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I have had a pre-production copy of the new Fuji X100T for a week and I have been putting it through the paces to find out how much this camera has evolved since the first X100 was introduced at Photokina in 2010. It was the original X100 that started my love affair with Fuji cameras, and I haven’t looked back since selling my DSLR gear in favor of the Fuji X series for my small format cameras. Yes, I’m going back to film days and saying that 35mm full frame sensors and below are “small format.” That’s not a dig at full frame sensors. That’s just calling 35mm and below what it is. But, before I digress into hyperbole and enrage the trollz, let’s jump into this new camera and why or why not you might be interested in it.

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This post is not a review of the Fuji X100T per se, but more of a first look at the new camera and its new features and my opinions about it.

Upgrade #1 :: Speed

fuji x100t

To test the X100T I went back to the original X100 with the latest firmware running on it. I walked around and shot with the original X100 and was first surprised by how much that camera had changed with firmware updates. It is no longer the slow weird beast I fell in love with nearly four years ago.

I then walked the same path with my X100S and then the X100T. I wanted to get a feel for the progression this camera has made.

The new X100T shows just how much Fuji has moved this camera forward. It’s like using an iPhone 3 and then going to an iPhone 5. Focusing is much faster and far more accurate in both OVF and EVF modes. The overall speed and responsiveness of the camera is faster and more fluid. Walking the same path with the X100S shows how much in the middle that camera is in-between the X100 and the X100T.

Shooting my original X100 again and looking through those first menus and cursing at the OVF brought back tons of memories I’ve had with these X cameras. I just wanted a nice compact camera to walk around with. I never thought it would have such an impact on my life; from getting me started in street photography, to picking Fuji up as a client and shooting for them, to the wholesale dismantling of my DSLR kit. I have such a strong nostalgic connection to my original X100 I’d love to actually put the first firmware back into it just for the good ol’ days.

I’ve now been shooting with the X100T for a solid week and as much as I didn’t go back to the X100 from the X100S, I see my X100S falling to back up camera as of… pretty much now.

Upgrade #2 :: WiFi

fuji x100t wifi

WiFi in cameras has typically been a horrible experience and don’t even get me started on EyeFi cards. I have three of them and I finally said “to hell with this” some time ago. The Fuji XT1 was the first camera I’ve used where WiFi didn’t completely suck. I’ve used WiFi on Canon, Sony, Fuji, and Panasonic and so far Fuji is doing the best job integrating WiFi to iOS. I’ve never tried it on Android so I can’t relate my experience with that platform.

The WiFi on the X100T is working like a champ for controlling the camera remotely to browsing and downloading images to an iPhone and iPad. I’m heading to Europe this week and I’m not taking a big camera bag nor am I taking a laptop. I’m taking this X100T, two conversion lenses, and an iPad Mini.

However, let me state that WiFi is still buggy and there’s a healthy amount of lag when remotely controlling the camera while shooting. I think this technology has a long way to go, but it is usable in shooting and it is wonderful for downloading to a device for editing and sharing. One thing I’d love to see upgraded on the Fuji cameras is allowing the photographer to control the camera from the camera while it is being previewed on a device. This would be extremely helpful during a shoot as I can keep shooting and my client or crew can see the images popping up on an iPad. As it stands, when a Fuji camera is being controlled remotely via WiFi the camera goes dark. You can only control it via the app.

And dearest Fuji — We still want tethering to a computer.

Upgrade #3 :: Classic Chrome

fuji  classic chrome sample 11








fujifilm x100t classic chrome film simulation


fujifilm x100t classic chrome film simulation


fujifilm x100t classic chrome film simulation


fujifilm x100t  classic chrome sample

I have a confession to make. I have had a hacked X100S all summer that had this new Classic Chrome film simulation loaded into it. Fuji asked if I would test it and I half heartedly agreed to. “I’ll test it. Don’t know what you’re going to get from it. I don’t use the film simulation modes.” Then I shot all summer with Classic Chrome and that’s all I shoot with the hacked X100S and X100T. I really hope it is coming to the rest of the Fuji lineup via firmware.

I haven’t heard anything about new firmware. I might know more after Photokina next week. I’ll update you here on DEDPXL if I hear anything new.

But yes… Classic Chrome. Holy sh*t. Yes. Yes. Yes.

This might be sacrilege to some but it could almost be called an Eggleston filter. I do not want to cheapen this film simulation with a dumb name or anything like that, and I sure as hell do not want to cheapen the name of William Eggleston. I only say that because it reminds me a lot of Eggleston’s palette. Please don’t flame me over this. I’m just trying to describe my feelings and emotions when I started shooting this film simulation. I love Eggleston’s work and his use of color is so unique that it became his signature at times. It makes sense, though, since Eggleston shot Kodachrome most of the time, and this is called “Classic Chrome”; I’m kind of thinking that Kodachrome was the inspiration for this film. I could be wrong. Just my opinion.

There’s this “something” to this new film simulation. Whatever that “something” is I love it and I’m sold on it. It’s slightly desaturated and slightly flattened out without making highlights and shadows muddy like some film simulators tend to do. It can still hold a nice “snap” of contrast especially if you set your shadow tone to +1 which is something I am doing a bit more of these days. People don’t believe us Fuji shooters when we say we love the JPGs coming straight out of these cameras. Fuji has always processed images better than anyone else. I remember fashion shooters swearing by Fuji S1’s and S2’s for skin tone straight from camera.

All of the sample images above were shot auto WB, auto ISO, aperture priority, some sort of exposure compensation, and using the Classic Chrome film simulation mode. These are straight out of camera JPGs that have been sized down to 2000px. Most were shot with the hacked X100S.

This blog post is coming right along! I’ve got a squirrel, my kids, a cat and a dog, and a flower! Nice! I might have to set up some kitschy sh!t or take a photo of my bookcase. Let me know if you need those images to truly get an idea of what this camera is capable of. Maybe a photo of a quarter at every conceivable aperture and ISO setting? Let me know if you need those.

Oh — you’re going to love this. I have hit the pinnacle of success as a professional photographer. The new Fuji brochure features some images I have shot in Classic Chrome and one of the images chosen is that flower shot above. Guys! I have a picture of a flower in a camera brochure guys!!! I’m looking forward to my early retirement.

Upgrade #4 :: Layout, Displays, & Custom Functions


The menus have the XT1 feel and look to them with a few further refinements. One of the new features I’m most happy about is you can now customize your Q menu now! YES! That’s been a huge request and just one more sign that we speak and Fuji listens. The new D pad on the back has been upgraded and I wish the XT1 had this exact D pad. Fuji got the D pad right! Yes! High fives all around! I think they have finally found the perfect mix of size, feel, and function.

Each of the four buttons on the D pad can be programed to do whatever you want them to do. Currently I have the top one set to choose the AF area. The right button turns macro on and off. The bottom button turns face detection on and off. The left button cycles through the conversion lens settings. I have the top function button set to turn the built in ND filter on and off. I’ve kept the WiFi function button at its default setting of turning on WiFi. The seventh Fn button is the trash can button and that can be set to do something when in shooting mode. It is still the trash button when in playback mode.

While I’m talking about buttons I need to mention that the AFS / AFC / MF selector button on the left side of the body is new and is the best yet. There are longer spaces between the M, C, and S positions and there’s a solid click as you hit each one. It’s a very small detail but one that has needed to be addressed since the original X100. Glad to see that improved.

From the X100T brochure comes this interesting note — “After feedback from customers, the design philosophy and layout of the rear of the camera has been standardized on X series models.” So… will this be the main layout from now on? I hope so. It’s a pain moving from one X camera to another and remembering where all the buttons are because they’ve been moved around a lot. Some may argue they’d rather have this button there or that one here. I honestly don’t care. I just want one consistent layout and be done. They could have 14 buttons with no markings for all I care and let us program each and every one. Just as long as there is some consistency moving forward is what I’m happy about.

Upgrade #5 :: New Hybrid Viewfinder

fuji x100t hybrid viewfinder

The already wonderful hybrid viewfinder has been redesigned and it is fantastic.

First, when in Optical Viewfinder (OVF) mode you now have a real time parallax preview as that white frame moves with focusing distance. You can also see the overall interface has been cleaned up as well. You can still have a digital level, framing guides, focus scale and all the rest. I used to have all that stuff turned on but lately I’ve been stripping my displays down to bare essentials.

The image above was shot with my iPhone so it does not do the viewfinder justice but it gives you a basic idea of the look of it. Notice the little preview in the bottom right corner? That’s a real time preview of your focus area and it lets you know what the camera is actually locking on to. It is also very helpful when using manual focus in combination with the OVF. As you move your focus point around the viewfinder the preview follows it. My preproduction unit has that turned on all the time in OVF mode and there have been times when I would like it turned off. I think this will be a feature that is user selectable once the firmware is finalized because I see it as an option in the new brochure.

The new OVF is also brighter and larger than previous models and it’s beautiful. It also seems to cover the entire field of view of the wide angle conversion lens. When you set the camera to the wide angle converter the box changes to corner markers in the full frame of the OVF. When you place it in tele converter mode the white box reduces in size to give you the field of view frame for that lens. The EVF has been upgraded as well. Here’s a screenshot of the new Fuji brochure talking about it. Also note that Hawke Danger and my wife, Meghan, have made their camera brochure modeling debut!


Other notable upgrades ::


Another notable upgrade that has been introduced with the X100T is the ability to switch from a mechanical shutter to an electronic shutter or turn it on auto and the camera will decide. The electronic shutter now gives the camera the ability to shoot at shutter speeds up to 32,000th of a second. I have not been in any situations yet where I’ve needed this, but it’s there and it’s working. I’ve shot in full sun at f2 at 20,000th something of a second so I know it works. Note: if you have it on electronic shutter or auto the hotshoe will not fire. You have to be in mechanical shutter for the hotshoe to fire anything sitting on it. Bernard figured this one out after listening to me spew obscenities when I couldn’t get this new camera to fire a Pocket Wizard.

One request I still have to this day is to allow the center pin of the hotshoe to fire — NO MATTER WHAT! Silent mode. Continuous frame. Macro mode. Whatever. Fire that center pin always. Please. It sucks to have your camera set up one way and you put a pocket wizard on it and the flash won’t fire. Then you have to cycle through your menus and figure out what the hell is keeping it from firing. Anyway. The 23mm lens still has a leaf shutter so highspeed sync is still available.

Speaking of the lens, there’s a new aperture ring that now has positive click stops in 1/3 increments. That’s really nice. The focus ring is smooth and responsive and has a new texture engraved into it. OMG. Remember manually focusing the first version of the x100? It was pointless. Useless. Maddening. It made you say a lot of cuss words. I’m glad they improved the x100 with the last firmware update but it isn’t as good as the S and the T.

Oooo. Ooooo. Another favorite upgrade for me is the new exposure compensation dial. It now has +3 to -3 stops of exposure compensation in 1/3rd increments. I shoot my x100’s on aperture priority most of the time but I rely heavily on the exposure compensation dial to get the exposure that I desire. Having an extra stop in both directions is a much welcomed upgrade.

