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In wrapping up this series on FujiFilm X cameras, I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite accessories from batteries to straps to bags to odd ball stuff. Be sure to check out the first two posts in this series. The Fuji Cameras Buyers Guide and the Fuji Lenses Buyers Guide.

Batteries :: The great thing about Fuji X cameras is how small they are. The bad thing about Fuji X cameras is their batteries are small as well. Smaller batteries = less juice. This used to be quite an issue with the original x100. If I was going to be out shooting with that camera all day I always had four to five batteries with me. The X100S brought better power management and I was comfortable with three batteries for a day. With the X100T I can head out with two fully charged batteries and make it through the day. That said, I’ll take three just in case. Same goes for the X-Pro1 or X-T1 for me. 

Since OEM batteries tend to cost a bit more, and I always want to have more than I actually need, I buy aftermarket batteries. I’ve used three different brands of aftermarket batteries. STK, MaximalPower, and Wasabi. In this day and age you never know if all of these batteries are coming off the same production line and are just getting rebadged under different brand names. I’ve had the best luck with Wasabi aftermarket batteries. I’ve had a few STK batteries go bad and I’ve had one Maximal go bad. The Wasabi’s haven’t given me any problems. I suggest picking up this two battery + charger set for the X100 / X30 series from Amazon. They also have a two battery + charger set for the X-E1, X-E2, X-Pro1, X-T1, Etc.

A note about mixing OEM batteries and chargers with aftermarket ones. I have had mixed results charging Fuji batteries in aftermarket chargers and vice versa with aftermarket batteries in the Fuji charger. Sometimes everything swaps back and forth just fine. Other times one will not want to charge the other. When I can I just charge Fuji batteries in Fuji chargers and vice versa. If I travel then I’ll take one or two of each. I like this Digipower travel charger for the X100 batteries as it has a USB port built in. Good for phones, tablets, etc. One charger doing two things sort of thing. I will say that the Wasabi charger seems to play nicely with OEM batteries more than other off brands that I’ve tried.

To organize my batteries I use Think Tank Photo DSLR battery holders. The black/grey version can hold two X-E/Pro/T batteries or four X100 batteries. Their AA battery holder fits two X100 batteries nicely. If I’m traveling light with an X100T then I have a fully charged battery in the camera and the Think Tank AA holder with two charged batteries in my pocket. That will last me all day and then some. For my SD cards I use the Think Tank Photo SD Pixel Pocket Rocket to hold them.

As for SD cards? Whatever is fast and on sale. I have zero brand loyalty to cards these days and have few issues with write times and all that. Fast and cheap is my favorite. For video that’s another story. I put a little more thought into cards for video but any ol’ 8 to 16 gig SD card that has good reviews is good for me. I don’t use any cards over 16 gigs as I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.


Straps / Bags :: My favorite strap/sling is the BlackRapid SnapR 20. I find that DSLR slings are overkill for these small Fuji cameras. The SnapR line is great unless you are working with a fully kitted out X-T1 with a grip and a large lens. Anything less than that the SnapR is the way to go. The SnapR 20 comes with a little bag that I immediately ditch / repurpose and just use the sling. I have no use for that little bag on the sling.

Lately I have moved from the sling and have been using a shoulder bag and wrist strap combo or using the SpiderHolster Black Widow camera holster. I first saw the SpiderHolster in use by fellow Fuji shooter Kevin Mullins. You loop your belt through the holster thing and then you screw a post into your tripod socket on your camera and it hangs there Clint Eastwood style. I have to admit I sometimes feel a bit nerdy with a Fuji hanging on me like that but damn it all… it’s fast, convenient, and you don’t have a strap around your neck. I like it.

I have yet to have the camera fall out of the holster or the screw post come loose. The worst part is you need to keep a little wrench handy in case you want to ditch the post from your camera on the fly. What SpiderHolster needs to do is cut a hole in the holster that can be the wrench. Please send my great idea royalties to the address listed on my web site along with your newly designed holster. kthanksbai.

If I head out without a sling or holster then I’m going with this ungodly expensive ONA bag.


That’s the The Prince Street messenger bag by ONA.  It costs $389 and that’s a lot of cash to drop on a camera bag. I have this bag for one reason and one reason only. I bought an ONA bag because I absolutely love and adore my wife.

Meg and I were recently on a trip together and I was using one of my MANY Think Tank Photo shoulder bags. I love Think Tank bags. I have somewhere between way too many and not enough Think Tank bags. On this trip we dressed up for a night on the town and you know what sucked on a date night? My utilitarian Think Tank bag. It didn’t match my shoes sort of thing.

The Prince Street bag is now my go to bag for day to day stuff as well as my small personal item when I fly. I didn’t want a full on laptop bag nor did I want a tiny camera purse. This Prince Street model is perfect for me. Small enough not to be a pain in the ass yet large enough to hold all my essential stuff when I travel.


Mock my reasoning all you want. Tell me what a hipster I am. I don’t care. I bought this ONA bag and got a boat load of brownie points from Meg. Now as I sip artisanal coffee by window light I can rest it on the reclaimed wood table, jot a note in my Moleskine, and Instagram the f*ck out of that precious moment and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

I seriously love this bag. Check out their other bags here. I can honestly say that they are worth every penny. This might be my favorite camera bag I’ve ever owned. I have zero affiliation with ONA.


After I take a photo of my latte, my natural wood pencil lying on my Moleskine, along with my understated pocket knife next to a few rolls of film, (with my Frys boots in the background) I’ll print that out on the Instax SP1 and Instagram THAT too! I’m going full hipster GUYS!!!!

If you don’t understand the allure of Instax then I’ll never be able to explain it to you. I didn’t understand it until I started using it. Print an Instax and hand it to a stranger on the street or a client on the set and you’ll immediately get it. If you don’t get it after that then you’re doing it wrong. The problem with the Instax SP1 is it uses two fairly expensive and not always easy to find CR2 lithium batteries. Buy them in bulk like these Tenergy CR2 10 packs. Fuji says you can get about ten packs of Instax printed on a set but I’ve found in real world use that translates to six to maybe seven packs of film from a set of batteries. I was going to go with rechargeable CR2 batteries for this but I read a few posts saying it was best to avoid those with this printer due to something technical about electricity and voltage and stuff. Plus that would mean one more charger I’d have to keep up with. 

I found a great solution to this whole issue. Pick up this USB SP1 power cord and run it off any 5 volt battery or wall charger like the kind you have for your phone or other such device. I have the Jackery Bar Premium that will charge my phone, iPad, X100T via the USB port, or power the SP1 printer. I still keep some CR2’s in the printer and in my bag in case I find myself in need of those but the USB cord has substantially decreased my CR2 usage.

Note – Instax film is getting hard to find these days and prices are running at a premium. Whenever you find a five pack for less than $50 you should stockpile that stuff. Fuji is currently increasing production of the film to meet the demand. I’m pissed I didn’t buy more when you could get a five pack for around $35 on Amazon.


If you are shooting with the X-T1 and going with some of the larger lenses then I think the Fuji vertical battery grip is a must have item. It really helps balance the small camera with the larger lenses like the 56mm or the two large zooms. This brings me to an editorial note about these X series cameras.

A few people commented on my Fuji lens buying guide post that they aren’t happy seeing these larger lenses coming out for the Fuji X series because the whole damn point of the mirror-less system is to have small and lightweight rigs. I completely understand what you are saying but I whole heartedly disagree that Fuji shouldn’t be making these lenses. Take a look at my “work bag” filled with Fuji gear.


