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I have now had the Fuji X-T1 since February of this year. I have traveled to Dubai, Morocco, Cuba, and numerous places through the US with the XT and the new 10-24 f4, the 56mm f1.2, and the 27mm f2.8 pancake lenses. I’ve shot street, portraits, personal work, and paid work with this camera and these lenses. Fuji sent the camera and lenses to me and then I picked up a second body because these are now my small camera work horses. I no longer own a single piece of DSLR gear. I shoot my PhaseOne on some jobs and I shoot Fuji’s for the rest. I do not foresee going back to DSLR’s any time soon.

What can I say about Fuji cameras that I haven’t said before? They have soul. They are sharp. They are a joy to work with. They are conversation starters on set. They are small. They are quiet. They are a constant companion. I never said any thing like this about my Nikon or Canon gear. Not even my Phase One. The only reason I love my Phase is because of the image quality it produces. Otherwise, the Phase One camera body is a piece of crap and I hate it. It’s an old Mamiya 645 body with a few tweaks and a new badge slapped on the front. It’s a crap camera really. Oh how I hope and wish and pray and desire for the day Fuji gets back in the medium format game. I have begged and pleaded with them to make an X series medium format game changer. PLEASE!!!

Anyway. This is about the the X-T1.


My story with the X-T1 starts last year when I was invited, by Fuji, to travel to Japan and meet with their different teams working on X cameras. They wanted honest, no holds barred feedback on their current lineup of cameras and feedback on some ideas they were working on at the time. I was shown a plastic model of the X-T1 at that time. I didn’t know what the name would be or what the final specs were but it was the basic size and shape and look. My thought was it looked like an X-E1 turned into a baby DSLR.

“So no optical viewfinder?”

“No optical viewfinder.”

“Hmmmm. I don’t know y’all. I love your hybrid viewfinders.”

They went on to say that this was not going to be an EVF that I’m used to.

Fast forward to January of this year and I got my hands on a working X-T1 at CES in Vegas. As soon as I put my eye up to that EVF I was a believer. It’s the best EVF I’ve seen. Hands down. I received my own X-T1 in February and it was off to the races for testing it.




Here is what I honestly love about the X-T1.

• The dedicated ISO dial. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having an ISO dial right on top of the camera. I use it all the time. It beats jumping into a menu for it.

• WIFI. Ummm. Yes. I want this on all my cameras. Every camera I’ve ever used WIFI on I have found it can be buggy and the X-T1 is no different. There are times it flakes out but it is reliable enough. Since everyone from Canon to Sony to Panasonic to Eye-Fi has some issues I figure the technology still has room to progress. The Fuji bug is getting everything to connect at first. Once that connection is made it’s solid from there on out. I use it for remote shooting but most of the time I use it for transferring images to my phone or iPad.

• That EVF. It’s big. It’s fast. It’s beautiful. I thought this was going to be the X-T1 killer but I have found that it’s just killer on the X-T1. When I saw the plastic mockup of the camera I figured that if it ever came out, it wasn’t going to kick my X-Pro1 out of my bag. I haven’t shot my X-Pro1 since getting the X-T1.

• AF and overall speed and performance. This isn’t the X100 they we all loved and hated so much. Fuji isn’t changing the game with this camera. They’re just improving the game now. The camera is snappy and focuses where I want it to focus when I want it to focus. It’s a huge step forward from the X-Pro1 that I’ve been using for so long. I’m really surprised how well the continuous AF tracking works as well. When you are shooting it seems that the focus isn’t locking when you are looking through the EVF but when you review the images you’ll see it was keeping track really well. It’s not a Nikon D4 sports monster yet but for your kids running around in the backyard? You’re good to go.





The shot above is ISO 3200 and straight from camera. A JPG from camera. I just sized it down for the web. You can click on any of these photos for a slightly larger view of them. That’s also shot at 1/10th of a second hand held with the stabilized 10-24 lens.

In addition to X-T1 I’ve been using three new lenses. The 10-24 f4, the 56mm f1.2, and the 27mm f2.8 pancake and I’m in love with all of these. Surprisingly… I’m using the pancake so much right now. While the X-T1 hasn’t replaced my first love of the x-100s, I tell you what… the X-T1 with the little pancake on it is a fantastic every day carry camera. It’s a sharp little lens. A bit slow at 2.8 but it’s tiny. It’s almost like a body cap for the X cameras.

Fuji_XT1_ZackArias_010The 10-24 has become a workhorse of a lens for me. I’ve never had a lens this wide before and I’m having to make sure I don’t over use it. The 16-35 was always on my Canon wish list but I never bought that lens. I rented it a few times and borrowed one a few other times but never owned it. I’m shooting this 10-24 a lot right now.




Fuji_XT1_ZackArias_008And the 56mm?



Here’s a frame from a series I shot with continuous focusing at 8 frames per second with the 56mm at f1.4


I do have a few issues with the X-T1. My largest gripe with the camera is size of the D pad buttons on the back. They are smaller than the ones on the X-Pro1 and it took some time getting used to that. One request that I still have of Fuji is to find a button layout that can work across the board for their cameras and stick to it. Having the play and Q buttons in different locations than the x100s makes switching back and forth a bit of a pain. I’d love it if every Fuji had a similar layout.

The Fuji can shoot video but it is not a great video camera. Oh how I wish it was. Oh how I wish it was. Oh how I wish. It would have saved me from buying a full Panasonic kit. That post is coming up in my next installment of moving to motion. I know the folks at Fuji have been solely focused on building a great stills camera and they are reaching that goal. It’s an amazing stills camera. Now… I think they should go head hunting over at Panasonic and get the video capabilities strengthened. 🙂

Lastly, if a camera is going to have a tilt screen I’d love it to be fully articulating like the Panasonic GH4 screen. I’m using the tilt screen far more than I thought I would but I’d love it if it flipped out from the body and could rotate more than it does. The GH4 screen is awesome in this regard.

That’s about it. I have no issues with the focusing. I have no issues with the image quality. The build is great. The feel in the hand is great. There’s an extra programable function button on the front of the body that I have programed to select AF points and I love that little button. I do not have one of their weather resistant lenses yet so I haven’t put it through that test yet. The battery grip accessory is nice especially when using the larger lenses like the 56mm. It balances the rig out nicely. I tend to only use that on jobs though as I like the camera to be smaller in size when I’m just walking around shooting other stuff for personal work.

Conclusion… I have zero regrets about selling all of my Canon gear and going Fuji. Zero regrets. I do miss the longer telephoto but, lo and behold, what just got announced for the lens lineup? A 90mm f2. I wonder who could have requested that over and over and over again? This camera can hold its own for just about anything but professional sports photography. It’s a fantastic travel camera. It would be great for events and weddings. It is lovely for portraits. Wouldn’t mind a faster sync speed than the 180th that it has but I jump to the x100s or the Phase when I need that fast sync.

If you have any questions please drop them in the comment section below! Have you considered adding a mirrorless camera to your bag or moving to one? Is the crop sensor keeping you back? I have a post coming up in a few days about that specific topic.


PS – Dear Fuji. I’m still wanting an X-Pro2. Don’t forget about that. I would, however, trade the X-Pro2 for an X medium format. Just sayin’.

Here’s the video we made about my time in Morocco with the X-T1.


Disclosure – I received the X-T1 and the three lenses mentioned in this post as part of a payment for a promotional shoot I completed for Fuji. I was paid by Fuji and given the gear to shoot the job and provide them with images and video they can use for marketing. My responsibilities end with the delivery of said images and video. They are not paying for this review nor do I receive any further compensation in money or gear for posting this. I am not under a contract with Fuji nor do I have to get their approval on anything I say about their products. Some folks think I’m just a Fuji sales rep now. I am not.

ETA :: I’m so sorry! I didn’t add a squirrel photo to this post! There are rules and regulations one must follow when reviewing a camera and one of those rules clearly states that you can not judge the quality of a camera or a lens unless you have a photo of a squirrel to back up your claims. Here you go.

carl xt1

Zack Arias

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  1. Yann

    Thanks a lot for the review Zack! The X-T1 seems fantastic.

    I own the X100s and I just love it as well. I use it as my « always in my bag camera» along with my Canon 7D when I need a larger variety of lenses.

    I’m currently selling the 7D in order to switch to a full frame. I am not fixed on what I’ll choose but the Canons and Nikons do not tempt me very much to the contrary of a smaller mirrorless with a good lens range.

    I would not mind going mirrorless only but it’s really the crop sensor that’s holding me back. I wish to have that extra depth of field and aperture that a full frame camera offers. I’m not in a hurry so let’s see what will come out in the coming months and I’ll put the X100S to more use and learn a bit more about film photography with an inexpensive Nikon FM2N.

    • Zack

      I’m going to be talking about crop vs. full frame later this week here on DEDPXL.


      • Mayu

        i’ve been looking forward to upgrading from a 7d to a 5d mk3 (or mk 4 when it comes out) BUT after reading ur review of this camera and watching the full frame vs crop thingy… the idea of a good small camera sounds quite appealing… i do get tired of lugging the 7d and my lenses around…

        great article and video btw!

      • martin smyth

        The image you have on your site of the guy zoomed into the eye isnt sharp

        • Zack

          First… You’re looking at a JPG with no sharpening. Second, look at the eyelashes. Take away the extra bit of compression a save for web does and that is about as sharp as you’re going to get. His actual pupil does not have razor sharp definition. You will find some people who have that razor sharp circular line around the eye. Some folks it’s a bit softer. You see this more and more as you study 100% crops of stuff like this. I’ve shot some folks who have the sharpest lines in their eyes and some who have softer lines. I look at eyelids and eyelashes as those tend to have sharper lines to them.

          Next, we’re looking at small format. That’s as sharp as I’ve gotten from any Nikon, Canon, Fuji, whatever. If you want sharp… I’m talking razor sharp… I’m talking you could shave with it sharp… step it up to medium format and beyond and the sharpness will cut you and ruin everything for you from there on out. Not even joking.


        • Fadi

          Looks sharp to me

        • Chris Hood

          Who looks at a print that close anyway? And if it ain’t in print, It ain’t shit!

    • iam


      Thanks so much for your thoughtful and insightful reviews!

      I got to spend a week with the M Monochrom this year and was infatuated, I think it made me fall in love with shooting digital in a way previously reserved for film.

      Then I got my hands on an X100s, which (and please don’t hate me for saying this) very much felt like a poor man’s Leica; it just felt clumsy after the MM… but I shot with it. Everyday. Every minute. And for that I loved it
      It made shooting fun, and it gave me very similar results to the MM (Haters ganna hate)

      I had a small exhibition of 30 x 20 Leica prints from some of my street shoots and snuck in one X100s print; when people in the know came in, I told them, and asked them if they could pick it out

      … No one could.

      I can’t afford a Leica, plain and simple; I’ve got a baby girl and she takes priority; it would be nice, but it’s not realistic right now. And if the Fuji systems which I enjoyed so much gave me comparable output, that’s a no brainer.

      But when it came time to put my money down and put the X100s in my pocket for good, all I kept hearing whenever I reached for my card was, “Focal length. Interchangable lenses!!!”
      So I didn’t bite…

      Now; every time I read you talking about the XT-1 I salivate just a little, (not enough that others notice, but enough)

      But here’s my new found problem…
      Olympus. I know, I know; I made that same face and shook my head thus too… But then someone thrust one in my hand and forced me to try it and do you know what it felt like? It felt like shooting with an X100s again (I KNOW, IKNOW, I know I shouldn’t say these things and I don’t want to… But) truth be told, it didn’t feel like that, not right away, right away it felt good, clean, accessible, fun (sound familiar?) And then we changed out the lens (

  2. Chris Newman


    Thanks for the review. I’ve been waiting for your impressions ever since I saw the video you posted a while back. I’m currently a Nikon wedding and concert shooter and seriously considering switching to Fuji. I’ve seen enough wedding work to feel confident the X-T1 is up to the task.

    I know you haven’t actually used it in this environment but in your experience in Morocco in low light, can you envision shooting live concerts with this body?

    • Punman

      Hi Chris,

      I got myself an X-T1 a while ago, with a view to use it for pretty nearly everything. So far, I love it. An absolute joy to use.
      Just last night I was using it to shoot a burlesque performance. I have to say the EVF showing exactly what you get is a huge time saver for low, and constantly changing light. I think it could be great for concerts too. I had a little trouble with it catching focus sometimes, if for instance the subject suddenly moved and the focus point I was using was on something with zero contrast (i.e. a black costume). The Face Detection worked quite well though. I have to do more testing, but I think that part of my issues in sometime getting it to lock focus was user error. I had it in Single Shot and Focus Priority. Next time I think I will test it using a continuous mode, as I think that will work better.
      I shot most of the show at ISO3200 without any drama, and that allowed me so wriggle room with the shutter speed and aperture.

      I hope that helps. 🙂

      • Zack

        Thanks for the real world feedback. Low light and low contrast subjects is going to be difficult for most cameras out there. I sometimes just move to manual focus with focus peaking on when the light is too low to use AF.


  3. Carlos Sandoval

    Damn, I just bought a Fuji X100s with a lot of sacrifice and trying to save my marriage because my wife is going to kill me if she finds out! So, I hope the fellas at fuji slow it down a little bit, because we, male suffer from GAS… Not really. No, I mean, I saw your video when you and David Hobby discussed this topic, about how many piuxels they can put on a camera! I hope I get the best of my X100s and stay clear of the new releases. I read there is on x100T or something. Shit! I already have a little X10, I got it really cheap, and feel very happy with it for a travel family camera. But, please, tell me, for my sins that the X100s is the best living camera in the whole $”·”%”% world. Thanx, and cheers!

    • Zack

      The x100S is still, to this day, my most favorite camera. No lie. If I had to keep only one of my cameras right now it would be the x100s.


      • Jim Donahue

        So happy to hear this.

      • Oliver Roxas

        Yes!!! nice to hear from you Zack, sleepless nights reviewing and deciding between xt1 and x100s plus Ricoh GR. Sold my 5D3 and 2 L lenses since last year, I don’t use them that much anymore, feels like baby sitting. I just kept my canon 60D and 3 primes. I just want a small all around ready to shoot anytime camera. I asked my brother to buy for me one x100s black in Manila, He got one yesterday brand new plus warranty cheaper by $260. I used the savings for accesories, saved also shipping from Amazon US to Qatar, I’ll get it next week when he’s back. Cheers!!!

        • Zack

          Good luck with it Oliver!


    • Tom Hall

      Just got the TCL-X100 (teleconverter that makes the X100S a 50mm equivalent) and love it. That will keep me for quiiiiite a while (saves me from the “need a portrait lens” feeling on trips. X100S 4Ever. X100S + TCL-X100… pretty serious and small kit unless yer pro like Zack.

      • Derek

        I have the TCL-X100 extender as well and really like it. The image quality does not suffer at all, but the focussing speed is a little bit slower. My only dilemma is that it doesn’t fit in the bag I bought for the x100s.

  4. Tom Bricker

    Great video! I’d love to get a Fuji, but I’ll wait a few years until I can get a used one for cheap. I’m rocking out with an original Canon 5D and a used 40D I bought both for about ⅓ of original price from when they were new. The 40D was simply for higher frame rate (and ability to use 5D batteries) for the Dayton Air Show. Photographers seem so enthralled with the latest and greatest and when I first picked up a DSLR, I was too. However, I’ve grown up. I’ve finally have just been happy with having the focal lengths I like to have with 35mm f/2, 85mm f/1.8, 200mm f/2.8 and 17-40mm f/4 in my kit. I haven’t desired for anything else, but would love something smaller like the Fuji for travel. But unlike before, when I do go out, I normally take one lens and occasionally slip another lens in my cargo short rather than take a backpack.

    • Zack

      It’s smart to wait for the next generation of camera to come out so you can get a deal on a used one! A lot of folks I know are getting into x100 cameras now at a good price. Far less than new.


  5. Ashlee

    Which MF Assist do you prefer?

    • Zack

      I far prefer the focus peaking. I use that pretty much all the time. NO…. I use that one all the time.


  6. Thomas Bicknell

    I like the review and I understand why many people go to these smaller systems happily. But for me it’s a “good enough” mentality. Image quality is good enough. Lens selection is good enough. Battery life is good enough. If Fuji had designed all this to be full frame then perhaps it would be good enough to replace the PhaseOne. For totally bonkers people like me good enough is never going to be good enough. I can’t be sold on good enough. I don’t want good enough, not even the best of good enough.

    • Zack

      Thomas – Good enough is not good enough for me. I have put these images side by side with full frame Nikon and Canon images. I’ve printed them. I’ve pixel peeped them. I’m 100% sold on the fact that these Fuji cameras hold up just as well as full frame Nikon and Canon cameras.

      As to if it were full frame being good enough to replace the Phase… The closest DSLR out there is the D800 and it is not good enough to replace the Phase for me.


      • Thomas Bicknell

        Exactly. You have a barrier that you personally feel the Fujifilm cameras cannot cross. That barrier for you is where the Phase comes into play. The issue is a valid one otherwise you wouldn’t have the PhaseOne. How much more “sensor” is there from APS-C to Full-Frame? Now how much more from Full-Frame to Medium format? I’m not saying you are wrong about how you feel but I’m not sold on the Fuji cameras for the very same reason you keep the Phase around. The difference is not negligible.

        And yes I would be the crazy guy with an 11×14 camera at the zoo with his kids. I WOULD LOVE TO BE THAT GUY. I love photography. I love the nuts and bolts as much as the art. I love the history and I love the people. As we are walking away from film I feel we should walk towards something better… not something easier or lighter. I want more resolving power, not less. I want an 8×10 on a chip. I want tilting and shifting in my hands. I want to make a photo that stands against time, can be seen from space and was made with all the careful attention and love that I can pour into it. I do not want to take any steps backwards… even if those steps are negligible to others.


    • Simon

      Same could be said of a D810 when looking at a Phase One rig…

      There is ALWAYS a bigger, better rig.

      The only question is: do you WANT it or do you NEED it, and knowing the difference between the two….

      • Thomas Bicknell

        It’s WANT obviously. I do not see a problem with that.