The fujifilm x100t camera :: first look at review

Speaking of exposure, you can now set the spot meter to follow your focus point. Spot metering was always stuck in the center of your frame before. You can now have the option to use the center or to follow your focus point. Nice. Speaking of focus point, you can set up the D pad to not be function buttons and now just be focus selection points full time. That’s nice if you have your camera all set to how you want it and you just want to move that AF point around without having to push a dedicated button to start that process.

The menu now has three Auto ISO settings that can be customized however you see fit.

You can have Auto #1 set from ISO 200 – 6400 with 1/60th as the slowest shutter before advancing ISO. The next can be set from 400 – 1600 with 125th set as the shutter. Etc. Etc. That’s a nice tweak.

X100 users… Drum roll please… Not only has battery life been improved to a reported 700 shots (with power saving options turned on) BUT… It seems as though the battery indicator level is fixed! I haven’t had enough experience to blow through a lot of batteries yet but it would seem as though the battery indicator is gradually declining as it should have always done. In the past it would show full. And then it would drop one level indicator and that was your ten shot warning. Typically your battery was full or dead with very little room in between. Note that it uses the same battery as before so if you upgrade your batteries and chargers will not be obsolete.

There’s one menu item I can’t test yet and that is “Instax printer connection setting.” Oh. Yes. I can’t wait to try that.

The video functions have been upgraded but I have not had a chance to give this a run for its money yet. In the past I’ve never used any Fuji cameras for videos of any importance because the quality has been subpar, thus my heavy investment into the Panasonic GH4 system this year. I feel like Fuji needs about one more year of tweaking and refining their cameras and sensors and I’d love to see them turn their focus onto the video capabilities. That’s going to require a lot of R&D and to be real honest with you… I think… for me… I’d rather see that R&D money pushed into a new medium format camera. That’s what I’m truly lusting for these days. Here’s a page about the new video capabilities.

Oh… and advanced filters. Selective color can be done in camera. Please move along. Nothing to see here. Move along.

fujifilm x100t brochure

This post is getting quite long but there is a lot to cover. Let me finish this list with the last few things that are noteworthy. The LCD screen has been upgraded and is now larger than previous models. Multi target auto AF is now available. Haven’t tested that yet. EVF brightness and color can be adjusted. There’s a simple to use intervalometer (Yay!) and lastly, you can now charge the battery in the camera via USB.

That… is a lot of upgrades.

My Current x100T kit ::

fuji film x100t


I’ve recently added the conversion lenses to my bag and I’m testing them right now. As far as feel and balance goes, the wide angle lens feels right at home on the X100. The tele converter makes the camera a bit front heavy. It sits nicely in the hand but isn’t as balanced as well as the wide. While you can shoot either of them without switching the lens mode on the camera I do not suggest doing so. The number one thing the lens mode on the camera does is correct barrel distortion. At least from my tests that’s what it seems to be doing. I’m not wanting to jump into a review of these lenses yet; I want a little more time with them.

The images above were shot from the same camera to subject distance to give you an idea of the field of view each lens gives you. FWIW – That’s Billy Allin, Owner and Chef of Cakes & Ale in Decatur, GA. If you can ever make your way to Cake’s & Ale… do so. The man is a genius.

What’s Missing ::

fujifilm x100t

There are two major upgrades I was expecting with this camera. A flip/tilt screen and weatherproofing and neither of these are on the new camera. The tilt screen I can live without, but no weatherproofing? That’s my big #facepalm moment with this new camera. As in… “Hey y’all! Got the new X100T brochure! You forgot to mention weatherproofing. It is weatherproofed, right?” Errr. No. It is not. Again, while tilt screens are awesome, and I use that on the XT1 more and more, I can live without it. My personal opinion about it being left out on this camera is it would have made the camera thicker overall.

But weatherproofing? I’m scratching my head on that one. I’ve had my previous X100’s out in the rain before and they’ve gotten quite — shall we say — damp. Never dripping wet, though. I’d love to walk out the door with confidence that my X100 could get straight up rained on without skipping a beat. I really want that feature. I want that far more than a tilt screen.

The rumor sites had previously talked about a 24 megapixel chip upgrade and that didn’t happen either.

I’m fine with that. The current sensor lineup is fantastic and does everything I need it to do for a small format camera. If it can do so at 24 MP fine. If not, fine. I’m sure we’ll see that bump up at some point.

The ISO has been boosted but I haven’t really had a chance to test that out properly and I don’t want to report on that yet with preproduction firmware. If there is something jaw dropping amazing about it I’ll report back. I could simply take a photo of my computer keyboard at high ISO but that isn’t real world, real moment, real firmware. Of course it’s going to be noisy but how does that translate into a photo that I actually want to make into a print? We’ll see.

The new body design is slightly thinner than previous models but that isn’t really felt when in the hand. The curves of the body have been flattened out so overall it’s been on a diet and is getting a bit more lean and cut. Personally I prefer the little extra curves of previous design. If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.

The most noteworthy body changes (besides the buttons on the back) are seen on the front of the camera where the handgrip now extends to the top of the camera and the front of the viewfinder is now flush with the body. In the hand, though, it’s just as balanced and comfortable as before. The dials have solid clicks. The buttons are well laid out, and the new command dial works well. I will note that a new thumb grip will need to be designed. I have the old Fuji thumb grip and it slightly covers the “drive” button and is a bit in the way of the command dial. Nothing that I can’t work around but I will be on the hunt for a new thumb rest; an accessory I can no longer live without. The jury is out for me about soft releases, though; I usually end up losing the things.

Should You Upgrade?

fuji x100t

I’ve heard a number of people say, “If it has this or that then I’ll probably upgrade.” and, “If it does not have this or that then I will not upgrade.” If you are in either of those camps then you now have an idea of what you are going to do. I’m going to say that if you are still shooting an original X100 then this is going to be a big upgrade for you. If you are currently shooting with the X100S then the biggest gain you will see is WiFi, speed, and button layout and HVF improvements. You will appreciate the bump in performance and you will like the new viewfinder a lot. I can’t tell you if that’s enough for you to upgrade or not. You’ve already made up your mind I’m sure.

Fuji made a lot of people happy when they did a huge upgrade to the original X100 after the S was introduced.

They really brought that camera up in performance. The S was, and is, a fantastic camera and I imagine we’ll see some firmware upgrades. I DO NOT KNOW THAT THOUGH! I’ll report on what I find out after Photokina. However, knowing Fuji, they do a great job keeping people happy with great firmware updates.

Conclusion ::

classic chrome film simulation

The X100T continues the evolution of the X100 series with some well thought out refinements of the camera.

The X100 series is STILL my desert island camera. I’m so happy they haven’t screwed it up. It still has soul and that —  is what makes a Fuji a Fuji.

Any questions? Hit me up in the comments below! Also, let me know if you have anything you would like me to relay directly to the Fuji design team. I’m taking notes to them from feedback I get here. I know Fuji will be reading the comments on this blog so to continue discussion about this camera I’d like to know:

• What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?
• What is your wish list for the X200
• What day last week do you wish a Fuji digital medium format camera was announced? 🙂

This is a big one that sparks a lot of debate but I really want to hear your thoughts…

• How many of you are waiting for a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji? Is it a “must have” for you?

That’s a big discussion about Fuji cameras. In addition to chatting and asking questions about the X100T I’d like to know your thoughts on the idea of a full frame Fuji. Personally, I’m happy with APS and I want them to go straight to medium format, but that’s just me. Feel free to “Dear Fuji” in the comments below or ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them or find an answer.


PS – Now that this camera is out (and whatever else happens at Photokina) I’ll be able to wrap up my Fuji Field Guide. Also, I’m working on a Fuji Buyers Guide blog post because I get so many questions about which camera / lens / such and such. I’m going to cover all of that in one big post after Photokina. 

PPS – I was not paid by Fuji to make this blog post. I was given a pre-production camera to test and relay feedback to them on the camera. These opinions are mine and mine alone. 

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  1. Sheryl

    So, my 100s is being delivered tomorrow. Do I return it and wait for the 100t?

    • Edgar

      If you bought it new for $1299 definitely return it and order the T… If you bought it used you have to decide if the upgrades are worth the difference in money whatever it may be.

    • Sean

      I’ve been in love withe Fuji since the x100 as well. Got the X100s as soon as it came out. Perfect travel camera. I’m happy to see Fuji continue to develop this camera, but I’ll skip this upgrade (though wifi is temping). SeanWasHere.com

      • Lewis

        You should check out the Eye-Fi Mobi & Pro cards. I’ve been using one in my X100 and absolutely love that I can back up immediately to my iPhone or iPad.

        • JT

          I have a eyefi pro card and if you just want to connect to a phone or tablet, I’d avoid it.
          The interface is a nightmare – and I’m a computer scientist by training!!! (maybe that’s the problem, maybe it would make sense for a normal person. I don’t believe that, but I guess it’s possible).
          I understand the eyefi mobi is easier to use and I’d try that.

      • Arto

        Is it possible to add time lapse and face detection function to x100s?

        I’m also very happy with my x100s. My next one will be x200.

        x200 wishlist:
        i don’t care about full frame!
        Weather sealed!
        better low light long expose functions to take pictures of stars and auroras
        loose video functions to make even better still camera
        better battery life and correct battery indicator (hopefully fixed in x100T)
        keep everything else which is very good in x100s

        • Marnie

          I’m impesesrd you should think of something like that

        • http://www.sorethumbsblog.com/

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        • http://www.themindstylecompany.com/

          I think lentils would work well but it’s up to you with how many you would like to use. I would cook them first definitely. I’ve used diced tomatoes and they work great. Let me know what you found for the chili sauce. Hope you enjoy my recipe!

        • http://www.insurancefactors.dynddns.us/

          Arc… I agree. This is architecture at its worst: patronising academic masturbation. I’m an architect, look at the good I do! I’m going to solve complex social issues with some fun ideas and give them an edgy Hackney twist by putting the words ‘pop up’ in front of them. I would like to see any one from Levitt Bernstein or the Building Trust live in these, and the apprenticeship scheme is just plain naive. Get real.

        • http://w3url.net/sparknotes.com

          Rune, this was a very enjoyable walk around Bergen…you showed me many unusual (to me) places, streets, homes…and yes, those balloons in the first shot are definitely different. A Bergen Ceilidh! Amazing.

        • http://webanalytics.host/nelog.jp

          ASC xageen ka daawadaa aniga waanba garan la,ahaye filimo badan ayaa kujira meesha magaciis filimku yaa ii tilmaamaya haduu yahay bal wax fiican aan arkeeU codee: 0  0

      • Mauro

        very nice camera, after two years..Fujfilm R&D has introduced some new features.IMHO not enough to justify a switch from the previous model (X100S), but good. I’ll wait the next version..meanwhile I found xt1+28 pankake a good solution :;)

        • Etude Imaging

          Just to be clear, so no one goes searching for the “28” pancake lens, Fujifilm makes a 27/2.8 X mount lens. Unless you meant the 18/2.0 pancake…

    • M

      No, you return and order it again when the prices have dropped significantly.

      • Marilee

        Yours is a clever way of thinikng about it.