This is a small Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials back pack. Currently my bag is holding two X-T1 bodies, seven X lenses (10-24mm, 14mm, 23mm, 27mm, 35mm, 56mm, 50-140mm), two X100T’s, accessories, and my laptop. That’s all in a bag that fits under the seat in coach. That’s my everything but the kitchen sink camera bag I take on jobs and I still have room in it.

The beauty of the X system (or similar compact systems) is it can be built UP to a full fledged working camera with all the glass you need for a job or it can be stripped DOWN to a very small and capable travel system. You can build up a DSLR kit as well but you can only strip it down so far. Something like the X system is the best of both worlds. Small and lightweight or fully capable with a full rig of gear that is similar to a DSLR system yet still smaller and lighter.


Odds & Ends & Flashes :: There are two essential X100 accessories that I’m never without. One is a lens hood and the other is a thumb grip. You can get a hood like this Fotasy hood and ring for $8 on Amazon.  An original Fuji hood is going to set you back about $70. I love Fuji and all but damn. Buy an $8 hood and put a little gaff tape on it so it doesn’t fall off. That’s all I have for lens protection. I don’t use UV filters or lens caps on my X100’s. UV filters have given me ghosting issues in the past (yes, I used quality UV filters) and I lose lens caps like it’s my job. Knock on / touch wood I have yet to scratch a lens on my X100’s. I find the hood is adequate protection. I also do not use screen protectors on the back of my cameras. I have a few scratches here and there but nothing major and I never see them when I’m looking at an image on the screen. I only see them when the screen is off.

I LOVE using a thumb grip on the X100 cameras and my X-Pro1. This is one little accessory I suggest bending over for and spending a bit more on. I tend to go with ones made by Lensmate. I do not like the ones that have the allen key on them to tighten them down on the hotshoe. A lot of people like using soft releases on the shutter button but I’ve never gotten into them. I’ve tried a number of them and they just aren’t for me. Don’t buy an expensive one at first if you haven’t used one before. Test a cheap one to see if you like them and you can keep up with it. If you get the kind that screws into the shutter release button try putting a bit of hairspray on the threads to help it stay in place. That’s not a sure fire way to keep it in place though as I’ve lost every one I’ve owned. 

Flashes :: Ugh. So yeah. Fuji is seriously lacking in the dedicated flash department. If OMG I MUST HAVE TTL is a thing for you then hold off for a bit while Fuji or some third party figures that out. It is of my professional opinion that Fuji shouldn’t even bother developing a TTL system themselves. They should partner with someone like Phottix and let them build some kick ass flash systems for the Fuji. I’ve read rumors of Fuji working with Metz but… meh. Mehtz. Metz kicked a lot of ass back in the day. They were the Metzades of flashes (see what I did there?). Lately though Metz seems to be lagging and then there’s that whole filing for insolvency thing. Ya know. Maybe not the best time to get in bed with them right now. But I don’t know. Zero info on that.

Dear Fuji — call Phottix. I bet they could build a kick ass system for you complete with triggers and all that. I think that’s who I’d pick. I’ve been using some Phottix stuff lately and I’m currently testing the new Indra 500. That’s what I’ve used for the photos in this blog post BTW. Initial impression — I might be selling some Alienbees… Maybe. Also need to see if they knock my Quadras off their pedestal. We’ll see. 

I have the little EF-X20 flash for those OMG I NEED SOMETHING RIGHT NOW sort of a thing. Runs on two AAA batteries. Doesn’t put out much light. Fun at parties as it spreads light above and over the lens hood on an X100. Not ever going in a softbox. I have used it off camera at a few wedding receptions. I put it on a Canon TTL cord and hold the camera in my right hand and the little flash in my left hand. This gives me a small directional light where I need it when working in close quarters. Lighting up a whole dance floor though? Nope. Bouncing? Nope. FongSphereing it? No. Never.

This is the one area where I personally don’t want a full sized TLL flash on the hotshoe. I have put full sized flashes on the hotshoes of Fuji cameras (using manual mode) but nothing balances out that kind of weight on top of a Fuji. Especially an X100. A Pocket Wizard looks silly on top of an X100 let alone a full sized hotshoe flash.

Fuji — Let a third party put the R&D into this and license your TTL tech to them and wash your hands of it and get to work on the video capabilities of these cameras. Just my two cents. I know Nissin has released a smaller flash for the Fuji system called the i40 but I haven’t heard too much about the day to day use of that yet. Collin Nicholls has posted a review of it. I like the size of it but I’m otherwise not interested in it. Also, last request, make the flashes look as good as the cameras. Right?


I’ve got one more post in the works for this series to answer some questions and talk about moving to a small system from DSLRs.

As with all things in life there are tons of other options and accessories out there for your kit of gear. These are items that I have found useful, practical, and at times, invaluable. I’d love to hear from you what things you find useful for your Fuji X system or other comparable mirror-less rig.


PS – I’m still off social media for awhile. Can you do me a favor and share this if you found it useful? Here’s a short link  ( http://dedpxl.com/?p=6909 )

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  1. Ian Mackie

    Thanks Zack.

    I’ve enjoyed all three Fujifilm related articles, and now have severe gear envy…

    All the best,

    • Zack

      Sorry about that Ian! 🙂


  2. Derrick

    Hi Zack,

    thanks for this very informative series! Makes for a very enjoyable read. Any chance that you will be able to share in the future some tips or info on how you post process the RAW fuji files?

    Best Regards, Derrick

  3. adam

    at CES i spoke to a fuji rep who went on a walk with you in germany last year and he said you had fashioned a holster of sorts for the install. would love to see a pic of that.

    best buyers guide trilogy i have read. can’t wait for peter jackson to get this hands on this…….

    • Zack

      “holster of sorts for the install”

      Not exactly sure what you’re asking here. Can you expand on that? I’m trying to think what I had there. I hadn’t picked up the spider holster yet because I first saw it in Germany this year.


      • adam

        i mean the Instax printer – damn autocorrect. i asked the folks at the fuji booth at CES if there were plans to make a holster/bag for it so it could be carried around comfortably. the rep – a thin, tall, greying guy – told me he was with you in germany and that you had made something to attach it to your belt.

        • Zack

          Oh. I had my Think Tank Hubba Hubba Hiney bag. It’s just a small shoulder bag. The instax was in that.


  4. Patrick Farrington

    “Now as I sip artisanal coffee by window light I can rest it on the reclaimed wood table, jot a note in my Moleskine, and Instagram the f*ck out of that precious moment and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time (except for the book I’m reading right now, “Round Ireland With A Fridge” by Tony Hawks).

    As always, Zack, thanks for an entertaining, and informative, post.

  5. Jorge

    Another EXCELLENT read Zack! Loved the first two, this is just as good!
    Thank you

    • Ed Waring

      Was just going to point the Nissin i40 out! It looks a good size match to the Fuji’s, seems decently powerful and does TTL should you need it. Nice price as well. I’ve just been using the Yonugou 560 ii’s in manual on my X-E2’s. “Slightly” unbalanced on the camera but cheap, reliable and plenty powerful. In built optical slave when I need to go off camera. Love these articles btw… cheers Zach!

  6. Hans Schaefer

    In re soft releases I also lost a couple so I applied a trick plumbers do when they connect tubes, using a little thread you use for shirt buttons and such to put around the release and until now it fits perfectly and has no tendency to get lost!
    Otherwise keep up the great work Zack Arias!

  7. Robert M

    Thanks Zack,

    Spent the last couple of months reading you website. Great stuff, really enjoyed the Buyers Guide. An X100T is in my very near future.



  8. Victor Valdez

    Thanks for your Fuji x related comments. Recently sold my Oly EM-5 kit to be replaced by the Fuji XE-2.
    Though the EM-5 served it’s purpose and produced nice images as a light travel tool, I never felt a bond to it.
    Liike holding my M6…..