    • Axel


      have you compared the Fujis to anything yet? Like Zack I made a switch from Canon to Fuji. And I have to say that compared to the new, small cameras a 5D Mk II has no chance whatsoever. Despite its higher pixel count it has no resolution advantage. The colours are absolutely no match to what the Fujis can do. But, most important for me: The small and versatile Fujis can get shots that are simply impossible with a clunky DSLR. Depends on your shooting style and environment, of course.

      I really don’t get why people want full frame. What’s the point of sticking to celluloid legacy? You want FF for more pixels? We have 24 Mpx on APS-C soon. You want it for better noise behaviour at high ISOs? Look where we are now, I routinely shoot ISOs that where unthinkable of in film days, even on pushed b&w film. You want FF for better subject isolation? Get a 1,2/56 and have a look. (Anyone want to buy my Canon 1,2/85?)

      I understand where you’re coming from. I used to be in the same camp. I rather go out and shoot now. With a camera that has, as Zack so correctly emphasizes, soul.

      • Thomas Bicknell

        My cameras don’t have souls. I do. I’m not saying the Fuji’s aren’t great cameras. I’m saying they are not for me. And yes I have used the cameras and I have made the comparisons. I think the X100S is fantastic. The X-T1 is fine as well and the lenses that are available are very good. I also like virtually every camera I’ve ever used (although I will admit a bias against Sony for some reason).

        I also regularly walk around with a 90mm TS-E and think that’s pretty swell. I’m not going to throw away my arsenal of options for Fuji. I don’t want fewer choices. I want more. It’s not work for me. Fuji is not good enough. It just plain isn’t. Canon isn’t good enough either. Nikon isn’t good enough. Nothing is really good enough. It’s all a compromise so why should I not have the opinion of where I choose to make that compromise? I choose to make that compromise in weight and size. So I shoot Canon, carry a new car’s worth of glass around with me and I’m happy at the moment.


        • Zack

          Great points Thomas. I can’t argue with you at all. Well said. For me I want simplicity. I get too lazy when I have all the options out in front of me. I have this weird desire to have only my x100s and my Phase One with an 80mm and two lights and two modifiers and that is it. Done. No more. I think I could do it. I think I could pull it off. I think I would be happier with less and less and less and boil it down to the minimum.

          Right now I’m pretty happy with my “minimal” gear. I have two bags of cameras and two bags of lights. This isn’t counting video because… video. This is just stills. I think I could get to a bag of cameras and a bag of light. That’s a goal I have. But that’s me. That’s how I work. That’s not how you work. And I’m glad that I don’t have to judge you and you don’t have to judge me. We get to be two completely different kinds of people on this earth.

          #onelove and all that. 🙂


        • Kevin S

          I agree with Tom. Axel… I’ll tell you why people want FF DSLR. For architecture, I NEED a DSLR for tilt/shift lenses and corner-to-corner resolution. For weddings and events, I NEED a DSLR with super-reliable AF so that I don’t miss an important moment – ie. one that can’t be slowed down or repeated. Plus, for super shallow DoF and creamy bokeh portraits, a crop sensor isn’t quite the same as FF.

          Much as I love the new Fuji’s (for what they are) I still NEED my DSLR.

  7. Ben

    Just thought I’d chime in here…

    I’ve switched pretty much entirely to the X-T1 for all my work. I shoot about 30 weddings a year, lots of families, and a range of other bits and bobs.

    Until about 6 months ago, this was all done with two Canon 5D Mk III’s. They’re gathering dust in my studio somewhere now.

    Only thing I’m really missing is an f/2.8 70-200. I know it’s due ‘this year’, but I really want it now!

    One point, Zack – your 56mm portrait image above states ISO 100. How’d you get that?

    • Chris Newman


      If I’m not mistaken, the low (100) and the high ISO’s (12800 – 51,200) can only be achieved in JPG only.

      • Zack

        That is correct.


    • Zack

      Shootin’ JPG! That’s the only way to get to ISO 100 on this camera. No idea why.


    • Michael B

      Ben.. I’m in sort of the same situation. I Shoot weddings, portraits, Street and landscapes. I’ve got a 5D3 and a 5D2 and 6 L lenses. I also own the x100s and love it. I’m really thinking about selling all the Canon stuff and get an X-t1 and some nice primes.
      Can you elaborate a little on your post. What are the up and downsides of Xt1 compared to the 5D3 in your opinion? As a wedding photographer?

      • XQ Studio

        As a Canon ( 5d Mk 1/2/3, 7D, 70D and 30D) shooter and Former Wedding/events photographer, who recently aquired Xt1, I would reccomend you run both parralle for some time before you make a final decison. They are different tools and only you would know which one, overall, carries more points for you to get rid of the other. In my limited uausge ( 3 weeks) there are many things I love about the XT1 ranging from the film emulation options, to high quality jpegs ( can be shot direct or from using the RAW files witin camera and you convert to any of the film emulation you preffer, within the camera)., to color adjustments within the camera, that if done right, will not require any post processing…and it goes on…but, when it coems to shooting an event, there are way more factors to consider…some shooters use Canon RAW editor for their post work and may preffer that workflow versus what Fuji may have to offer…some shoot with photo asistants who commonly have a canon they can bring to the set and shoot along for consistency…so, you may find yourself in a situation where your work flow as an events photographer warrants you stick to canon. You may even use the Fuji for other thing includng certain times within the events…

        For me, I preffer the jpegs from Fuji to that of Canon…RAW on both is an equalizer where you can edit as wish using Adobe Lightroom. Once I get to know how to use the fuji completely, I can see myself using this for travel, Portraits, LAndscape and studio work…..For weddings where you have lots of movements and sometimes very low light receptions room/hall, the Canon 5D Mk3 would have the upper hand under such conditions…Certain Canon lenes are outstanding ( 85mm 1.2L or the Ziess 50mm f2 Makro for canon mount)….

        So, If you can afford it, I would reccomend you work with both under similar conditions that meet your work requirments, then decide…. and if you are ever thinking of Video, th FUJI is almost useless for professional work…. Canon video recording capabilities are way ahead of Fuji and fairly usable for a wedding event.

  8. Frank Jacques


    Thanks for the review. The X-T1 looks fantastic, I don´t own the X100s or other fuji cameras.
    ¿Should I sell my canon 5D Mk I full frame and buy me this one ?
    Thanks in advance.


    • Zack

      I can’t answer that for you. The best thing to do is borrow or rent one for a week and try it out. I would trade a 5d1 for the X in a heartbeat but that’s me. I’d hate to answer that for someone else. I don’t think you’d be upset if you did though. 🙂


    • Bruce E

      Frank – I can’t answer for you but in my experience … After 20+ years with canon SLRs and ending up with an eos1n (film), 5d mark1, 4 L glass lenses and a sigma 50mm 1.4, I bought an x100s 14 months ago as a take anywhere use anywhere camera. In the next 12 months I picked up the canon 4 times, I just didn’t enjoy it anymore – the Fuji however I loved. There were however the occasions where I wanted a bit more flexibility in focal length that my 2 feet couldn’t give me so in May I finally took the plunge – all my canon gear is gone and the proceeds went toward the xt, 14mm (love it), 56mm (adore it), 18-55 (great all rounder when I’m being lazy). I’m not a photographer I’m just someone who likes taking pictures and today I enjoy that past-time more than I ever have and yes some of that must be attributed to the output I’m getting from the Fuji’s and how the cameras have made me think about the process.

      • Bruce E

        P.s. Zack – respect. Thanks for your thoughts, your art, your humour – please don’t stop.

  9. Bob K

    Yeah, Fuji needs to find a layout for the buttons and stick with it. Switching from one camera to another is very annoying. Make the buttons bigger and then disband the design committee.

    One of my reactions on first using the XT was that Fuji had lost a little of the old-school simplicity that makes the X-Pro so much fun. It’s okay now that I’m used to it, but I prefer the basic feel of the X-Pro. Unfortunately, the X-Pro now feels too big and heavy, just as my DSLR once did, so it’s getting very little use.

    • Zack

      Agreed Bob. I still want that X-Pro2. This is a really nice camera to use though while we wait for that update.


      • Mark ward

        X-pro 2 or XT-2 with gh4 rivalling video and articulating screen?

        • Zack

          That’s like asking “Batman or Superman?” 🙂

          Ummmmm….. XT-2 with GH4 video capabilities. I’d take that since it would be two rigs in one. I still love, love, love the styling and feel and design of the X-Pro.


      • Dan

        Zack, why the hankering for a Pro2 with the XT-1 in hand? Is it just the styling, feel and design? Amazing EVF in XT-1, but still pine for OVF? Seems like they would be overlapping models.

        • Zack

          Yes to all your points Dan.


        • JamesP

          Me Too – I have an X100S and I’m getting an X-E2 body while I wait for the Pro2. I want that 14mm and 56mm lens, and the 90 f2 when it comes out. When the Pro2 happens, the X-E2 goes on eBay. And I hope Classic Chrome happens for the X100S soon…

          I lurrrvs the optical viewfinder – I like the frame lines b/c I can see what’s outside the frame, like a rangefinder. Zack’s right: Leica should have done this a long time ago.

          Anyway, between the Pro2, those three lenses, and my X100S… BAM. Done.

          Well, there’s that 35mm f1.4….

  10. Trevor s

    Hey Zack, really enjoyed the video. Would love to see more of your travels in similar fashion. Kind of like a travel video that is based on photography. Very enjoyable. Cheers.

    • Zack

      Thanks Trevor! I’d like to do more like that as well. It’s thanks to Fuji that I can do anything like that since they pay the bill for those kind of things.


  11. Melissa Moraitis

    Great review Zack! I’ve been looking to do a little change up and most of that has to do with weight. I need a camera than can perform just as good if not better than my DSLR system but without all the weight. I need a camera that I can essentially take anywhere, anytime, all the time with more discretion. Plus I’m a traditionalist at heart and having the look and feel of an SLR is just that much more of a bonus.
    Hubby has already given me the evil eye because he knows what’s coming next and I think that’s this camera. 🙂

    • Zack

      This is your camera then Melissa! Apologies to your husband. 🙂


    • Patrick Magee


      I had to move away from Canon full frame system due to back problems. I went from a shoulder bag and a rolling bag with a 5DMk2, 7 “L” lenses to a Retrospective 7 shoulder bag with the X-T1 with 7 XF lenses. The difference in weight has been a relief. The bonus is that I prefer the images from the X-T1 over the 5DMk2!

  12. Sarah

    Thanks for the review. My question: Is there a significant amount of shutter lag with the X-T1?

    I got an X-E2 earlier this year and I’m pretty blown away by its capabilities…but the shutter lag can be a bit annoying. That said, I love my X-E2 so much that I’ve decided to make the switch from Canon to Fuji. I’m eagerly awaiting either the next generation X-T or the rumored X-Pro2 to come out (the X-E2 would then become my backup/travel camera).


    • Zack

      I find the XT1 to be much snappier than previous X cameras and the shutter lag isn’t an issue for me on the XT1.


  13. Okapi

    Thanks for the review, I’ve been looking forward to this! Good stuff.

    Can you disclose what settings do you prefer regarding color, sharpness, noise reduction, highlights and shadows?

    (BTW, the photo with the blue car seems to be shot with the X100S, is that on purpose?)

    • Zack

      Okapi – Oh crap. You are right. That is the x100s. I need to change that. Sorry!

      As to my settings, I keep them all at zero most of the time and do any tweaks I want in post.


      • Julian Mitchell

        Great review and video. Your images have great tone and colour rendition, and I was wondering what you use for post processing?


  14. Grady Beachum

    Great review. I purchased the X100s last fall and shot a funky wedding on Halloween alongside my Nikon D700. I found that the low light performance of the Fuji better in general. When the X-T1 came out, I immediately ordered one. I have since sold all of my Nikon gear and purchased the 14, 55-200, and the 56 to go with the 18-55. I did get some Sugru and modified the 4-way button pad so I can operate it by feel. For much of the time, the Fuji’s operation is quite snappy, though I had to relearn a some of my focusing habits.

    • Zack

      A few people have turned me on to this Sugru stuff. I’m ordering some this week to try it out! I feel like I’m going to be putting that stuff on everything. 🙂


  15. Karla ogilvie

    I have been shooting with the xt1 for about 3 months and enjoy most things about it. Two issues that you did not address are post processing of your files and the frame counter issue. First are you using lightroom to cs6 or one of the other processers for your raw files. Secondly, when one hit 9999 frames in the counter the camera waits for you to reset. Any work arounds for this wacky idea?

    • Zack

      @Karla – I’ll post about my post in another post. 🙂

      As far as the 9999 issue. This is the first I’ve heard of it and I haven’t had that issue yet. I’ll look into it.


      • Karla

        Thank you. I’ve worked around the frame counter problem just wondering. It’s a great camera , I’ve done star trails, running dogs at the beach, portraits and it’s never let me down, just the pilot ( me) on the plane that missed the runway!

        • Karla

          I’ve looked into the 9999 issue and it is only an issue if the frame counter settings are on repeating.vs continious. I failed to set the camera to continuous at set up. All good now. Thanks for the great review. K

  16. Marc

    Sup Zack!

    Was about time you got the review up!

    Been using the camera since May and can sign everything you said. I shot studio, outdoor portrait, concert, landscape and street with it and it is simply amazing.

    I switched there from a Leica M setup and am very happy with the performance. The smaller sensor didn’t hold me back as I think APS-C is the best compromise between enough DOF, image quality and system size. Kinda excited about your post!

    Best Wishes!

    PS: Wanna see the One Light V3.0 with you shooting the Fuji 😉

    • Zack

      Whoa! Moving from an M? That’s saying a lot! 🙂


  17. Mathias Csader

    Hi Zack,

    totally agree with you about the X-T1. Since I got this camera my Canon 5D Mark II isn’t used very often. And every day I get a little more used to the X-T1. Last weekend I was at a greyhound race with my Canon and the Fuji. At home I couldn’t believe but I got more sharp shots in combination with the 55-200mm on the Fuji than with the 400mm lens on the Canon. And I would say that I’m feeling much more at home with the Canon because I use it now for nearly 5 years. What a surprise. Now it’s to let go on the Canons. Can’t wait to get rid of that heavy and clunky gear.


    • Zack

      People think I’m crazy for dumping full frame. Myself included. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only crazy one. Thanks for the real world feedback!


    • Zack

      WOW! That stuff looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this. I’m going to try it out!


  18. James

    Great “review” (I’m so glad it’s not like typical reviews)

    I’ve been longing for the 90 f2! That means I’ll be able to sell the 55-200 which is good enough but I’m not TO fond of and I won’t have to pick up the 50-140 2.8 that will probably weigh a ton, all things considered.

    • Zack

      I’m so excited they are working on the 90. I think it’s going to be fantastic.


  19. Chris Ridley

    Really enjoyed this review Zack, inspiring stuff and some wise words. Thanks.

  20. Jonas N

    Thanks for the review! I also use a Fujifilm X-T1 now. I upgraded and sold my Nikon D90 and assorted lenses. I just don’t like where Nikon is going, or perhaps rather that they aren’t going anywhere.

    The X-T1 feels like a quantum leap in comparison. So many features, so convenient, and with a clarity to the images thanks to their Fujifilm XF lenses that I don’t even miss full frame, a thought that was nagging me back when I still owned my Nikon D90.

    While I’m happy with my X-T1 with it’s low weight, EVF, nice JPEG film modes (I own an X100 too, and have just found out about the Pro Neg modes which that camera miss, modes that form a very nice basis for post-processing without necessarily being forced to go RAW), etc… I do agree with you about the WiFi comment, at least on iPhone.

    It seems to work in a way that you first start the WiFi feature in the camera, it creates a temporary network, and then you’re supposed to 1) connect to the WiFi network on the iPhone and 2) start the app on your phone? My problem is that the camera is already on its way of giving up waiting by the time I’m done with step 1, much less step 2. I usually have to do it all over once again for it to work.

    • Zack

      For WIFI I find the best luck at a first try set up is to make sure I’m not in range of a known wireless network. Let’s say I’m in my studio. I remove my studio WIFI network from my phone using “forget network.” Once the phone is off wifi and not automatically switching to that then I hit the WIFI button on the XT1 and then hit the OK button. It starts sending out the WIFI signal from the camera and my phone picks it up and I’m off to the races.


  21. claude etienne

    Hi Zack,

    Congratulations on the launch of dedpxl. There’s alot of great content here, and I look forward to seeing the site grow in the coming months and years.

    In regards to the Fuji XT1, after reading your review and many others, I’m pretty sure this will be my next camera. I do have a question. Is it possible to shoot tethered with it via a USB cable with Lightroom 5? And if the answer is no, do you know if Fuji will implement this function in a future firmware update.

    Of course, Adobe would have to be onboard to support the tethering function. I read an online article about a complicated workaround using the wifi function, but, it only allows jpeg transfer.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your future posts.

    • Michael Sladek


      Regarding USB tethering in LR 5 – my understanding is that XT-1 does not support this. Currently, Fuji’s tethering answering is wireless transfer to iPad/iPhone.

      • claude etienne


        Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it.

        • claude etienne

          I mean Michael, sorry for mispelling your name.

    • Zack

      I’ve been asking for tethering for awhile now. I *think* it is coming but I don’t have an official word on that yet. That is a feature it really, really needs.


      • claude etienne

        Fuji has definitely shown that they listen to their customers. Tethering would certainly make the XT-1 a more complete camera. Thanks for the reply.

  22. Robin Horton

    Hi Zack, its down to your reviews that I sold my Nikon gear for the Fuji and 14mm, no regrets, would you mind telling us what RAW software you use, I tried Lr for my X-T1 and have also used Capture one 7 which I recon is a lot sharper and does not give that mushy look to foliage.

    • Zack

      C1 currently has one of the best engines for X RAW conversions. LR has gotten much much better but still not there. I’m testing out a few others right now and will report on that in a future post.


      • Henning Wüst

        Hi Zack,

        just a quick thought: are you into testing PhotoNinja with the Fuji’s RAW’s?

        Best regards from the arctic circle


  23. Jeremy Hall

    Very, very happy with the X-T1. Having started in the Fuji line with the X-E1 I was happy, but found several areas lacking. The X-T1 solved most of those so well that it has become my daily carry. I recently went on an overseas vacation and took only Fuji gear with no regrets. The 10-20 is a “must have” lens in my view and it resides on the camera almost all the time.