    • Zack

      Yeah…. I’d probably return it and wait for the X100T. Not sure when that is actually hitting the streets though so it may be a minute until one is in your hands.

      If you do want the T I highly suggest getting on the preorder list now as most Fuji launches tend to sell out quickly and waiting lists are formed.


      • JD

        My pre-order from Amazon states November 30 but who knows if the stock will be enough to meet demand. Past experience has shown the x100 line tends to run low in stock pretty fast.

        I’m really hoping that the autofocus speed is better the the x100s. I loved her but I fought with her too much to have the relationship that I had so hoped for. The new girl, I hope she can met the demand I plan to put on her.

        I wonder if I can replace my walk around system with the x100T and the new conversion lenses. I loved walking around with my x100s and the idea of having new focal lengths to play with is enticing to say the least. Would be nice to leave the DSLR at home when I want to shoot at 50mm.

    • Kaushik Parmar

      Yes you must return it!

    • SlothLovesChunk

      Spend wiser and get a Sony A6000 ( which has all the features everyone wants in this new camera) .

      Its better as we speak in technology and speed, Its $450 , Zeiss glass is under 1k for it. the Sony glass is fine. and Phase one Capture one full editing software is FREE for sony file users. (Thank you Sony)

      This round just does not compete – Go look at the numerous reviews on a6000 vs d4s or 5dmarkIII, its capable and cheap.

      and by the way I was full on fuji on the intro to their mirrorless systems, I have owned them all and sold them all.

      Yours truly

  2. Bradley Hanson

    Thanks for the thorough report, Zack. After using (and loving) 3 X-Pro1 bodies exclusively for the past two years (replacing DSLR system), I was surprised how much *more* I like my X100s, especially with the TCL-X100 attached to pretend it’s the 50mm perspective I am used to. I agree with you about the standardized controls. I am always hitting macro on the X100s or changing flash mode when I want to change a focus point. Standardization is critical to the seamless transition between cameras.

  3. Derek

    Does skin still look weird with high ISO when shot in jpg?

    The x100 did not have this problem but the x100s did. I’m really hoping they have fixed it with the x100t.

    • Sean

      They’re still using the xtrans sensor on the x100t like the x100s. The original x100 didn’t use the xtrans sensor. So the x100t will have that similar watercolor look at high iso.

      • Lars

        Sean, the X-Pro1 and X-E1 also had the X-trans sensor and did not have that problem. I think you misunderstand. He is not asking about the “water color effect”, but the problem high ISO Jpegs from X-100s, X-E2 and now X-T1 has. Skin looks unnatural because of very aggresive noise reduction on the skin tones even if you turn noise reduction for Jpegs to the lowest setting in the camera. It’s almost like someone took some vaseline on the lens on the exact spot where the faces are in the pictures. This applies only to Jpegs. Shooting raw is ok. I’ve shot with X-Pro1, X-E1, X-100s and X-T1. Of my cameras X-100s an X-T1 did this, the X-Pro1 and X-E1 did not. 😀

      • what's up with the 6400 ISO wax skin?

        It’s not an X-trans problem, it’s a decision by fuji to smooth out the faces in a very heavy handed manner.

      • Trent

        It has nothing to do with particular sensor. That dreaded “waxy skin” effect is actually not a bug but a feature, a part of the “Image Intelligence” suite. I doubt that Fuji will remove a feature. Ever.


        It seems that instead of asking to fix a non-existent “bug” we should pray to Kaizen gods for yet another new feature, this time an ability to turn off or dramatically reduce skin smoothing, just like the noise reduction.

      • George

        My x100 makes my wife look 40, but my x100s makes her wrinkles deepen and she looks 60. I see it. She does not like the s pictures also. I wish fuji would drop the trans. Their sales would double.

  4. Jonathan

    Does the X100T still smooth out details at higher ISOs? Thanks for the awesome preview!

    • what's up with the 6400 ISO wax skin?

      Turn noise reduction to -2 and the problem is solved. (except for faces and other skin colored subjects)

  5. Nate

    I’ve owned the X100S since March. AF speed didn’t pain me that much because I shoot very methodically and slowly. The only thing that would have made me upgrade to the X100T is weatherproofing. My biggest complaint with my X100S is I can’t even take in on a walk downtown without the focus ring and shutter release magically sticking up and feeling jerky (the first stop on the shutter button sometimes has no tactile feedback and I can’t even move the focus ring unless the focus ring is pushed forwards). If the X-Pro2 has any amount of weather resistance at ALL (so simple dust doesn’t make my entire camera feel like a Holga), it will definitely be an instant purchase. As for the X100T, while its new goodies aren’t compelling enough to make me want to upgrade, the new HVF has me excited for future Fuji’s.

    • Joshua

      I think you might have a slightly damaged camera.

      I’ve had the X100S for a while now and have never experienced either of those problems – in fact the focus ring on my camera doesn’t seem to move forwards and backwards much at all. I would definitely look into getting it serviced – which I expect would be covered by warrantee…

      • Nate

        Yeah, I assumed it was probably just a faulty camera. I’m sending it in to Fuji for them to have a look at it. Overall my specific camera seemed to love to catch dust inside the viewfinder, focus ring, and shutter release (I don’t even understand how). If Fuji handles this well I will certainly be making the full jump from Nikon to Fuji for my small camera needs.

    • Sol Barket

      I would put a small piece of tape over the speaker holes on the bottom of the camera. Sol B

  6. Robert

    Great review!
    Looking forward to more!

    Ps: I already preordered a silver one 🙂

  7. Edgar

    Nice upgrades… for some reason the body does not seems as retro and sexy as before… I know it just have little changes but… it does not look “right”

    Am I alone on this?

    • Sean

      I love the style, but I’m sick of people calling it a hipster camera! – SeanWasHere.com

    • Zack

      I still prefer the previous body design. I don’t think it needed a change. I haven’t seen one of these in silver yet and this is my first black X100 so I have a lot to get used to when looking at it. 🙂


      • Marc

        Black in the way forwards 😉

  8. Guru

    I love my X-T1 and I am heavily invested in it with the 56mm, 10-24mm and 18-135mm lenses. I came very close to buying the X100S because I wanted something less fussy (I hate lens swapping) and more discreet for street use and as a general carry-around camera.

    The lack of weatherproofing put me off and (don’t laugh) I stuck with my Nikon AW-100. I carry the AW-100 in my pocket, in my motorcycle jacket when I ride, In the car dashboard. It is always within reach when I need to take a picture. Sadly the image quality is strictly consumer grade at best.

    I was dearly hoping the X100T would add weatherproofing to it’s list of features and the fact that they haven’t is a major disappointment for me. I cannot risk the X-T1 because it is part of my “serious” kit with Lee 100mm filters and everything. I just cannot fathom the decision to skip this essential feature…

    Perhaps they felt this feature should be exclusive to the X-T1?
    Did they feel it would cannibalize sales of the X-T1?

    Bummed out…major league style! 🙁

    • Sean

      They need a selling point for the x100u 😉

      • Guru

        Attack of the sequels!

      • Adrian Morgan

        The ‘U’ will stand for Underwater

  9. Gil


    I will keep my X100S. I can always get a Wifi memory card if I want to transfer images to my phone. Remote control, oh well… Now, if it had been weather sealed, I would have considered upgrading because I am getting into sailing… I am sure the X100T is a great camera, but not enough of an upgrade from the “S” to justify switching IMHO. We’ll see what the X-Pro2 will bring to the table…

    My wishlist for the X200 would definitely include weather proofing, and a regular external microphone jack.

    What would be nice for a future firmware update would be the possibility to select two film simulations for JPEGs, not only one or three.

    Other than these, it’s pretty darn near perfect already!


    • Zack

      +1 on a regular industry standard mic port. Yes! Amen!


  10. Elisha

    I’ve been waiting impatiently for months for the announcement of this camera, and by the looks of things it is pretty much all I was hoping for. Like you, I wanted weather proofing, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the X100…U?
    A digital Fuji TX would be my dream camera, but I would expect something along the lines of the GF670.

    Any idea when the X100T is actually coming out? I just preordered mine tonight.

    • Zack

      I’m not sure of the release date yet. Hope to know more on that next week.


      • Michel

        AmazonUS says: ‘This item will be released on November 30, 2014.’

    • GS

      Get a can of Scotchguard.

  11. Henry

    Hi Zack – great write up as always. 🙂 Quick favor: can you kindly ask the engineering gods at Fuji to release an upgrade that enables printing directly from the X-T1 to Instax Printers. Now that Wi-Fi is a standard feature on the X-100T, it’s kind of asinine if they don’t turn on that feature on the X-T1. Thank you, sir.

    • Henry

      Never mind, Zack…I just read the X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition specs and it looks like the new firmware enables that. Just a matter of time for a firmware upgrade to the “regular” X-T1, I suppose.

  12. Nick Bedford

    While I try never to shoot JPEG to be able to process the raw file myself (with VSCO), that Classic Chrome preset looks gorgeous!

    Great variety of improvements on the X100T.

  13. Boyd

    Hi Zack,
    In response to your question, Thursday would have been good for a Fuji medium format. An I’m with you that they should go straight to MF. “Full frame” is such a hype term (just observations) and I really don’t see that big a difference. Also, if the R&D money you speak of has to go to one or the other, MF please. Full frame seems like a nasty scrap to get caught in anyway.
    Three thoughts for a wish list though:
    -Can we please have a proper Fuji flash system?
    -Any chance of Fuji releasing some leaf shutter lenses for the x system? Any technical limitations with the system to prevent it?

    • pbateman

      Yes indeed full frame is such a “hype term”, maybe you’re not even born when 35mm film camera (which is “Full Frame” btw) still ruled the earth.

      • Brandon

        When did 35mm “rule the Earth”? Larger formats have always prevailed except in fast-moving environments where 35mm has a unique advantage. As far as I can tell, 4×5 ruled press photography and fine art, 8×10 ruled portraiture and medium format ruled weddings. 35mm obviously ruled on the street and on the sidelines of sporting contests (though we can always talk about MF or LF shooters who shoot on the street).

        Personally, I shoot MF and LF film and don’t see a “full frame” digital system that gives me the same tonalities and palette of larger format film – and have an X100T on the way to (hopefully) be my “always there” camera, more unobtrusive than my Mamiya6 and with strong IQ to make me stop reaching for the iPhoneX.

        Yes, “full frame” is a bit of marketing hype – it’s rewriting reality. “Full frame” is whatever size your frame is – and many, if not most, pro frames were more often than not medium format or larger. 35mm is, indeed, “small format”. 🙂

  14. Will

    Dear Fuji,

    I just got an X100s, and I love it. It’s fun to use and it has great images straight out of the camera. It’s a true photographer’s camera – thank you for that.

    I would absolutely love for you guys to release a mirror-less medium format camera. Don’t worry about “full-frame”, the APS-C X-Trans sensor is phenomenal. It used to be that most pro photographers used medium format film or larger, but with digital that just isn’t the case. I want Fuji to narrow the gap between Nikon and Phase One. Sure, there’s Pentax, but there’s a $20,000 price gap between the Nikon D800 and the cheapest Phase One back…don’t even get me started on Hasselblad.

