji in a future x100? At some point they will have to go the Apple route and cannabalize their lineup. The X20/30 are GREAT cameras so long as you reset your expectations as it relates to shadow detail/noise.

    • Zack

      As stated above… there are people who love the X10/X20/X30 line of cameras and are shooting great things with them. They just aren’t for me and most people I’ve met who entered the Fuji line there eventually went to the X100 or beyond.


  68. meatpants

    Zack- what a great blog post. Fuji need do nothing more than point folks in this direction to market their cameras- they couldn’t do a better job than this.

    I love, love, love my X-Pro1. It is the only non-film camera I enjoy shooting. Having said that, I feel like the only thing the Fuji doesn’t excel at is landscape.

    I wish I could pull the same landscape results from my Fuji as my full frame, if so, I’d sell my set up tomorrow. Of course, I was hoping to have a medium format Hasselblad at this point, but it wasn’t meant to be ;).

    Thanks for your site- Your’s and Meg’s postings help make the internet worthwhile.

  69. Paul Treacy

    I’ve off loaded all my pro Nikon kit now except my old Speedlight SB28 which compliments my X100 perfectly.

    I have the WCL-X100 and an RCA teleconverter. I was too impatient to wait for the TCL-X100 but get one soon enough as it’s smaller then the RCA. however, the RCA yields gorgeous results and I’m utterly delighted with it particularly with the latest camera firmware update.

    I’m in no hurry for the X100s or t and would rather instead fetch me some extra X100 bodies.

    I’m too old now to care what clients expect me to be shooting with. If they want me to make pictures for them then I make them on my terms using X100 exclusively. I’ve only ever received compliments on a classy looking camera and not appearing to be so laden down with much heavy, cumbersome optical artillery. My back, neck, shoulders and lungs are much better off too. I’m fleet of foot and enjoy being able to react to much quicker.

    The X100 series is where it’s at now for traditional focal length documentary photography. X100 series = photographic bliss!

    – Paul.

  70. Barry O'Connor

    As always precise and easy to understand. I bought into the x100s after reading your thoughts on one. Sold my 5d mkii and all related lenses except the 24mm f1.4. I can’t quite bring myself to do that yet and hold out some small hope that it will find it’s way on to a fuji or sony system one day, but geez they have to give us a better battery. Anyway great stuff and keep it coming. I only wish you ran classes in Scotland.

  71. Mark Pino

    Several months ago, Zack recommended a used x100 to me. I shopped and shopped and couldn’t seem to find one at the right price/condition. Plus there was the fear factor of buying some with no recourse. So instead I got a great deal on a new xe-1 with the 18-55mm removed. Then I bough a new 16-50 pulled out of another kit. I was so freakin’ happy with this camera! It was the only camera I took on a trip to the Cali coast (San Francisco to Santa Barbara). It goes everywhere and the images are great. I’ve even used some legacy glass but the 16-50 is a super lens and it’s so light. Do I lust after a x100T, an xpro2 and xt? Heck yes. But this Fuji has put my D700 to bed 95 percent of the time.

    • Fuji Lover from Portugal

      The same happened to me but instead of the 16-50mm I bought the X-E1 body with the 18-55mm lens.

  72. Pierre

    Thanks for a great recap Zack.

    As for the Classic Chrome on the X100S vs the X-T1, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. In the last release of Lightroom (5.7) you can change the color profile to Fujifilm Classic Chrome for the the X-T1 RAF (even if the firmware isn’t out yet) but the choice does not show up the list when you look at an X100S RAF file.

  73. Csaba Molnar

    Great writing. Made me smile. Bought the x100t ten days ago. I’m in love. And I’m definitely not a 35mm guy. 50mm for full body shots, 85+ for headshots, 16-24 for more environmental/conceptual shots or landscapes and interiours. Hardly ever used 35mm.

    Yet in the last 10 days, I hardly touched my d800 and Nikkors. Went to a commercial job armed with them, but the x100t came along as well. Interiour design shots in a showroom. That’s usually 24mm or less in this place and I need my 50mm for some close ups of design elements once the cover is done. I’ve been working with this client for years. This time, however, we had more space, and I realized I could use 35mm. My Nikon landed on a chair, and out came the x100t.

    It draw quite an attention – it’s a beautiful object. I explained a few things about my new toy, but I could see the art director remained a bit skeptical. He kept glancing at my Nikon on the chair, and even asked me to take a few photos with that one too… A few minutes later, after I imported the files and showed them the results, they were floored. And my dirty little secret – I used the damn miniature advanced filter for the photo that ended up the art director’s favourite. I generally don’t like these “advanced” filter effects, never used them in my life.

    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship 🙂

    • Zack

      This is becoming a confessions thread!

      I have a confession!

      Shot an assignment for the cover of an financial industry magazine a few weeks ago. Shot RAW + JPG. Shot Fuji only on that job.

      Delivered the straight from camera JPGs.

      Everyone was happy.

      Forgive me Phather for I have sinned. 🙂


      • Csaba Molnar

        Awesome 🙂 I shot RAW exclusively with my Nikon, and developed the jpegs to fit my taste. Never cared for Nikon jpegs. When I took the x100t plunge, I started doing JPEGs only. Apart from the challenge of getting used to this focal length, this was another. The goal was to figure out how different film simulation modes work for me, how I like the colours, WB, etc. They are fantastic!

        I don’t have many clients, photography is still a part-time job for me and I shoot a lot for fun. I have a few, like this interiour design brand. I always ship JPEGs, but this particular client started to ask for the RAWs, even though I’m 100% sure they’re not using it. I’ve seen my photos in their magazines and brochures, and it’s pretty much the JPEG output I gave them. These are controlled lighting conditions, slow, methodical, tripod stuff, except for cropping and perhaps slight WB corrections, there’s not much to do with them.

        So this Friday, once I started using the x100t, I entered fun mode. I simply didn’t want to bother with RAWs (I process on-location) so I told them I can’t give them RAWs, because this camera is too new and my software is not updated yet 🙂 They didn’t actually mind after seeing the results. I did give them the dozen or so Nikon NEFs though. I’d be surprised if many of those will be used. There’s is perhaps a few where I used flash to lit up some smoke for a composition, but that wasn’t a terribly important shot. The cover shot and the big set shots are all Fuji 🙂

  74. joe

    Great post Zack,

    I own an xpro1, it’s beautiful. I am aware the lenses post is next up. But I need some length (behave). I have the 18 and 35mm. Is the 60mm 2.4 that bad as people suggest? Or have they jumped on a bandwagon of haters.


    • Zack

      That 60mm is shit. Once it focuses it’s sharp… it’s just a pain in the ass to focus and it doesn’t feel good in the hand. I hated that lens. Maybe I’m just on a bandwagon. There’s no reason to get this lens now that the 56mm is out. I know the price points are different but it should be a no brainer. I’d rather have an older legacy lens with an adapter than the Fuji 60mm.


      • Richard Wintle

        And that should shut up those who say “Zack’s will always say nice things about Fuji because…” blah blah blah.

        “That 60mm is shit.” That’s the honesty we all keep coming here for. Thanks. 🙂

        • Pat

          “That 60mm is shit.”

          Oh no! I’ve been carrying around a Hadley Pro with shit in it for the past month or two.