    I still haven’t been able to give up my Canon 5D3 and associated gear for paid work, but I can see eventually getting there.

  24. Keith Czechanski

    Great review and images. You should make a portfolio with those images and send them to National Geographic. Your images look like they came right out of their magazine.

    • Zack

      I don’t want to take work from Joe McNally. 🙂

      I don’t think I’d impress the photo editors at National Geo. I’m not there yet. But thank you for your kind words all the same!


  25. Jim D

    Great work, But how much post are you doing and what software is best to use with this type of sensor. Thanks

    • Zack

      Very, very, very little if any post has been done to these images. Any tweaks were done in Photoshop. I’ll be posting about that later.


  26. Lissette Garcia

    I have been a Canon shooter for almost 20 years. I’ve had the A-E1, 2 Rebels, and all three 5D models. For the past 2 years, I’ve been shooting with a 5Dm3, 9 L lenses and 3 600Ex-RT flashes and I was happy with my gear and images. After reading your raves about the Fuji system for several months, I purchased an X-T1 body with the 35mm/1.4 this past April. Sadly, my 5Dm3 as it gathers dust in my spare bedroom. The X-T1 is an absolute joy to use and the images are spectacular. The color rendition is simply amazing. Low light, sun light, action – it handles it all quite well. I ordered the Fuji 56mm/1.2 immediately and was again floored. The files were equal to, if not better, than my 85mm/1.2 II Canon lens which cost twice as much. Another plus is that I have only shot RAW for the past 8 years and I am shooting jpeg only now with minimal touchups on Photoshop on just a few selected pictures. I used to spend hours in Lightroom processing RAWs – no more of that. That alone is mind boggling. The only reason I am not selling my Canon gear yet is because my son plays on his high school varsity basketball team and I am the team photographer. However, if the Fuji 50-140mm/2.8 lens that is expected this December is fast enough to shoot sports… bye bye Canon. By the way, I am using a Yongnuo YN-E3-RT on my X-T1 to trigger my Canon 600EX-RT flashes and it works perfectly! THANK YOU ZACK (and Fujifilm) for making me fall in love with photography all over again (and for saving my back, shoulders and neck). Oh, I also did the Sugru fix on the d-pad about 2 months ago and it has worked perfectly! http://www.fujix-forum.com/index.php/topic/24724-official-button-fix-coming-from-fuji-for-a-price/?p=264366

    • Zack

      People think that Fuji paid me to move to their system. Not many people but the typical mindless trolls say this a lot. It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one ditching the DSLR for the Fuji system and being happy about it! For the record… Fuji didn’t pay me to switch. 🙂 I’m interested in seeing 50-140.

      Thanks for the comment!


  27. Oli Sansom

    Killer review mate, and it hit me just at the right time. I received an XE-2 as a prize last month, and, honestly, thought “i need the money more than I need new kit and ill probably end up selling this since the last thing I need is more digital gear when I don’t use it for personal work”.

    So I tested out the included zoom lens just for shits and giggles. Fast forward a few hours, and I had a 35mm 1.4 on order. Fast forward a few weeks, and I’ve ditched my MKII and am using this as a sidekick to the MKIII for upcoming weddings.

    Fast forward a little more (whhhooooooooaaaaaaa man, heading into future-Oli territory here) and I no longer see room in my bag for DSLR’s.

    This Fuji stuff has excited the hell outta me and i’m looking hard for reasons not to switch, and having trouble finding any that really matter. The only issue so far is write time to the SD card, but that seems to be where the X-T1 shines.

    I can’t believe what this tiny little nugget of joy can produce. Total game changer for me. Tack sharp, fast (WAY faster than my 85L, which I use aplenty for wedding candids), and so much easier on my feeble hands than brutal DSLR’s.

    • Zack

      I swear Fuji has placed some sort of spell on these cameras. You pick one up, you use it for a few minutes, and you are under its spell!

      Can’t wait to see what you do with these!


  28. Jesper

    Zack, your task is to convince Fuji to do a new X100 style camera with a Medium Format sensor.

    It would make the sun break through the clouds! Stop my cat from waking me up in the early morning for more food and generally be a device that would promote world peace and make mysterious strangers appear at street corners handing out free beers.. 😀

    • Zack

      Oh Jesper… Let me tell you. That’s all I’ve been saying to them! 🙂


      • Mark ward

        Yes ask them to look at that sigma dp3 merrill camera with the portrait lens and do a fuji GS version if that please, with a rangefinder!

    • Zack

      I’m so doing this.


  29. Dan Epstein

    Zack, you’re talking about this camera being fine for parties. As you know, in my part of the world, most parties end up in dark cavern-like halls. What flash do you suggest. I started moving into Fuji with the xe-2 and the zoom. I love it for available light. It reminds me of the M3 I had decades ago. But the ex42 flash is an absolute joke. A total waste of my money. Slow recycle. No way to use an external battery. And, in the world of How-Stupid-Were-The-Fuji-Engineers, the camera won’t fire if the flash isn’t recycled.

    What would you use in the way of on-camera flash with this system?

    • Dan Epstein

      One more question: is the live view on the back fast enough to use when shooting, say, a hora? I’d love to be able to see what I’m doing during the Hail-Mary shots…

      • Ben W

        Best question ever? Dan, I’ve had the XT1 for a few months and it’s ridiculous. The live view on the back seems faster than any other live view system I’ve used (which used to be Nikon and Pentax). It doesn’t appear to be any different than the feed to the EVF, so Fuji’s claim of a 0.006 second lag (or whatever it is) seems to be for the rear LCD as well. The thing sees in the dark. I went out around my neighborhood at night, and shooting my girlfriend under street lamps between f/2.0 and f/2.8 at ISO 3200 looked like broad daylight. There is so much latitude with this camera, it’s stupid.

        I haven’t yet shot a hora with this camera, but as someone who has been in hundreds of them – unless you’ve found the lost tribe that became NFL running backs, I would have full confidence.

  30. Andrew Richardson

    I sold my old 5D2 a little over a month ago to buy an XT-1 and haven’t looked back. That 56mm might be one of my most favorite lenses ever, the 23mm is fantastic as well. I immediately took my new kit to Paris for several weeks and felt so superior to all the tourists lugging full frame DSLR’s around, my little Fuji was out shooting them and was roughly 4 million pounds lighter. I love it so much.

    That being said, the not being able to shoot RAW at ISO100 kills me and makes zero sense, it’s borderline offensive. Also not being able to back button focus w/ continuous AF is annoying but not a deal breaker.

    I got the 14mm 2.8 but found I barely use it. I’ll probably sell it and pick up that 10-24. It’s pretty slow at f4 but maybe the OS will make up for it.

    Oh and focus peak highlights for manual focus? Amazing, overwhelming, actually makes me WANT to shoot MF! It’s so much fun.

    • Zack

      I don’t get the ISO 100 for RAW only either.


  31. Michael Montalto

    I’ve been shooting the Fuji X T1 since February as well and have taken it to Spain, Glacier National Park in Montana, the north woods in Wisconsin and will be taking it to Acadia National Park in Maine in September. My love of this camera has grown so much that I have to agree with you that I can’t wait to be able to get rid of my Canon gear once the Fuji lineup matures.

    While I plan on doing my own review of the system, I do have a very good example of something that I think that the Camera Remote app would be absolutely amazing for. Landscape photography. If you want to do long exposures beyond 30 seconds with the Fuji system you currently need to put the camera on Bulb mode and purchase an additional piece of hardware to utilize that particular mode of the camera. I would love the ability to be able to use the Camera Remote to simply utilize the Bulb mode of the Fuji X T1 for long exposures. As an example if I’m doing some work in a National Park and want to use a Neutral Density filter on the camera, it would be invaluable to me to have an app that would allow me to do that without having to purchase additional hardware to support the units features.

    I also wish that this system was full frame. I realize that Fuji has a business model in place that will require that it develop it’s lens lineup for the current sensors that it utilizes, but that doesn’t mean that I do not want them to design and deliver a camera that will meet all of my professional needs in the field.

    All in all I can’t be happier with the system as it is a fresh breath of air in an otherwise boring camera hardware market where the big manufacturers like Canon and Nikon aren’t truly innovating much of anything lately in the dSLR market. Canon is SO lacking in the mirrorless arena that I can’t begin to fathom how they are missing the mark on this.

    As always, I enjoy your commentary and look forward to new information in the near future from you Zach. Be well and shine on.


    • Zack

      Let me know when your review is online Michael! Fuji is reading this so let’s see if they pick up on your request.


  32. Max De Martino

    Hi Zack,
    i sold all my Nikon gear and now I use 2 X-T1 for my weddings. I LOVE the 56 f1.2, it’s like my first love with the Nikkor 80-200. Sharp as a knife (and light, this time).
    As an X-Photographer I tried the 18-135 and soon Fuji will release the video of a project I shoot in an Abbey, but in that occasion I was not able to try the weather resistance, so… I do the rain by myself 😉
    Check it out (there are english subtitles, of course, just select it on youtube).
    Hope to know you in person… In Japan, but also in Italy, if you come here!

    • Zack

      That’s great Max! Thanks for the video. I don’t have that lens yet so I can’t test it like you. 🙂


  33. Stephen Zeller

    Thanks Zack. My X-T1 arrived this week and I brought home the 12mm and 32mm ZEISS Touit lenses from the office to take for a spin. Really looking forward seeing how they perform in concert with this sensor. I too have ditched all of my DSLR gear in favor of going mirrorless with Fuji. Great review and great images!



  34. Cliff


    Great review and even better photos. I really love your style of street photography. I am also a Fuji X shooter by choice for my street photography. I have an X100s and X-E1 (with the 35mm 1.4 and 14mm 2.8) and love using them.

    Right now I shoot weddings with two Nikon D3 and pro lenses and I’m always looking to make my bag lighter. I owned and shot the X-T1 and 56mm 1.2 for a month back in February and the image quality (especially high iso) was impressive, much better than the Nikon D700 and D3 that I have been using. It is also MUCH lighter. I would seriously consider switching to Fuji for my wedding work if they release a camera that has dual card slots, hopefully the X-T2? Also interested in seeing the upcoming 70-200 2.8 equiv lens.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Zack

      Dual cards would be nice. Even if it was an SD and a micro SD.


  35. najeeb

    Hi Zack
    Thank you very much regarding your feedback on Fuji XT1, I would like to asking you about the lens 23mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.2 for both the one who I but when I am using the 23mm I ‘m not getting the image sharp like 56mm, please advise what to do to get image sharp as well, I have before Fuji X100s its excellent for me the image sharp but with Fuji XT1 with 23mm I m not happy with sharpness, I am not use MF I’am usual AF.
    I’am waiting your promote reply.


    • Zack

      Not sure what to tell you. Possibly you have a defective lens? I’ve found the 23 to be sharp as a tack.


  36. Jason

    I looked long and hard at the X-T1, then went and bought a second hand X-Pro1 while I wait for the X-Pro2. The EVF is good, but it’s in the wrong place. I’ve been using the X100s for the last year, hardly touched the D800 and I can’t go back to that form factor.
    The beauty is…same sensor in the X-T1 and the X-Pro1. Same lenses. Same image quality.
    90mm f2?? Oh yeah baby! Still need longer – 200mm f2? 300 f2.8?

  37. ali

    Hi Zack, I enjoyed the video a lot, loved your work in there, music, and your great tips, thanks! Only one question about the video, I love to know what flash and what trigger system you were in the video? Your best tip was that small Fuji instax!

    • Punman

      I too would love to know the answer to this. I have worked out a way of doing it with my older kit (Canon flash, Phottix Strato II trigger), but I would love to know what you do, Zack.
      Also, how do you find it for studio work?

    • Zack

      I was using the LumoPro LP180 and Pocket Wizard X’s for the triggers.


  38. ali

    Hi Zack, I enjoyed the video a lot, loved your work in there, music, and your great tips, thanks! Only one question about the video, I love to know what flash and what trigger system you were using in the video? Your best tip was that small Fuji instax!

  39. Anthony Hereld

    On your recommendation (and many others for that matter), I picked up a Fuji X100S. After shooting with it for awhile, I traded in my Nikon D800 and have also been DSLR-free, with no regrets. I’ve been very impressed with what Fuji is doing. Unlike the “Big 2”, Fuji seems to be innovating and listening to their customers. It’s rather refreshing to pick up a cutting edge camera instead of one that just has a new badge and a firmware update.

    For now, I’m happy with the X100S. If I move back to an interchangeable lens system, I will definitely consider Fuji as my 1st choice.

  40. Dale Frame

    Zack, love your work, just found dedpxl and I’m thinking of buying the XT-1 with the 18-135mm. I’ve heard all of the “bad” press regarding the smearing related to the X-Trans sensor but I’m drawn to the Fuji for it’s “film-like” images and your images look fantastic both technically and artistically. I can’t match your art but can you tell me if you have any pre-sets or basic starting points when working with the Fuji’s ?

    • Zack

      I honestly don’t do much. Most of these are JPGs from cameras with very few tweaks. I keep all the settings to standard. Get the WB dialed in and proper exposure is most of what I do.


      • Dale Frame

        Thanks Zack.

        Good to know, I appreciate it.


  41. jason flynn

    Appreciate the review Zack.. After my twins were born I sold all my gear thinking I was going back into sales (in fact we met briefly while I was selling at a convention). Now I’m back to shooting full time with borrowed or clients gear and I can’t wait to invest in the XT1.

    Happy shooting!

  42. Heikki

    Great review! Thanks!

    I’ve been wondering should I some day switch to the X. As of Now I shoot Nikon full frame, and I’ve noticed there is’nt quite anything like it on the market sensor wise.

    But ever since buying XE1 with 35 1.4 I’ve been hooked. I have to say. That is propably the single best lens made in the few years. Still, I’ll propably wait for a few generations. XT seems nice. But that’s all, and switching systems (expensive!) just because it’s nice doesn’t really cut it.

    Anyway, thanks for a great write up! You are good at producing gas. 🙂

    • Zack

      My apologies for the GAS! 🙂


  43. Hakan

    Finally – the X-T1 review I’ve been waiting for, even though I’ve got an X-T1 myself. Thank you, Zack!

    The colours in these photographs look very natural, credible, relaxed. Do you have any advice on white balance and colour adjustments?

    • Zack

      I don’t do a lot to my images. Maybe to a fault. I typically work to get WB set correctly and nail exposure. That’s the most I do.


      • Hakan

        Thanks! Still, an article on how to get the right, natural colours – skin tones in particular – would be interesting to read.

  44. Niels den otter

    Thnx for this review Zack and the Morocco vidro! They really inspire me to keep trying and pushing. You’re showing handy tricks as well as great pro photos that I could only wish to “produce” myself once. I’ve got all X-prime(and some zooms) gear now the skills ;).

  45. Mark Viducich

    Sold my 5d mkiii, 70-200 f2.8 mkii, 24-70 f2.8 mkii, 85 f1.2 mkii and 50 f1.2. Kept my canon mp-e 65 and just bought a nice used 5d just for macro. Bought the x100s in black and put a gleaming red shutter release button on it along with the really right stuff L plate/grip. Just love that leaf shutter. Just got my xt1 with the three zooms and xf 56 f1.2. Got the battery grip for it which I like but don’t love. Wishing some new xf lenses would appear before I spend all the extra cash I still have on hand from selling the canon gear. Maybe I’ll just get another xt1 body for the wife.

    The moral of this saga is simply this: Sell your high end dslr kits before it is too late!

    One other quick thought. While my story is certainly not unique I’ve yet to read about anyone selling all the fuji x system gear to go the canon or nikon way.

    • Zack

      Mark! True! I haven’t heard of anyone selling a bunch of Fuji gear for a DSLR. I have heard of some folks who just bought one Fuji, didn’t like it, and stayed with DSLR. They aren’t for everyone.


  46. Dave Jones

    Great review Zack. Had my XT1 since launch and it is a fantastic camera although, as I do a lot of press work I would not sell my 5d mk3 or 1d mk4 just yet. That said whenever I do personal work or weddings, its the XT1 that gets used. Its a much more enjoyable camera to shoot. Thanks for the content Zack.

  47. Paul Richards

    I’m using two xt1’s to shoot my wedding photojournalism and won’t be switching back! Great review.

  48. Sara Lando

    I got an X-T1 in June with the kit lens and the 10-24, because David Hobby is evil and put one of those in my hands in Dubai.
    I don’t own a good wide angle and I’m trying to transition to not having to go to an osteopath once a month because of my back problems, so it seemed like a good idea, and it was.
    Honestly, I hardly touched the MarkIII lately and it mostly was because I needed focal lengths I didn’t have on the Fuji.

    At the moment on a pixel level I still prefer the full sensor of the Canon, but honestly the difference is hardly discernible. I need a lens that can replace the 100 macro f2.8 I am willing to be buried with to even consider to jump ships for good.

    Also, I have been shooting with a Canon for the past 7 years, and I am a creature of habit, so it’s taking some getting used to. The things I have had issues with so far:

    – On the two lenses I got, the aperture ring is unmarked, which I find extremely annoying. It’s probably a matter of getting used to it, but I like to know my settings before I look in the viewfinder, which was one of my favorite things about the x100. It’s also fairly easy to move it by mistake and it keeps turning even after reaching the end of the scale, which makes it hard to adjust stuff without looking.
    – Took me a couple of days to understand why the flash wouldn’t work. Turns out it doesn’t if the camera is in silent mode (which I didn’t realize I set by mistake when I was going through the menus). It would be great if it was written in the manual in the flash section and not only as a note in the menu section. Thankfully, there’s the Internet and I’m not the only one who accidentally turns on functions.
    – I shoot RAW+ jpg and several times the number of RAW files and JPG files didn’t match. Meaning that of some shots I only have a jpg file and I have no idea why that is. This bothers me, mainly because I’m not sure I can trust the camera 100% on a commercial job for what I do.
    – I found myself in drive mode by mistake too many times for it to be fun.