    I want medium format to survive, and I know you guys could make an absolutely incredible medium format camera that is priced somewhere between a Phase One and your typical pro DSLR.

    Here’s to hoping you’ve already developed it!


    • Guru

      Mirrorless Medium Format is the future…but not for everyone.

      • Aslan

        Frankly I think that’s abustolely good stuff.

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    • Zack

      YEAH!!!! I want that too!!!!!!!!!


    • Simon

      Oh My God that would be the best thing ever. I am a year late i think – I came here after a quick googlin’ because for the past 10 minutes i have just been gazing lovingly at my x100t and thinking about all the cool things we have seen and done together. The first non-SLR I’ve ever used for work and I’m so happy with it – the high sync speed, the gorgeous pictures straight out of the camera, the look and feel of it, the way it fits in your pocket … the whole shebang just fucking sings. Anyway i’m stroking it now. Not in a weird way or anything. Peace.

  15. Daniel

    Should I get a discounted X100S now that the T is out, or do I pre-order the X100T? I have neither. Not even the X100.

    • Zack

      Depends on your budget. I’m sure there will be some great X100S deals out and that will be a great value or you can pick one up used soon as people sell to upgrade.

      If you can swing a new one then you’ll love the T. Just jump on in the X waters with the newest one and get to shooting.


  16. Marc


    great “first look”! I think i’ll buy… But I’m a little bit disappointed by the sensor… Why Fuji didn’t change it for a new one?

    • JT

      Because designing chips is expensive and you have to recover the cost and maybe make some bucks.
      That’s even harder if you’re the only people using them.

      Even Canon suffer from this to some extent, because they have their own designs.

      Nikon and Sony combine and that gives them both a little advantage in that area, as they share costs.

    • Zack

      They may be holding out until the whole line up gets a refresh. If you think about it… right now everything is fresh from the X30 to the XT1. I guess the next ones will be an XE2 and XPro upgrade and those, IMHO, will be the time they intro a new chip if they are going to do so. Then everything else will naturally line up behind those leaders.


    • juice

      Because Fuji isn’t into change for the sake of change. That’s one of the major attractions.

  17. Mike

    Great writeup Zack. Damn I want this bad… I had the X100 and have already been missing it, but those beautiful jpegs sealed the deal for me!

  18. CGL

    You forgot to mention the STEP BACK and that’s the tiny, fiddly silly, doesn’t-make-any-sense-when-the-X30-has-it-right-and-the-X-Pro1-had-it-right-the-first-time! Why, Fuji, why? DEAL KILLER!

  19. Rob

    Did you encounter any focusing issues (AF) at heavily backlit subjects? I’m having problems with my X100S because 9/10 it won’t focus on backlit subjects at wide open with the ND filter on while using off-camera HSF. I’ve used a flashlight before but my subject seems to get annoyed by it.

  20. Tim Grondstein

    Great review buddy, see you in Cologne.
    the Gruffalo guy… 😉

  21. Blake

    Zack, have you tried out the remote trigger or face detection functions? Not having to run up a cliff with only 10 seconds would be awesome. Thanks!

    • Zack

      I don’t have a remote trigger that can work with this yet. I do want one though.


  22. Josh Becker

    What is this X100s hack you speak of… I wouldn’t mind having the Classic Chrome filter…

    • Zack

      Fuji wanted some real world tests and samples and feedback so they outfitted some X100S cameras with the new film simulation loaded into it and sent them to some X photographers. Nothing else was changed in the camera that I can see other than the EXIF data showed X100T instead of X100S. It was not an X100T body though.


      • cedric

        Hope they will include classic chrome in the next firmware of the x100s. Look awesome. Please Fuji!

        • Bob

          Yeah hopefully they would! Otherwise I’ll find a way on how to hack the X100S and load the Classic Chrome. 😀

      • James

        Well that firmware upgrade to the x100s explains Hobby’s “accidental disclosure” of x100T exif data on Flickr–and his response (“don’t believe everything you read on the internet”).

        • Zack

          Yep! He had a hacked version too.


  23. Frank Jacques

    A “must have” camera now. Great “first look” post.
    As always you are first of all.
    Thanks Zack!

  24. Wilson Wong U S


    About Wifi. I can only say…try Toshiba’s Flashair. Really. i never looked back and my x100 got a new lease of life without having me lusting at new cameras.

    • Zack

      Huh. Never heard of that. I thought EyeFi was the only one.


      • Sean Staples

        I’ll vouch for the Toshiba Flashair as well. All of the Eye Fi cards I’ve tried reside in my desk drawer while the FlashAir lives in my x100s. I also own an XT1 and the experience of transferring images is about the same IMO. Not perfect, but take a couple deep breasts and it’ll get done pretty quick.

        • Sean Staples

          How about deep breaths:)

        • Zack

          Nope. I think we should stick with deep breasts. 🙂


        • JamesP

          Deep breasts work fine for me.

  25. Nina

    Hey Zack,

    great review! Thanks for that. I’m considering buying the Fuji X100T, but still deciding if maybe the Panasonic LX7 is better because I also do a lot of video and it has a build in stabilizer. Did you do any filming with the Fuji? Whats your opinion on that?


    • Nina

      Sorry, just saw the little paragraph about video now, must have missed it earlier. 😉

  26. Fernando Gros

    Thanks for the review Zack. You’ve given us a well laid out & detailed look at the camera.

    Count me in with the folks waiting on Fuji to release a Medium Format camera. I love my x100s & take it everywhere. But, my X-Pro1 has sat on the shelf for ages, while I still prefer my Nikon gear for landscapes and portraits.

    I really like what Fuji has done with the x100s, the X-T1 and now the x100T. But, if they add a Medium Format, then that could change everything for me.

  27. Christian Heinrich

    I was really hoping for a flip/tilt screen. Especially after some of the DEDPXL assignments and starting to tip my toes into street photography. Stealthier shooting, shots from more unusual vantage points without breaking my neck – yes please, all of that.

    I do not need a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji. If I “need” full frame I’ll put film into my Nikon SLR. But I’m not a professional. There’s no need for 36MP images clogging my harddrive, when all I ever do is showing them online or as cheap A4 prints (~8.5 x 11″) during a photography meetup.

    • jseliger

      I was really hoping for a flip/tilt screen

      Me too. One I began using a mirrorless camera with a tilting screen, I stopped being able to function well in many situations without one. Perhaps the best part is how unobtrusive shooting from the hip can be.

  28. adam

    right away there are two things that make me want this camera without even turning it on – they got rid of the bevel around the front element of the viewfinder and the grip now goes to the top of the body.
    classic chrome is the firmware upgrade i hope all the x cameras get, and the programmable q button is also something i’d like to see in a firmware upgrade across the platform.

    as for the medium format fuji, only if it looks like the GW690II and doesn’t require a second mortgage to buy.

    and full frame? personally i don’t think it makes much business sense to introduce a new format when you’re still building up the product line for your current format. its taken two years for fuji to get twelve lenses out for the current lineup with more planned. it would be expensive and time consuming to bring out a full frame with the lens variety already out – unless fuji has some magic trick to make the current xf lenses work as full frame lenses, then it might be worthwhile.

    and like zack, i’m still waiting for a way to tether my fujis to my macbook or iPad.

  29. Jack

    No interest in a ‘full frame” Fuji. I too would be intrigued by a medium format but only if it were in the price range

  30. Axel Alexander Bobek

    Hi Zack, I can use the old converter, or are there new specially for the 100T, thank you.


    • Zack

      Same converters. Nothing new about these.


  31. Mv

    Thanks for the preview Zack! A quick question: you say ISO has been expanded, but is the limit in RAW more still 6400? (Ie is the expansion JPG-only).


    • Zack

      I believe the expansion is for JPG only. I’m on preproduction firmware so don’t quote me on that just yet.


  32. Clive C.

    Between the improvements seen in the XT-1 and the X100T, an improved XPro-1 (the mythical XPro-2) will be quite an interesting proposition indeed. I’ve been enjoying my XPro-1, warts and all.

    I’m still pondering whether or not I need to add an X100(S/T) to my gear. Despite what I’ve been repeatedly told, I still feel the lure of the “small format” full frame in something like a 6D. I still work much faster on my crop DSLR compared to XPro-1.

    • Zack

      It sure is!


  33. Michael Hultström

    Thanks Zack, very nice review. I will buy the x100t it seems to most things I didn’t like with the x100. The x100s came a little too soon to upgrade for me. However, there is one thing I miss.

    Fujifilm, if you are listening. Please make a firmware upgrade with a setting on so that one could use the exposure-compensation dial for ISO. I’ll make a little sticker with values and be happy as a clam.

    • Zack

      That’s an interesting idea. Someone else suggest using the command dial to change ISO when shooting. Another interesting idea I think.


      • Doug Casement

        The Ricoh GR has this option and it’s rather useful.

        Great review – many thanks for all the information you so cheerfully provide.



  34. Eric

    thanks for the review zach. as a current x100 user, i’m most excited about improved AF and layout and all the Fn buttons. sounds geeky, but i appreciate the more advanced user options.always nice to see a camera maker do a modest but significant upgrade. at some point i’ll be replacing my x100, and better AF and UI would make it more suitable as a DSLR alternative for events.

  35. Sara Lando

    >• How many of you are waiting for a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji? Is it a “must have” for you?

    screw 35mm, give me an affordable medium format sensor with a tilt screen and a couple of good lenses that don’t force me to sell everything I have and ask for a loan, and I’ll probably have a sex change just to give a physical place in this world to my metaphorical boner.

    • Bernard

      Hahaha.. Holy shit Sara 🙂

      Wish I could retweet that. Lol.

    • Zack



    • Peter Ort

      If this was a comment contest, you just won.

  36. Matt

    Hi Zack.

    For me, that is the biggest advantage: “…you can set up the D pad to not be function buttons and now just be focus selection points full time.”. I hope they make that work for the X-E2 via firmware upgrade.

    The useless D pad of the X-T1 made me selling it. Why do I need a fast AF when changing the AF point is a pita? If a D pad like the one on the X-T1 is a result of weather proofing, I’m glad that the X100T isn’t weather proof.

    Maybe the X100T with converters will replace my X-E2.

    Thanks for your report, it’s very helpfull…

    Best regards

  37. achates

    I am a very happy user of x-100s. I should be glad that Fuji has not included weather-proofing in the new camera? I would have been compelled to place an order if they did 🙁

    Zack. Love your lecture on full-frame vs APS-C. I am sold. People forget we ditched Canikon for Fuji’s light weight and nimbleness. I also have no lust for more pixels on small format cameras. I think 16 is a sweet spot. More pixels will just make my MacBook Air seem inadequate to handle image files.

    For people that want pixels and shallow depth of field, Fuji can give them a MF sensor with proper distances between cell sites for better dynamic range and less noise. Something like Mamiya 6 and Mamiya 7 range finder camera systems should be sweet.

    The power switch on my X-100S gets accidentally knocked to the on position way too easily. Is it fixed in X-100T?