          Bollocks, it’s a lovely lens and I have been delighted with mine. I was even more delighted with the money I saved over the 56mm or would have been had I not bought the 14mm with it to get the £300 cashback.

          Now there is a lens I truly love, the 14mm is sublime.

          Each to their own!

        • Zack

          🙂 Someone needs to love that little lens. It needs love like everyone else. You are a doing a good service to the world by showing that 60mm some love Pat.



  75. Dan

    Now thats just great, cant wait any more, after reading this I’m gonna get a new X-T1 in a couple of days and its all your fault, at least thats what I’m gonna tell my wive 😉
    Seriously, great article and very very helpful, many thanks, start saving for a X100T after the X-T1, just not sure what lens is right for me, most probably 50-140 2.8 WR

  76. Chuck Ezell

    I have an X-E1 and X-Pro1 with the 35mm, 18mm and 60mm lenses. Over thanksgiving I was shooting a Rodeo (which I do from time to time) and ended up having to use my Nikon D2x because the Fuji cameras were far too slow.

    My question: would the X-T1 be adequate for quick shooting or at least as good as my old Nikon D2x? I could make the jump to that camera if I needed to and for now have picked up a D7000 to try it. I would prefer to have the Fuji X-T1 but am afraid it just won’t do the job.

    Any thoughts?

    • Zack

      As I’ve said… sports and wildlife photographers probably aren’t looking at these cameras. With rodeo, you have both! I’d suggest renting an XT1. It is faster but… rodeo? I don’t know about that. That said… my friend Wes Quarles has been working on a rodeo project for a few years and it’s amazing. He’s shooting an X100 and a Hasselblad 501.


  77. Stan

    Great writeup! Recently gotten myself a X100T and really fell in love with it.
    In fact I’m now considering to switch my whole Nikon system to X-T1’s, just hesitating because of what some potential clients might think (it being smaller, non ‘professional’ dslr cameras).

    Looking forward to reading your reviews on the conversion lenses next!

  78. Sebastian

    Excellent article. Well written, with that delicious soul flavor. I was thinking in a similar way about Fuji X cameras, but I really can’t wait for the Lens Section of this very personal and true insight.

  79. Pat

    Wonderful article. The X10 started it all for me and despite the groans from my Bank Manager I have driven down the Fuji road at Mach3 collecting as many as my pump action Visa Card can manage.

    Love the X-T1, adore the X-Pro1 but amongst all the bodies and lenses is my swanky mistress, the black X100. She is my darling, the one I would run into a burning house for (with her illegitimate children WCL and TCL). She beguiles me with her creamy IQ, frustrates me with her focusing at times but brings a smile every time I use her. The updates have changed her personality for the better and when the S came out I bought one and returned it almost immediately as I much preferred the X100 rendering.

    I will hold fire on the T for the moment but will probably succumb because, as one of my sons remarked, noting his ever dwindling inheritance as yet another X joined the fleet,

    ‘Dad, you are as flash as a rat with a gold tooth.’

    Guilty as charged with knobs on.

    • Zack

      Hahahaha! Well said. 🙂


  80. Tairui

    Hi Zack. Love your guide. May I translate this excellent guide into Chineses and post it on forums ?

    • Zack

      Sure! Thanks!

  81. Joseph CS, LI

    Hallo Zack,

    I enjoyed reading your article and considering your recommendation to buy or not to buy. I used to shoot film in the past 2 decades and have a couples of Leica R lenses with which I wish to go digital. So I want the X-T1 with a Metabone Speed Booster adapter. What is your opinion? I hope you can give me some advice. I like the retro-look of the X-T1. Thank you in advance.

  82. iameye

    I’ve just sold all of my professional Canon gear – 5D MKii, 24-70L lens and my original X100, to buy an X-pro1, literally for years I have been on the shelf about buying one, but soon realised a big bulky DSLR doesn’t mean you will be a better photographer, i’ve taken some portraits on the XP1 with the 35mm 1.4 that have blown anything i’ve taken on the 5D out of the water, why? I think because it;s just perfect under the right circumstances, better than an M9 in a lot of ways, especially the price!, look at the LCD on an M9 and then on the XP1, you may as well draw what you have shot on the M9 the screen is so bad.
    The X100 is great, the only down side is the lack of true interchangeable lenses and it’s weight, it’s too light – feels too toy like. Also I am a fan of some sort of shutter feedback when taking an image, as good as the quiet shutter on the x100 is, there is something about the click on the x-pro1 that just makes it feel more like a real analogue camera. Each to their own.

    • Zack

      Post after post after post…

      “I had Canon / Nikon whatever… sold it. Now shooting Fuji.”

      Crazy huh?

      And yes… to each their own!


      • Grant S.

        Go to any Sony shooters website, you will see the same thing. ;^)
        “Sold my Canon/Nikon, moved to Sony, near looked back…”
        Yup, to each their own. 🙂

  83. Jay R.

    Have a question about the robustness of both the X-Pro and the XT-1. I bought my X-Pro shortly after they were released. Very pleased, ecstatic is more like it, and used it lots. After at least a year of ownership the screen stopped working. When I took it in I was told that the “motherboard” was broke! The camera had been used, not abused nor ever dropped. O.k., things happen. I am now seeing the same sort of back screen sort of thing happening on the XT. I shall be taking it in soon. My question: Is this some sort of occurance with these cameras? Is there a problem with the motherboards? I really am enjoying my cameras, the glass is outstanding, and I don’t want to leave the manufacturer.

    • Zack

      The only across the board issues I’ve heard of with Fuji’s are the sticky apertures that popped up on X100s at one point and the XT1 light leak. All of which have been addressed. Of ALL the Fuji’s I own and use and abuse… I’ve sent one x100 in for the sticky aperture and the XPro in to have the hotshoe replaced.

      I haven’t heard of a mother board problem before.


      • Simon

        Would you expand on this hot shoe issue?

        Shopping around for one and I’d love to know what to look for (could be a great addition in your buying guide!)

        Thanks again for your reply up there! (I wanted to thank you directly with a reply but the button wasn’t there!?)

        • Zack

          I had a pocket wizard on my hotshoe.

          The hoteshoe on the camera fell off.

          Four little screws hold it on the body.

          I’ve never heard of that problem from anyone else. It’s never happened again.

          Note that my X-Pro1 is a pre-production model. It’s serial number is “SAMPLE”. 🙂


      • Jay R.

        Thanks for the reply. Almost glad that this isn’t an across the board problem….

    • Markus

      The Fn button on my X-Pro became wedged in solid after 9 months of very occasional pressing. Which has proved a slight though not insurmountable irritation. I was tempted to try some WD-40…

  84. tobi

    Hi Zack, I have a question – if you have time to answer it.

    I am currently using a bulky ff slr, but I am thinking of changing to a smaller, more portable system. Currently I fancy the X-Pro1, but I am still not sure if to do or not.

    – I have read that lightroom can’t handle the raw data correctly. Is that (still) true? Do I have to change my digital workflow?

    – Currently I work with either focus&recompose for AF and an extra-matte focusing screen for MF. How is the manual focusing with the X-Pro1? (with the optical VF, not the electronic VF. – the main reason for the X-Pro1 is to me, that I don’t like the EVF I have seen/tried till now).