    But so far the good stuff outweighs the bad and honestly? It just feels good to use for someone with a small frame and small hands.
    It’s also the only camera so far that actually sparked some interest in the husband. This goes into the “minus” list, though. Mine. Mine.

    • Hakan

      Sara Lando wrote: “I shoot RAW+ jpg and several times the number of RAW files and JPG files didn’t match. Meaning that of some shots I only have a jpg file and I have no idea why that is.”

      The most likely explanation: the camera only shoots RAW images in the ISO 200-6400 range. If you use a lower or higher ISO, the camera switches to jpeg only.

      • Sara Lando

        That’s interesting to know, I need to experiment with that!

      • Zack

        @Hakan – Agreed. That’s typically the first thing I’d look for. If you shot at ISO 100 then you’ll only have a JPG.


    • Mark Viducich


      I bought my xt1 used via craigslist. When I got home I just had to shoot some pics with off camera flash, except that option was unavailable. I went thru all the menu items twice. I even tried reading the manual but could find no solution to getting the flash operable. Now, of course, I am getting mad, feeling that I’d been had by another evil craigslist seller. As I’m getting ready to phone said seller I decide to give google a chance. Googling “how to get the flash to work on the fuji xt1” and ten minutes later I come across some obscure blurb about taking the camera out of power saver mode to enable the flash. My anger is still building at my own stupidity of buying used. My cell phone is at the ready to dial the the guy who had my money thereby leaving me with flashless xt1. My menu search button finger is trembling as I finally find the power save option turned on. Three clicks later the world is once again great. Craigslist is a great place to save a few bucks on used gear, as I an quite the savy buyer. I can put my phone down and save myself that embarrassing, irate call. God I love my xt1 at last and anew!


      • Sara Lando

        That, in my opinion, is just a case of imperfect interface design, not your stupidity.
        A good menu doesn’t require to go to a completely different item to be able to use a feature, but it’s always a complicated thing to design a menu and there’s always going to be unhappy people (me being one).
        The good news is that it can be easily fixed via software updates.

      • Zack

        @Mark – Fuji’s are funny little beasts when it comes to firing a flash aren’t they? I’ve asked that no matter what mode the thing is in it should always fire the center pin on the hotshoe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten calls from friends who bought a Fuji and are on a shoot and can’t get the damn thing to fire.

        “Oh. Turn this off. Turn that on. Go to this menu. Make sure you aren’t in macro. Make sure you aren’t in a bracketing mode. Make sure you are on single shot. Stand on your left leg. Turn your right ear to the West. Etc.”


        Glad it worked out for you!


        • Felix

          Don’t forget the second curtain /slow sync thing: I had it on that setting firing a radio trigger. Could NOT get it to fire at the end of my exposure. Found out the hard way that you can only fire a fuji strobe at second curtain. WTF!

        • James

          That sucks.

    • Zack

      The aperture ring is unmarked on the kit lens because it is a variable aperture. I don’t know why they didn’t mark it on the 10-24. I prefer marked lenses.

      I think the hot shoe should just fire no matter what settings the camera is on.

      Can’t wait to see you next month!


    • Ben W

      “It just feels good to use for someone with a small frame and small hands.” I’ll cosign this, but from the other end of the spectrum – I’m the size of a small gorilla. I think it’s just a superbly designed, ergonomic camera. I would still love it if it were as bulky as my DSLRs, but the fact that it’s not makes it nearly a dream come true.

  49. iau

    Thanks, enjoyed the review very much.

    Got the X-T1 on the day it hit stores here. Had just rebought a black X100S after selling my old silver X100S just a month earlier, in anticipation for the X-T1. Really love the system and what Fuji is doing. I’m probably the only one who prefer this D-pad since it is not that easy to change settings by accident, which was the reason I sold all my m43 a few years back.

    Have been trying to fully switch from DSLRs and Fuji is the closest that has come. I don’t really need FF but have a Nikon system with some nice lenses for wildlife and birds. Tried the X-T1 with the 55-200 for bird photography but had difficulties with harsh contrasts in the otherwise excellent EVF. Do not travel that much anymore, but next time I’m tempting to leave the DSLR at home. Still love using a DSLR but for any real advantage to me it will have to be FF and they have become so insanely big. Nikon doesn’t even have a pancake (anymore).

    • Zack

      I think sports and wildlife are still DSLR genres due to the lenses available for those.


  50. Eric Duminil

    Yes, the X-T1 looks like one lovely camera.
    I don’t even know if it’s physically possible, but an X-T1 with 1/1000s sync-flash would just be perfect for everything.
    The other “problem” with the X system is that its lens line-up looks really attractive.
    Seriously, I fear that if I buy an X camera, I’d buy the 16mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 56mm f/1.2, 90mm f/2 over a few months. After that, I’d buy the 23mm f/1.4 and 50-140 f/2.8 😀
    I already own an X100s and a D700+lenses, I don’t feel like spending many thousand dollars on a new system yet.
    Maybe some day in the future, when the lenses are more affordable on ebay.

    • Zack

      I’d love a leaf shutter XT1 but the cost is what keeps that from happening. Leaf lenses are expensive. Making one small one for the x100 isn’t too bad. Making a whole system of them is overwhelming.


  51. Kaushik Parmar


    I enjoyed your review on X-T1. I am huge fan of Fujifilm and I am using Fujifilm camera since last 15 years! I have X-T1 along with XF 18-55mm & XF 56mm, they are with me since last two weeks.

    I have found a Dead Pixel on my X-T1, I am very much frustrated & disappointed, do you see anything like Dead Pixel on your any Fujifilm camera, I had X100 & X100S but they were extremely fine, never had this problem.

    I have one dedicated Fujifilm facebook page wherein all, almost 99% photos are taken by Fujifilm X100, X100S & Fujifilm X-T1.

    I can show you dead pixel photos if your willing to see.

    My page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AhmedabadHD/105782226238881

    Kind Regards,
    Kaushik Parmar
    Ahmedabad (India).

    Kind regards,
    Kaushik Parmar

    • Zack

      Dead pixels are a common occurrence with all digital camera manufacturers. I’ve had dead pixels on Nikon’s, Canon’s, and one Fuji x100. I always send it back and have it replaced or fixed. Sometimes they map out the dead pixel and that fixes the issue. Google “mapping out dead pixels” and you’ll find several discussions about it and how some people resolve it.


      • Kaushik Parmar

        Dear Zack,

        Thank you very much, appreciate it.

        Kind Regards,
        Kaushik Parmar

  52. Adolfo

    Hi Zack, first of all many compliments for your work, I saw you the first time on a Digitalrev video and I was amazed by your attitude while you take photos. I also like the way you explain things very clear even for an absolute beginner like me. I would buy a camera, my FIRST Camera ever, I’m thinking a lot about a Fuji but I have worries this could be too complicate for a beginner. When I say beginner it means truly beginner. I was thinking to an x-e2 something that can last some time and can be good even once I’ve learn something. I’m married so I have a limited budget and “one shot only”. If not fuji I would stay mirrorless to keep things small (MFT maybe). I’m attracted / scared by Fuji. What is your opinion Zack? Thank you for the things you share and for your time to reply me. Good luck for your work

    • Zack

      Part of me says you should pick up a used x100. The latest firmware really improved a lot of functions on it and it’s a great camera that can be had at good price right now. It’s simple enough to get started on and advanced enough to grow with you. If you fall in love with the Fuji sensor and look with that camera then you can begin to shop around later for an interchangeable lens model. At that time there might be another update to the line up and you can pick up an X-E2 or something used at a good price with a lens. The x100 is a great learning camera. You have one camera. One lens. You have to learn what to do with that and then you can grow.


      • Adolfo

        Thank you Zack, for your suggestion. It made my mind clear. Thank you a lot!

        • lubaliska

          Absolutly agreed with Zack. I bought x100 two years ago and it´s the best camera I ever owned. After all abdates is fast enough for me. And I shoot childreen.

          Before x100 I owned some film and digital cameras form Nikon. The most of them I liked FE end D7000. But x100 is tooooo much better.
          Sorry for my english 🙁


  53. Jay Farrell

    Great review and I’m in the process of making the jump from Canon too but am trying to master the focusing….I’ve had it do lots of hunting at crunch time, But I feel it’s worth taking time to adjust to, it’s going to be different.

    • Zack

      I was in a really dark venue last night with the X-T1 and focus was a bitch. It was no worse than my previous 5d2 though. How could it be? 🙂 I switched to manual focus with focus peaking and shot most of the show like that.


  54. Kenneth Rivera

    Hey Zack, first of all – big fan of your work! Keep up creating great images!

    I sold my 5d MK2 a few years ago to move to Nikon and I got my D600, because I was looking for a smaller body while maintaining the same quality, however it sill bulk and it scares people. These cameras are not sneaky at all, people know what you are doing and you get noticed.

    I decided a month a go to get a X-t1, because is smaller, lighter and the quality is just amazing. I’m just waiting for a trip to the US to order it (it is cheaper for me than send it to the Costa Rica)

    I thought I share my story, is hard for some to get rid of the big full frame sensor, however every change to a new paradigm is hard… however for me this seems to be a next step.

    In terms on lenses, i’m still I’m trying to decide I like the 23mm f/1,4 but I also like to shoot a lot of wide angle. Would you pick the 10-24 f/4 over the 14mm f/2.8? They both on the same price range..

    Cheers from Costa Rica!

    • Zack

      Hi Kenneth,
      The 14mm is a beautiful lens and is slightly smaller and lighter than the 10-24. As you know, it is also a stop faster. I was wondering where it would fall in my line up of when the 10-24 was announced because I used it all the time. I was thinking that the 10-24 would be nice but at f4 it would be a bit too slow for a workhorse lens. Maybe it would be used occasionally. Also, I’ve been a prime shooter for so long I wasn’t sure how I’d take to using a zoom lens again. While I own the 18-35 and the 55-200, I rarely use them.

      Since getting the 10-24 I haven’t shot the 14mm one time. The image stabilization is great and allows me to confidently shoot handheld around 1/15th of a second. Where I’d want the 14mm over the 10-24 would be in very dark environments like a wedding reception or a small venue concert. That extra stop would be wanted in those kind of situations. I went to a concert last night and took my X-T1 with the 23mm 1.4 because I knew the venue and I know how dark the light is in there. I considered taking the 10-24 but figured it was going to be too slow at f4 and I was right. While I may be able to handhold and get a sharp shot at a slow shutter speed that’s only helpful when I’m shooting non moving subjects.

      Typically I go the David Hobby route of advice when folks ask if they should get the 23mm or an x100s. Get the x100s. You get a 23mm f2 lens. A back up body. Built in ND. Leaf shutter for sast flash sync. Etc. Etc.

      At the end of the day both the 10-24 and the 14 are sharp lenses, have minimal distortion, and hold together really well in the corners. The 10-24 is going to give you a little more versatility due to it being a zoom and in most cases you’ll be fine at f4. Shallow depth of field isn’t really a concern for me with wide lenses like this because wide lenses inherently have deeper depths of field anyway. My gut says go with the 10-24.


  55. Jay

    Thanks Zack, I just got a used X-E2 and I am realy loving the camera. Thinking of seriously dumping all my Nikon and fully switching. The only hesitation right now is the focusing in low light.

  56. Tom Hawley

    hey Zack and others

    Loving the looks and reviews of this XT1, wondering where is a good place to start with getting into the X series with a view to eventually making money out of my work, i can’t find any where that compares and gives the details of the X series as a series just yet. I’ve gone from sDSLR and bad kit lens to my iPhone 5S and a dream!
    any pointers would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    keep up the good work!


  57. Hans Rosemond

    Hi Zack!

    Long time reader and Fuji X-T1 shooter here. Love the camera, BUT…. since you have Fuji’s ear…tethering, tethering, tethering…Can you please have them incorporate some sort of wired tethering option? It’s such a capable camera, and totally powerful enough for editorial and commercial portraiture…but without tethering part of my workflow with art directors is missing! Also, the ISO 200 limit in RAW. Can we please do something about that as well? Shooting in daylight with flashes is a bit of a pain with 2 stops of added ND filters. Thanks much! You’re the best. I own your Q&A book and read it often.


    • Zack

      I’ve been asking for tethering over and over and over again. There was one job I had to shoot this year with a Canon because the Phase was going to be overkill but I had to shoot tethered for the job. The Fuji would have done a fine job but I had to be tethered so I had to shoot Canon. I no longer own Canon gear since I sold the last of it recently. I’m banking on Fuji getting a tethering update for us soon. I hope. I don’t have any official word on that.


  58. Mark Pino

    Great review. I started out thinking the x-e2 was the camera for me. I walked into a camera store and they were out. But the x-t1 was in stock. I’ve wanted an x-t1 ever since I held it. But the price difference has me waffling. And want doesn’t always equal need, so I keep using my Nikon gear. I want the lightweight and great lens. So lately, I keep going back and forth, and also thinking about the x100s, which my son has and is sweet. Decisions, decisions!

    • Zack

      I hate being in that spot. I just spent months agonizing over video cameras. Do I dive back into Canon or Nikon? Panasonic? People tend to like those Olympus cameras for video as well. Black Magic? Back and forth. Price. Size. Quality. Lenses. Accessories. Ugh. Once you think you have your mind made up you read a review or watch a video that makes you think you should go another direction. At some point you close your eyes and trust your gut.

      I’d say keep your Nikon gear and get an x100 or x100s and let that keep you happy for awhile.


      • Gerald Gonzales

        I’ve been happy in that “while”

        *Canon/Nikon + X100

  59. Sten

    Hi Zack

    I just bought the X-E1 Kit and now thinking about adding the 56/1.2 and/or XF50-200.

    While researching for images made with that lens. I saw some comaprison shots between the Fuji 56/1.2 and the new Zeiss Touit 50/2.8 Macro in which the Fuji lens had significantly more lensflare in the image.

    I then looked for comparisons between the Fuji Xf3/1.4 and the Zeiss Touit 32/1.8. Same problem here.

    What is your experience with both Fuji lenses regarding lens flare?

    And why do you not use the XF50-200 as an alternative to the 56/1.2? Is the IQ so much worse of the telezoom?

    Thanks in advance

    • Zack

      I have the 50-200 and only pull that out when I need the longer reach of the 200 which isn’t all that often. I haven’t used the Zeiss lenses at all so I can’t say. I haven’t had any issues with lens flare with the 56 but I shoot with the lens hood on 99% of the time.


  60. Scott Williams

    Dearest Zack,

    How you figured you could do a camera review on the internet without a single picture of a brick wall is beyond me… it’s simply beyond the pale.

    I hope you weren’t expecting anyone on any of the good camera forums to take you seriously.


    (and your squirrel picture isn’t even exposed properly!)


    • Zack

      You’re right! A brick wall would be fantastic. I’ll get right on that! 🙂


  61. Erik


    I am surprised that you like the 27mm pancake over the 23mm 1.4 lens. Is it because of the smaller size and lighter weight only?


    • Zack

      The 23mm 1.4 is gorgeous. I just took it to a concert this weekend. I love that lens. It is larger and heavier though. For a simple walking around shooting stuff lens I like the pancake due to it’s small size and weight. It’s a fantastic little lens.


      • Erik

        Thanks Zack! I have the X-T1 and the 18-55 zoom. I am trying to decide on which prime to go with. I was thinking the 23mm 1.4 because w/ Canon I shoot 95% with a 5D Mk3 and 35mm 1.4.

        But I may try the 27mm instead based on your recommendation. I an also thinking that I may get a X100T when it comes out which would cover the 35mm equivelent lens; and get the Fuji 35mm 1.4 instead.

        • jamie

          i LOVE the 35 1.4, and really wish that fuji had made the 23mm a lot smaller and a stop slower. The 23, for me, ruins the compact form factor of the x cameras. i also have the 10-24 which is a monster, relatively speaking. and i have the 14mm. as you can see, i have too many lenses.

          i haven’t tried the 27 pancake but it seems the right size. i’m not sure it’s supposed to be as sharp as the other lenses. the 35 1.4 is lovely in that regard.

        • Zack

          The 27mm pancake is the sleeper in the Fuji lineup. It’s a sharp little lens that I have fallen in love with!


        • Erik

          Thanks Jamie-

          I may need to try to tape my 18-55 zoom on the 35mm focal length for a few weeks and see if I can train my mind to see in the 50mm FF equiv. vs the 35mm FF equiv. field of view. That way when I do get the X100T it will have the wide(r) lens and the X-T1 will have the normal lens. As it is now I can shoot an entire assignment (including weddings) with a 5D Mk3 FF and 35mm 1.4 lens with the exception of the ceremony images. I just love shooting closer to the subject, even with portraits. But it may be time to try and see differently for awhile.

  62. Samuel Cantrell

    Quick question, does anyone know if I should go for the x20 or the X T1 for my first compact? My only reason for the X20 is its lower price. Thanks!

    • Kaushik Parmar


      There will be X30 soon, wait for some time. X-T1 is incredible camera! You can think of X100S also.


      • Samuel Cantrell

        Thank you very much!

    • Zack

      You get what you pay for in most things in life. Especially in photography. Why the baby X cams are cool I’m not the biggest fan of them. I often refer to it like this… the x20 is a photographer’s point and shoot. The XT1 is a photographer’s camera. Does that make sense? Try looking at a used x100 or x100s as your first compact. Those are still my favorite cameras.


      • Samuel Cantrell

        Thank you so much! I will start hunting on ebay immediately!

  63. Paul Krishtal

    Hi Zack,

    I really appreciate your work and I truly follow what you since your first off-camera one light workshop. I also was really pleased to find out we share the same “fuji” religion now :))

    My dslr kit is also on sale yet it is difficult to sell here in Riga, Latvia 🙂

    Nevertheless I got the XT1 + kit and 56 f1.2 lens.

    I shoot with 56 mm mostly and I have experienced an issue with focusing albeit everyone says the AF is super precise on XT1:

    When I choose the focus point I make the focus “square” the smallest to get more precise focus on my newborn son’s eye :), however I often get off-focus images or images where focus is somewhere nearby yet not on the point I focused on. I mostly used the lens wide open where this issue appeared.

    When I did the AF check, camera showed up the area I focused on yet that was blurred and the sharp part was elsewhere on the image.