    My wish list for X-100 series:
    1. Better dynamic range and less noise at higher ISO settings
    2. Better auto white balance (i think my iPhone 5S is doing better in some mixed lighting situations)
    3. Weather proof
    4. medium telephoto (85mm?) perspective lens, either native on a new camera, or as TCL-2.

  38. Willbo

    For me, I think the hype train got me. I was expecting another big jump with a:

    • Tilt screen (don’t need it don’t tilt it, but great for people who us it)
    • Improved lens maybe f1.8 (23mm f1.4 kills the 23mm f2 wide open)
    • Weatherproofing (sure extra cost, but it would be great to have my camera out ALL the time come rain or shine)

    Sure you could say go with a Fuji X-T1, but the lovely 23mm isn’t weatherproof and is a beast. I’ll keep my much loved X100s, but I’m looking forward to the next Xcamera.

    Thanks Fuji, you have soul!

  39. sale88

    I recently bought myself an original x100 – it’s an amazing camera. I tend ot leave my DSLR at home and take this one almost exclusively with me (apart from shooting sports, and weddings. Although for weddings I still have it with me and use it occasionaly).
    I would love it if it was a full frame camera, but those APSC sized sensors are already awesome – as good as they can possibly get in my opinion – no point crying over stilt milk there.
    x200 – I’d love it if Fuji made them in a couple of versions – the existing one with 35mm equiv. and possibly 2 more (24mm equiv, and 85mm equiv).

  40. Peter

    Thanks for your fresh review here. I prefer your style much more than all the technical reviews in magazines that will follow in the next days and weeks. I like your current x100t kit. I was thinking about the X-T1, but the X100’s series have something unaggressive/unintrusive that makes portrait shooting sometimes more interesting than shooting with the 56mm – at least for me.
    What wonders me most is that my 12 year old daughter prefer the X100 out of all cameras. She does not care about zooms (even if she likes the function of a zoom), she does not care about automatic modes (A+A) is enough, what is “P” than standing for dad? She’s telling me that it is the perfect object to shoot beauty and fashion, all the big dears are “only technical objects”. Now she is waiting for me to go for the X100t so that she can grab the X100. It makes me happy as the X100 is a camera that boosted creativity – but do not ask me why.
    As I live in Belgium, but near Köln, I plan to come to meet you at the Photokina. I like many of the pictures taken by the Fuji Photographers and l am looking forward to see/meet you live.

    • Zack

      See you next week!


  41. cr

    Besides the one update that added converter compatibility, there wasn’t any firmware improvement to the X100S in 1.5 years now.
    I wonder if they will ever release any improved firmware, as they did for the X100, as some of the X100T improvements seem to be just software-related (most important the AF speed improvement) – so they probably don’t want to harm their X100T sales by improving the X100S.
    Which is too bad, because I’m not willing to upgrade again (X100S to X100 was just too much improvement than not too upgrade). Rather sell my X100S and buy a X-T1 with a prime lens.

    • Zack

      Re-think that for a minute. The released the X100S and then gave X100 users a HUGE upgrade… AFTER the release of the X100S. No other camera company has done that in recent memory. I hope they continue doing that kind of thing. It solidifies brand loyalty.


      • Mark

        Actually, Ricoh has done it for years. But, I get your point. Fuji is awesome in this regards. TBH, I haven’t felt like I truly needed any changes with my X100s. I love it.

        But, as you asked, I would love for Fuji to add in a FW update:

        1. Face detection
        2. any improvement in AF speed
        3. the new Classic Chrome film simulation
        4. the ability to have spot metering move with the AF point.

        Zack, thanks for the insight and review. Looks like a nice upgrade, overall


  42. Chris

    This was an awesome writeup, thanks Zack.

    I was a late-comer to Fujitopia (actually to digital in general). I picked up an X-T1 shortly after it launched (mostly on the positive vibes that people seemed to have about Fuji in general, and the X-T1 in particular), and I’ve been overwhelmingly happy with it overall.

    Prior to the X-T1’s release, I found myself in that completely irrational decision space where I was interested in the X-Pro 1, but couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger on a camera that far along in it’s lifecycle. I’d been a Leica guy for the past several years (with some medium and large-format thrown in for good measure), and really wanted to get something that felt as close to that as possible. I was spoiled by rangefinders.

    I’m glad you’ve spent time on here trying to inject sense into the sensor debate, as I was always a little annoyed by the way manufacturers had gotten the public to buy into the idea of “full-frame” as anything other than an arbitrary point along a continuum of sensor sizes. That said, I’ll be the first in line if they eventually release a medium-format system (ok, maybe second as you’ve been pretty up front about how much you want one). I keep having to stop myself from pulling the trigger on used Phase One backs that I see on Ebay.

    As happy as I’ve been with the X-T1, I do find that I don’t take it with me everywhere. Despite being pretty compact, just having to decide which lenses to bring makes me mentally put it in the “only bring if I’m taking real pictures” category. I think the X100T will more closely align with the way I carried my Leica, which was basically everywhere except the bathroom.

    I do wish the X100T had the same rear articulating screen as the X-T1, despite thinking that was something I’d never use when I got it, it’s turned out to be super handy.

    Most of all though, I’m just glad that Fuji seems to be making cameras that let people make good pictures. Like, actual pictures, not resolution charts and rulers.

  43. Matthew Maddock

    Looks like they have brought the X100S up-to-date with features matching some of newer X-Mount cameras, so a much needed update for many people. Nothing too major though (for someone who doesn’t use the OVF anyway!) so I don’t see myself rushing out to replace my X100S.

    Hugely disappointed that the flash won’t fire in electronic shutter mode – I was kind of hoping that might bring high speed flash sync to the X-T1 with the same going on there in the next FW update!

    Really looking forward to getting Classic Chrome through the FW updates!

    • Peter Ort

      If you’re using the camera at 1/32,000 of a second, even if the hotshoe did fire it wouldn’t work with flash due to flash duration. even hotshoe flashes are usually around 1/10,000 of a second if I’m not mistaken, which is way slower than the shutter speed would be.

  44. Thomas Benezeth

    If you own the X100s and want to buy the new X100t, then you should be a rich guy 🙂

  45. Tobi

    Hi Zack,

    thanks for sharing your first impressions! I really like the dedicated ISO dial on the X-T1. Can the rear command dial on the X100T be assigned a similar functionality, i.e. just rotating it changes ISO directly without the need to press any buttons?


    • Zack

      That’s a pretty great idea.


      • Mv

        (And add this to X100S in the next firmware update too 😉

      • Sami

        Agreed! Awesome idea! At least in my X-E1 that dial is completely useless as it is, except when changing settings in Quick Menu.


      • Patrick Downs

        I’m on the verge of buying one. Does it have Auto-ISO?

        The biggest question: Black or chrome?! Thanks.

    • EH

      Oh yes. Please. That would be a really major improvement.

  46. Rob

    Ok so let’s talk AF speed. How much faster are we talking about? I went from a Canon Rebel XS as my first non-phone camera to the X100s. I didn’t notice the AF speed much since there was no real difference. Then I got a 5D Classic, and the lenses I had weren’t too fast at AF either. THEN I rented an Olympus EM-10 and HOLY SHOOT that thing has an amazing AF speed. It ruled on the streets. I got used to nailing focus reliably instead of having a zone focused Fuji. Then a couple weeks later I rented a 5D3 and 50 1.2, and for a “slow focusing” lens that thing buried my Fuji.

    So when you say “fast” do you mean fast in comparison to the current Fuji autofocus or is it on par with the other mirrorless/dSLR options out there?

    • Rob

      Here’s my story…

      I bought a XE-1 w/ few lenses and then the X100S. I fell in love with the image quality but sometimes I want to smash it on the ground. There are many of times I miss shots that I wish I had. AF speed is a problem especially when the subject has a strong backlit. XT-1 is faster but I can’t wait when Fuji makes a camera with AF speed of Olympus and Panasonic. To end my frustration, I bought the Canon 1DX and I was very happy. Sold all my Fujis and bought the new Panasonic FZ1000. I’ll be honest, I do not miss my ex-X series cameras but I’m not gonna lie, I do miss the X100S’ leaf shutter and built-in ND filter. Does this X100T would tickle me back to Fuji? We’ll see…

    • Sami

      Hear hear! The AF speed is (still) my biggest concern with Fuji cameras. You mention in the article that X100T is snappier than X100S, but how much exactly? Looking at dpreview, for example, there is no mention whatsoever regarding AF speed in the listed improvements over X100S.

      I know it’s a bit of a bother, but it would be great if one of your minions could do AF speed comparison test video between X100, X100S and X100T. That would be greeeeeat 🙂


  47. Antoine

    Zach, thanks for the review!
    I got the X100s and love it so far. Probably not going to upgrade to the X100T as the differences are not that critical.

    But I really think a medium format X200 would make sense: the integrated lens makes things easier and it could be a wonderful camera.
    As for the ILC line-up, I don’t see any benefit in going 35mm. It would require a brand new lens line-up, which takes time, and make the whole package much larger and heavier. Better to keep improving the APS-C family.

    Ideally, I’d trade my X100s for a MF X200 any day! and would complement it with a X-T2 or X-E3 setup.
    Hopefully someone at Fuji thinks the same 🙂

    • JamesP

      I agree – Fuji’s APS sensors at 16MP are great. No need for more pixels, or 35mm sensors. If they are going to go big on the sensors, just go to medium format with a new range of cameras. The X-Series is wonderful, and they just keep getting better with the sensible, useful upgrades like this T.

      Weatherproofing isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I wouldn’t mind it as long as it doesn’t add bulk to the camera. The X100 series is a perfect size as it is!

      • JamesP

        Oh, and I can totally live without a tilt screen on this camera (X100T). Again, it’s about the bulk. This is such a nice, speedy, compact little camera – I’d hate for that to be messed up.

  48. Alastair

    Excellent summary Zack, and I’m with you on the screen and weatherproofing. I’m not fussed by tilt or touch screens (I get enough nose prints on my screen, I don’t need fingerprints there too), but weatherproofing would be great. Another great Fuji product though. Like Apple, design that makes the products feel like so much more than just a tool to do a job.

  49. Ian Boys

    Thanks for a good review. I use my x100s for 80% of my shots these days and it is the only camera I take on holiday. Just came back from Istanbul and never wished I had another camera with me, ditto Volgograd last year etc. The X-T1 comes out for portraits and weddings only. I don’t think I’ve taken a DSLR travelling for years.

    As for the 16MP, that is plenty for me. I don’t really want to see it go to 24MP – remember the issues with the D800E and having to use a tripod and certain apertures to get the best out of it? Same with full frame – the whole point of the x100 series is that it fits in a jacket pocket. The moment it doesn’t, it’s gone. I’ll just be carrying my X-T1. If anything, full frame is a must NOT have. And I come from Nikon full frames but I’m never going back. Too big and heavy.

    The classic chrome looks good. Overall I’m fascinated by the x100T not so much for itself (I have the S model and love it) but for all the signs of what is coming in the X-Pro 2. If the x100 was the testbed for the X-Pro 1 then we can expect some great features in the X-Pro 2.

    I agree weatherproofing would be great but I’ve never worried about the weatherproofing on the 100S really. And yes, medium format, esp. true 56×56 medium format with an 80mm would be awesome!