    Thanks four your opinion.
    (sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker).

  85. Paul Crouse

    Hey Zack,

    As always, a great article. I appreciate your non-BS way of talking.

    I threw out my back a few months ago but I still had to do a paid gig photographing honeymooning newlyweds for a full day here in Kyoto. I couldn’t carry my usual bag full of gear. So I gambled and just took along my X100s with some extra batteries.

    It went great. They loved the shots and the husband said to me: “I am really glad that you didn’t bring one of the giant cameras. This was much more comfortable than during our wedding”.

    PS: When are you coming to Kyoto? 😉

  86. Markus

    Oh Zack! When is the next issue coming?

    I’m an X-Pro owner travelling to Japan before New Year with a fist-full of cash and the good winds of a favourable exchange rate behind me. The 56mm is on the list but I yearn for a 23mm capability. Would you go for an XF23mm or hunt for a pre-loved x100(possibly S)? They are similarly priced.

    Great write up and a great counter weight to the usual pixel peepers. Photography is a personal medium and as such there is almost no right and wrong. Really REALLY looking forward to the next part.

    • Nathan


      I have an x100, and just purchased an X-T1, 56mm & 23mm within the last month. I am so much happier with the 23mm than I was with the x100 because of the focusing speed. I highly recommend the 23mm. I am still keeping my x100 for a just in case scenario that hasn’t surfaced yet. That said, at the very least, I would go for the x100s. If there was one complaint that I (and many others have had) is that the focusing (both manual and auto) are extremely slow on the x100. The biggest feature I miss going from x100 to X-T1 is pocket ability. I hope that helps.

      • Markus

        Thank you Nathan. It does help.

        I think owning an X-Pro1 the AF speed I am used to will be closer to that of the X100 than the X-T1. I am almost afraid to get anything better performing as it make make the X-Pro feel outdated. Which I really don’t want to happen as I love the thing.

        With your feedback and Zack’s new part 2 I’ll remain open minded see which setup feels the best in the hand.

  87. Wayne

    Thank you for your in depth comments. While by no means a professional, when Fuji introduced the x100, my sense was something was taking place. I waited, albeit m impatiently for the next generation and was handsomely rewarded for now what appears to be a very sound decision. My Nikon D800 is drawing dust and my switch to Fuji includes the xpro1 and most recently, the XT1. I could not be happier. Frankly, I am convinced the X100S has been single ha deadly responsible for a complete improvement in my photos. Every time someone asks me about my camera, I brag about it. So, again, thank you for your post and I look forward to more. By the way, the xt1 has a 10-24mm on it all the time. I have given up on kit lenses with the exception of this one. Regards. Wayne

  88. Jesus

    Finally, glad to hear that tethering is coming. It was inevitable though, just glad it’s on the horizon. Now just hoping it’ll pair up well with LR and/or CO.

  89. Andy

    Gal-dang, I’ve been following for such a time now that at the end of the article when you talk about tethering coming, I could hear your voice and see you holding an index finger up in exclamation, “THAT … THAT is coming”. Thanks for continuing to be awesome.

  90. EP

    Great post, Zack. You converted me to Fuji a few years back. It’s great to see your take on all these models. I too wait for the XPro-2 to be released.

  91. Khechog

    I’m interested to know what you expect the X-Pro2 to have over the X-T1 Zack. I assumed the X-T1 was the upgrade and they’d just gone for a different naming format. Interested to hear what you think will distinguish them.

  92. Iain

    DSLR exodus story #183,962

    Way back in 2007, bought my 1st DLSR, a brand new Sony a200. While I told myself “this is a good training ground before laying down the big bucks for a ‘pro’ camera”. I openly lusted a FF.

    In 2012 after writing a business case to my employer, extolling the necessary virtues of FF, a camera system was purchased (Canon 5DMII) & I began using this on assignments in my day job. I coveted the FF.

    2012 was also the year I shot my first wedding. I rented a 5D, and all the glass I could carry, and left the Sony in the bag as back up. Did I mention this was my first wedding? The next day was spent on the couch in recovery mode barely able to lift my arms to feed. I did mention this was my first wedding right?

    Fast forward to August this year. After using the 5D for two years, and many thousands of actuations under the belt, I traded in all my Sony gear for an X-Pro1 & X100 (both 2nd hand). Both of which have since been used for weddings and corporate campaigns.

    I’ve learned that tools don’t make things. But every craft has certain tools that get out of your way and allow YOU to make things. For me these X-tools have become essential elements in bringing my vision to light.

    P.S. Whenever I pass another X shooter on the street there’s invariably a subtle knowing glance that screams “I KNOW RIGHT. I KNOW”.

    • Zack

      I KNOW! RIGHT?


      Thanks for the comment Iain!


  93. Lea

    Thanks, Zack. My ‘ol faithful 5D classic is on death’s door so I’m in the market for a new camera, and the idea of mirrorless has my heart fluttering. I’m very much looking forward to part 3 of this series as I’m trying to decide between Fuji and Sony. Sony doesn’t seem to offer much glass though. I appreciate your opinions and willingness to share them.

  94. Mark Lees

    Great article Zack, engaging, informative and fun to read.

    I wanted to make a comment about “my” Fuji, the XE-1, a camera that was bought as something to take holiday snapshots that somehow ended up being used a working camera supplementing my big (heavy) Canons. Your comment that sports shooters shouldn’t buy the XE-1 is of course perfectly correct but I did once find myself in a position where my XE-1 was all I had to hand at a vintage motorcycle track day. I used the Fuji, adapted my shooting style to it’s limitations and got some great shots from the day.

    I’m waiting for that 300 f2.8 and the XT-2 before I really take the plunge and ditch my dSLRs.

  95. Matteo

    Zack I LOVE/HATE you!!!!! You just made me buy an used X100S……..you said every photographer should have one….so here I am…!

    • Zack

      If only i made commissions like trolls think I do!


      • Matteo

        Awesome camera… But… To be honest… Slightly disappointed with auto focus capabilities… Hoped it was slightly better to be honest……….

  96. Paul

    I rise in defense of the diminutive X30, a meager point and shoot – but isn’t that what most of us do, point and shoot? I have been playing in the fields of photography, in fits and starts, going back to the days of film, arriving at the point in which I actually managed to produce some reasonably decent prints, all home made, that litter my walls to this day. At one time I actually took a college photography course, got so angry at the instructor I wanted to punch him in the nose. I walked out instead and did not touch a camera for a year. When I finally committed to digital I went with Pentax, not able to afford a decent Canon or Nikon (I was a Nikon guy in the film days). Life changes led me to selling or my camera gear and I found myself desperately missing getting out there with a camera. Due to you and others, I became increasingly interested in Fuji, especially the X series. And while wanting to max out the credit card on a 100 series or even more pricey camera, reality had its way with me and I went with the 30. I am having an awful lot of fun with it. More important, I think you missed it greatest strength. In line with the its the camera person, not the camera school, this is a camera in which you can either remain a lazy-assed point & shooter or you can move it to manual, (or at least aperture priority), think seriously about light, composition, what you are trying to do and why you are even out there with a camera in the first place, and struggle with being a being a photographer. You go out, take pictures, f#@* up, and go out to do it all over again. Every day. Yes you can do that with an X100 – or even a Leica but the X30, with its pathetically small sensor, leaves you with nothing to lean on. Its all on you and its potential as a strong photographic instrument is there to be wrestled out of it. Yes, I hope/plan to eventually upgrade but in the meantime me and the X-series poorer relation will be out in the wilds of suburban New Jersey, seeking a vision only I can see. Best regards.