    I am curious if it is me unable to focus properly by not understanding something or it is an issue with camera/lens?

    Also, what flash/triggers do u use on your XT1?
    I prefer on location shooting and it would be great if u could recommend some handy softboxes and other gear to use.

    Thanks for great help in advance and keep up the great work!

    P.S. Got to know abt dedpxl on your twitter! 🙂

    • Zack

      Hi Paul,
      I rarely go to the smallest AF box. I keep it a click or two up from there. When shooting wide open with any lens like this you have to be dead on with focus and making sure you, as the photographer, are not moving forward or back and that the subject is not moving. Shooting close to your subject at 1.2 is a very tricky place to be since it is so easy to blow focus since it is so shallow. Do some tests with the camera on a tripod and shoot a non moving subject that has some dimension to it and see what’s going on. Maybe there’s a back focusing issue or maybe it’s user error.


    • Greg

      I had a back focus issue with my D7000 w/ 35mm f/1.8 and it drove me nuts. The phase detection through the OVF on the D7000 seemed a little hit and miss but the contrast detection through the live-view was dead on. Unfortunately, (and the main reason I switched to the X-T1) taking pictures with live-view on the D7000 was brutally slow and painful.

      While the X-T1 is a hybrid focus system I suppose there is potential for some back focus. If I’m ever worried about my focus shooting wide open than I just switch to manual and use the X-T1’s focus peaking feature. It’s incredible and your focus will be dead on.

      I used this write up to determine that my D7000 had the back focus issue.


  64. joel_i_lawrence


    I’d love to trade “up” to an X-T1 but I’m concerned about giving up shallow DOF.

    I do mostly portraits. I try to have my subject pop out of the background by using a wide aperture on my full frame camera.

    I understand the X-T1’s 1.5 crop sensor will yield f1.8 DOF equivalent on a 56mm f1.2 Fuji lens. Will the bokeh and DOF be equivalent to my 5D3 with an 85mm f1.8 lens? Is it as good as the 85mm f1.2 II?

    If I put the prints of each camera of the same subject side by side, would I be able to tell which camera made the image?
    Does the X-T1 create as good bokeh and DOF as full frame?

    Thanx for your reply.

    • jamie

      Not to be snarky, but look at what’s IN focus with the 56 and you’ll see it’s sharp sharp sharp.

      Will those bokeh-ish background circles look the same as the canon 1.8? Probably not so different that you would care. But, hey, to each his own.

      The canon 1.2, that’s a huge, expensive, heavy, BEAUTIFUL lens. I’m sure it will be more bokeh-licious than the fuji 56.

      One day, I imagine, we’ll be looking at these shallow depth of field photos and thinking that they really are dated. Not that we’ll swing back to ansel adams and f64, but it’s a trend now, don’t you think?

      just wondering myself…

      • Zack

        Hitting that topic in my next post!


    • Zack

      I’m talking specifically about that in my next post!


  65. David Sax

    Hi Zack
    Thanks for your sharing your valuable time, knowledge and insights! A Professional’s Real-World view is much appreciated.

    A couple years ago I jumped into the mirror-free arena with the Oly OM-D E-M5. The small form-factor seduced me – plain & simple. Plus as I would learn, the IQ was really quite good. Fast-forward a couple of years and my Canon gear (FF, L lenses), just stayed in the bag 95% of the time. I decided to go full-on mirror-free and just sold my last piece of Canon glass on Friday – the great 100mm L macro IS.

    I wasn’t convinced about MFT for some applications, so researched other options.
    After reading and reading, I finally made a few trips to my local store to get a sense for the kinesthetics & ergonomics of the Fuji system. I was three-fourth’s there. Then I had the opportunity to borrow an XE2 + 18-55 lens for a week. OK, I was Sold on Fuji – The IQ, form-factor & optics. I highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence, borrow or rent an X camera if possible. The was really helpful.

    Doing my due diligence, I considered the Sony a7 series, mostly for it’s video capabilities, in addition to it’s stills performance. While initially impressed, what struck me was the loss of my muse, the seductive form factor. She simply vanished. These FF cameras while small, have really large lenses – at least the 2 dedicated f/4 zooms for that system are large, especially the 70-200 (which is also bright white – Really?). Plus, as it stands, Sony’s dedicated lens line-up is limited.

    My sales rep mentioned that due to the FF nature of the Sony’s, the lenses will naturally increase in size due to the larger sensor size, especially as you get into faster glass which is why the zoom lenses are f/4 rather than f/2.8 (keeps the size down). I’m guessing if Fuji went to FF, this would be true for them as well, although I don’t know how the optics are actually designed….?

    All that said, I just picked-up my X-T1. Definitely pleased with the decision. I tried it out last night in an old theater (supposedly the oldest operating theater in “West” Texas) that has really poor stage lighting. It was a seated event and I was there as a spectator with family. I was really impressed with it’s performance in terms of focusing and noise in low light conditions.

    I’ve always used LR for RAW processing (and organization) but have been experimenting with Capture One at someone’s recommendation for handling the Fuji RAF’s. Just learning it though. At first blush, CO seems to do a better job than LR in rendering the highlights. I’ve also noted differences in the WB/colors when using the eyedropper tool while sampling the same point in the image. I’m guessing this is just profile differences b/t the 2 programs? Although I don’t know. I haven’t yet used a color-checker. I’ll be interested to hear your work-flow and RAW processing findings.

    Thanks again!

    • Zack

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences! Were you at the Starlight Theater in Terlingua? Please say you were! I love that place! If not… which theater?


      • David Sax

        My pleasure….
        I was in Mason at the Odeon. Apparently it’s been going since 1928. I’m not sure why they consider it West Texas though. I was there to see Jimmie Dale Gilmore (you may remember him as Smokey in The Big Lebowski) and Butch Hancock – more Lubbock talent. What was in the water there? Butch actually lives in Terlingua and writes a lot about it. I’ve yet to visit though….there & Marfa are both on my list.



        • Zack

          Skip Marfa and go straight to Terlingua. Stay at Lajitas down 170 from there. We road tripped there as a family a couple of years ago and it was one of the best vacations we’ve ever had. Sitting on the deck of the Starlight while drinking a cold beer and watching the sunset is the best.

          Marfa? IMHO— It’s not what it used to be. Terlingua is the new Marfa I think.


  66. Erik

    Zack (and others)-

    What are your recommended camera settings (for both JPEG and RAW)?

    What are folks using to process the RAW files? With Canon (shooting all RAW), I used Lightroom 4 along with VSCO Film 01 for most of my processing.


  67. Anton

    Hi Zack,

    First off, thanks for the great write up on the this camera.

    I recently re-watched your Morocco video and your revelation at the end (when you were getting your beard shaved) really stuck with me. I’m 24 and planning my first big trip to Europe next year and you’ve really inspired me to just go out there and get into stuff and not be so intimidated of trying new things.

    I’ll be purchasing the XT1 and 56mm for sure. I’m just hoping that the upcoming 16-55 2.8 is as sharp as my old 12-40 2.8 M.Zuiko. If it is, then I’m jumping both feet first into the Fuji camp.

    Any advice on getting/staying motivated for a trip that’s a year or so away?

    • Zack

      Keep your head down and your hand on the plow Anton. That trip is going to change your life. It’s going to open your eyes. Head down. Hand on the plow. Get it fucking done and get out of here!!!! Best of luck!


      • Anton

        Thanks Zack! I am printing this reply and sticking it in my wallet.

  68. Mathieu

    Hi Zack,

    Thanks so much for the review. The Morocco movie is such great inspiration!

    It seems you inspired a GAS-fest and I’m afraid I can only add to that. Been shooting an entry-level Canon (the Rebel XS or EOS 1000D) since 2008. Really grateful because it introduced me into the world of digital photography. However, the ISO range (which goes to 1600 and visible noise at 800) is becoming a bit of an issue.

    Long story short, I’m looking to buy a new body. I mainly do travel photography but would also like to branch into street photography. So either I buy a new Canon body or…I jump ship to Fuji. I love how its looks are minimal and its qualities so great. I’m torn between the X100S and the X-T1 and when it comes to lenses, I’m thinking about the 18-135 because it gives me a great range with just 1 lens (I now use the 18-200mm on my Canon body).

    Of course, I can stick to Canon and just upgrade my body which is financially more interesting but less handy for travel and the street. Any advice?

    • Zack

      Try picking up a used x100 and use that for awhile. Prices are good on them right now and Fuji really made some great improvements to it with the latest firmware. That will give you a good idea whether you want to invest more into Fuji or not. Or rent an x100s or XT1 if you can and try it for a week. Always try before you buy if you can.


      • Mathieu

        Thanks for the advice! I think I finally found a place in Belgium where I can rent an X100s. It’ll give me an idea on how much I need interchangeable lenses (or not).


  69. Vic Schmeltz


    I couldn’t agree more with this review! Great job!!

    I just purchased my second X-T1 and am selling my X-E2 and X-Pro1. It is a great camera.

    I enjoyed your session at PSW Atlanta. Keep up the good work!


  70. Jim

    Hello Zack,

    I was all set to pick up an X100s and I saw this post about the XT1 and the 27mm pancake lens. I’ve been a big fan of that focal length ever since I shot with a Panasonic GF-1 and the 20/1.7.

    Thanks to you, I spent the extra $450.00 to get the XT-1 and the pancake.

    Just out of curiosity, if you had to pick the XT-1 with the 27mm pancake vs the X100s…mainly for travel…which would it be?

    Thanks for your helpful postings.

    • Zack

      Jim!!! Don’t ask those questions after you spent your money!!! 🙂

      The x100s is still my favorite walk around camera. If I had to trade it though it would be the XT1 with the pancake. For sure.


      • Jim

        Thanks, Zack.

        Fortunately, I have a bit of money to spend after liquidating some other junk I had sitting around for years. I’m not above getting an X100s and slapping a 56 on the XT-1 and using them both.

        However, I went with the XT-1 because I find the flip-down screen to be one of the most useful things ever put on a camera…especially for street & travel shooting.

        Take care & safe travels.

  71. Justin

    Thanks for the fantastic review, Zack! Have you come across an off-camera TTL flash method you like for Fujis? This is the only thing keeping me from selling my DSLR and switching. Appreciate any suggestions you might have.



  72. Sten

    Hi Zack,

    another question: How would you compare the image quality of the Pancake XF27/2.8 with an X-E1 vs. X100s and vs. the X-E1 with the XF18-55 zoom @27mm? Alle the same? is one better than the other?

    I have to decide whether I buy an X100s to complement my XE1 or just buy the pancake for my X-E1 (saves me money) or do nothing because the XF18-55 has the same image quality like the X100s and/or the Pancake…

    Also lens flare is important to me with the pancake…


    P.S.: have you ever compared the XF55-200 vs. the cheaper and lighter XC50-230?

    • Zack

      Sten – Part of me says buy the pancake and save your money! The other part of me says that the x100s is my desert island camera and I never ever want to part with it. So… take that for what it is. The pancake is great. Haven’t had much issue with flare with it that I’ve noticed enough to complain about.

      I have not compared those two lenses. I’ve never shot with the 50-230. No desire to really. I barely touch my 55-500 as it is.


      • Sten

        Thanks for the reply. I understand the point. If money would not be an issue, I would buy both at the smae time 🙂

        But which lens of the two is optically better? The one in the X100s or the Pancake XF27/2.8?

        Image quality is important for. I am willing to save for a longer time to get the better lens, if the lens in te X100s is better.

        • Zack

          I don’t know man. They are pretty damn equal if you ask me.


  73. Chris

    Hi Zack,

    I finally pulled the trigger on the X-T1 that i’ve been eying for the past month thanks to your review. I was going back and forth on lenses and finally decided to start myself off I was going to get the 10-24 and the 56 1.2. I’ve never had something as wide before so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like. I really wish the 10-24 was a 2.8 for night photography, but I should be okay with a bumped ISO (I hope).

    • Zack

      If that 10-24 was a 2.8 it would be HUGE. I’d say the image stabilization will keep you from having to bump ISO up.


  74. Luis A Torres-Salomao

    I really enjoyed your review Zack. Really love the way you describe the feel of the Fuji cameras and obviously as always, great photos.

    Let me tell you about my predicament now. I own a Nikon d3100 I bought about a year ago when I started with photography as a hobby and to document my ‘close to end’ time living in the UK.

    I am from Mexico and owning a big professional looking camera is not a good idea for shooting street photography (I could easily get robbed), so a mirrorless is a great option for my return. I won a Fuji X20 at a photo contest in Barcelona and really fell in love with the photographing experience, the size and the look of the camera. However, I cannot say the same about the picture quality when compared with the results I get from my nikon, but I am almost certain by looking at your pics I would be happy with an XT1. I feel I have the need to progress to a different and more advanced body, where I can quickly change between focusing, ISO and really not having to go into the menu every time. I was thinking to go for a d7100 and now I am not so sure. I already have some lenses for nikon cropped and a flash. I am worried it would be too much of a change right now. Is it worth it to go for an XT1 over a d7100?

    I hope you have the time to answer. Please keep up with this great website and thank you in advance.

    • Luis A Torres-Salomao

      I also forgot. If you have the chance, please review my newly created site ( latorressalomao.squarespace.com ). I can endure your critiques without any trouble. You always make me laugh. Best wishes man!

    • Zack

      Honestly… I’d go with the XT1 and I think you’d be happy. It’s small. It’s quiet. Image quality is on par with the D7100. I highly suggest you borrow or rent one first though if you can. It’s a big decision to buy into a system. Try before you buy if you can.


    • Greg

      I actually switched from the D7000 to the X-T1 back in April and I couldn’t be happier. Image quality is close between the two but the size of the X-T1 makes a huge difference for me. Now when I run out I can quickly grab the X-T1 without having to worry about lugging around a fairly large DSLR. It’s just an overall better camera with more features and portability.

      • Luis A Torres-Salomao

        Thanks a lot Zack and Greg.

        I now have a lot of thinking to do. I know my desire is with the Xt1, but all that money (for me at least) spent on my nikon gear that I just do not know. I actually know the solution. To buy both. Ha ha ha.

        Best wishes

    • Martin

      I am in the same decision process and I will go for the D7100. The Nikon colors are better than Fuji in my opinion. Just check out those comparison shots on “image resource”. I have an x20 with same sensor type in small size. It’s nice, but the NIKON colors have more pepp while still looking more natural than Fuji. At present I can compare with a D90.
      The Nikon raw files are much easier to handle than the comparatively dull Fuji raw files.

      As to size and weight all the hype is a bit amusing when I read that people go for the xt1. Compared to a NIKON D7100 we talk 300grams! Most of the Fuji shooters work with a battery grip which is +200gr. Now check what NIKON lenses you have and want to use. As far as I am concerned the lenses will be less weight, but also less good I have to admit. But even if you use a heavy, quality NIKON lens we are now discussing ca. 100-150gr difference and how inobtrusive can you get with a 55-200mm?

      The handling of the NIKON compared to the FUJI is easier as I understand from the awkward button turning on the XT1. The NIKONs are incredibly tough and can take a lot of dust and dirt in the field. On top of that there is the option to extend the crop factor of the NIKON to almost 2 with still getting a 15MP image. This is one of the final nails in on the XT1 coffin for me, last one is the price. I am not a professional photographer,but sort of semi-pro-amateur in landscape and nature photography.

      • Zack

        From someone who has traveled a lot with full size Nikon rigs and Canon rigs and Medium Format and all of that… then traveling with a small Fuji kit… there’s all the difference in the world in weight and size. a few grams here. A few grams there. It adds up. I’ve gone from a rolling bag to a backpack. Also, I’d never use that 55-200 for anything unobtrusive.


        • Martin

          OK,from that point of view there is a difference. Anyway thanks for introducing me to the Fuji cameras, I was happy with the x20, especially the macro function and the fast autofocus are great.
          Also I would like to add my bit surprising end of story. I ended up with a 45% reduced budget and ca. 0,5 kg less weight and an extened zoom range of lenses compared to my initial idea to get a Nikon D7100 as an upgrade for a d90.

          Fuji sells the xm1 with two xc zooms at almost half the price of a D7100 body in Germany. Of course I have to accept some technical and handling limitations, but the image quality is on same level. In other words the D7100 is postponed for a while at least :).

  75. Rob D

    Thanks for that great review. I am now convinced that selling my Canon 5D MK3, lenses and all my other gear is the right decision.
    I can’t wait to get this little gem and fall back in love with the art of photography.

    • jamie

      if you do photography for a living, i’d think twice.
      if you are an amateur doing it for the love of making pictures and don’t want to carry a backbreaking amount of gear, you’ll be happy. but there is no way that a fuji xt1 is going to look as good as the canon 5dmk3 across a two page magazine spread.

      • Zack

        Sorry Jamie… I’ll run a Fuji double truck any day of the week. Without apologies to the photo editor. I’ve printed enough and have seen my work in print enough to know that the Fuji can handle that without issue.


  76. Thomas

    Hi zack

    Great review, i just got my xt1 yesterday and allready like it a lot. A quick question or two for you:
    What camera strap is it you are using in the video?
    What camerabag is it you are using in the vid?

    Kind regards


    • Andreas

      I think it is the BlackRapid SnapR 20 strap.

  77. Frank Hirschhausen

    Hi Zack,

    great Review. It does it’s Job and created GAS in me 😉

    I’m already sporting the X100s (X100 before) and it’s a great little Tool in a Handbag to do almost everything (Street, Industrial, Portrait – using the Tele and Wide Angle Converters). But sometimes i wished to get faster by a Cam with Lens changing (well, despite having a fixed Lense is a good Tool to force creativity as well …) – anyway, i love my Nikon D’s too for the sake of giving more Grip to my big Hands 😉 and feeling so comfort with them when shooting under Pressure.
    Actually i use the big Fuji Flash with extension Cable on the X100s which does work somehow but i would like to go wireless with my PW’s. Do you use your PW with the Yungnuo Flash in Manual Mode only?



  78. Joe

    I tried to click on the arrows on the photograph of the ripped back.

    Great review, nice to see the pancake mentioned, I just picked one up pre-owned and its a great, as you say, body cap on my X-Pro.

    Also, great blog and site. Its fantastic that you read and reply. When photographers aren’t whining about sensor size it can be a great community.