  50. 078Adam

    What I wanted and got – Spot Exposure to Focus Point, Face detection. What I was not expecting but think is great – moving parallax. Something I did not think off but think its genius – preview in OVF. What I did not get Weather proof and tilt screen.

    Now for the “full” or correctly for Zack, 35mm size frame. I really think it’s a must for the x200.

    As for a X-pro I would like a Hybrid APS-35mm switchable camera, with sensor edge on or off. When off it becomes a 1.5 APS sensor, all current lenses can be used and if you want, leave it as that. But I’d also like Fuji to produce some Full frame (sorry force of habit 35mm) lenses, if you want a specialist portrait lens for example, or have a main focus length, you buy that lens and switch the hybrid camera to “Full 35mm” mode. If you want to mix and match, i.e. for travel or it’s the longer lenses (weight) that put you off, then you can choose.

  51. Mark Baigent

    > • What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?
    As an X100 (X-T1) user this camera looks ideal, but I would like twin card slots for belt and braces.

    > • What is your wish list for the X200
    A portrait lens adapter, ie a 56mm if possible

    > • What day last week do you wish a Fuji digital medium format camera
    > was announced?
    I often dream of a MF Fuji a bit like the old Mamiya 67

  52. Sten

    1. What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?

    Improved 23mm for close distance and better IQ in the corners.

    2. What is your wish list for the X200?

    Better 23mm lens (see above). Not more MP. Stick with 16MP for APS-C sensor.

    3. How many of you are waiting for a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji?

    I had FF before. Do not need it. Good lenses for FF are getting to bulky and weight too much (see Nikon lenses, Sigma Art lenses, Zeiss Otus lenses)

    4. Is it (FF) a “must have” for you?

    No. Au contraire! I much rather prefer APS-C. best compromise for DOF, high ISO and size/weight of lenses.

    5. Fujifilm Medium Format?

    Not for me. Too big, too heavy, too expensive. One exception: I you make it cheap and small, I will think about it. Something like Sigma DP Merrill cameras or the Mamiya 7 in the analogue days.

    But I doubt that I would use it very often. IQ nowadays is alreday that good with fullframe and APS-C. MF is a shrinking market as TLR were decades ago. Why investing in that shrinking niche, if so many companies are dieying there? (Mamiya, Bronica, Rollei, Hasselblad etc.)

    IMHO it would be better to invest and offer a Fuji X40 with OVF and with 1 inch sensor size or APS-C sensor size. You would sell tons of them in one day….

  53. Jeremy Meier

    I bought the original X100 four times after struggling back and forth over the size of it, the capabilities, etc… I currently have the X100 with both adapters and this will be a sweet upgrade. Won’t get rid of the original though, it’s still got a place in my bag!

  54. Edd Carlile

    Just love my x100s. (blows a kiss at her)

  55. Neil

    I just want to be able to shoot more than one image at a time with flash. Sort that across the range & I’d be much more keen to consider a system move. Rest of it is not that big a deal for me, just sort the flash trigger in all modes.

  56. Yann

    Hi Zack,

    Nice to read this first preview. I have an X100S and as you, I am rather disappointed by the absence of weather sealing. This is in my view a big fault as the X100 can, at least for me, be my only camera and I wish I could bring it everywhere whitout fears.

    I wanted to ask you if you could find out whether Fuji have in some way improved the body to make it, if not weather sealed, at least more resistant in that regard.

    What I’d wish, besides weather sealing, would be: full alloy built and stabilised optic. Would not mind a slithly larger camera size.

    Thank you.


  57. Mv

    Is there any way to adjust ISO without having to hit a button first? I always thought the thumb rocker switch at the top of the camera back could be used for that, as it’s left-right action is unused when shooting.

    If not, please beg ’em to add it via firmware ;). Seems so obvious to be able to switch ISO quickly, in the absence of a dedicated ISO dial.

    • Saz

      For the X100s, assigning the function button on top to ISO then using the command control or dial is the only way to change ISO without going through the Q settings. It’s somewhat quicker.

  58. Brett

    I love the new simplified style. The new D-pad is a huge upgrade for me, that is what kept me from getting an X100s, (or the XT1). Also the new parallax compensation and OVF “rangefinder” focusing are BIG advances.
    I don’t care about not having a tilty-flippy screen, keep it sleek and simple. I will almost always have the camera up to my eye when shooting.
    I have learned to shoot my XE1 quickly, but faster AF is always better. The Classic Chrome preset looks very nice. SO GLAD about the decision to standardize control layout!
    I agree about side stepping FF and going Med. Format. For now I get my MF fix on Kodak Portra/ RB67.
    I think this will be my new everyday carry camera, and am patiently waiting for a pair of X Pro 2’s that will mount the 23mm and 56mm lenses in my Hadley Pro bag. My dream set-up. Pure simple class.
    Well done Fuji.

  59. Paul

    I was waiting for FF, but I have now got past that mental ‘block’.

    I am waiting for something along the lines of X-T1 with tethering and x-sync >250th – I think these will happen eventually.

    I suppose what I am looking for is a feature set that makes me want to *really* jump from DSLR, almost there, almost.

  60. Surinderpal Singh

    Dear, I fully agree with you, Fuji X100T is an excellent camera, only is you could purse Fuji to add on flip/tilt screen and if possible a 24-70 F2.0 or F2.8 Zoom than this would be an outstanding Camera.

    • Joel

      Sure they could… but it’d be the same size as an XE-2 with attached 18-55 2.8-4 (probably bigger).

      Pesky physics always gets in the way.

    • Fujihead

      The beauty of the X100’s is the compact size and fixed focal length. Simplicity at its finest.

  61. Goetz

    Thanks a lot for the review. As usual exactly the points that matter.

    Two disappointments:
    – No weather sealing.
    – No higher pixel count.
    I know many people find this pixel counting weird. But as you said, this is a small format camera. And the real challenge will be to replace mid-format. I have my X100s with me at all times and then I unexpectedly see this great building, I jump out of the car and man would I like to get some good shots, but – 16MP will not cut it in architecture photography, many times. Sorry they missed the opportunity to make my X100xyz ever more usable.

  62. Andrew

    I really wanted a FF X. I like my X100s a lot, likely for the very same reasons you do. But an APS sensor simply has too much DOF at the shooting distance I favour. My Konica Hexar AF is my favourite camera (even more than my M3) and a FF fixed-lens X would be its digital equivalent.

  63. Hakan Lindgren

    As an X-T1 photographer, I’m really looking forward to the firmware upgrade that will give me an electronic shutter. I don’t care about 1/32,000 sec but I would be very grateful for a silent camera! The nice, quiet leaf shutter is the one thing that made me envious when I tried the X100 series.

    Could you comment some more on the electronic shutter? Any weird shearing effects? What happens when you shoot under electric light?

  64. Dean


    I’ll keep this short(ish) and simple(ish). Already an X100s owner / user.

    1. Weather sealing (I live in Japan, where the ‘rainy season’ is correctly named)
    2. 85mm equivalent tele conversion lens (but that may be optically / physics-ally out of the question)
    3. Some kind of thumb rest that will also open beer bottles.
    4. That’s all

    Want nots:
    1. Full frame – don’t need it, don’t want it. I’ve been to CP+ & seen how big even X20 files can print & still look fantastical.
    2. Tilting screen thingy. Flipery frippery.
    3. That’s all.

    • JamesP

      Agreed on all counts. Especially about that thumb rest.

  65. Jim Robertson

    Looks great, Zack.

    I’m with you on the weather proofing.

    I would kinda like to also see dual card slots for back-up, although I guess you do well enough without it.

    I may likely go the Fuji route after I get a few more miles out of my hulkin’ Nikon gear.


  66. bottle of Broon

    Very Interesting mate nice review enjoyed the gear read. Based on what the x100t holds I`m not too surprised its not made that one giant leap for mankind nor do I find myself disappointed either with the rehash.

    For me it is very iphone, you get the latest release which peeps save their hard earned wonga for and before you know it two months (a tad of exaggeration I know) down the line the successor to the predecessor has arrived with expectations,rumours, gossip, noise being squashing the by Fuji releasing a model with improvements but its certainly nothing that twitches the groin area of man parts for me any ways. Which can leave some people feeling a little deflated but if you expect nothing and get something then its winwin situation yeah and if you ride the hype and get the boner with all the hot air spouted and find its not lived up to this hype then yeah your not going to get it.

    But its not a doom n gloom opinion I expressing and I`m certainly no authority on Fuji that’s for sure

    I cant see anything substantial that makes me want to place a pre order, why?

    Well……Wifi yeah would love that on my x100s but as you’ve stated there is still work to do on that. Tethering would be my main main main did I say MAIN? WANT! on all of the X system, EYEfi yup sucks bawz swiftly moving on. New D pad? I liked the rotating bezel or jog wheel on my x100s so why did they remove it from the x100T? A touch bigger in the screen did you say and a preview of actual composition in the OVF? my eyes aren’t the best at most times and I kinda think that the in screen preview would be on the itty bitty side which means more impressions of Peter Hurley. I cant say I`d really make use of the 32,000th of a second shutter speed, 180 is fast enough or even maybe 1000th when I`m hard wired in 😛

    But here is the thing if that classic Chrome film simulation, drops it like its hot on the x100s or they decide to put a DLC pack on it (I play way too many xbox games) in a firmware update then I`d positively would not upgrade. Oh and they would need to put the -3 +3 on increments too. Am I asking too much?

    So being an x100s user for me personally there isn’t enough significant change to rush out to the back street surgeon and have a kidney removed for the black market I did that for the 56mm

    However, if I was in the market for one of these I`d seriously look at the resale value of the x100s and then compare that against the RRP of the x100T but as with anything it should fit ones financial pocket and by doing so you remove that bloated GAS feeling leaving yourself feeling more comfortable in your own decisions and in wallet.


    • Zack

      You Geordies have such a way with words. 🙂


  67. Donald F.

    Hi, Zack

    Awesome first look article! I have two questions for you. You said your x100s was hacked, did it included 1/32,000? If yes, @ 1/6000 to 1/3200 have you try to get flash to work due to leaf shutter?

    Thank You for your time. Looking forward to hear your respond.

    • Zack

      The only thing this hacked X100S has that is different is the Classic Chrome setting. No other settings or menu items are changed on it.


  68. Simon

    Hi Zack / Fuji,

    Full frame is not an issue for me, it’s irrelevant. You can get the full frame look with a wider aperture. What I’d like to see is f1.4 equivalent prime lenses and f2.8 zooms once the crop factor has been taken into account (would that make f0.9 and f1.8?). I’d also like to see a Fuji native wireless flash system with ETTL.

    I’m currently shooting weddings with Canon and am toying with the idea of jumping to Fuji. I’ve made a decision not to buy any more Canon gear for the time being and am seriously looking (drooling) at the X-T1 or waiting for the X-pro2. I’d be interested to hear from any other wedding photographers that have jumped from Canon / Nikon to Fuji.

    Oh by the way . . . great review!