    • Zack

      Rise brother Paul! RISE! Defend that great little camera! 😛

      Thank you for defending it and the ethos behind why you chose it and good on you for not maxing out a credit card. Bravo!


    • Chris Lamb

      Hi Paul,

      Late to the thread – hope that is ok.

      I have an x100S and I love it. I also have Nikon cameras – which I only use for work and video shooting. I also have a Panasonic M4/3 with no viewfinder. It is capable, has a bigger sensor than the 30 but just has no “feel” to it. I have been trying out an X30 belonging to a friend and I love it.

      I miss the high ISO performance and also the access to easy shutter/aperture dedicated dials. The sensor is a bit small BUT it also means I have some range of lengths on the lens, decent macro and a lovely evf.

      The evf is great for this kind of camera and the tilt screen is good enough.

      I just ordered my own today. I feel it is the kind of camera I can, literally, always have with me. I thought the Panasonic would fulfil that role but it didn’t work out. The x30 is not small but it is sturdy and not I am not frightened of damaging it like the 100. With rebates and some voucher money from Wex it cost me under £400 delivered. 200 less than most competitors I would consider.

      And the real bonus – I can so easily post to websites using WiFi and easily print to the wee Instax SP1 printer 🙂 The x30 is possibly a stopgap in satisfying my x100T lust!

      I hope you are still enjoying your camera.

  97. Bob

    Hi Zack, I don’t know if you can answer this, but perhaps some of your readers could.. I have a Sony A6000 and I’m planning to switch to Fujifilm since I like the colors more (I have a Fuji X100S). Is Fuji X-E2 worth to replace my A6000? I can’t afford an X-T1 but I would gladly give up my Sony for this beast without second thoughts. I hope Fujifilm is listening and would give it to me for free. LOL!

  98. Arno

    The lead photo shows a small stud attached to the bottom of an X30 and an X100. What is it? Looks to be part of a belt system or something. Is it effective?

  99. Drew

    Zack – two valuable lessons you have taught me…

    Lesson One: Fuji rocks. I’ve had the X100S for a year and love that little thing. I decided that when the time and finances were right, I’d make the jump from DSLR to the XT-1.

    Lesson Two: If you can’t afford it (the XT-1), wait. And I did. In fact, by waiting, I confirmed my real desire to get my hands on one. I also stalked a few photography boards and worked out a STUPENDOUS deal. End result, an XT-1, 27mm pancake, 35mm & 18-55mm. A slightly wonky X-Pro1 was thrown in for good measure!!! BAM!

    Hope y’all have a very merry one!

    • Catd

      Drew, which photography boards? A stupendous deal sounds good to me right now.

  100. Edd

    Thanks for the article Zack! I was wondering if it would really be worth it to shift from a nikon 800 to this system? Any thoughts on this?

  101. Matteo

    Ok… I couldn’t resist!

    I’m a professional and went from 5DII + 24-70 + 50 1.4 + 90 2.8 macro

    X100S and
    X-T1 + 14 + 27 + 18-55 + legacy olympus 50 macro (amazingly sharp, good for studio product shoots)…

    I could’n resist to sell my 5DII at an really high price, it was a bargain!

    Now…sometimes…but really sometimes…I shoot videos for a client…just events, people talking or presenting new products! I don’t know if I can dare to shoot those with X-T1…

    Otherwise…the cheapest BetterThanX-T1 video system…?

    Thanks, thanks thanks

    • Andre in NYC

      The best price/ performance cameras for video are the Panasonic (if I may utter non Fuji words here)

  102. Graham

    After reading this article, I got really excited. I went to the store to see, hold and try both the x100T and the X-T1. Now I am torn. I love the x100T, but wish it had the grip (or equivalent “grippiness”) of the X-T1. Almost perfect!

  103. JT

    Hey Zack, any chance of a quick word or to about the differences between the X100/X100S/X100T in terms of which can take current firmware and what real differences are?
    E.g. has the notorious X100 AF been fixed to X100S standard?

    • JT

      Oops, when I say “real differences” I mean functional.
      And thanks.

  104. Levi

    Zack, do you have any tricks for AF on the x100s when stopped down in low light (i.e. studio) situations? I have had so much trouble even when switched to OVF getting the camera to focus in low light, it’s a real pain in the ass.

  105. Matteo

    Am I the only one feeling the new rotating thumb wheel on the X100T really cheaply made?

    All the camera body feels premium but the thumb wheel…too soft to rotate, slightly wobbling…a lot of space around…it feels like a lot of dust can get in that hole…!

    The same wheel on the X-T1, an “older” camera, feels much stiffer and better…I know..it’s weather sealed…(another big disappointment about the X100T not being so…)

  106. Tim Skipper

    Thank you Zack.
    I am getting an X-E2 today. I am slowly selling off my DSLR and moving to mirrorless so I appreciate your practical and experienced input.

  107. Turks

    Great article, It was extremely practical for a person like me who has never come across Fuji’s before and I’m trying to break into this system. I have one obvious very silly question (bare with me) how is the performance of x100 on low-light shots and night images? I was annoyed with some of my old DSLR’s on that and other systems and wondered where does the x100 stand on this.

    • Zack

      I think it performs the same or better than a Canon 5D Mk2. That’s what I’ve owned and can compare it to.


  108. Daniel Stern

    So, just saw a Fuji rumor that XProII will be later 2015 thus I can’t wait and want to upgrade my only digital-x100 (M6 user for B&W Film). Here is my question:

    Zach:I am considering a XT1 with the 27mm f2.8 pancake for street (I can not afford both XT1 & X100t). can the Xt1 with the 27mm pancake work for street instead of only the x100t? Thank you in advance

    • Zack

      It sure can!


    • Daf

      X-Pro1 is available in quite a few sales here in the UK.
      Started about £1000 body only but many places selling it for £690 + two free lenses at the moment! (18mm + 27mm)

  109. James Spencer

    Curses, back to the drawing board I go, was 80% sold on the XM1 with the 16-50mm and 27mm pancake, which I’ve found online for around $630 (€534) but now i’m not so sure. Had an X10 and it was great for what it could do but I just don’t think the X30 even with it’s vast improvements has a good enough sensor to compete with the bigger boys. My X10 is now crippled (leaned on the lens and messed it up bad) and my Canon 40D is definitely getting long in the tooth.

    I’m 100% sold on Fujifilm, they’ve been killing it since the X100/X Pro 1, it’s just figuring out which option to go with. The sensor on the XM1 looks great but perhaps it’s a little lacking in features. I’ve now gone from that XM1 two lens deal to thinking of holding out, saving a bit more money and getting the X100T or S. Dangnabit! 🙂

    • Zack

      Sorry you’re in that conundrum! I’d suggest one nice body and one nice lens to start. Or the X100T. I love that camera so much. Let that be your daily shooter for awhile and then see where it takes you.