    Thanks again, enjoy your perspective

  9. Jonathan

    I second your experience with Wasabi 3rd-party batteries. Even if all the brands do come off the same assembly line, they don’t seem to have the same quality control. I’ve used Wasabi batteries on 3 cameras now: GoPro 3, X100S and X-T1. In all of those cases, I’ve always been able to successfully charge the 3rd party battery on the original charger and vice versa, and I’ve yet to have a battery fail on me.

    They do seem to have slightly less battery life than the standard Fuji batteries, but since I tend to carry two spares at any given time like you do, I’m not really sweating the difference.

    A few items I’ll mention that you didn’t:

    1. The unpoetically-named JJC LH-JX100IIB lens hood & filter adapter for the X100 cameras is a much more economical alternative to the Fuji version. Solidly built, and while it looks like it would vignette, it doesn’t. Provides a lot of protection for the lens against bumps and scrapes.

    2. Some might regard them as snake oil, but I’m a convert to the screw-in “soft release” buttons you can add to the X100 series shutter release. I’m not sure they make any difference in the softness with which I release the shutter, but they do change the way I hold the camera just enough that it feels more ergonomic and stable in the hand. They also make it easier for random strangers to find the trigger when I ask them to take a snapshot with my camera.

    3. My favorite strap for the X100 is a wrist strap. Something about having the camera always at hand. I shoot more, and smarter. People notice me less. The camera seems to become an extension of my mind and body. Certainly, you can wear a sling strap or neck strap and always have the camera in your hand, but there’s something about carrying a camera you can’t really put down. I feel more present.

    • adam

      i use the JJC LH-JX100IIB hood too. i also have the hood zack shows, but i prefer the JJC LH-JX100IIB as its smaller and makes it easier to put the camera in a pocket than the other hood. i also feel it offers more protection. plus i think it looks better than the other hood, though that one does carry on the ‘retro’ look of the camera – though when it comes down to it, i’m not the one looking at the camera and judging its appearance.
      big fan of the shutter button too. i’ve lost a few too.

      • Jim

        Yes…this is a wonderful hood. A must have IMO.

  10. Dick Barbour

    Wondering what thumbgrip you’re using on the X100T? The Lensmate version isn’t supposed to be available until the end of this month. Is that the X100S version on the T? Leave it to Fuji to put the drive button up there so you can’t get to it with the X100S thumbgrip!

    • Zack

      Currently I’m using the S model on the T. It does cover the drive button but I don’t access that very often for it to be a big issue for me.


  11. Broch Gerling

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on invaluable accessories. I shared a link to your article on the X100s owners page over on Fbook.

  12. Viki

    It’s like you snuck into my house and took pictures of all my stuff. I feel really special that I’m already using most of what you’ve shown here. Great minds and all that. The ONA Prince Street bag is so wonderful. I have a larger canvas ONA and a smaller canvas ONA and I love those as well but the Prince Street is just right for the gear I like having with me when I know I’m going to shoot and I do feel like an aging hipster wannabe but I don’t care. My X100S was always in my purse and now the X100T has replaced it. God, I love these cameras.

  13. Just James

    so on the X100 series, are you guys (or is Zack) packing the TCL for portraits, or are you working within the 23mm FOV to avoid distortion when shooting tighter portraits?

    thanks in advance

    • Zack

      I pack the TCL. I like it.


    • Jonathan

      Both, actually.

      The distortion on the 23/2.0 lens in the X100 series is not unpleasant and is entirely usable for street portraiture. The “not too wide, not too distorted” nature of a 35mm equivalent lens is precisely why they are so popular for street photography and photojournalism. While I appreciate (and often rely on) the flattering compression of a moderate-tele portrait lens, it’s by no means the only valid way to see a human subject. Just like a blue note in jazz or a fuzz pedal in rock music, sometimes the slightly “off” nature of a wide angle is precisely what you need to convey the right emotion and tone in a portrait.

      The TCL is awesome, though. Both of the converters plus an X100 series camera is pretty much the ultimate “go light and conquer the world” kit.

      • Just James

        Thanks Zack, and Jonathan you made some good points. My internal debate with the 23mm/35mm FOV is probably due to my lack of serious practice. I recently began reading Jeremiah Rogers’ blog on the topic of traveling light, and he’s saying similar things about composition (street/travel). The TCL would be a nice crutch for me though, I think. Cheers.

  14. Anders

    There we go. Houses come and go, lenses last, and accessories makes your life easier. Simple as that. I love that the X system can be built up or stripped down to suit the needs of the day. I have been shooting the X100s and the Xt-1 for a while now. I have the 23, 35, 56 and the 50-140. If a job comes along where I need a wideangle, I will cross that bridge when I get there, and maybe pick up a used one since I hardly ever use wider than the 35mm equivalent.

    However, I have a huge gripe. One I am hoping to get over, but I somehow think I wont. Here goes, moaning coming up:

    My hands are big. On the X100S I use the thumbs up thumb grip, and their bip or bop or whatever the hell it is called, softrelease. I also splurged on a leather halfcase from Luigi at Leicatime, to beef up the grip a bit. So far so good, with the X100S.

    However, on my XT-1, I really want to focus with my thumb. I like that system, I have always shot like that on my brandthatsoundslikemikon. I managed to move the focus to the AE-L button on the back, since the AF-L button is in a bad position for my fat fingers. And now comes the first gripe: My thumb always lands on the control wheel on the back, and then has to migrate west to find the little AE-L button, and then I have to look that I actually found it. Maybe I will get used to it, maybe I have to glue on some sort of button-beefier-up-er to be comfortable. I did get the Lolumina soft release so I don’t have to bend my fat fingers too much, and shoot with the joint instead. It started out green, but I have now painted it with a grippier paint for use in rain and mud and shit.

    Now, speaking of shit….the battery grip. It is ergonomically necessity for me, and I like the feel, size and whatever about it. But….stick that sucker on your XT-1 and it is no longer weatherprotected. It is also made of plastic, and I suspect it won’t last very long. And the buttons lay-out is simply terrible. Why, you say? (If you are still reading)

    I will tell you:

    1: the focus assist button is super easy to touch whilst fumbling for the other tiny-ass hobbit buttons. then you have to keep pushing that sucker until you get the normal screen back. Maybe I will get used to it, or find a way to shut it off, we will see.

    2: The reason I want the AE-L button on the camera to serve as my focus button is simple: Reach. Now on the battery grip, the FA button is in a much better position to push than the AE-L for my fingers. So I am not sure what to do here…and this one I will not get used to.

    I guess this might mean I have to do some modifying. glue some shit on there maybe. And maybe the buttons on the back of the camera (Around the menu button) will get the same treatment. I usually focus, and then re-compose, but sometimes I do want to move the focus spot.

    I would be very glad to hear other peoples take on this…should I modify? do I have to get used to focusing with the shutter again? Should I move to Nepal and only shoot Leicas? Should I give up on photography? Should I sell my body on the streetcorner in Atlanta? If I did, would you come take my photo in drag?

    Moaning is over. Thanks again for the beat blog out there. It is the one I try the hardest not to read.


      • Anders

        That does look like a way out of having to prostitute myself to sweaty businessmen for a living. Now, if only I could get hold of it where I live….Hmmm….

        Thanks a lot, you saved my ass. Maybe literally.

        • Anders

          Actually no…I don’t want them flexible….hmmm….

        • Jochen

          Hi there!
          I taped some duct tape over the shallow buttons. Now even better weather-sealed. Then superglued some sticky plastic diamonds from my daughter onto the place where the button is supposed to be. I couldn´t be happier.

        • Anders

          Jochen, that sounds smart. Do you have a photo?