  69. Jonas Nordlund

    Another Classic Chrome fan! I’m also sold on this film simulation! It looks like an excellent marriage of film and digital. I really hope that Fujifilm will give it to the X-T1 later. There’s indeed something special about it. I feel like the street and documentary photos taken with it are allowed to “breathe”, there’s a serenity to it, a lack of intensity like with their slide film simulations. But yet not making the photos boring; to the contrary.

    • Zack

      Well said.


      • Jim

        Would be great if they could add a Tri-X simulation…heaven!

    • Marc

      The X-T1 will be getting Classic Chrome in a firmware update in December 2014

      • Kevin

        Thank you Marc,

        Can you say whether or not there are plans to put Classic Chrome on the X100s?

      • Andrew

        Hi Marc,

        any plans to put Classic Chrome in firmware upgrade for the X-E2?

  70. Alan

    Hey fuji, you’re killin’ it, but…
    -I’m holding out for a weather sealed x100 before i ditch my x100S.
    -I hope they stick with 16Mp for the next one, just keep bumping the high ISO performance and dynamic range, 16 is plenty. Save the higher pixel count for medium format where you can really make it count.
    -I wish there wasn’t automatic noise reduction on the raw files, especially at iso 200. I’ll smooth out my own files if i have to!

  71. Mike Bates

    I got my X100S about 2 months ago, and during that time I’ve been shooting almost nonstop with it and it’s been awesome. I’m glad to say that the X100t doesn’t change any of that for me.

    For what I shoot the X100 is plenty good, the autofocus is totally fast enough for me, the image quality is great, and I really just love shooting with it in every way. It makes me want to go out and shoot when I look at it, when I pick it up and thumb through the couple shots I have the card at the moment it makes me want to go out and make more. None of that’s changing for me, and I’m kind of glad that Fuji didn’t up the image quality on the T. It leaves me feeling better about my purchase, and less left out of the new features.

    I’m really looking forward to the “T” Firmware for the X100S that I’m hoping is in the pipeline for us. I wasn’t much excited for the Classic Chrome simulation at first, but as someone who usually tries to edit their shots toward that more “desaturated and flatter film look” it seems like pretty much the prime choice for me. That and if they add the ability to customize the Q menu I’d be so happy. That’d be great, and it’s one of the only things I’ve wanted to change about my X100S.

    Fuji’s doing a great job, and I’m so glad that I shoot on a camera whose manufacturer seems to really care about the photographers who use their products. They put a lot of care and thought into their products, and that’s a wonderful thing.

    Keep it up Fuji

  72. Fab

    Dear Fuji,
    we want extended Auto exposure bracketing! At least 3/5 shots, +-3stops.

  73. DLuker

    VERY happy to see spot metering off the focus point and that Classic Chrome simulation makes me purr. Now I just hope they’ll be available through firmware updates to other X cameras. I definitely have my eye on a 100, but am so very happy with my E1 & E2. Pleeeeease, FujiFilm?

    Zack, I’ve been waiting to for your field guide, so I’m glad to hear you’ll be finishing that one.

    Also…what Sara said. 😉

  74. Tom

    I really hope they get the build quality more consistent with this camera. My 100S have been in repair no less than three times. The first time the shutter speed dial stopped working, the second time the camera would at times not start up until the battery was removed and the third time was due to the viewfinder optics sliding out of focus every time I tilt the camera down.

    I got the camera back they viewfinder optics started sliding around again after about a month. It’s now out of warranty and have given up on their service department.

    It’s a great little camera… yes image quality isn’t quite as good as say a 5D Mark III when shooting side by side but for the size and convenience it’s great. But the quality of the model I have really has been a joke.

    • palinode

      That’s a real shame – sounds like you got a lemon. My X100s has been chugging along since January.

  75. Elena

    Thanks, Zack.

    Classic Chrome — interesting. I used to shoot tons of kodachrome 64 (yes, i’m that old) and i’m hoping they add that to my XT-1

    CAN YOU PLEASE take a moment to describe your workflow using an iPad Mini? Thank you


  76. Bahi

    I just wanted to say thanks – this is an excellent, useful and practical overview. Clears up all the questions I had.

  77. Stacey Schmitz

    I upgrade my iPhone every other release, so I guess I’ll start doing the same with my x100. The “s” wasn’t enough of an upgrade (especially given the new firmware for the x100), but this new version seems to be.

    Here’s my “dear fuji” list:

    I have to swim against the Zack current on 35mm, full frame, whatever you want to call it. For one reason. 85mm lenses. I shoot documentary work, with a 35mm on one shoulder and an 85mm on another. An 85mm lens gives me a look – mainly compression and OOF look – that isn’t QUITE there with a 56mm.

    Now, that said…it’s not THAT big of a deal. The speed, sharpness, and color reproduction of the 56/1.2 is so, so good. I’m not interested in investing in new lenses and bodies (I bought my X-T1 last week). So basically…yes, FF is important to me, but not as important as the price and size/weight of the current Fuji lineup.

    This, however, is a deal breaker for me. REAL back button focusing. I absolutely can not get the shots I need to get without a de-coupling of the AF start from the shutter button. It’s how I shoot, and I’m not interested in going back.

    I just read the x100t release, and it looks like they MIGHT have addressed this: “Phase Detection AF support for One Push AF – With One Push AF, operated by pressing the AF-L button during manual focusing, the update will enable Phase Detection AF with quicker focusing speeds.”

    I’ve noticed that the MF/BBF trick from my x100 works on the X-T1, but it’s definitely not as fast as regular AF on that camera. Sounds like that’s because it’s not using phase detection. So….will this upgrade come to the X-T1?

    Once I can confidently use back button focusing on Fuji cameras, I’ll switch from my Nikon DSLRs for my digital work.

    I’m not ready to give up film yet (I shoot mostly film), but when that day comes, Fuji gives me hope. (Which is ironic since other areas of the Fuji machine are killing film left-and-right).

    Thanks for sharing, Zack!

  78. Rob Y

    Am I the only one hoping for a fixed 50mm f2 lens?

  79. jason

    i wish i could get a 50mm version without having to use the tele… and for the same price i can get a FF sony A7…

  80. Paul E

    I’ve owned an x100s for a few months now and I love it. It has replaced my DSLR for 95% of my photography. Its compact size means I carry it with me everywhere and I shoot more, which I enjoy. Here’s what I wish was improved:

    1. Custom Presets – Why am I limited to only 3 custom modes? This is purely software so there is downside to adding extra modes. How about 10 custom settings: C1 – C10.

    2. When I switch to full manual I expect the iso to also be manual. I often forget to change ISO back to manual and I wonder why my settings adjustments do not change the resulting exposure.

    3. And why can’t I get exposure preview in the EVF while in manual and using the exposure compensation dial? This is annoying.

    4. I largely shoot JPEG on the x100s because they look damn good out of camera and I’m lazy. But at high ISO’s the amount of smoothing from noise reduction is disracting. I have NR turned down to -2 and it still is doing a large amount of sharpening and crushing fine details. Let me turn NR off entirely or at least reduce it substantially. I understand there will be a lot of noise with this off. Don’t make me shoot raw and waste my time editing all my photos just to disable this.

    5. I really wish there was a dedicated ISO button. I have Fn set to ND filter and sometimes I want to quickly jump in and out of auto ISO mode. Right now this means long pressing Fn, choosing ISO, then changing the setting. It’s an annoyance I deal with but it is something I deal with often enough to think about.

  81. John Grubb

    I am really hoping the new ‘chrome’ simulation will become available for the X100s. If they have that info at Photokina, I hope you will let us know. I would love to upgrade but financially that is impossible at the moment and besides, I’m still loving my X100S.
    Thanks for all the info you have provided in this review. It really gives us the info we want and need.

  82. ramsey

    I’ve followed your foray into Fuji while I still practice and feed the passion of photography on my D700. I’ve almost jumped on a Fuji each time you’ve written about them. And once you mentioned Medium format I’ve known I would wait for that. Hoping it’s affordable. That would be so fun.

  83. Max

    Hi Zack,

    Thx for sharing. Please keep Instagram updated ! Loving your shots.
    I will stick with the x100s but, weathersealing aside, the x100t is a nice upgrade.

    I really hope and wish that Fuji is going to upgrade the firmware of the older versions so they can benefit of the intervalometer too ! That would be such a nice feature to have.

    Would love the new EVF on mine though !

    Bye. Max

  84. Tony

    What I want to know is why in the world can’t Fuji just give us wider exposure bracketing options???? Is it so hard to do? I mean its probably a firmware update right? Is this someone’s mean joke? What camera aside from Fuji’s can only auto-bracket exposure +1, 0, -1 ??? (not to mention their option of +1/3, 0 -1/3) Can we get at least a +2, 0, -2 set? I still shoot an original X100 and haven’t gotten any further into Fuji because of this limitation. Even Leica offers better bracketing options on the M cameras!

    I keep expecting to see this in a firmware update along the way…but it never happens. Has really no one ever addressed this to Fuji? Their cameras are supposed to target “photographers” as a purpose built tool…well…one common feature is totally missing that everyone else on the planet seems to get right.

    Any input Zack?

    • Ben

      I am very excited by the new viewfinder. Now, do I save up for the X100t, or wait for the X-PRO2 with the new viewfinder??!! It will be VERY exciting to have a true digital electronic rangefinder with interchangeable lenses in the X-PRO 2.

      • Brian

        Ben, I’m with you. I’ve had an x100 since it came out and I absolutely love the thing to death. The X-T1 tempted me mightily, yet I ultimately passed for reasons I’m still not quite sure of. The 100T, however, is reaaaaally pressing me. But the X-Pro2 may be on the way. What’s it going to be? I’m finally ready to upgrade (which means I’ll have to sell my 100 which makes me so sad), but I want to be sure I pull the trigger at the right time. I love having a single camera/lens for it just makes everything so much simpler, and this 100T sounds like a huge bump up from the 100. Zack has said the difference between the 100 and the T is worth the investment and I’ll take him at his word. But there are times – not too often – when I long for 50 and 85mm, too, which would put me in the Pro2 camp.

        Oh, what to do, what to DO?!?!?!

  85. Steve

    Dear Fuji,
    Can we have a better flash system? For a start, how about making EF-X20 bounce-able, and use AA batteries?

  86. Daniel Mora

    Thanks for the write up, Zack.
    I agree that a 35mm at this point is unnecessary.
    I would prefer Fuji work on a digital medium format range finder like their old lovely film models. If love it to be a nice rugged camera, like built of magnesium or, let’s get crazy, some nice modern carbon fiber.
    It would need 3 basic lenses on launch IMO,
    a f2.8 wide maybe like a 40mm (MF scale not 35mm)
    A ridiculously fast normal like 80-90mm f/2 or 1.8
    then a really nice 2.8 tele, but not sure on distance.
    They should all be leaf shutters too.
    I assume this would make all the lenses something like 5-10k a piece however. :-/
    …not like I could afford any of that.

    Regarding the x100t, it’s a great upgrade. Not big enough for me to dump the x100s however. The only benefit I see there is the built in wifi.