      • James Spencer

        I’m gonna hold out for another bonus in work (I’m in the running for employee of the year again :)) and am giving serious consideration to the X100T, that classic chrome…..daaaaamn! I know the XM1 has a decent sensor but the ergonomics do seem to be a bit of an issue. The X30 although much improved from the X10 I think is still not going to be good enough. So perhaps a second hand X100s with the two lens adapters is a good option. Any word on latest firmware updates for classic chrome or electronic shutter, or is that going to be a Photokina announcement. I was a die hard Canon fan and thought that’s it, this is my system but Fuji just came on scene and whoever was responsible for their renaissance deserves a 500ft tall statue outside their HQ 🙂

        • James Spencer

          Ok so after MUCH deliberation I decided to go with the X30. I’m loving it so far and you can see some of my first shots with it here.


          Will I regret not holding out for an X100? Maybe but I think as a carry around, do it all camera for my blog it’s perfect. I have the big SLR if I need it but wanted something to fit in the pocket. I know I know, The RX100 is much smaller, and it is tiny but I just don’t think it would have the soul of the Fuji and the enjoyable shooting experience. Will hopefully get a full review together soon.

  110. Daf

    TO mix it up a little – Fuji have announced the X-A2

  111. OG

    Alright now you´ve done it! After twice being disappointed with M4/3 I have ordered the X-T1. Now it better be good or I´ll blame you. I know it is not your responsibility, but I´ll still need someone to blame, so you it is.

    Seriously though, thanks for your commitment and viewpoints. What the net need is someone to help us the buyers see through marketing. So now 1 XT-1 is going north of the arctic circle, no daylight and lots of snow and northern lights. Excited, let´s hope I am not disappointed yet again (if so I´ll have to unsubscribe you at YT).

  112. John

    This helped. Thank you Zack!

  113. Ping

    did tons of thinking after 3 months i decided to go for the ex-2 above the x100t. for me, i paired the ex2 with a 35mm 1.4 for a pretty good deal. to change my travel kit, that is my main camera. only thing i do regret sometimes is the electronic viewfinder that the x100t offers. only that is the downside. im pretty happy with my results.

    also great work zack for putting this review up. lots of information im sure in the future i’ll pair this with wider lens!

  114. Héctor Muñoz

    Zack, this is a wonderfully thoughtful article, thanks for sharing it!

    I hope you can spare two minutes to share an insight with me:

    I’m thinking of spending what is a lot of money for me in a second hand X-pro1 and two lenses because I think it is perfect for my style of photo but I’m concerned about the EVF.

    How good is the X-Pro1 EVF with zooms? (especially the 18-55 f2.8-4) or is it a camera better used with the OVF and primes? Is the EVF good enough to shoot in low light or to do manual focus or does it get in the way?

    I have been using a Nikon D40x and a Tamron 17-50 for some years but in 2014 I got two small (but paid) commissions so I’m very tempted to jump into the Fuji ship.

    I would think of this camera as a tool for the long term and but I would really find myself frustrated to learn it is a bad combo for the 18-55 zoom or a wide or long prime because of the EVF… I would then consider either the 18 and 35 mm primes for it or the X-E2 and the zoom and the 35 mm.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Zack Arias

      Never used a zoom on it. I’ll test and get back to you.


  115. Darwin

    Zach, awesome write up. I mean really awesome. I have a question though for you. So you’ve talked me into moving to Fuji. I’ve been shooting with Canon for six years now and my back and hand are starting to complain. I always buy “new” when it comes to my primary set ups. But for my backup gear I always look at Craigslist first. In my area, SFBay, The EM1’s, X100’s, and XT1’s seem to be prevalent here. Can you give some advice to what to look for in these cameras when looking at used. Not the usually suspects of use or damage but specific to the camera. For instance I used to shoot with a Canon 60D as a back up body but there were issues with the rubber peeling off. Very annoying. Would love your insight.

  116. stuart goodman

    thanks for your efforts putting this lot together. just sold off a pentax 645 outfit for an xe2 and the zooms. next to go will be a couple of olympus e3s and lenses for an xt1.

    relied on your comments and common sense approach. thus far i’m delighted.

    looking at my wreck of a a darkroom with a couple of leitz 2c lamps. feeling guilty but my hernia feels great!

    • stuart goodman

      fiorgot to add i’ve had an x100 for a couple of years. didn’t take much of a decision to make the switch!

  117. Andre in NYC

    Well I have started slowly on the X system – have always had the EXR P&S starting with the F10 /F30 etc and then loved it when the X100 came out, but was patient enough to wait for the X100s… Now also got the X-M1 and 18-55 because I like the tilt screen, and to help me wait for the X-T2; maybe will splurge with the 10-22.
    Question: would Fuji ever consider making a sRAF mode, like Nikon – compressed RAF files with lossless and maybe x% loss. Even as a firmware retrofit? The huge size of these RAF files is so annoying, forcing tough choices early.

  118. nobu Tanaka

    Hello from Japan. I bought x100s last year because I bought your book and read about it. I really love the x100s. Thank you so much for introducing such a nice camera.

    I have 5Dmk2 and 6D and need to go to UK for wedding and I don’t want to carry anymore big camera. SO I am taking 6D (plus few lens), x100s, and buying Xe1 or Xe2 and 35mmF1.4.

    My question is XE1’s AF quick enough to capture ? or simply better to have xe2? I just have a tight budget.

  119. Breanne J

    Great write-up, but there was only a small mention of low light options. I recently ditched my bulky (and too basic) Canon T3i knowing that a Fuji X would do the same work in a smaller body.

    Now, I’m looking to purchase… I am by no means a photographer, but I have a wide array of uses for it — from travel to outdoor hikes to indoor concerts (which includes video occasionally). Most uses will probably end up being indoor concerts and music festivals, honestly.

    Do you have a suggestion between an X Pro1 and an X100 S/T?

    • Zack Arias

      Personally, I’d go for the x100T and just use that as a casual always with you camera. If you want to get more serious about it from there then wait for the XPro2.


  120. Michael Reid


    First I’d like to say you shoot some great work and I am happy that Fuji has such an excellent shooter like yourself on their team. Second, I want to say thank you very much for these comparisons and honest reviews. Presenting the cameras very well and pointing to all sorts of references makes it that much easier for us photographers who just want to hear the truth. Buying camera equipment reminds me of buying my goalie gear for hockey, not many places to try it out and it costs a lot to invest in just based on online product descriptions and customer reviews based on the shipping and handling.

    I went out today and took my first step towards a mirrorless system, I snagged a used X-Pro1 for $550 at Adorama and bought myself the 35mm 1.4 for $500 since Fuji has a sale going on. From the second I held the camera and that EVF up to my eye I was hooked, talk about film feel with digital performance. Just wow. While I was originally looking at the X-T1, as that is a fine piece of machinery, I think you are right to say that the X-Pro2 will be as much a game changer as the X100 was when it first came out.

    Thank you again, I will be keeping a closer eye on your page good sir. I hope Fuji is wise and listens to your input for future products.

  121. Brett Cravaliat

    Hi, I believe your site may be having browser compatibility issues.
    Wheen I take a look at your web site in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in IE, it’s got some overlapping issues.
    I merely wanted to provide you with a quick headds up!
    Aside from that, great blog!