  15. Peter

    I’ve been using the Yongnuo flash system with my X100 for some time now and I’m extremely happy with it. The YN-560 III in combination with the YN-560 TX even lets me control zoom and stroboscopic modes from the camera, all of that in six different groups. As far as reliability goes, so far I have had more issues with my Nikon SB-600 than with all of my Yongnuo flashes combined.

    However, for some reason the YN-560 TX transmitter does not fit into the hotshoe of my X100 (I heard later Fuji models don’t have that problem, but I’m not sure), so I use the compatible RF-603 or RF-605 transceivers instead to actually trigger the flashes and just use the 560 TX as a hand-held remote. As an added benefit, the RF series transceivers are also smaller than the big 560 TX and don’t mess up the balance of the camera or look terribly out of place.

    It has definitely made it significantly easier to just keep things small, especially in combination with the sync speed of the X100 and the added flexibility of the TCL. With that setup, I can wrap a small shoot in the time it sometimes used to take me to just pack everything.

    So considering that I don’t have any use for flash auto modes, I don’t see what an original Fuji flash system could possibly add to what I am currently using.

    The only thing I am still missing is an LED modeling light built into the actual flash head alongside the flash bulb. I find that today’s speedlights still require way much trial and error every time to get the light just right. That and the equivalent of rear-curtain sync, which the X100 apparently does not have.

  16. Kevin Schenk

    Hey, thanks for the post. Interesting to hear about the battery/charger issues. I’ve had some issues charging my Fuji X100 batteries, so maybe that’s why; I have a bunch of Wasabis but only the original charger. What sucks is that Canadian Amazon charges double for the charger! But I should probably just suck it up and get it because half-charged batteries are a bigger problem.

  17. vaikis

    Dear Zack,
    We know that you have x100s with clasic chrome firmware. Could you share it? 🙂

    • Aha

      don’t be a twat

  18. Phillip

    Thanks for commenting on the flash area, which I know you have been dodging for a long time :). Love your blog so keep blogging Jack!

  19. Jon

    That’s a good point about being able to build the system UP (bigger lenses) if needed or use a smaller setup at other times. I grow weary of discussion forum complaints about mirrorless lens sizes being too big.

  20. Jeff Weeks

    Hi Zack! I have an Instax portrait of Kate almost exactly the same as yours. I sort of remember this bearded guy with an X100T and a TCL peeking over my shoulder back in November. 🙂 I love that little printer – such a great way to end a portrait session: “I’ll be in touch soon about the photos. In the meantime – here’s a quick memento to tide you over.”
    Anyway – I bought the Nissin i40 flash for the Fuji X system and am very happy with it – the control interface is very Fuji-X (dials instead of menus), and it’s small and powerful. If someone is looking for a shoe-mount flash to do ceiling-wall bounce at an event, I highly suggest they take a look at it.
    Hope your winter is going well!

  21. Ben W

    Just last night I packed my work bag for my upcoming trip – first real traveling work trip since converting to Fuji-ism – and I had WAY too much empty space (Domke Propack 418, FWIW). In there right now – X-T1 with 18-55 and mounted on the Black Widow, x100s, 3 M42 lenses with adapters and hoods, rocket blower, 2 speedlights, Phottix Ares transmitter + 4 receivers, 2 umbrella adapters, a dozen AA batteries + charger (mix of Eneloops and Amazon Basics, which are actually quite good), CameraSlingers dual harness, the Think Tank DSLR 4-battery holder filled with Wasabi batteries, and two Wasabi chargers, plus odds and ends. I actually had to put the harness in there to take up some space, it was originally in my checked bag. With my old DSLR gear, the bag was juuuust big enough; now it’s like the Valles Marineris.

    The Think Tank 4-battery case is the best $20 I’ve spent on gear in the last few months. And I’m the kind of person who looks at something like that and says, “$20! For this f’ing thing???” Knowing what I know now, I would pay at LEAST $22.97. It’s a bargain. Also, I’l cosign the Wasabi batteries, and I’ve had no problem charging the Fujis on the Wasabi charger.

    I got over the “feeling dorky with the Black Widow” thing pretty quickly, mainly because I have no shame. Worth mentioning that more than a few people have mistaken the camera on my waist for a firearm. Not a big deal, but one of them was a police officer. I know I look like a Bond villain anyway, but if you live in open carry states (or maybe especially if you don’t) just be mindful.

    Tangentially related – if it saves another large person from similar hassles: I find the CameraSlingers harness to be acceptably large enough for me (6’4″, 50-inch chest, 37-inch sleeves). I don’t want to disparage other brands, but I tried every one you could think of – some fit my shoulders but didn’t extend long enough, some were long enough but not wide enough, etc., etc. I wish the padding was a little better and I’m not in love with the rubber grommets on the mounts, but those are minor quibbles.

    Great work as usual, Zack!

  22. Johan

    Thanks Zack

    I’ve always enjoyed reviewers like you. I love reading your posts. I’m in full agreement with you about fuji making larger lenses. I only use primes but if another photographer needs the 70-200mm equivalent why shouldn’t Fuji make it?

    Coming from a Nikon D800 and Canon 5d Mark III, 2 VERY capable systems, I’m happy I can get every thing I need from a smaller and much more portable system.

    Fuji X-T1 w/ Grip 18mm, 35mm, 56mm


    • BSurg


      How are you liking the X-T1 with the 3 primes? I’m currently shooting a D600 with a 28 f1.8 and an 85 f1.4, but I am looking at potentially replacing that with almost your exact setup. (I’d go for the 14mm instead of the 18mm.) After picking up an X100T a few weeks ago and shooting a big conference with both cameras over the weekend, I’ve come to really enjoy the “light and discreet” approach.


  23. Mike

    If you’re looking for ttl give the Nissin i40 a try. Not the most powerful flash in the world, but it delivers till Fuji comes up with something useful. Nice design and great controls.

    • Mike

      Ugh, too slow.

  24. Adam

    I just want to thank you for the X series articles Zack.

    I haven’t got a great deal to add, I’m not a pro, I just like taking pictures!

    Once we had a kid the prosumer DLSR stuff had to go, because you have to carry enough crap with you already!

    It’s kinda weird but reassuringly good to see the pros using the Fuji X cams, which are also relatively accessible (financially) to us snap shot enthusiasts

    [F knows how you pros get the images you do outta the same rig as me, but that’s why you guys and gals get paid for it!]

    You 3 part series has been great, I think you’ve covered X gear at all levels and budgets.

    Nice work fella!

    • Zack

      Thanks Adam! Glad to be of service. You should see all the horrible photos I take with Fuji cameras! Of which, there are many.


  25. Øyvind

    I use this wireless trigger for my off camera flash:


    It is the smallest one I have found, so I jumped on their Indiegogo campaign a while back.

    Great read as always, Zack.



    • Sam

      FlashQ linked above is probably the smallest flash trigger there is, and with quite a margin. No TTL of course, and if I remember right the flash sync speed caps at 1/250 or so.

      I was also one of the IndieGoGo backers last year, and have one trigger with two receivers at home. Haven’t had any issues with them so far. Small, cute, and functional.


  26. Marco

    Hi Zack!

    very nice post, as usual! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with the accessories you’ve gone through and tested during the months/years of use of the Fujy X system.

    I’ve also picked a ONA Prince Street (the Dark Truffle variant) a couple of months ago and I love it for the very same reasons you’ve explained. It provides for great flexibility, while fitting and going very well together with any more demanding dress code or event.

    My only slight gripe is about the flap, which I find to be a little bit stiff, like if in-between the two outer layers there’s a sort of thin ‘cardboard’ lining. I would have preferred a more floppy flap (no pun intended!), even more so since I’ve noticed that this stiffness tend to play a sort of ‘memory effect’ and create some persisting and odds wrinkles/shapes on the flap.