    Many thanks and keep it up.


  79. Bernardo Garcia

    Zach, I have the same idea in my mind… I going to say good bye to Canon, and buy Panasonic GH4 for video, and Fujifilm XT1 for still photography.
    I´m impressed with Panasonic, I am actually a Lumix Ambassador in Mexico, I have a little camera Panasonic G5 and I´m sure its a better camera than all mids range APS-C DSLR Nikon or Canon.
    I like so much the colors and sensations that transmits the Fuji X series, Im sure the lenses are great to, and the complete kit is more accessible than a complete Canon kit. Same for Panasonic.

    Well, I like to read you, Im waiting for the Pana´s GH4 review soon, yes, I know, there is a lot of reviews now, but I wish to read you personal point of view.

  80. Joseph

    I have been a fan since I first saw you on CLive, we have the same sense of humor, I have an X E2 and the T1 is on its way. My only complaint is flash scenarios, off camera flash TTL, remote adjustment of power. I have minis and flex cant seem to get the Acr to function though, any thoughts??

  81. lorenzo m.

    Hi Zack,
    thanks for the review.
    I own a 6D with 24-105, 35 f2, 501.8, 85 1.8, it costed to me blood & sweat to get this kit but GAS is GAS you know and in the last few months I’m costantly struggling and facing this beast, I explain myself:

    1) I’m shooting mostly high stylized studio portraits and I make graphic compositions shoting models in studio and put them on bg shot in a second time. this means to do a heavily postproduction, have a solid flow from raw converter to photoshop (I typically start with camera raw then make the ‘magic’ in photoshop) , I don’t know if I can get this with xtrans files and adobe raw converter or other converter, I’m afraid that so far fuji cameras are THE THINGS to get awesome SOOC jpegs and awesome images from raws but with minimal postproduction. what do you suggest about? Could I make the same things with an xt-1 as well?

    2) I’ d like to start shooting some outdoor portrait even in daytime but since I own, so far, just 3 yongnuo 560s have to wiat for dark sky and the end of the day but I’d like to shoot even when the sun is high in the sky.

    Does it make sense in your opinon get a x100s instead get a couple of alienebee/morepowerfullightsthanaspeedlight-ish and overpower the sun this way with a simple yongnuo flash and a cheap modifier like un umbrella or small softbox?

    Shortly, I think that an xt-1 with leaf shutter would be the perfect camera for me and I’d switch from the dslr to fuji at 100%.
    But since I think that this scenario will stay a dream, what do you suggest? stay with canon for the composition stuff and get a x100s for the outdoor instead getting strobelights? and use the x100s for travel and everyday’s shooting?

  82. Ian Docherty

    Hi Zack,

    Loved this video review you did, I was in Marrakesh a while back and without a guide it can be a little intimidating! But its great city.

    I loved your night shots with the off camera flash, did you have a ‘go to’ setting for that as a starting point or do you just know roughly what you want or, do you do a couple of trial shots to get it right?

    Thanks for posting the video, love the site and recently read your book, which I would recommend to anyone reading these comments.



  83. Daniel

    good review but … only thing that i miss with fuji is lack of flashes (those 3 models realy doesnt satisfied my needs) … does anyone have some informations if fuji will introduce some new flashes (system that could work for more sophisticated flash work on field) in near future or my next goal becomes to go for better Canon body ? thanx for all response

    • Zack

      Since TTL has never been part of my requirements for any camera system, Fuji’s lack of a flash system is a non issue for me. Personally. I know that changes how some look at the system. They could have the best TTL system in the world and I probably still wouldn’t care for it.


      • Luis A Torres-Salomao

        So… what brand of wireless trigger do you use for off camera flash. I can’t seem to make my trigger work on my Fuji X20.

        • Zack

          I use Pocket Wizards. Fuji’s are weird when it comes to something on the hotshoe flash. It can’t be in silent mode. Can’t be in macro. Can’t be in any sort of bracketing or continuous shooting mode. 3rd party flash has to be turned on. I’ve requested that the center pin ALWAYS fire no matter what.


  84. Christof

    Hello there!

    I am at that point where I’ve pushed the equipment I have quite far; using a Pentax K-5 – and my old wonderful *istDs as backup – and a varied mixture of second hand lenses, most old full manual ones. I love these cameras, still, but for where I want to go next I’d need to invest in more modern lenses, especially as I am starting to pull in money through my photography now. [If Ricoh gets Pentax firing again it’d be wonderful; but that’s a much too big question mark I won’t build on, and it’s just sensible to look around before really committing big money on anything.]

    I love a lot about the Fuji’s x series – I’d started digital photography on a Finepix S 602z which was lovely in it’s own right* – but I still haven’t found a really good presentation of their low-light AV performance. I am into dance photography; and into covering dance performances, not just studio / location work. So on that end, the logical, rational step up would likely be a Nikon/Canon full frame (rented both systems, both struggled with some and were defeated by some other lighting situations out there in actual modern dance performances even when using the ‘fastest’ lenses I could get hold of). And yet – I just can’t really warm myself to either of them as cameras.

    So – do you know anyone that has tried to push the Fuji’s on that end? Extremely low light fast movement and how much useful still comes out? My google searches go nowhere on that end; studio dance shots aside. Local camera shop has a second hand X-Pro1 and X-E1 on display but no lenses, whatsoever, to go with them so I can’t actually try them out, myself :|. The small size (I’m tichy) and general performance would be more than ample for all else I do. I’ve never really left the crop sensor world after-all :).

    Thank you,

    [*I lent the s602z to someone and never got it back. See here, here and here for a bit of reminiscence. … http://christofhaberle.com/download/09_couple.jpg / http://christofhaberle.com/download/18_soldier.jpg / http://christofhaberle.com/download/38_wolverine.jpg%5D.

    • Zack

      Extremely low light and fast movement is going to be a challenge for most cameras out there. If that is your MUST HAVE then I’d be looking at a D4 or that class of camera.

      Of the two cameras you mention I’d personally rather have the XPro over the XE1. They won’t be as fast as the XT is currently. They would, I imagine, keep up with the K-5 just fine. I haven’t shot the K-5 but a quick look online would have me believe it would be on par with what you have now if not a bit better. You can also get all sorts of adapters to use the lenses you have now.


      • Christof

        Thank you. Arr, the solution just has to be, as ever, to see if I can pick one out and actually test it myself. D4s is out of the price range, atm. Modern dance at times is ‘lighted’ with a single spotlight pulled all the way down. Nothing can take pictures of that, of course. Played around with D800 / EOS 5D III which sort of do most. I the end it really is more about the question what system to plant my foot in more firmly – more than which box that goes click, precisely.

        Someone should do a modern revival of that old Tamron adaptall approach, and make it a standard for all lens makers via legislation :).

  85. Robert

    Coulda sworn I’d left 3 or 4 comments as part of the conversation in this thread yesterday, but they all appear to have vaporized into the ether.

    Did I inadvertently smash a rule to smithereens? 🙂

    • Zack

      Ummmmm. I haven’t deleted any unless they were sucked into the spam filter. I’ll go check.


  86. Greg


    Any idea when that Fuji guide will be available? I’m a new owner of the X-T1 and would love to get some prefessional insight. Thanks!

  87. Carlos Garcia

    Dear Dedpxl, Recently traded in my 5DM2 and Canon 20, 40, 50, 50, 85, 17-40 mm lenses for an X-T1, XF18-55 and XF 10-24 (was thinking about the XF 14mm, but David Nightingale convinced me otherwise). Love it and learning the new system. Question: how do I get the WiFi to work? Any hints?


    • jamie

      turn the wifi on on the camera. button on top.
      go to iPhone – settings – wifi — choose the fuji network
      open fuji app — remote control — and you should see a live picture

  88. Jos van Zetten

    Good an honest review.
    I played a little with the X-T1 in my local camerashop and was impressed by the huge and bright EVF and AF speed.
    But i decided to skip this one and wait for a X-pro 2, with a hybrid viewfinder (EVF like X-T1), faster AF, WiFi and hopefully a iso button on top.
    Til that time i am very pleased with my X-pro 1 and X-E2.

    Thnx for your review

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  89. graham

    Great review!

    Also received my X-T1 in February and haven’t looked back! It still blows my mind that this quality is available from a crop sensor – oh how snobbish I was!

    As for a medium format Fuji – that is possibly the best idea I have ever heard!

  90. Christopher

    Dual card slots. Dual card slots. Please. . .dual card slots. Immediate backup or overflow to the 2nd card. Should be an included feature on all pro cameras.

  91. E

    Loving the X-T1 myself. I just sold off some Canon gear and am contemplating the 56mm or the 10-24. If you could only pick one which would it be. For reference I have the 18-55 and 55-200.

    Thanks in advance!

  92. Ricardo Orecchia

    Hi Zack.

    Which Fuji lenses you actually use?

    • Zack

      Most used — 35mm, 27mm, 56mm, 10-24mm. The 27 and 23 are really nice as well. Using the 27 a lot.


  93. Roger Due

    After seeing your crop-or-crap-math-or-moment video today, I started poking around on you site and found this review. Really loved it and made quite a few notes as I read through the various comments. I have had my eyes on the Fuji cameras for awhile, so today really got my juices flowing!

    I have a question about Fuji’s video intentions with any successor cameras to the X-T1 or any of their others. It seems like they are limiting videos to either 14min or 27min, depending upon settings. I have an old Kodak Zi8 that I have token videos longer than an hour of important presentations. The inexpensive Canon Vixia R500 camcorder can continue with a video until your run out of memory.

    So why in the world can’t an expensive camera like the X-T1 continue shooting a video until the memory runs out? (I think I know why, but it makes no sense today.)

    I am looking for a quality camera that can also do 1920×1080 quality video and keep shooting until the memory runs out, if necessary. I really don’t want to lug around 2 systems and the GH4 is overkill & too heavy for my needs.

    I would consider myself in the prosumer category.

    Again, I loved the way you did the videos I saw today. Thanks…

    • Zack

      @Roger – Believe it or not… Taxes and tariffs sometimes dictate what camera manufacturers do with their cameras. If a camera can produce HD video for X amount of time it can bump it up into a higher end product that means more taxes and import duties and all that must be paid on it. No joke. Canon was tied up in that for a long time. It seems they are either paying the extra fees or have gotten around it or something. I haven’t looked into the issue in awhile.

      One other thing to consider is constant recording of video really heats the sensor up. The reason the Panasonic GH4 does not have in body image stabilization is because that sensor is attached to a big heat sink and if they removed the heat sink and put it on a stabilizer then the sensor would get too hot and cause all sorts of other issues.


  94. Tony

    Hi Zack,

    I loved your Q/A book and subsequently purchased the reflector you recommended. Was just wondering what one flash unit you would recommend for someone who does the occasional portrait but doesn’t shoot enough people to warrant heavy investing in flashes? I have the X100S and soon the XT1 with 56mm. No umbrellas or stands so the setup is going to be pretty spartan.

    Looking forward to more DEDPXL articles.


  95. Jim

    Hi Zack,

    What raw conversion workflow are you using for the X files? Thanks for your suggestions.

  96. Adam McKay

    Thanks for the post. I am thinking about ridding myself of my Canon gear as well. I am hoping to travel for a while and have a much smaller kit. My hope is to be able to use my old Nikon AIS lenses on the xt-1. Would you say the manual focus aids are good enough to do that? Or am I really going to want to invest in some Fuji AF lenses as well?

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  98. Mike

    Such a cool camera. Too bad it isn’t micro 4/3. >×<

  99. Richard


    Thanks so much for your thoughtful and insightful reviews!

    I got to spend a week with the M Monochrom this year and was infatuated; I think it made me fall in love with shooting digital in a way previously reserved for film.

    Then I got my hands on an X100s, which (and please don’t hate me for saying this) very much felt like a poor man’s Leica; it just felt clumsy after the MM… but I shot with it. Everyday. Every minute. And for that I loved it
    It made shooting fun, and it gave me very similar results to the MM (Haters ganna hate)

    I had a small exhibition of 30 x 20 Leica prints from some of my street shoots and snuck in one X100s print; when people in the know came in, I told them, and asked them if they could pick it out

    … No one could.

    I can’t afford a Leica, plain and simple; I’ve got a baby girl and she takes priority; it would be nice, but it’s not realistic right now. And if the Fuji systems which I enjoyed so much gave me comparable output, that’s a no brainer.

    But when it came time to put my money down and put the X100s in my pocket for good, all I kept hearing whenever I reached for my card was, “Focal length. Interchangable lenses!!!”
    So I didn’t bite…

    Now; every time I read you talking about the XT-1 I salivate just a little, (not enough that others notice, but enough)

    But here’s my new found problem…
    Olympus. I know, I know; I made that same face and shook my head thus too… But then someone thrust one in my hand and forced me to try it and do you know what it felt like? It felt like shooting with an X100s again (I KNOW, IKNOW, I know I shouldn’t say these things and I don’t want to… But) truth be told, it didn’t feel like that, not right away, right away it felt good, clean, accessible, fun (sound familiar?) And then we changed out the lens (

    • Zack

      Richard – That Leica M is gorgeous. Add a nice piece of glass to that thing and it sings. It’s heavy. It’s like holding a brick in your hand. It’s expensive as shit. But it’s beautiful.

      You’ve already had experience with the x100. If you are up for the Oly the only thing I’d suggest is shooting with that and printing 30×20 with it. If it holds up to your desires then go for it!


  100. Harry Dubetz


    About the flash sync. John Greengo did a Creative Live video on the XT-1 and demonstrated that you can sync at 250. He was using the kit flash. I tried it on the EF-X20 with same results. No problem. But then I tried the Lumopro 180. Banding across the bottom. Naturally, the more flash needed, the more banding. Interesting that you can use 250 on the Fuji flashes. Hmmm, I used same settings on both flashes. Longer flash duration on Fuji flashes?

    Thanks for a great review. I also enjoyed your video on crap/crop factor.

  101. Arvind Mistry

    I have seen the light!!! I am selling my cannon 5dmk I 85 1.2 mk II 135 f2 14-40 Leica M8…… God help me arvindmistry.co.uk

  102. Zac

    Hi Zac,

    Sorry for the OT question (it might be a good break from XT1 questions 🙂 but I am thinking of purchasing your Onelight video for my X100S. Would I be able to get a recommendation on a great (affordable) flash system for it? I’ve got no flash units, no triggers or anything like that. Just a little beat up reflector and I’m looking to take the next step in my relationship with the camera.



    • Zack

      I walk you through all that gear.


  103. Kevin

    Hey Zack. Awesome review. I’m dying to get my hands on an xt-1 and currently shoot with canon. I am still looking for a definitive answer across the message boards and forums as to whether two xt1’s can handle shooting a wedding as well as my current setup. I currently shoot with a 5d3 and 6d with a sigma 35 art, 100Lmacro and 70-200Lii IS. I shoot portrait sessions weekly but only about 10 weddings per year. Also. My 600 ex-rt flashes would still work if i got some pocket wizards correct ? Thanks so much! Love all your work.

    • Collin M. Smith

      I have an xe-1 and have rented an xt-1 a couple times for weddings. I used the xt yesterday for part of a session and found that the transition between highlight and shadow was not as smooth as on the ex-1 or my Cannons. This is a contrasty image. Any ideas as to why? Settings are pretty neutral across the board (color +2, Provia, everything at the standard setting, except -1 noise reduction). I love the camera and WANT to only use it for my mostly portrait work.

  104. Bill Simmons

    Excellent post and video and I loved your shots in Morocco. You said most of them were jpegs straight from the camera with minimal processing. Maybe you cover this in more detail elsewhere, but how do you decide between shooting RAW or jpeg? Do you typically shoot both and just not use the RAWs when you don’t feel the images need much processing. Thanks.

    • Zack

      For walking around street stuff and hanging out taking photos of my family I just shoot JPG. They’re great out of camera. For paid work I usually shoot RAW + JPG and many times… I deliver the JPG. I need the RAW if I see I’m going to be in mixed lighting and I’m going to need to deal with color after the fact or if I know there are going to be some large gradients in a sky or background and I want to make sure that gradient is as smooth as possible… but usually… the JPG is fine.


  105. Julio Leon

    Hi Zack, thanks so much for the great review – very informative and very helpful. I am also about to make the switch from Nikon over to Fuji’s X-T1, but would like your advice on the lens choice. For portrait and street photography work, which would be your 2 choices of lenses? I was thinking about purchasing the 18-55 as part of the kit as well as their 35mm/1.4. Thoughts? Or is there another set of choices you would make? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts and advice.

    Thanks again,


    • Zack

      Personally I’d go with the 35 and the 56. They would cover most of what you need and are far nicer than the kit lens.


      • Julio Leon

        Hi Zack,

        Thanks for the insight – really appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing more of your courses, hopefully you might have a workshop in the Seattle area.

        All of the best wishes!!


  106. Asi

    Hi Zack

    Just a quick question.
    I have a X100s that i just love.
    But was wondering to buy X-T1.
    But there are rumors that the X-Pro2 is coming next year.
    Should i wait for that? ether to buy X-Pro2 or X-T1, the price on X-T1 will probably drop.

    • Zack

      Buy what you need when you need it unless you know for sure something is about to release. Photokina is in a two weeks. I’d wait to see what is announced. I’m not expecting an X-Pro2 at Photokina. That would be awesome but I don’t think it’s going to happen. The XT1 is still new. I honestly don’t know though. Honestly.


  107. Barry OConnor

    Last year I read an article of yours on the x100s and it got me thinking about the bulk of my canon 5d mkii and it various L lenses. What had once been the pinnacle for me had turned into a very heavy bag that had cost a small fortune. Fast forward a year and I have sold it all. The last of my l lenses being made ready for eBay. An x100s was bought and although I miss the range offered by the canon it’s just so easy to throw in the bag. Mind you I took the 5 d everywhere too but the bag was considerably bigger. I have just read the xt1 review you did and my issue too is video. If I’m going to be investing in a new system I think it is not enough for a company to produce a product that is excellent in one resect and so so in another. But is it too much to ask for video that is as good as the stuff canon is producing. I don’t think so. Anyway it’s always good to read your views on fuji. As you say you have their ear so keep on at them and fingers crossed.