    • Zack Arias

      Thanks Brett.

      I’ll ask Dan the man about it.


  122. Brandon Owens

    This may be an older post but I really enjoyed it, thank you Zack!

    I am making the leap from Canon to Fuji and I am totally lost on where I want to begin. I shoot weddings & portraits and I am comfortable with the fixed focal length. I was thinking of starting with the x100t + the 50mm teleconverter, then waiting for the Xpro2 to finish the system.

    I have about $1k to sink into this atm anyone have any advice? Has anyone used the x100t as a primary camera for professional use?


  123. Marc

    Thanks Zack!
    Right now I’m very interested on 35mm…
    Before read this article, it was the 23mm…

    I love the sigma 35 1.4 art on my 5D, and I think you feel the same with the fuji 35mm… Its something that we can’t describe it? I am Right?

  124. Vadimus

    It’s nice to see a thumb up for glorious T1’s processor, despite it is same EXR Processor II used in so hated by you M1/A1 🙂

  125. Tim

    You mention that an X-E2 and X100 could be a good combination – I can confirm is, at least for me. It all depends on what kind of work you’re doing of course. A lot of my stuff is documentary in quite tense settings, and my x100s flies under the radar most of the time, which is perfect. But the focal length obviously isn’t exactly perfect for good portraits, which is when I reach for an X-E2 with the 56/1.2 – a supreme lens. I did look at the X-T1 closely, but didn’t see enough of a difference between it and the XE-2 with the firmware update apart from the EVF, especially when the price differential basically covered cost of the 56mm. Either way the images produced by both the X-E2 and the x100s have been more than good enough for quality magazines and my exhibitions, and I’ve had very striking prints up to 1.2m at the longest side.

  126. Simon Davis

    Zak, thanks for your buying guides. You have simplified things for me, and been of massive help.

    Oh, and you’re so right about the X30/X100 ‘dilemma’. A year ago I bought an X20. I really wanted an X100S but, well, was too cheap to spend that much on a second camera.

    In the year I’ve had it I’ve enjoyed it immensely. So much so that my Nikon has been gathering dust. Time to re-think my needs, then!

    The X20 has been given to my son. The Nikon has been part exchanged for a new XE2 – which was already reduced to a ‘bargain’ price point – an 18-55mm and a 27mm.

    Another lens, the 56(?), will follow as soon as I offload the rest of the Nikon lenses and gear.

    Then, as soon as the bank account has recovered a little, a used X100S will follow along too.

    Happy days! And thanks, again.


  127. Charles McCain

    I own an X-E1, and i love the sharpness and versatility that I have when shooting street. My one complaint is the slowness of the auto-focus feature, which always inevitably leads me back to my Nikon. But while my Nikon focus’s relatively quickly, I like the low light performance of my X-E1 when shooting at night. Now if they can just improve the auto-focus issue, i’ll be selling my Nikon equipment shortly thereafter.

  128. Andrew

    Zach, I really enjoyed this article. It answered a lot of questions I had about Fuji systems. However, I’d like to bring up one more… I’m in the market for a Fuji X series camera. In NYC for the weekend, I rented a x100s and fell in love with it. I was about to click “submit” to order one but hesitated after reading so many good reviews about the X-T1. I am looking to get more into photography and know enough about glass to get going (should I pick the X-T1). My question is — Should I start off with a “gateway” Fuji such as an X100T or go full steam ahead with an X-T1 and start building a simple lens collection. Honestly I can go both ways and am looking to mainly shoot street. What would you do?

  129. MARTIN

    Is it worth buying x-pro1 in 2015?

  130. Brayden

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    and the providdrs are dependable and headache free.
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  131. Gabriel

    Hello Zack.

    I’m willing to buy a Fuji X-T1 with a 35mm 1.4 lens. After have read a lot of articles, reviews, viewing photos, and your articles about Fuji gear I’m pretty much decided to make the move to this mirrorless system.
    My question is: Do you think this specific camera (Fuji X-T1) will resist the test of time? As an amateur photographer I can’t change system/cameras that often. Is it safe to say that I’ll be happy with this camera for the next, let us say, 10 years?
    Thank you very much for any help you may give me.

    • Jim

      Finally took my own advice and used the X100T almost exclusively….the perfect camera for travel and street work. Here’s some shots from Istanbul, inspired by Zack, of course.


  132. Sue

    Thank you for a thoroughly insightful guide – I have just purchased the X100T and LOVE it but I now have to sell either the XE2 or the X Pro 1 – so although I know I should be extremely happy with my XE2 – the X Pro 1 is just a different “kettle of fish” so you’ve helped me with my “selling decision” the XE2 is going on EBay – hardly used and with that kit lens that is rather good but I prefer the primes!

  133. Alex

    Great article, thanks!

    What are your first impressions on the X-T10? Between the E2 and the T1 I don’t really know where to put it – and I think I’m going to “go X” pretty soon.

    I know it hasn’t been released yet, but with a few reviews on pre-production models and some details available it somewhat caught my interest.

  134. Lac

    Hi Zack,

    This post is very well written. Thank you for it.
    I would like to ask for your help. I’m an amateur and I’m planning to buy my first Fuji X. I can choose between a nearly one year old X100 and a brand new X30. It is clear from the writing, that I should pick the X100. Well, I’m a bit concerned of the complexity of the X100. I am not sure which camera is better for a dilettant. I mainly shoot on trips and family events. Do you still recommend the X100 to someone, who has gaps in his fotographer education?

    Best regards,

  135. Joshua

    I know it’s been awhile since this post but I just decided to get back inro shooting. My wife and I have twin boys on the way and she told me one night I needed to buy a new camera so I could take pictures. Several years ago I sold off all my photo gear because I lost the passion for it. After reading this and hearing about the new XT-10 coming out I would like your opinion On which of the Fuji bodies to go with. I’m starting from scratch and most of the first year will be all about capturing my boys as they grow. Thanks Zack!

  136. Johnny

    I was torn between the x100 and the x30. This article settles it. I’m going for the x100

  137. titus

    Hello and thanks for the inspiring text and your thoughts. Until today i am a RAW shooter with Sigmas DP Series Foveon Cameras.
    28 and 41mm focal length. Pretty slow, but just simple and a cool tool.
    Now i am planning to buy an old x100 for in between. 35mm.
    Time will tell and i will see wether it is a step forward for my style of photography or not. May be. Time will tell and i will see.
    Has anyone an old one for some bucks?

    Best regards, titus

  138. Steve Paul

    Hi Zack,
    Just recently we went overseas for several weeks. The problem we faced was 7 Kg weight limit for carry on, my 5D Mark lll and lenses weighted in at 12 Kg. The solution was to buy an XT1 complete with 3 zoom lenses at 3.5 Kg. I was very worried about the results that I would get. I’m also not normally a zoom shooter, I prefer primes. Funny thing that has happened, I love this camera. I don’t know why. The ultimate goal for me for years was to own a 5D Mark ???, I own 35k worth of L series glass and I can’t put down the XT1. The XT1 truely has soul or something, it reminds me of my first pro camera. A Nikon FM2 , yes it has small annoying things and no I wouldn’t shoot pro sports with it. But for everything else it’s awesome. The colours for portrait are amazing and the image quality has to be seen on a calibrated monitor to be believed. I love my XT1, thanks to your review.
    PS: eBay is going to be getting a lot of Canon gear over the next couple of weeks.