    Did you notice anything similar on your bag? Other than that, it’s truly a beautiful bag!

    Many thanks again!

    • Zack

      I don’t have any issues with the flap personally. I think mine does what you describe but it hasn’t been an issue for me. Probably just a personal preference.


  27. Jim Martin

    Whenever I see a new Fuji post from you, Zack, I get unreasonably gleeful. I might need to re-examine my life.

    Seriously, though, I love your writing style and as someone who ditched a DSLR and bought into the X system, I always learn a lot…so, thanks!

    • Zack

      Not sure. Haven’t seen that flash before.


    • simon

      Metz has been bought (well, the licence to use the name) by a chinese company.

      I would thouch this with someone else’s pole.

  28. Sewing Faille

    Hi Zach!

    I’ve been looking for a new camera backpack and it looks like your Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials back pack might work really well for me. Would you mind answering a few questions for me about it? Do you think it could fit a 14″ laptop with no problem? What about a couple of paperback books? Also, do you like the straps? Are they nice and padded? I have an hour walk to and from my office and I could see this totally turning into my commuting backpack, even though my day job has nothing to do with photography, um, because gear…

    • Zack

      It’s a great bag. Straps are great. Has a waist strap if you really pack it with gear and want some weight off your shoulders. I think a 14″ laptop would fit in it. My 13″ does with ease and a bit of wiggle room left.


      • Sewing Faille

        Thanks muchly!

  29. Robin Horton

    The one accessory I love is the Peak Design clutch hand strap which is great for street shooting and clips onto the Peak Design plate much like the Spider Holster.
    Great read as usual, have been checking by over the hols, worth the wait, some useful info. Thanks.

  30. Jo Fonseca

    Thanks for these useful articles Zack. Just to add – that little EF-X20 flash is actually OK, I have the Cactus Wireless transceiver V6 on top of my XT1’s and above that, the little Fuji. It’s small and light and it works great, the Cactus does manual wireless OCF firing, and the TTL on-camera fires from the fuji flash to provide fill.
    The little gem for me is that TTL + and – is done on the flash with a manual dial, so it’s quick.
    One trick I have worked out is to ensure the Cactus transceiver ‘clicks’ firmly in place on the XT-1 hotshoe. I have seen some posts from frustrated cactus owners regarding the TTL pass through not working – and I almost smashed my V6’s against the wall – until I clicked the cactus unit more firmly in place on the hotshoe. Cheers

  31. Rob Timko

    I have to give a shout out to the Filson – David Alan Harvey messenger bag. It’s pretty much the same style as that fancy leather one there, and about the same price. But it’s not leather, a bit more weather proof…and.. aw screw it, I’m just DAH fanboying. http://instagram.com/p/vbmXIkjzWj/?modal=true

    I need a flash for my x100t. With the hood, the on-camera flash shadows like a mofo.

  32. ardi jm

    Fuji ef-x20 vs nissin i40, what is the good one zack?

  33. christophe Z

    Good stuff once again!!! 🙂

    I, for my part, bought the Adorama Rovelight to use with my X-T1 and X-E1 for OCF…so far, I love them ( plus they were on sale for less than $400 around christmas)..

    As for the ONA…I definitely want one too!!! LOL 🙂

  34. Jin

    No Lenspouches? Or LCD screen protector? I like to baby my gear.

    Eneloop rechargeable batteries work great for me.

    I wanted an Instax, but when I saw it was $1/print … I’m going to pass for now. Does look fun.

    Zack, I know you’re tempted to write a post on lighting equipment for the casual/enthusiast/pro photographer …

    • Zack

      Pffffffttttt… Cameras are for using. Not polishing. 🙂

      The Instax is worth it. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow and you have to be super conservative with usage esp at $1 a print but I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s worth it.

      Will be doing a lighting series soon.


      • Chris S.

        I shoot weddings, just did one this past weekend… They are normally a place where EVERYONE caters to the bride and the groom is just along for the ride.

        You should have seen the groom’s face when I printed out an instax print of his bride just so he could have it.

        Like Zack said, worth every penny.

        • christophe Z

          I want one too……plus they are “only” $159 right now at B&H….
          I think it would be a cool and nice thing for my brides and grooms.
          ( i switched from Canon to Fujifilm mid-2014, and I love my X-T1)!!!

        • G. Edward Jones, Jr.

          Couple months ago I gave my Instax 200 to my next door neighbor’s 4 year old nephew at her wedding. She loooooooooved the pictures he took. I’m no pro, but I’m always shocked that more event photos don’t bring cheap cameras for kids, every time I do it the hosts are super grateful and instant pictures? Fuhggedaboudit.

  35. Marc

    When I’m traveling light with my X100S, I’ve found that a Think Tank Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket is a great way to carry 2 extra batteries in the top CF slots and 3 SD cards in the bottom slots. So far that has worked well for all day shooting.

    I’m also a fan of DSPTCH strap. I tried a Black Rapid, but didn’t like how the camera hung with it. the DSPTCH is the perfect size and is long enough I can wear it across my shoulder like a sling.

    • Jonavin

      Does the larger NP-W126 fit in those CF pockets?

  36. Colin Nicholls

    Awesome article to round off the series, thanks for the mention too, loving the Nissin flash!


    • Zack

      Thanks for taking time to blog about your experience with that flash!


  37. Broch Gerling

    Zack, did you get to check out the Prince Street bag in waxed canvas? While not a leather bag, is it just as nice?

    • Zack

      I did but that antique cognac is just. so. sexy.


  38. John Grubb

    Hi Zak
    I used the EF-X20 flash with a Lumiquest 20/80 reflector at my friends retirement party. It was a little big for the flash so I had to use gaff tape to be sure it stayed on the flash. It looked a bit funny sitting on top of the X-Pro1 but it did the job. I put the shots into a book from Adoramapix and gave it to him as a retirement gift. This fellow was an executive at Exxon Mobil and this little gift blew him away. Said it was the best retirement gift he could get. That little flash came through for me so now it and the reflector are always in my travel bag. I do agree that Fuji needs to get someone to develop a good off camera TTL system with some decent power and I hope they listen to you and the rest of us. I also use the cactus transceivers with Yongno flashes for manual setups but not for run and gun work.
    Thanks for the article as I have picked up some other ideas from it. Always great getting your input.

    • John Grubb

      ****Correction. I meant I have the EF-20 Fuji flash. It tilts up and works great with the Lumiquest with a bit of gaf tape.

    • Zack

      Thanks for the info!


  39. simon

    My girlfriend gave me a ONA bag (the smaller one) for my b-day.

    She’s a saint! They ARE worth every penny because they are SO well made!

    Not even surprised to see them in this post!

  40. Jeremiah Mullins

    Thanks Zack!

    For guys looking for a stylish bag but without the cash to purchase an Ona I’d recommend a Kelly Moore Thirst Relief.


    Mine is brown canvas. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it’s held up pretty well.

    PS – Keep after Fuji to turn the hotshoe on ALL the time! Thanks.

  41. Ed Jones

    nice stuff as usual. no fluffy hugs, just the facts. Thanks. Keep pushing fuji for the stuff you want, I’m with you on all points. great system, getting better, potential to be even more. reassures me shooting Fuji hearing what you are saying to them, and then seeing the fruits. keep doing it!

  42. Damian

    Where is Caleb? When will he make a new article?

    • Zack

      Busy with school work, assisting me, and this week he’s hanging out with his grandmother. I’ll get him to post something! Just posted an update from Bernard.


  43. Seshu

    Regard flash, have you tried the Nissin i40’s? Curious to know!