    • James

      Hi Zac
      traded my second hand (I bought it second hand) Leica M9 with zeiss 28mm f2.8 & zeiss 50mm f2 for a new Fuji xt-1 18-55 & 56 F1.2 & got $1000 back in my pocket. After playing with the fuji, I honestly felt I was getting better results with less effort (better colours & way easier to use for me – a lot more versatile) I loved the leica & zeiss combination & took some beautiful images but felt I also missed a lot of shots. I had issues with the colours as well – they always seemed to be off (Too green in skin tones) I shoot in RAW but still struggled getting colours right on the Leica. The Fuji on the other hand nails the colours beautifully! I used it to shoot a wedding last week -reception was very dark, especially on the dance floor) set at 3200 iso 56mm 1.2 wide open & was amazed at the clean results (slight grain looking noise) which I could get rid of in LR5 but didn’t bother as it looked as good as the results from my 5d mk11. So far so good!!

  108. Greg Fountain

    HI Zack! Been following your Fuji journey for about a year now. Love your work!

    I’ve had the X100 and the XPro1, but sold them both because of the focus issues (I’m impatient, I admit it). But after reading this review, your enthusiasm for tis camera nudged me to pick one up to give Fuji another shot. I absolutely love it. To me, it is miles ahead of their previous iterations and the focus issues seem to be mostly resolved. So I am going to stick with it and add the 56/1.2 to go with the 23/1.4 that I bought with the camera.

    One thing though. Next time you get the chance to bend the Fuji Engineer’s ears, please, and I mean PLEASE, ask them to let us assign EC to the front command dial. I mean, being able to see a live preview of exposure in the EVF along with the histogram is marvelous, but having to take my eye away from it to adjust the EC is madness! If I could simply spin that front dial to fine tune the exposure…..perfection!


  109. Toby

    great review! I had read several others already and concluded to wait for the next model, but yours makes me think I should jump onboard now. I presently own an X-M1 with the 35mm lens and love the photos and the lens; I usually shoot wide open. What I don’t like is the slow AF speed, especially considering that my prime subjects are my 1 and 4 year old kids.

    I am only a hobby photographer, but I also do photos at my son’s german school, including twice annual choir performances (approx 100 students). I am using a LumoPro 180 and plan to get one more so I can light from both sides.

    Unfortunately, the 50mm doesn’t quite cut it for these performances, so I was thinking of getting the 55-200mm for my X-M1. But if I were to buy the X-T1 (which is certainly a bit more money than I was planning to spend), I would likely get the 18-135mm weatherproof lens (This review here really got my attention: http://www.aboutrc.com/2014/06/16/real-world-images-w-fuji-xf-18-135-3-5-5-6-ois-weather-resistant-lens/).

    Any recommendations are much appreciated!

    • Maria Sacadura

      Hi Zack
      I liked very much your review and would like very much your opinion about the settings you have programmed in the
      XT1.In those settings we don’t have «matiz» or «contrast» like the Nikons or Canons. How can I replace? Sometimes is important those parameters and I hope they very soon will alow the writting of those settins replacing those numbers!
      Thanks in advance for your help! Keep up the good work!
      My kind regards


      • Zack

        Work with the highlight and tone and shadow tone to get it where you’d like it for contrast.


  110. Jorge Tenorio

    Zach, I am having problems with the Focus or quality of the images once I step back, for Product shots it’s simply amazing even with the kit lens, in low light up close the image is really good, but with the same settings if I step back 3-4 steps I get a Blurry / Low quality looking image. I really want to fully switch to Fuji, i love the colors and even AWB on it, it’s light and beautiful but i take a lot of Lifestyle images and i can’t get a sharp image either with the 18-55 or the 27mm, any thoughts on this?

  111. Paul

    Fanastic camera. I’m very happy with it. No regrets. BUT the Shooting Mode Dial below the ISO dial is a real pain in the ass.

    It switches all the time when you turn the iso dial.
    The ISO dial is locked all the time. So you need the press the lock button and turn the iso dial.
    Because of this accidentally turning the Shooting Mode Dial is very easy.

    I hope FUJI will implement a disable feature for this dial in the camera’s software.

  112. Jaime

    I’ve been trying to read up on flash control and if the xt1 can support HSS with the Yongnuo flash & trigger system. Or HSS with any other way. So far I haven’t been able to find much information.

  113. Gabriel

    Hello Zack.

    First of all, thank you for your great posts. I read somewhere you are working on a Fuji Buyers Guide blog post (which I’m sure will answer my answers), but I’d still appreciate if you could give me some guidance on the following:

    – I’m a Canon G1-X owner but I want to replace it for a Fuji. I can only afford one camera and where I live (Portugal) there is no place where I can rent a camera (as far as I know). Since it will be a long term investment, what would you suggest me to go for: X100T or X-T1?

    Thank you so much

  114. Ricardo F

    Hello Zack,

    I start by saying that you are an inspiration to us all. Do you know if the flash of a X100S (commander) can be used with a 580exII (slave) via TTL mode? I mean like the Canon’s Wireless Flash System, just a camera and a flash, no triggers of any sort. Thanks and greetings from Lisbon.

  115. Guymi

    I love your reviews and photos!
    The new X-t1 and X100T are out. I am a Nikon guy and usually use my D600 with 2.8 lenses for taking pictures of my hectic young kids (alas, the mighty have fallen). I was going to pull the trigger and get a X100T but was recommended to get the X-t1 with the 23mm 1.4 instead.

    Is there any reason to get the X100t for the type of photography I described?


  116. Tom Hanwell

    Hi Zack
    Thanks for the review. I’m a complete beginner that is looking for my first camera to get into street photography and the X-t1 really sings to me.
    Fingers crossed the eBay gods are in my favour and an unused body will be mine later tonight.
    My question is what lenses to go for, for street photography? Do I plump for the 18-55 mm alone while i learn the camera or is this a lens I will quickly find redundant? I like the size of the 27mm pancake for shear portability. Just out of curiosity have you been able to set the camera up to control the aperture on this lens with the control ring rather than going into the q-menu as there is no aperture ring on the lens itself?
    Do you still love the 35mm? You don’t really mention it in this review unlike in your vid for the x-pro.
    Thinking about adding the 55mm to the two mentioned primes would be better in the long run than the kit zoom while looking at maybe picking up the x100t in the new year for the mrs (honest) which would cover the 23mm.

    • Tom Hanwell

      Scratch that I’ve decided to get the x100t first and learn on a smaller simpler camera that will always be with me. And then I can move to a more complex system later.
      Thanks and enjoy photokina

  117. Dennis

    Hi Zack.

    Thanks for your reviews.

    I’ve been waiting for photokina, as I hoped Fuji will show up with an XPro2. They didn’t. So I’ll go for the XT1. And by the way,…. I’ll sell my D700 gear for it.
    It took me quite a long time to realize, I shot over the target with it. Don’t get me wrong,… I love the D700, which I still prefer over D800/810/750. But,… I’ve been on a family Holiday with only a X10. More holiday, less “work”. Now I want better pictures of that. And as I’m a 90% viewfinder user, I need something with a good one.

    So,.. Thanks again for your reviews, which helped me a lot.

    One question at the end,…

    Which strap do you use in the XT1-Video?


  118. Neil

    Thanks for the review, it appears to be the camera I’m looking for.
    I shoot film stills and have humped massive blimps around like a digital donkey for years. I’ve been waiting for years and badgering camera companies to make a camera I can use. I have two absolutes when shooting stills. Silent camera shutter and excellent high ISO rendering. It seems with the firmware upgrade this XT-I is SILENT !! and it’s high ISOs very good. This could be the camera I’ve waited sooo long for. If you shoot in places that are often dimly lit and your shutter needs to be inaudible…. the Fuji XT-I could be the holy grail.

  119. Yuriy

    Zack, Hello! Thanks for the great reviews of Fujifilm, I shoot Nikon D4 and Fuji x-pro1 x-pro I really like). Want to buy X-T1. Please tell me what kind of flash You are using and what wireless flash control? For the previously many thanks!

  120. MrGubrz

    1080th sync?
    love that EVF tho! and the overall look and snappiness!

    ive considered swapping my oly em1 kit out for a xt1 after using that evf… but i dunno about processing those raw files… ill need to play around with some from someone and see if i can get anything that i like.

  121. chronis

    Dear Zack.
    I now own a Canon 5D II, with a 24-70 mm f2.8 and a 70-200mmIS f2.8.
    I’m interested in street photography and my love is shooting in architectural details and then transform them to something unreal.
    I’ve read your reviews on Fujifilm X-T1 and if possible would like you to tell me if moving to the Fuji world is a safe thing to do. I’m tired of all the weight my camera back pack has, so most of the times I don’t carry it with me. Instead I shoot with my Sony RX100 II, a pretty decent camera, but still, has a 1” sensor, which is a bit of a problem. I know exhibit my work in the Arcaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (Greece) and am in discussions on working in Athens and Italy.
    Do you think that Fuji will free my hands and creativity?
    Is there a grid on the screen on the camera? (it’s enormously handful to me)

    Thanks in advance.

    Chronis Spanos

    • Zack

      The Fuji XT1 will go head to head with your current set up and will free you from all that weight. I had the same gear you have now and I don’t miss it at all. With the new 50-140 2.8 lens coming out and a few primes you’ll be set.

      The Fuji does have grid options for the screen!


  122. Phil Vignola

    Thanks so much for the street photography tip. I have been thinking about street photography for a while now but I am a bit afraid. The tip you gave is great seems so simple yet it is very powerful. I may just have the courage to grab some streets shots thanks to that tip!

  123. Guy

    In the video it looks like you are using a wireless off camera flash. Is it TTL by any chance? Is there such a solution?


    • Zack

      I use flashes in manual mode and fire them with pocket wizards. Fuji has a TTL flash but their system still needs some work.


  124. John Peterka


    Thank you for your Fujifilm XT-1 review. We enjoyed your photos and video very much.

    We purchased two XT-1s along with six lenses. We are very pleased with the images. However, we experienced autofocus issues when filming a wedding in Atlanta last month. Since then, Fujifilm’s technical staff recommended setting the camera in High Performance. However, the autofocus is still not as responsive or accurate as some competitor products.

    We have a hard decision. Do we stay with a reasonably good and light camera or do we go back to heavy Nikon or Canon cameras for more accurate and faster autofocus? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    John Peterka

    • Zack

      Hi John,

      I can’t answer that for you. I personally would prefer a Fuji over a dslr for weddings but I’ve spent a lot of time with them and know where they shine and where they fall short. In situations of areas where they don’t want to lock focus I switch to manual and use focus peaking.

      DSLRs are going to have an advantage at times but at the cost of size, shutter noise, and cost. Fuji cameras have an advantage of being small, quiet, and affordable but will have issues on a dark dance floor at a reception. But ya know what, I had 5d2’s with L glass that couldn’t lock focus either in those situations. Best low light focusing camera I ever had was the Nikon D3.

      I shoot portraits and street photography. I tend to work slower and the Fujis sing for me. They aren’t for everyone though.


  125. LordWriter

    Hi Zack,

    Great review, thanks! I want to get a compact mirrorless and had my sight set on the X100T for about a month now, having thought of getting the X-T1 but reconsidered lens swapping to be quite a hassle especially since I don’t think I’d find many situations where I’d need super wide/tele lens. However, I am a bit concerned having read many reviews by people on the X100S specifically but also on the X-T1 being an “AF slouch” meaning it has issues with AF also in low light conditions, and that MF mode is not a swift press of a button matter (in case of the X100S). What’s your take on this one? How did you find the AF performance on the X100T with regards to portraiture and also low light conditions, compared to the X100S? Are the new spot metering and multi-target auto area AF mode truly set a difference?

    • Zack

      AF is getting better and better with each new X camera. There’s a lot that goes into AF for low light. I haven’t really cussed at my Fuji cameras much since the X100 and X-Pro1.

      Low light is always a pain to focus in. Subjects rarely have the contrast needed for cameras to lock on. The best low light focusing camera I ever owned was a Nikon D3. I will say that my Fuji cameras are better than my Canon 5d2’s that I used to shoot with. Those cameras sucked in low light focusing situations.

      I’d suggest renting one and giving it a try.


  126. Pat Morrissey

    Zack, I have the X100s and love it to bits. However, lack of an intervalometer, remote triggering and the limited lens choice are making the X-T1 sound like an ideal alternative/complementary. How is battery life? I’ve found the X100s’ is quite poor and the drop-off alarming. I really appreciate the X100s’ simplicity of operation – is the X-T1 much more complicated? If you had a limited lens choice (say two) which would you go for (I know the 90 is out yet). Thanks for the review!

    • Zack

      The XT1 is great and the battery is larger so it lasts longer although they have increased battery life on the X100T with the same battery somehow. Also, the drop off rate on the x100s is due to the battery indicator not being that great. It’s three bars to zero too quick. Another issue that has been solved on the x100t.

      For two lenses… the 35 and the 56 I think would make you happy. You already have a 23 with the x100.


      • Pat Morrissey

        Thanks for the quick response and the lens info – makes sense! I’m looking forward to getting a chance to try out the XT1. Pat.

  127. Benoît Grogan-Avignon

    HI Zach! Great review. How did it cope in the studio with focusing without a modelling light on? I know you turn the exposure preview off in the settings, but did it hunt and hunt? Coming from a 5dmkii which hardly did, I wouldn’t want to be awkwardly standing in front of client saying “wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…”


  128. Peter Engdahl

    Hi Zack.

    Thanks for your review of the X-T1, I like it and your photography in general. I’ve had my X-T1 (which is my first Fujifilm) for about 3 weeks now and I really like it. I’ve been using it primarily so far for street photography (as I’m getting more into that style) and I’m very pleased with the results it and the 35mm f/1.4 lens is giving me. I’m buying the 14mm f/2.8 and 56mm f/1.2 in about a week and I’m very excited about that and I know it’s all about preference, but would you recommend also getting the 23mm f/1.4 for street photography?
    And do you also think the X-T1 could give my 5D MkIII a good match when it comes to shooting landscapes? Haven’t tried it yet since I’m waiting to be able to buy the 14mm f/2.8 next week. Sorry for the long post.

  129. Sandi Walker

    Hey Zack!

    Just broke down and got the XT-1, love it, but cannot figure out how to make it fire my pocket wizards. What for the love of all things am I doing wrong? I’ve tried all the obvious answers and pressing “test” fires the flash but ummmm…I’m at a loss.

  130. Laszlo

    You’re a true inspiration Zack. Thanks for sharing. Your pretend-that-you’re-taking-a-photo-of-something-else trick for taking street photos of strangers is a pure strike of genius. I always shy away from getting close to people in the streets – but this, I think I can actually pull off. Can’t wait to try it out.

    I was also fortunate enough to take the X-T1 for a test ride for about a month during summer and it truly is a fantastic piece of gear. I didn’t as much as pick my Canon 5Dmk2 up during that time, except for when I was shooting real estate, for various reasons.

  131. Lawrence Katzeff

    Great review Zach.

    I’m loving the x-t1 except for one thing – during shoots with kids playing or action type shots I’m missing the crucial moments due to a tiny delay in focus. I usually shoot in single AF mode. Can you advise what settings I should try to fix this slight delay? What are your preferred AF and burst mode?

  132. Thomas

    Hey Zack great review, i am indeed considering adding this camera to my kit. In fact i am considering making it my full kit but one thing is holding me back. That one thing is the constant rumours of Fuji going FF. The crop sensor is not what holds me back, but the chance that i fully invest in a body and lenses only to be left behind with it when/if Fuji releases FF body makes me hesitant.

    So with that said, can you offer any insight? Should i hold off? Or is the Xt-1 train still going to be chugging for years to come.

  133. Juan Lamus

    So I am taking things up a notch and moving from non-charge to start charging for portraits, but I want to deliver better quality images, is the xt-1 with for that? I would be divorcing canon (mark ii).
    Thanks for any suggestions..

  134. Soumya Mukherji

    Dear Zack
    I have finally made the plunge and ordered the Fuji X-T1. To tell you honestly, it was a little over my budget but I wanted the faster Auto Focus and weather sealing over the E2. I would have loved to get it with the 18 – 135mm lens but it’s not yet available in India. So I had to buy it with the kit lens 18-55 mm. My question is I don’t see you using that lens here. Is it as crappy, as generally kit lenses are? Would I need to invest in a lens again it the future. I’m a portrait and travel photographer.

    • Joshua Thamin

      18-55 F2.8-4 is a fantastic lens. As sharp as a prime lens, just not as wide aperture.

  135. TOM BELL

    Great review thank you.
    I have and still love my Pentax K5 and lenses from years gone by. I have and love the X100 ( which has improved so much with the admirable Firmware changes) …. I also love the 28/ 50 mm equivalent screw on lenses.
    Living here in the very wet South West of the UK … I have been waiting for a Weatherproof Fuji with faster AF and am now waiting for the XT1 to reduce in price down to my level … But I am convinced

    BUT ZACH …. Just a thought re Medium Format … Have you considered the new Pentax 645 Z which seems to combine medium format size with some of the ease of usage of many SLRs.


    Thanks for the review …. Looking forward to when I can afford this beautiful small beast

    Best wishes


  136. james

    I dont care I am buying the X-T1 and X100T (And Sony A7S for video)

    ZACK, WOO!!!

  137. Rainer

    Hi Zack,
    great review…
    I switched to the XT 1 and got with the combo 18-135 as a combo due to its weather sealing.
    Then I added the 18-55… and now got my first prime the 56mm. Great lens..
    now I was thinking of getting the 27mm and sell the 18-55.
    What would you say? Worth the switch?
    I shoot travel, street and family
    thanks a lot for your help

  138. Joshua Thamin

    Hey Zack, got your one light video off the 5 day deal, love your work and I also have the Fujis. Love the Fuji too! they’re incredible!

  139. Neal


    I love your work, I am currently watching your One Light video right now!! I hope to purchase a LP180 as soon as they come back in stock! I am a current Canon 6D user that is not happy with the results of what I get from this FF camera. I was looking at switching from Canon to either a Fuji or Sony system because of the better advancements that are being made. I also want to cut down on the size of everything in my bag that I have to carry. This is an extremely tough decision for me to decide between the XT-1 or the A7, because both are exceptional cameras. I just love the way your pictures come out and I feel like the Fuji will just provide a much better look to my Wedding Pictures.