  139. Vic Chapman

    Hi Zack, I enjoyed this article and I have the same likes and dislikes for the XP1 and XT1. I think though you have made a mistake in referring to the XP1 having a first generation cmos sensor – perhaps confusing it with the original X100 which did have that sensor. The XP1 has the X trans sensor.

  140. Kai

    I went ahead and bought the X-T10..love it!

  141. Seth


    Amazing articles.
    Clear. Concise. And damn are these informative.
    I am a proud FujiXT1 owner.
    Made the jump form a Canon G10 after it was stolen. I loved that camera.

    I wanted a system that had a lens eco system. Taht was current and supported. Your lens post, made me pull back from the 60mm purchase.

    It also made me look at and notice the Fuji 35mm f1.4. Which is my next lens.

    Thanks for taking the time to share. Its truly appreciated. Ever in LA or having a meet up, let me know, Id love to meet and shoot.


  142. Anthont

    How about the X-T10 sir?

    • Robb

      I’ve had my X-T10 for a couple weeks now. Have shot a couple portrait sessions. I LOVE this camera. I have already sold all my Nikon DSLR gear and 100% on board with the Fuji now. So far I’m just using the 18-55 and the 55-200, but am getting a prime or two soon. I’ve been using a Nikon SB-700 off camera, triggered by pop-up flash in commander mode in case anyone is interested.

  143. Nathan Smith

    GREAT review! I’ve had an X-T1 for almost a year, and I just got an X-Pro1 NEW for about $300 to use as a backup camera. Now I can’t wait for the X-Pro2.

    But the X-Pro1 does have an X-Trans sensor (yes, it’s the first generation), but it’s not the same sensor as the X-100, which is not an X-Trans sensor.

    And the X100, the X-Pro1, and the X-T1 are all CMOS sensors.

    and on a separate note,

    I just had to say that your tip on photographing people “discretely” is BRILLIANT!!
    Your technique even works with my XT-1 and the 18-135mm, as people think you are photographing something else.

    https://youtu.be/l_WeIsE4Kk8?t=13m27s. THANKS SO MUCH!!

    • Yash

      I would love to know where you got a new x-pro1 for $300. Ive been lusting over it for a long time but haven’t been able to find a good deal.

  144. Branko

    This March i had opportunity to take closer look on Fuji system exposed in the shop at Edinburgh Airport. The moment i took XPro1 in my hands was…well, revealing…and i quickly forgot the heavy bruising beast hanging from my shoulder, loaded with 2 Nikon bodies (one was F3) one flash and few lenses.
    I guess it is common story…Internet, reviews, forums…
    Plagued with heavy equipment all my life, medium formats etc etc i started to dream of Fuji. I mean those cameras really looked like solid metal works not plastic P of S. And Gear Acquisition Fever took me over again.
    These days i tried to find Fuji cameras and lenses here in Belgrade…alas
    Nobody here seems to be interested to sell these things. All importers states that Fuji has the highest ratio of electronic and mechanical failures, maybe higher than 20% hence nobody wish to order them again.
    I’d appreciate any comment or experience on Fuji cameras and lenses reliability because it is virtually impossible to buy them in Serbia.

  145. Jessica

    Thanks for writing such a great article. I thought I knew what I wanted and now I’m torn. I found an x-t10 with a 16 – 50mm lens for $900. I thought I was going to get an x100T now I’m not sure. I’m getting back into photography as a hobby. My experience is with regular film slr’s. The digital ones came out and I hated them and lost my interest. I keep seeing 100t’s in the $1000 range. I’m torn any advice would be appreciated. There aren’t any stores near me that carry them so I can’t put my hands on one prepurchase.

  146. Dylan

    Zack, you sold me on Fuji. I bought an X-T1 on Friday, took it to 2 fashion shows and one fashion shoot over the weekend (along with my Nikon of course). I was the only photographer shooting a mirrorless in the pit. I split time between the two cameras and 80% of my favorite shots came from the X-T1. I will be selling my Nikon gear posthaste.

  147. Adlin

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  148. Ed Puno

    Hi Zack! Thanks for a very informative article. I’ve just started reading and learning about the basics of photography and planning to buy an entry level Fujifilm camera next month. Your article provided the information that I need. Thank you!!

  149. Yash

    I’ve really wanted to buy the x-pro1 as my very first camera. I’ve practiced on my friend’s nikon d5200 and fallen in love with photography. Would you recommend the x-pro1 as a learning camera as long as I’m getting a great deal on it.

  150. Lucie


    I found your reviews really helpful! I am new to the fuji world and I am wondering whether I should get the x-e2 or x-t10? What are your latest thoughts on that?

    Thanks a lot!

  151. Owain

    Hello everyone,

    I realise this now a somewhat old article but it seemed the best place to post about interest in buying into the Fuji X system.

    I’ve slowly gone off the idea of professional photography and just want to enjoy it now. Having rarely used it in over a year, I decided to sell my 24-70 (Zack will be pleased, having read the second part of this series) because I didn’t like using it, even if it was a useful working lens. With the money I was planning to buy a prime or two.

    However, I’ve been interested in these Fuji cameras for a while now, and given that selling the 24-70 takes me down to a very limited amount of Canon gear – 5DII, 40mm (bought it for travelling … and because I couldn’t afford a Fuji on top of my other gear) and an adapted Yashica 50mm; I’m thinking there’s no time like the present to make a switch rather than reinvesting in Canon gear when the Fuji/smaller camera route interests me more.

    The X-Pro is currently very affordable (no doubt a new one is on its way but that would be less affordable) and I could easily buy one should I sell my 5DII to a friend (who asked me about this recently because he wants a second body). Having turned to my adapted 50mm a lot recently, I’d likely pick up the Fuji 35mm and also their 27mm Pancake because that the X-Pro/27mm combination would genuinely fit in the pocket of my mountain jacket for when I’m visiting my Mum in the Lake District … and I usually visit her in the winter. I’d then decide on either a 23mm or 56mm but probably go with the latter.

    My one remaining niggle is about photographing theatre. Now, I’m not looking for work, but I do have friends (actors and actresses) in theatre who might need me to photograph a performance (that they wouldn’t be getting paid for themselves) and I’d still want to be able to do as good a job as usual, for them and for myself. Low light with a bit of movement doesn’t sound favourable considering what I’ve read about the X-Pro’s focusing … is anybody able to put my mind at ease?

    Many thanks for reading, and thanks to Zack and the team at Dedpxl for all of the content, it’s easily one of the best places to read and cuts to what is important about photography … unlike this post of mine which is all about gear. Sorry.



    • Owain

      I didn’t exactly answer my own question but Black Friday sort of answered it for me. Got an X-Pro1 with 18 and 27mm lenses for £500. At that price I can try it out and if I like it, go ahead with switching, and if not, have an amazing little travel camera … very excited, it should be with me in a week or so.