    • Zack

      As mentioned above Seshu (READ!) 😛

      … I have not. Not too interested in it. I don’t really need an on camera flash at the moment.


  44. Dis

    Hi, Zack.

    Could you please clarify the “FongShereing”.

    Best regards.

    • Zack

      Referring to the LightSphere by Gary Fong.


  45. Sid Ceaser


    For those having problems with their soft shutter releases unscrewing – just coat the threads of the release with nail polish and screw on. Mine has been super tight since doing so and hasn’t fallen off. And I toss my x100 in my day bag all the time with no case or anything. Easy peasy.

    Zack, didn’t I see an image with one of Artisan Obscura’s wooden soft releases on it? Did you dig that?

    And if y’all did that leather Ona bag but are looking for something easier on the wallet: years ago I was at a local renaissance fair and there was this booth selling leather backpacks and messenger bags. I picked one up because I wanted something gorgeous looking to use as a bag for my Hasselblad kit. I ordered the Tenba camera insert off Amazon and it fit perfectly. Like a glove. Like it was made for it.

    It turns out this type of leather bag can be found on Etsy and Alibaba (just enter “leather goat messenger bag”) and you will come up with bags are crazy cheap prices.



    It’s my favorite bag ever. I can pull the insert out I use it every day. I’ve had it for years now, and the leather has become really soft and has a very dark cherry wood hue. It’s beautiful.


    • Zack

      Is that a messenger bag for goats or is it a messenger back you put a goat in? 🙂


      • Sid Ceaser (@sidceaser)

        Both. Especially when it has that lovely goat-smell that lasts for about three months after buying it.

        It’ll hold small goats perfectly. But they keep chewing up my lens hoods. 🙁

  46. Andrew Hollister

    I’m confused. You claim to be a hipster, yet you are using a neoprene handstrap?!? How Jan Hammer of you.

    You need to get with the program and get yourself a Gordy’s leather hand strap.
    http://www.gordyscamerastraps.com — Mine is natural leather with red wrapping cord. PBR never tasted better with this strap.

    Love your neighbor,

    (Full disclosure, I don’t drink PBR)

    • Zack

      Hahahahahahaha! I’ll get right on that!


  47. Ian Boys

    Hi Zack,

    Thanks for these articles. I got a TCL for Christmas so I’m looking forward to trying that one out.

    Another vote for the Nissin i40 btw. Fits very nicely on an XT1.



  48. Don Lintner

    Hi Zack,

    I picked up the Fuji EF-42 flash and have had good success using it on an XT-1 in TTL. I’ve been bouncing it off low ceilings and used it in a Rogue diffuser. It’s not too far off the power and ease of use of a Nikon SB-900 and was less than half the price. Wish it came with the diffusion dome the SB’s come with. It has filled the gap between no flash and doing real lighting pretty well for me.

    Thanks for the good reads,


  49. Richard Wintle

    A note of caution about those Spider holsters – I had the Black Widow, which is all-plastic, and the spring mechanism wore down after not a whole lot of use, basically meaning that there was nothing locking the camera in place. The more expensive Spider Pro would be a more prudent option IMHO. Sure, it’s designed for heavier rigs, but even so why take the risk?

    The other note I have is that depending on the shape of your hip bones and where you choose to put the thing, it can be a bit uncomfortable after a whole day. Your mileage may vary. And they eat leather belts, so go with something fabric.

  50. Jim Robertson

    Have I heard correctly that Fuji will have an X-Pro2 out sometime this year? I fell in love with the X-T1 after shooting with it for an afternoon two weeks ago in Japan (The Osaka Fuji Salon has a great free one-day loaner program). Shooting with it on the street was so liberating!!!! But I’ll hold off buying one if an X-Pro2 is on the way.

    Thanks for all you do, Zack!

    • Daryl Davis

      I recently attended a class presented by a Fuji technical rep who said that very thing. He didn’t have much by way of details, only Fuji’s intention to once again make the X-Pro the flagship camera in the Fuji line. He expects the new camera to be released near the end of this year.

  51. Denton

    You need to put that gear into a trekpak insert!

  52. Laurie

    That fully loaded Think Tank bag is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

  53. Grant

    Enjoyed all your posts Zack, chopped in my DSLR and lenses for X100T pretty much on the basis of your blog posts and loving it so much more than i ever did my DSLR. You mention that you love the Lensmate thumb grip, pretty expensive for what they are so can you elaborate a little on why you use one, what’s the key benefit? Looking forward to the final post on this and in due course your Fuji X field guide, keep up the good work, cheers, Grant

    • Zack

      It’s the best fitting and comfortable grip that I’ve found. I tried a few of the cheap ones and I don’t like them at all. The Fuji OEM grip and the lensmate are nice.


  54. Ben

    Hi Zack,
    Have loved the Fuji series.

    With the spiderholster – im not sure if it works, but the pro series pin has a hole in it – you dont need a special wrench, just something around 3mm diameter and 2″ long – like an allen key, small screwdriver, drill bit, basically any bit of metal you could drop into a corner of your bag somewhere.
    you could probably even find a swiss army knife with the right sized bit – but you would have to replace your understated pocketknife – and then it wouldnt fit with your latte, moleskine and natural wood pencils (unless it was the traditional red, and looked all worn and well travelled)

    I am seriously looking at getting an SP-1 i have recently started using a flashair card in my X100 and Leica M240 so i can access pics via my iphone, which adds another step, but what the hell, its still pretty simple right ?

  55. Scott Wesinger

    Moleskine? It’s all about field notes brotha!

  56. JB

    Dumb question on the printer. Are you using it with your iPhone only or can it be used with the X100T or XT-1?

    • Zack

      I use it primarily with my XT1 (with the newest firmware update) and the X100T. I do use it with my iPhone as well. But you can go directly from the camera to the printer with the XT1 and the X100T.


  57. MGR

    Instax film on sale.

  58. Frank Junior

    Nice article, from part 1 until 3, i learn a lot about fuji x system. Please teach us about flash system that you use more specific and your way to off camera flash with wireless trigger. Because i curious about that, and i want to learn of that too. Thank you

  59. Trenton Talbot

    Speaking of silly PWs… A Yongnuo YN560-TX balances quite well on Fuji bodies, doesn’t look silly, controls power and zoom of up to 6 independent groups, and syncs with X100 series at any speed (mind the “aperture bug”, of course).

    …It also costs less than an OEM lens hood for X100 🙂

    • Thomas

      So my question is. Can the X100T sync at high shutterspeeds as X100s can?

      • Zack

        Yep! It sure can. IN mechanical shutter mode only though. Not in electronic shutter mode.


    • Zack

      Ha! Cheaper than a hood! I’ll take a look at them.


  60. Daryl Davis

    Many thanks, Zack!

    The gear and lens reviews have been great in helping me plan out my own kit. But dang, did you have to show me that ONA bag? I’ve been loving my Domke Reporter’s Satchel, but now …

    BTW, I showed your “Crop or Crap” video to my 11-year old twin daughters. They laughed their little a**es off!

  61. Douglass

    Mock my reasoning all you want. Tell me what a hipster I am. I don’t care. I bought this ONA bag and got a boat load of brownie points from Meg. Now as I sip artisanal coffee by window light I can rest it on the reclaimed wood table, jot a note in my Moleskine, and Instagram the f*ck out of that precious moment and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
    You’d be jotting that note with a fountain pen, no doubt…

    Of all the fine paragraphs you’ve penned in the past, this may be the finest. Certainly the first one that’s made pinot noir shoot out of my nose! Thank you Sir!

    • Zack Arias

      Thank God you weren’t drinking Merlot! 🙂


  62. Luzu

    Are there any horizontal dividers coming with that ONA bag so that its possible to stack lenses on top of each other?