    Let me know what you think, any help with this decision would be great!

  140. Bernard

    Hi Zack
    If I needed one more piece of advice before getting an X-T1 you gave it to me me.
    I’m currently owner of 5D M III with L lenses, but all the stuff is heavy for an aging frequent traveler like me. Thanks for this excellent review.
    My question to you is regarding the flash system you use in Morocco
    what brand is the flash unit?
    What brand is the triggering system?
    Best regards

  141. Jane

    Hey Zack,
    Awesome work. Have been really hooked on to your reviews since I attended your workshop at GPP. Question- I’ve been contemplating buying a fuji and am confused at this point with the options available that’s the x100s, it’s upgrade version x100t and the xt1. I usually shoot a lot of portraits, street and weddings. I prefer using the flash only when desperately required. Which of these would be ideal?

  142. John

    Ha & Hurrah, Canon / Nikon caught sleeping here.
    Consumers have been walking around with Nikon FM2’S, Canon’s AE1’S & Olympus OM’s (film cameras to explain to youngsters), for years, not feeling any need for change, now a digital manufacturer has latched onto this.
    If Fuji can sort the auto focus issue re moving subjects that would be a big help.
    I think the following should be the minimum for cameras over £500 $780.

    Aperture priority
    Auto focus / manual focus
    Depth of Field Preview
    Exposure lock
    Exposure metering TTL
    Film effect processing
    Flash HotShoe / PC Terminal
    Flash off
    Focus lock
    Internal Cleaning System
    Lithium-Ion rechargeable
    Long-term lens mount
    Manual Focus
    Mirror lock
    Multiple exposure
    Remote facility
    Self timer
    Spot metering 2.8% / Center weighted average metering
    Strap hand connection on bottom
    Time-lapse recording
    USB 2
    High image quality
    Viewfinder pentaprism & 100% (micro 4/3rds n/a)
    Weather resistant
    White balance custom & kelvin
    Wide exposure compensation

    Rant over.

  143. Amanda Coplans

    Zak, what a great review,
    I’m a paraplegic so choosing the right camera is extremely important to me. Nothing too heavy, and strangely nothing too light!
    I’ve been a die hard Canon user for many many years but my 20 month old and lightly used 5d Mkiii just died on me for no apparent reason – Canon say it needs a new mirror and shutter at a cost of UK£464 (US $730) and they won’t pay for the repair, as they say debris buildup in the camera has caused the failure of mirror and shutter. I wholeheartedly disagree, and feel thoroughly let down by Canon, but that’s another story.
    So I’m thinking this could be the time to jump ship and switch to the Fuji XT-1. My question is, bearing in mind that I do love my fast prime lenses (like the canon 200L and the135 f/2L), am I going to love the Fuji portait lenses, or am I going to be missing my Canon L lenses?

  144. Mendy


    Thank you for the review of the XT1

    I’m seriously looking into buying one

    My question is if the sensor is good enough to produce
    large prints such as 19*39 inces ?


  145. Daniel

    Hello master Zack.

    I got a question reguarding X-T1.

    Will this camera be good for studio work, i dont see why it shouldnt? i love working in the studio so that is the most important thing for me. I use strobes.
    But i want smaller gear for family, vacation and stuff like that.

    Thanks for the best site ever! peace out

    • Zack

      I use it in the studio on a regular basis. With strobes.


      • Polina Osherov

        Hey Zack!

        So my new XT1 just arrived and I’m already loving what it can do in low light! Woot! Here’s the thing though: Having issues with PWs and firing strobes. I think I saw something in one of your posts about that happening because of a particular setting on the camera…maybe I dreamt seeing this. Any thoughts? Thanks for everything! 😀

  146. Cory

    Thanks so much for this review, it’s really helpful. I have been looking at this camera for a few months now. I’m planning on doing some traveling next year and would like something a little bit lighter and smaller than my big DSLR.
    I was looking at the X100s and this one, but I am thinking about getting the X-T1.


  147. Melvin

    I got my XT1 & 1.8/32 a week ago and I have been really breaking it in. The 5D3 is becoming pretty much a cabinet queen, and I had entertained thoughts of selling it away, although I couldn’t bear to. After reading this piece (and quite a few others), I’m quite convinced that keeping the 5D3 will just lower the value over time, and I ought to be getting rid of it soon, seeing that a cabinet queen is all it will be. It’ll take a while, since the lensmap is not fully played out yet.

    There is 1 nagging problem for me, the strap ring on the right gets quite distracting due to the position of the grip. I suppose it’s about building the muscle memory (or rebuilding anyways). Also, I am somewhat hesitant to grip this camera tight, because it’s so dainty. ha!

  148. Shane

    Great review. I’m actually going to sell my canon 16-35f2.8 lens to fund most of the X-T1. I love that lens but tend to shoot closer to 35 and mostly of my children. We have a good deal here in Australia where they are selling the XT-1 with the 18-55 for an extra $50. I’ve really been wanting something more compact for a while that will suit street and childrens photography. I will be keeping my 5DmkII for now along with an 85f1.4 and 70-200f4. I figure that’s a great combo unless the Fuji really impresses and I decide to sell all my canon gear?
    P.S. Has anyone used the X-T1 to shows live shows? If so what are your thoughts?

  149. Jan Brouckaert

    Hi Zack. Thanks for your review ! I learned to know you & your work through the studio sessions workshops video’s and they were as your trip to Morocco very inspiring.

    I work today with Sony gear (since years) combined with a Leica M7 if i shoot analog. I am currently hesitating between the X-1T and the Sony A7II.

    They seem very similar and since the launch of the Sony A7II with its image stabilization, the result might stand out better.

    However since some years i am a bit tired with the quirky menus, failing Autofocus on Sony’s A77, and the lack of updates for it. It seems that the shelf life of their camera’s is less than 1 year, i don’t think thats acceptable.

    Do you have any views on this, did you ever work with the Sony A7 or A7II and how do you differentiate these cameras ?

    Oh BTW : Happy Holidays from Brussels, Belgium

    • Mark Chapman

      Hi Zack,

      I love my Xt-1, having swapped over from a mis-focussing Canon 7D early last year, and have not looked back. With the V3.0 firmware upgrade giving some extra features, it’s made it all the more awesome. I also have an X100S (that’s technically the wife’s, but I ‘borrow’ it) for use as a back-up or when I want the faster sync speeds.

      One thing however bothers me on both cameras and I wonder if it has impacted you at all or if you have found a way around it… Why do Fuji insist on disabling the flash when in continuous shooting mode (or using the new electronic shutter on the XT-1). I used to have the Fuji S9500 bridge camera when I started out and with that I could fire the flash in burst mode (and sync my Vivitar 283s at 1/4000th of a sec for that matter)… so if it can be done on such a basic camera why not on the XT-1. Being able to use the electronic shutter with flash could really unleash the potential of the wide aperture lenses/off camera flash combo as well. Why why why????

  150. Frank

    Thanks for the review Zack.

    After a friend bought the X100T lately and was so happy with the quality of the pics I was looking into the X-line ,too…

    At the moment I’m using a NEX6 because I’m travelling a lot and I basically have the camera on me all the time. I’m quite happy with the sony (the results, size, weight,..). But it was time to move to the next level with my tool… I was not sure what to by XE2 or XT1, now my decission is clear and I can’t wait for the weekend to lay my hands on the XT1 🙂
    As I mentioned I’m looking for a always in my bag camera and I don’t wanna carry a lot of glas, so I made up my mind for the 18-135mm kit lens as a starter.

    So thanks again.


  151. Juho Mattila


    Thanks for the review. After reading this and seeing your Marrakech and Mumbai trip videos with the XT-1 and X-Pro1 I was ready to sell my 6D + L lenses and fully switch to the x-system!

    For the last year the 6D’s been sitting on the shelf collecting dust while I’ve been shooting a lot with my fiancée’s original X100. It’s kinda made me fell in love with shooting pictures again.

    On our previous trip to China I decided to just take the X100 and Ricoh Singlex TLS (film) with me, and it ended up being the best decision ever! So light and convenient setup, and I could actually enjoy the trip, not just carry gear for another photoshoot. And imagine few years back, I carried a DSLR with bunch of lenses to the Great Wall of China and around Beijing… never again am I gonna hurt my back and neck like that!

    I’m keeping the 35mm 1.4L and EOS-1N for some b&w film shooting I enjoy from time to time, otherwise I’m done with the big ass SLRs.

    I ordered the 56mm 1.2 with the XT-1. Next problem is should I get the 14mm or the 10-24mm for my wide angle needs…

    • Thomas

      I would like to know your opinion on Fuji shutter not always waking up the camera, I know it from previous Fuji hybrid cameras – very annoying, the worst part being its inconsistency, it takes a guesst what to expect, if it’s been a while but not too long you just don’t know if the action will wake up the camera or not.
      Second issue: Fuji is very wrong about aperture rings – building a whole line of lenses with some of them aperture rings marked – some not. I know what is behind it – but the idea of having some of them marked and some not – destroys the idea of a ‘line of lenses’ in my bag. What are your opinions on above?

  152. Shane

    Great review,

    Just a few questions regarding the wifi with xt1 camera, I’m curious is it possible with the iOS app to use continuous af in conjunction with self timer on the iphone.

    Also, is it possible it use timer intervals in wifi also like using the iphone to take photos every 10 secs for example.


  153. Marchines

    Hi Jack,
    Great article on this also great camera!
    I was very fond of my fantastic Olympus E-M5 with some great lenses, but something nagged my mind all the time: the M4/3 noise. Then I tried a second hand X-E1 and was sold because of the IQ and high iso results. I changed it shortly after for an X-T1 which I’m still exploring with great pleasure.

    As you say the images you added to this post are jpegs right out of the camera, and because the are remarkably crisp, clear and colorful, could you share with us what settings you used 🙂 ?

    Cheers Marchines

  154. Susie

    Damn you crack me up with your tip one slight of hand. Amazing photos

  155. Frank Wolff


    I am in the process (next 6 months) of adding an XT1 to buddy up to an aging D700. You certainly have gone whole hog on the Fuji system so you seem to the one to ask. I mostly do weddings and my questions are related to lenses, camera set-up and lowlight focusing. The D700 handles it pretty well but I need to upgrade and modernize my equipment. I have read various Fuji forums that the zooms focus faster than their primes and some wedding photographers have issues with primes and the XT1 in low light. In the weddings I have done, very low light situations always seem to occur in the church, ceremonies, receptions, etc. These are situations where you get only one chance. When you shoot weddings or people events, what combo of lenses and camera settings seem to work best.

    Thanks for you time.

    Frank Wolff

  156. Graham Worley

    Hi Zac loved the write up on the XT1, I have been lugging a Nikon D3s around with a bunch of 2.8 lenses too long! I have been looking to slow down lighten up have been checking the XT1 your review seems honest, I look forward to hearing if an XT2 is due with fast lenses and water resistant. Ideal camera for street photography, any more news would be welcome.

    Graham Worley.

  157. Scott

    Zack, this is one of the best “camera” reviews I’ve ever seen. Actually, it’s one of the best street photography short courses I’ve ever seen! Superb! By the way, which shoulder bag are you using in the video please?

  158. Alek Gombik

    Hey Zack,

    Ive been doing a fair bit of research and digging on the web regarding the purchase of a lightweight camera that is discreet enough to take to the streets. From what Ive read this may be the camera i throw my money into for its great low light performance, EVF and build quality. Ive also heard lots of good things about Fuji Optics. Based on positive reviews by the majority of its users, including yourself, I think I have found a winner. However, I am doubting my decision based on some other factors. I am heading to college for photography in the fall and am required to invest in a full frame sensor DSLR. I figure since I am purchasing an expensive body such as a D750 it would only be sensible to put the highest quality glass in front of it as well, so I will be looking at a fairly large investment right off the bat. My question is, despite all the great things this camera has going for it and my desire to use the X-T1 as a camera I can always have by my side is it really worth adding to my shopping cart alongside the nikon gear right now? I have also heard there may be the release of an X-Pro2 within the next year or two.

    If you have any other recommendations for a portable, discreet camera that is still similar in versatility yet maybe a little cheaper, I would really appreciate your input.

    – Alek

    • Zack Arias

      Put money in lenses and not in bodies. Pick up a solid used full frame DSLR to fulfill your school’s requirements then get a decent lens or two. Do not go out and buy the newest or best right now in your journey. You can do a lot with a little while you are still learning and moving into your profession. I’d still look at a small Fuji to always have with you. The x100 series gives you a leaf shutter as well for great flash work.


  159. Billy

    Hi Zack
    Do you see the X-Ti as a suitable all rounder to replace a DSLR? I have an X100 and love it, but realise it has many shortcomings. I was hoping for a camera like the X-Ti to replace my DSLRs, if nothing else to save bulk and weight. I don’t shoot professionally anymore so could justify it, and the somewhat limited lens lineup wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t doubt the image quality but wondered how the AF and EVF was in low light, especially as I still shoot quite a few gigs in small dingy clubs.
    Cheers mate- Billy

  160. Sheri

    Great review and a great camera. I bought my X-T1 a few months ago and love it. I plan on taking it on a trip around the world with me for a year so I wanted to go lightweight. I was wondering, how does the wifi work for you? You touch on it here, but I’m having difficulty with it. It’s a little cumbersome to connect, yes. But even after I do that, if I walk any distance away say over 10-15 feet, it tends to shut off on me at times. What is your experience with this? I’m a little bummed because I’ll be traveling solo and do self portrait work. So I use the remote quite a bit. I was excited about this feature. Great post though!

  161. Joe

    Hi Zach,
    I what to buy a mirror less to go with/ lighten my d4 and 800.
    I do street mostly, should I buy a 100T or xT1 w/27?

    Appreciate your thoughts
    Thank you,


  162. Kai

    Hey Zack,
    I’m still very confused between a nikon d7100 and a Fuji xe2 on what to buy. My main concern is more on image quality and functionality and quality on print, I shoot portraits, street/fashion. Can you help me choose between the two? Your response would help a lot… Thanks Zack

  163. John amore

    So happy to read your in depth review
    I just purchased a k3 on the bad advice of a camera store sales men
    Make no mistake the k3 is excellent
    My 1st. Choice. Was the xt1 I had just sold a Sony A 77 way to big and way to heaven I live in Colorado And love to shoot in the high country in the fall and winter
    Here in the rockies their were NO
    Xt1 Fuji even to look at!
    Please. Keep sending more of your personal reviews thank you for the truth

  164. Douglas Nelson

    Hi Zack,
    I was wondering if you have any experience with the XT1 and M adapter for Leica lenses. I realize the XT1 is not full frame but I was considering the XT1 + the new 18-55mm f2.8 + the M adapter but have read conflicting views on the quality using the M adapter.
    Many thanks for your help.
    Truly appreciated,

  165. home later

    Fabulous, what a weblog it is! This webpage presents useful
    facts to us, keep it up.

  166. Michael ONeill

    Great write-up, Zack. I’m in love with my X-T1 also. My X-Pro 1 and X-E1 are gone now…no longer in my bag. The X-T1 simply blew them away (and I loved them). I use the X-T1 for all of my personal work and have even shot a couple of destination weddings with them (Hate lugging around all that DSLR gear). I’d say I’ve bought the last DSLR of my life. Mirrorless IS the future and it is getting better every day.

  167. serialmint.ru

    Okay, I m going to make a call, not just to you, but to all the Canon Explorers of Light and Nikkor Lickers and Fuji Mafia and X-Rite War Gods it s high time for people to start disclosing financial relationships with companies whose products they review .

    • Marvin Israel

      I shoot with a Nikon D800 and D700 mainly candid street photography and some travel photography. I wanted to try the Fuji Xt 1 so I rented it for five days together with the 18-135 lens to shoot Halloween in NYC. I have my Nikons set for back button focus, but when I tried that with the Fuji I found it very difficult to hold down the BBF and release the shutter at the same time. I had to contort my hand because they were too close together. This really soured me on the camera which otherwise seemed to be a terrific camera (except, of course, for the crappy 4-way button on the back).

  168. jesper

    Hello Zack..

    I sold all my Nikon gear. and i really like the XT-1 i have 35mm and 18-55 and 30-230 but i need to get to 90 mm 1,2 thats for sure

  169. Velu

    Dear Zack, I wonder if it’s feasable to operate the X-T1with one( right) hand? I am recovering from a stroke and got disabled on my left side, Playing the guitar is not longer a possibility, but I just refuse to give up photography as well,I was a Canon, Leica and X100 shooter( and ony tried the X100 since the stroke but it doesn’t work for me )and for everybody, live your life !!! as ZAck says, travel!!!
    Thank you for your help !


  170. Jochgem Taken

    Hi Zack,

    Great video from Marakesh. I own a Fuji Xt1 also but was thinking about trading it for a Canon 6D.. But you convinced me not to do that.

    Cheers and keep up the good work man!

  171. Aura

    Dear Zack

    My pictures of people have this waxy look, any advice on the settings to change this, on the XT1

  172. Ricardo

    Hi Zack , I watch many of your youtube videos and follow your blog. Thank you for sharing so many good insights about your work.

    I still struggling to adapt from a Canon word to Fuji. I miss a lot a good flash. In the beginning I thought a good ISO could work , but I faced many situations where I had to manage some extra light. Do you have any tips on this area to share .. thank you

  173. John Philion

    I bought my X T-1 in 2015. After shooting 20,000 images it would not turn on all the time but would come to life intermittently. The Fuji repair facility said it would probably be the battery. The last time it failed to turn on I inserted a fully charged Fuji battery NP-W126 but it would still not turn on.
    Questions: Is it possible the camera fails (wears out) after a large number of shots?
    I bought the X E2S as a backup camera while the Fuji repair shop is trying to resolve the problem with the X T-1. The X E2s works fine with no problems.
    Since I’ve connected the X T-1 camera to my computer’s USB port, is it possible that it may have been affected by a virus because its failure to turn on seems random and is not associated with extreme temperatures or assaults from the weather?