  152. Rob

    Late to the party but thanks a lot for writing this, Zack. Pretty much swayed me towards an X-Pro1 while they’re still available.

  153. Mike

    hey zack, what do you think about the x-t10? thinking about buying datt ishhh

  154. Scott Sazima

    Zack, your reviews got me and my 15, now 16 yr old son Jack into Fuji. He has a X T1 and 5 great lenses including the 56 mm 1.2. I have an X 100S, and recently during a manufacturers holiday sale at Dodd Camera here in Cleveland, I received a X Pro 1 for free with the purchase of a 23 and 27 mm lenses!!! Still learning, and Jackie, our Fuji rep, wants my son to join the Fuji young photographers group which meets once or twic a year .

  155. Jared Lindsay

    This is a really great site. Thanks for doing this.
    I am the owner of the 100s, 100T, X-T10, and X-T1. I will be sending people to this site who want to know more about Fuji.

  156. Neil Lang

    Zack, I know they don’t, but Fuji should be paying you a handsome price for your articles! Largely on the strength of your assorted reviews (the killer being ‘a camera walks into a bar’ – possibly the best gear review I have ever read, certainly the most entertaining), I have dipped my toe into the water with a s/h Fuji X Pro 1 and an 85mm Samyang (you may know it by Rokkinon brand). Still learning with it, but it is a lovely camera, and has given me a whole new confidence in street photography. It no longer feels like I am lugging an intrusive box, its a lovely tactile camera and has given me some great sharp images. Above all, it feels like the old days of using film 35mm, she you had to think before taking a shot. I think you have said you haven’t used the Samyang – its a bit slow because of manual focus, but a great lens to use. They are very inexpensive for what you get, which is a fast, sharp f1.4 portrait lens. Next purchase will be the 35mm, then a s/h x100s. I am not ditching the Nikon just yet (a long telephoto doesn’t seem quite right on the X Pro), but I know which will be my day camera from hereonin. Thanks for your guidance on this. All I can say is – read and the reviews, they are spot on! Then buy his Photography Q&A book for some interesting and sound advice. And no, I don’t get paid for this feedback either!

  157. Qais

    Hi Zack,
    Great Articles and i just have to say it i’m a Big Fan!
    i would like to ask you if you will be working on an X-Pro2 review anytime soon since im waiting to see how big of a difference will it be vs. X-t1 … i currently have the slow focusing X-e1 with the 18-55, 35 1.4 & 56 1.2 lense on top of my Canon 5d markiii with the newer 24-70 & 70-200 f2.8 lenses
    Need your help to decide whether to buy the X-pro2 or X-t1 since its price will drop as i use my fuji system for portraits complementing my Canon Kit.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Heide Rainey

      I would love to see an X-Pro2 review with the comparison to the X-t1 as well. Currently shooting the XT-1 but am intrigued by the Pro2.

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  159. free_variation

    Wonderful piece — I followed your advice to the letter and I’m very happy. Now planning on upgrading to the XPro2.

    One gear question: you write that in the postnuclear dystopia all you’ll need is an X100T and a couple of lights. What kind/brand of lights would those be?

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  162. Yannah

    Hi, Zack! I’ve been researching about the Fuji x series and gladly I found this review of yours. I am just a college student and I’m really interested to buy a camera that would give me the best photos when I get to travel around Asia. My first choice actually is the X100T but it is much more expensive than X30. However when I read your review, I’m now convinced that buying X100T regardless of its price would be really worth it. Does X100T perform well in low light? Is it hard to use for a beginner like me? Knowing my concerns, aside from X100T, do you have any other camera in the X series that you would suggest? Thank you very much! x

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    I think it sounds pretty different to material on other albums. Sounds like new FNM to me.Def not an old B side imo. Still has that trademark bass style and sound which is very cool and love Roddy’s keys. Hope they get it polished and release it!

  164. Graham. Oates

    I’ve been taking photos for over 40 years, I’m 67, but never for long stretches. I’ve had some excellent dslrs, currently using canon 70d but wanted something smaller to carry around. Just bought a used Sony a6000, great camera but then I saw the XT1 so I’ve got the 70d up for sale. Came across your site and boy did you impress me with your advice etc. One of the best, if not the best most helpful articles ever. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the XT1. Really impressed with you mr Arias and many thanks for such a helpful article.

  165. Jaco van Lith

    I do not like the way you perform in this Fuji X stories. It is like a cola or a hamburger advertisement. Who do you think you are ? Are you related to mr. Steichen, Stiglitz, Adams, Avedon, David Bailey, Lartique, HCB? Is there any Zack Arius photo exhibition? Not in Europe !
    You make me think of my former high school teachers. They knew all about theory ( by the book ) but were not able to write a poem or create a statue.
    I do understand photo business, your mouth is cheaper than a well printed Fuji X leaflet. Today it is all about $$. “Keep the customer satisfied”.
    I started photography in the Sixties with a 4 x 5 view camera and exposed the Kodak Verichromes in my Hasselblad 500 C during the summer holidays.
    In the late Sixties my exposed Fuji color neg films had to be sent back from Europa to Tokyo to be developed.
    I introduced the Fuji ST 701 camera to my photo students in 1972. Each type of Fuji camera has been mounted to my tripod in the years after.; even the panoramic GX617.

  166. Terrie Thompson

    Hey Zack, love your pictures, your technique and your material—very encouraging and helpful to all of us aspiring photographers!

    Quick question: I need to shoot some simple “product” shots for a Gala silent auction, and I saw your beautiful red velvet looking background for your top picture above. What kind of material is it, so I can go buy some? Does it reflect or absorb light?

    Thanks so much, (Mr) Terrie Thompson, Eagan Minnesota

  167. Felipe Oliveros


    I came to this post because i’m really interested on moving from Sony A6000 to Fujifilm, but i’m still struggling with the specs. I know this post is outdated because there are already in the market the X-Pro 2 and the X-T2 but i need some help.

    I don’t like the low light performance on my A6000, and i’m trying to get a camera that will give me a better performance on ISO, sharpness and focusing. I mostly shooting documentary series, Street Photography and some projects that as you said requires some slower and methodical work.

    I’d like to buy the X-Pro 2 or the XT-2 along with the 35 mm F2 as starting kit. But i really can’t decide if that cameras will give me the “pro” quality, for example for large prints.

    I like so much the X-Pro 2 design but my concern is the relation between price and performance. I need a pro camera, but i’m done with Sony (i think)

    Will the X-Pro 2 will can give me that “Pro” performance?

  168. Sandeep Thukral

    Hi Zarias,

    Thanks for the lovely and detailed post. But it’s two years old. The x30 is no longer available. Many current cameras are hence missing in this post.

    Do you have any plans to update the content?

  169. Mario Leal

    It’s about time to update this article. I love them. But, we need the new data in them. Any chance for that?

  170. Ivan Smith

    Hi Zack,
    Any chance of an update to this article? This seems to be the go to resource for comparing the Fujifilm x series.

  171. Freidoun

    Well, ZARIAS was the name of Soviet Leica II lookalike cameras that lacked range finders, hence name “Students” ZARIAS in Russian .

  172. Sam

    I use an xpro1 with takumar, pentacon and helios lenses, no AF. For me its as good as a 35mm film camera and i hope to keep using it for many years to come.

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