    • Zack Arias

      The ONA bag does not comes with two or three dividers you can use however you choose. There is room to stack small lenses on top of each other. The beauty of a bag like this is to not pack it with as much shit as it will possibly hold though. Know what I mean?


      • Luzu

        Hi Zack.

        I hear you, and what you say makes sense. I just hate to stack lenses (or other stuff) on top of each other without some padding in between (in those situations where you need to carry that extra lens).
        My intention is not to put every inch of the bag into service but for having that little bit of extra versatility when you need it.

        I just saw that you actually can buy extra dividers from ONA. Yeehaw!

  63. G. Edward Jones, Jr.

    Just throwing this out there:

    Wilson’s Leather is entirely overpriced, unless you can catch them during a clearance sale. This summer I picked up a messenger bag there for 67% off that has enough pouches to fit my A6000, three lenses, my Surface Pro and all the related chargers with room to spare for my rangefinder and film if I decide to go full hipster.

    Not as flexible as a real camera bag, but perfect for a light kit/walk around bag.

  64. Jim

    I can’t stand not using a strap. I have two of these straps:

    One on my Xpro and one on my X-E2. The nice thing about them is that technically they are slings to I can wear them as long neck straps if I adjust it to the shortest setting (comes down to about my diaphragm) or I can extend it and sling the camera cross body. They are a little pricey but damn are they well made.

  65. Patrick Lauwers

    Thanks Zack for this great blog. For the Fujifilm batteries I found an USB charger suitable for the Fujifilm NP WP-126. I use it with my XStorm Power Bank (15000 mAh) to charge the battery. Bought it at http://photomaddshop.com/shop/chargers-batteries/np-95-usb-battery-charger-x100-x100s/ Only £ 19. It is light and you can charge your batteries in your bag. I tested it yesterday, and it worked.

    All the best,


  66. Frank in Wisconsin..

    One more:
    Old school style cable release: x100S; xpro-1. I also lost my “soft release” within weeks. I’m afraid to put too much torque on the shutter release. I thought a tiny rubber “o” ring between the soft button on the camera might work (to keep it tight;but still removable without too much force/tools). Much fuji love:


  67. Chris

    Nice, read all three articles. I’d love to switch to Fuji – and I would in a second – except for the whole video thing. I need my camera to excel at stills and video and Fuji comes up short. I make $$$ on the side with my cameras and I can’t afford two full camera/lens systems, so I have to buy into one with two bodies. If anyone from Fuji is reading this… I want to buy in… your lens lineup gets me excited in ways only my wife can… yet I’m left feeling a little blue…

    Help me make the switch. Olympus has just stepped up its game on the video side, but I don’t own any m43, so the gh4 is out too. Samsung has 4k but no soul.

    Fuji colors in 4k, that’s my dream.

  68. Jason Bartimus

    Zack, how is the “moving to a small system from DSLRs” blog post coming. I’m interested in reading that for sure. I am in the process of doing so myself.

  69. Jay

    Excellent article Zach!

    I’m not a pro but have acquired GAS so dropped my canon gear and currently looking at x series. How does the xt1 “feel” as a walk around cam or for street photography? Does it feel more like work camera?



  70. Long Johnson

    I don’t know. The Fuji system looks cool but it’s not full frame. If it only was full frame then I would seriously consider it.

    I’m a film guy and I love my OM1 bodies and my Zuiko lenses, but I do have an RX100 that’s small enough to fit in a pocket so I carry it with me all the time so the lens is all messed up, even sleep next to it. I have considered buying a couple of dSLRs for when I go shoot protests because I want to be able to send out the photos the same day and I need a safe distance between me and the protesters/police. Last year I shot a riot with my RX100 and I don’t recommend it because you can get hurt. Right now I’m thinking about getting me two used 5d mark 2s. Don’t mind if it’s not the latest of the latest, just want to get things done.

    • Zack Arias

      I made a little video about crop vs. full frame…



      Fuji recently released a great 70-200 f2.8 equivalent that is lighter and easier to travel with. Something to consider but two 5d2’s are nice as well. You’re just adding more size, bulk, and weight to your bag when you’re trying to dodge flying objects.


      • Daryl Davis

        Last summer, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant, Stanford University put its collection of photographs by Carleton Watkins on display. Watkins was the first photographer to create a significant body of work in the Yosemite Valley, having done personal work there in 1861 and then hiring on as the California Geological Survey’s Yosemite Expedition photographer in 1864. Watkins shot on 18 x 22-inch wet plates and contact printed on albumen-coated paper. FULL FRAME, BABY!

  71. Larry Selman

    have you been successful using the youngnuo 630c ll with either canon or Nikon flash with a XT-1 ?

  72. Sam Jage


    Love your work, love your passion!

    I think you should know about this amazing 3D Printed focus ring sleeve:



    I am also really curios to see your thoughts on this, as this seems like its right up your alley.

    If you have a 3D Printer, you can make it yourself, or just buy it from shapeways.com

    Anyway, keep up the amazing work, and be awesome.


    Sam Jage

  73. Richard

    I have an x100 and the Fuji lens hood, was working fine, but I took it off the adaptor the other day and now can’t get the thing back on!!

    It will only now slide round half way and won’t lock, has anyone else had this issue?

    • Sam Jage

      Hey Richard,

      I’ve had this issue to, with the stock Fujifilm Hood.

      If you notice, there are slits in the metal of the lens hood for the groove on the lens to fit into.

      Take your thumb and push on the outside of the slit, from the camera side in.

      This will make the slit look bowed, but this is good, it will make the lens hood sit extremely tight 🙂

      let me know if that works!

      • Richard

        Hi Sam,

        I have had a try at bending them out so they are wider, as it gets stuck half way on and won’t budge.


  74. Paolo

    Hi Zack,

    Thanks for your reviews. Do you know whether the Yongnuo RF605 work on a Fuji X-T1? Also, do they work as shutter release as well on a X-T1? thank you!

    • HenCho

      I too would like to know this question! Thanks much-

      • Zack Arias

        I don’t have any experience with that gear so I can’t say.


  75. MartinH

    Just about the flash:
    I bought two weeks ago Nissin i40 for Fuji and this is it what I was waiting for. Small, light, enough powerful, juice from 4 AA batteries, tilting head. Highly recommended to all.

    • Zack Arias

      I just saw the i40 for the first time a few weeks ago and was really impressed with it. More than I thought I would be. I might have to pick up one up for review soon.


  76. nuzhat

    ” Now as I sip artisanal coffee by window light I can rest it on the reclaimed wood table, jot a note in my Moleskine, and Instagram the f*ck out of that precious moment and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

    I am still laughing.

    Zack, can you please write a post on how you process the Fuji RAW files? For God’s sake, please do so…..

  77. Sandro

    Hey Zack

    You were the guy who gave me the last push into Fuji X last year. I’ve started with the X100s and now went up with the X-T1 (which means carrying around a few lenses) Thanks for telling me about the ONA bags. My wallet hates you a little though 😉

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  82. Frank

    Hate you, Zack! 😉

    What have you done now ? You make me waver from my resolution to get a used X100/s/t and made me long for an X-Pro1. They go cheap now on Amazon here in Europe, for 899€ with the 18 and 27mm lenses or just 599 for the body alone.

    Gotta make some sort of choice there.

    Thanks for those very informative posts!

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  89. chris

    Hi Zack,
    Thanks for the nice review (again), recently i watch your video and i found it very interesting with plenty of information.

    now im shoot with my x100 and x100T just for my personal photography, but you make me think take my fuji to go to next level and leave my canon.

    10days ago i just bought the ef-x20 and now im really confused with the Nisin i40 review. can you give me advice ? am i need to trade it ? i want using ef-x20 for product photo, travel, and some profil shoot.


  90. Thiago

    Hi Zack

    I’m a dentist and would like to grab a X-T1 as my next Camera for oral and portrait photos. I found some great reviews about this X mount camera but also some questions. A great camera would be worthless for me without a good macro and a ring flash or a flash like Nikon R1/R1C1. and that´s my main problem. I’ve searched everywhere looking for answers to find out if the X-T1 is compatible with those flashes and have no glue what so ever. The macro problems was solved when I found out about the adapter and with the new Fujinon 90mm. Now my question is, Does the R1/R1C1 or any ring flash work with the X-T1, do I have to use some kind of adapter?

    Thank You For sharing all this information with us.

    Thiago Araujo

  91. Bel

    Hi Zack. Thanks so much for your entertaining, funny and informative blogs on Fuji gear. You have been instrumental in helping me decide on my kit for my X-T1. I had bought the 56mm lens for portraiture and this is the first prime lens I’ve ever owned. It has created a photographic monster who can’t put the camera down! Your blog then decided me on the 35mm which I have ordered and will receive next week. Now I think I’ll add the 16mm for wide angle portraiture, landscapes and street photography in the next year or so, (you don’t mention this lens, but it wasn’t out when you blogged I don’t think). Now I just need one of those kick arse leather bags and the other trendy gear! Ha ha! Love the look of the Instax as well. I had never heard of it. It is a fab idea! So anyway, thanks again so much for your kit advice! It makes me feel more confident making these expensive lens choices!

  92. Sarah Dugan

    Zack –

    First, THANK YOU for turning me on to the Fuji X system…my goal is to eventually go all Fuji, all the time. I am currently fighting Fuji prejudice here up in the NE wedding photography community and hopefully winning them over one by one ;)!

    I picked up an Instax printer after seeing the potential of it on your blog, but it’s being stubborn; it must be in an argument with my X-T1 and they refuse to talk with each other, even after using a mediator (the update – lol!). Suggestions for some sites/blogs where I can troubleshoot besides the Fuji site? TIA!

    Best –

  93. Chris

    Hey, thanks for putting the time and effort into all 3 parts of your fuji reviews, incredibly useful, and more entertaining than your average gear reviews, love a bit of brutal honesty.

    I tried a pair of pocketwizards on my x100t and they did feel ridiculously big.
    thought I’d take a gamble with these cheap flashq triggers from lightpix (http://www.lightpixlabs.com/pages/flashq)

    I’ve found them surprising good and reliable, their tiny size fits the fuji’s much better. Only downside, button lithium cells 🙁

  94. Corey Luke


    Sorry in advance, this is probably too long for the comment section.

    Met you in Utah a few years back. Pretty sure that’s when I decided I don’t really care for Newcastle. 😉

    Like you, I’ve pretty much ditched social media. But I’ve also ditched paid work, mostly. Now that I’m older and don’t need the $100 job to pay the light bill, I’m shooting what I want again. I sold all my Canon gear and jumped into Fuji, no regrets.

    I would be lying if I told you I didn’t get a huge smile and pull a giant “YES” out of the air when I saw that you too had switched.

    I thought I’d just drop a my view of the X-E2. I purchased the E2 literally 3 days before the X-T1 announcement. That hurt. I was torn between trying to decide on taking the hit on selling my “new” E2, or just keep it and see if it pans out. I kept it and am very glad I did.I own an X-M1(ok, it’s the wifes) and an X-Pro1 as well. I find myself grabbing the E2 over the X-Pro1 any time I know I’m going to need the Wi-Fi or a remote release. I do have the metal hand-grips on both thought, they are a must buy in my opinion.

    Anyway, as always, I really appreciate your candidness. We need to hear it.

    The instax printer idea is effing genius btw!

  95. Tom

    Hi Zack,
    RE: Straps.
    I’m using the “Sun Sniper Compact” it’s designed for the less than DSLR cameras, it also has a bearing connection and a stainless steel cable running through the length of it, to offer some resistance to your stap being cutt, brilliant.
    Keep the postings coming, love them, so informative.
    Tom (X-T1 and X100T user, all your fault!!)

  96. Julien

    Hey Zack,

    Thanks for the great guide of everything Fuji.

    I just bought an X-T1 (officially for holidays but we all know it’s more than likely to replace my Canon stuff on the medium term) and since I travel a lot for work (company seminars and stuff) and my clients often book me on low cost flights which greatly limit the size and weight of carry on luggage, I was wondering the weight of your backpack as shown on the picture? Under 10 kilograms (20 pounds)? A little over? A lot over?

    My canon stuff (2 5D, 24-70, 70-200, flashes and various stuff in a think tank rolling suitcase) is around 17 kilos, which often causes heated conversations with the stewardess who often doesn’t want it in the cabin, on a random basis…

    Thanks a lot!!


  97. Melinda

    ‘recommendations for a light tripod for travel for the XT1?

    ‘love the guides as they are helping make the plunge into the Fuji world (am buying this weekend) though I’m still mulling lens options.


  98. Arian

    Hey Zack,

    Great post as always. I am looking at the ONA bag, is the Bowery model too small that you chose the PRINCE. On the fence on getting one online but can’t decide on the size. TIA


  99. Brian

    I’m a new convert to Fuji from Nikon. Looking for a replacement for Aperture 3 for my Mac, and I wonder if you have any recommendations. Am leaning towards Capture One, as I don’t want to deal with probable lifelong monthly payments for LightRoom and others. Currently have about 20k photos, which presents a challenge, and I don’t want to make the change more than once!

  100. Teadra Cormier

    Hi zack, Great post , love the details in it awesome !! i was wondering if you know where to buy a lens cap for a fuji xt1 ?

  101. Chris Bergstrom

    Zack, I totally moved away from Nikon. All that’s left are some lenses and an F5. 🙂 Seriously, for my Fujifilm X-T1 and X-Pro2, I use Godox AD-360’s and AD-600BM’s. The 600’s are amazing in the studio and on location with the Westcott Zeppelin, especially with the high powered LED Modeling light. I can get 500 full powered flashes on one charge and if I’m shooting at lower power I can get more flashes depending on the power output I’m using. Common sense, but it works. The modeling light can be used all shoot and doesn’t appear to degrade longevity of the flash/battery life since LED’s use barely any power. Give a serious look at Godox. They are constantly improving and the accessories are so cheap, but so good. Trust me on this one and at least give them a try before you judge them. Peace!

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  103. Racer

    Hi Zack,
    any advice on xf 35 f1.4 or 35 f2.
    I can’t really decide – heard a lot of good things reg. the 1.4 but the 2.0 is weather sealed and has the faster AF.

  104. Wedding Photographer

    I enjoyed reading these recommendations about fuji accessories. I wish I had them all.

  105. masuria

    Very enjoyable read. I read these after I bought my X-E2, and I agree wholeheartedly with you on the X-E2 and more. I was thinking to get the 35 f2 but reading this…i held my horses. have you tried the 35 f2? it’s fucking cute!

  106. O. Hammer

    Hello Zack,

    if i did not miss it in the probably 3 miles long comments-section of your article – i would like to point out the reasonable cheap haoGe LH-X49 lens hood. It consists of two parts: a filter adapter (i use a B+W slim protective filter with it) and the very compact lens hood.
    This way, i feel comfortable to shoot without a lens cap. I just have to clean the filter if neccessary.
    Nevertheless you can still use the original fuji lens cap (i know some people – e.g. D. Hobby – do not like it) but this way you are able to stay much more compact with the camera than with the JJC or Fuji lens hood.

    Greetings from Germany

    • O. Hammer

      Haha, just read my own post – of course I take pictures without lens cap. But i think you know what i mean 😉