    My main disappointment in today’s announcements is the lack of xpro2.
    The xpro2 is the unloved stepchild of the Fuji line it seems.
    The x100 and x10 series have gotten 3 bumps each. Then came weird bodies like the x-a1, x-e1, x-m1. All of those should be canned. There is too much overlap in those bodies and they don’t have a clear direction in the future.
    I suppose one could argue that the xpro overlaps the xt1.

    • Juan Gonzalez

      Agree with you Daniel. I will be keeping my X100s for a while. Still the Wifi would be nice.

    • anon

      my hope is they are working on something truly revolutionary for xpro 2 which is why it’s taking so long – it would certainly be my cue to start investing in fuji glass…

  87. john

    my wish list for a x200 is a compact full frame camera with fixed 40mm f1.8 lens and tilt screen. i always wanted to buy a full frame camera with fixed focal length and is still waiting for Fuji to come out with one in spite that there are already other companies producing such full frame compact cameras. I think this is a good way to start if Fuji does not wanna start a whole new line of full frame lens system. If such, just give us one full frame camera with fixed lens 40mm f1.8, something not still not yet being offered in market.

  88. Marc

    Hi Zack,

    Thanks for posting this interesting write up. I look forward to seeing you at photokina next week.

  89. Ken

    It sounds great, but I think I’m going to continue with my X100s for now. I’m interested to see what will get added to the 100s firmware, though.

    It uses the same WA and Tele converters as the X100 and X100s, right?

    • anon

      yes I saw on another website a photographer testing the TCL with the X100T

  90. Jacob delaRosa

    Pre Dear Fuji:

    About that chrome simulation mode Zack, I actually collect old Kodachrome slides and as you mention it’s not the same but definitely in the same vein. Sadly I never had a chance to shoot that stuff. Some of my slides are over 60 years old and look like they were shot yesterday!

    Dear Fuji:

    I’m still shooting your FP-100C on a 40 year old RB67 instead of your Instax film. Why? Because your cameras are overpriced pieces of plastic that offer zero manual control and no way to sync a flash. Well that’s not totally true. Your current users are hacking together flash solutions because you won’t give them any. But anyways when you are paying $1 a shot instant film requires fine exposure control to get the best results consitantly. Also your F/14 lenses are slower than dirt…I’ve seen Holgas with faster glass. And while you’re at it find a way for your instax wide film to cover the whole surface area of the print and leave a copy for the photographer. FP-100C does that (and so did FP-3000B before you discontinued it…)

  91. Ken

    Oops, hit send to quickly…

    I’m hoping for a FF rangefinder format Fuji that I can use as a host for my Leica M glass. There’s no way I can afford a Leica FF DRF, Fuji is my only hope.

    • John Lockwood

      Could film be a solution Ken? Since you have Leica glass, I assume you have a Leica film body. C-41 or B&W developing at home and scanning with a Pakon F135 Plus yields pretty great results.

  92. Mat

    I honestly don’t care about a full frame 35mm Fuji, but I’m dying for them or anyone to come out with an affordable digital MF system…

    • anon

      what? the x100s/t has manual focus already… and it’s very good and well supported…

  93. anon

    Are the body changes different enough that the leather case from an x100s wouldn’t work on the x100T?

  94. Chris

    Great first impressions Zack. Fuji are evolving this at a steady, consistent rate. It really is admirable and I’d love to take another look at it when they hit the shelves. The feature set is rich, as is the built in hybrid VF.

    I’m a suck for IQ and the Sony RX1 I bring around still thumps this to the end of the ballpark for IQ, BUT I’ll certainly give Fuji the thumbs up for so many better features. IQ isn’t everything, it’s the shooting experience. I’ll always hold onto the RX1, there isn’t anything like it and the IQ is sublime – unmatched for its size. However, this first impression article certainly has me interested
    -electronic shutter
    -rangefinder like experience
    -build in VF

    and lots more. It’s a compelling case. I’ll watch with curiosity at the curved sensor implementation in the RX2, but the X100T will be a hot commodity.


  95. Jeffrey

    Add weather sealing please.

  96. John Lockwood

    Size matters:
    So you’re fine with APS-C, which is half-frame of 35mm, but want a digital MF from Fuji? Wouldn’t doubling the chip to full-frame 24×36 be a good start toward increased dynamic range, lower noise and shallower DOF?

  97. Jeffrey Jay

    Leaf shutter lenses for the X series bodies.

    And the ability to disable exposure preview on the EVF of the x100s.

    Give me those 2, and i’d be good.

  98. Simon

    Cheers fior the heads up Zac, great insightful introduction. I have had the 100s for a few months and as always am more than pleased with Fuji. I was very happy with the X-Pro 1 and XE-1, however not enough to keep them. The X100s is another story altogether, love it, love it love it.

    What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?

    I was eager to see what exactly they have improved your article was a nail biting read. The biggy for me was weatherproofing …noooooooo I am certain many of us feel your pain on that point. So although all great exciting improvements, not enough for me to fork out the $$$ on an upgrade at this point.

    What is your wish list for the X200

    Now ….an X200 full frame and ….I will massage your Grandma. I for one am definatly looking forward to a full fram from Fuji. The X200 with a fixed 35 f2 lens and I would have to Say Indiana jones himself might come out of retirement. Holy Grail it may almost be, and I for one would be offloading my Leica M9-P and Summo quicker than you can say Special Edition. Seriously I really dont understand why Fuji just dont take the plunge and test the waters ?????.

    What day last week do you wish a Fuji digital medium format camera was announced?

    Cry, because I could never afford it …oh there is always the dusty Leica.

    • James Hays

      I bought (and still have) the original x100 to be my “always have on me” camera. It’s small, discreet and actually looks nice hanging around my neck. After a long battle with the sticky blade issue I finally got a replacement and began using it. As everyone who has one knows it is a joy to use. I was of course tempted with the x100s but right about that time I got my iPhone 5s. As much as I love using the x100, I found myself grabbing my iPhone for candid moments, travel, family get togethers…well just about everything. The poor x100 continued to sit on the shelf. The reality is, the images are just not that different. At least not different enough for me to put down the iPhone.

      You hit the two reasons I probably won’t get this camera.
      1. Tilt-screen. I rented an x-T1 a while back and fell in love with the tilt-screen. It allowed me all kinds of new creative angles and stealthy photos of my kids(by the time I get my x100 powered up and raised to my eye, they have already run away).
      2. Even at f2, with the current sensor size/focal length it’s again just not that different in looks to make me put down the iPhone for everyday shooting. A full frame sensor would be the ticket here and I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. I hope I’m wrong!

      In the meantime I’ll still keep on shooting with my original x100 and now keep my fingers crossed for the chrome firmware upgrade.
      Thanks for the review, it was very well done!

  99. Mark L

    Ah yes full frame…i need it because….actually i don’t need it. Or 24mp. The review was a great read as usual, but I must confess to being a LITTLE disappointed that not one troll has stuck its pointed little head out and accused you of being an X series concubine or something similar. Maybe another day, another camera. And MF? Look, if it’s not TOO much to ask, can you wait until they make an X100 Monochrom? Just the one, for me? And as someone mentioned bourbon, Makers Mark and Buffalo Trace. Thank you, have a great day, dont take any wooden nickels (do people still say that?) and love from Downunder 😉

  100. Dan W

    Classic Chrome looks gorgeous!
    Really need this as a firmware update to be added to the rest of the X lineup
    I want it on my XE2!

  101. Tony

    Can you select Auto ISO from the iso selection now directly?…with the X100 you had to go digging through the menu system every time and turn it “on or off.”

  102. Fred

    I got an Olympus E-M5 and thinking to sell it for either X-T1 or new X100T is it a good idea ? (I take photo almost only of family, kids, travel.)

  103. John Lockwood

    Looking for a Fujifilm Medium Format?
    Maybe your connections could hook you up with a GX645AF?
    It features a full-size 645 format sensor. FILM!

  104. Johnny

    Awesome first look, Zach!

    As an X100s shooter, this camera is tempting me. It could be G.A.S. – but the improvements in layout, viewfinder, speed, etc. have me seriously considering the upgrade. I’d probably give my X100s to one of my kids then. ; )

    Like so many here, I would LOVE to see a medium format Fuji.
    I shoot a lot of architecture and while I use my D800 90% of the time, some of my best images were shot with the X100s. It has that “something” that makes those images stand out.

    I want Fuji to take the X100 concept and make it medium format, with interchangeable lenses with leaf shutters. I’d like some tilt-shift lenses too for my architecture projects.
    If they did that, I’d be 100% Fuji.

    Oh, and work even closer with the Raw processors to help us all get the best quality possible within our current work flows.

    : )

  105. Ed Araquel

    Thanks for this wonderful preview of the X100T!

    I’m a unit stills photographer and the X100S has been my constant companion on movie sets since it was released last year. It’s great for behind the scenes grab shots or for squeezing into tight places on set without the need for a giant sound blimp enclosing my Nikon D4 or D810 due to its super quiet leaf shutter: the one thing that prevents me from switching to other X cameras.

    Given your preview here, I’ll definitely be upgrading and this T version can’t come out soon enough! Although I do agree that they should have at least weatherproofed it if they truly want pros to accept it as a normal piece of their kit.

    Anyway thanks again for the preview Zack. Happy shooting.


  106. Dave

    I’m most excited about the spot metering being tied to the focus point. Metering on the x100s has never been predictable for me. Riding the exposure comp dial in EVF has been my work around

  107. Adam

    As an X100S user I’m somewhat jealous of the X100T upgrades, but not enough to switch at the moment. I’m confident Fuji will bring the Eggleston filter (love it!) to the S, and that will be great – your shots really show it off nicely.

    On the subject of the exposure comp dial, nice they’ve added an extra stop but there’s one thing I’d like to see: it should move in the opposite direction. I know when you look at it visually it makes sense to have negative numbers below the horizontal and positive numbers above. However, when I’m adjusting it by feel it’s totally counter-intuitive to me. I’m turning the knob clockwise so that should dial in more exposure, not less, like a volume knob. And vice versa.

    I know Fuji isn’t unique in this set-up, but it drives me nuts. Can’t wire my brain to do the opposite, I always get it wrong the first time.

  108. Markus

    I don’t really care if they release a FF or MF Fuji. For now, I’ve invested a fair chunk into my X-T1 with the 10-24, 35 and 56mm lenses and I fully intend on getting more than a couple of years of use out of them.

    What I *really* would care about, however, is them supplying Adobe, Apple, Nik, PhaseOne etc. with a way to PROPERLY render the film simulations in RAW conversion. I always shoot RAW but I love the Provia and Velvia sims and this Classic Chrome does look tempting. So far, the LR versions don’t come close.

    Or release a proper RAW converter made by Fuji… I’d be game for that, too.

    • Dave

      In Lightroom, you can choose the simulation you like instead of the Adobe Standard by going all the way to the bottom of the develop panel and choosing the simulation you like….

  109. Matt

    Thanks Zack!

    The t looks awesome. I’ll definitely sell my s for it. The X100s was my one and only camera I really carried with me. It’s compact, has a great IQ and the experience is indescribable. I have an X-E2 with a great 23mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4 but always preferred the X100s. It is just more compact and with the ND Filter and OVF the better travel camera. The improvements are worth an upgrade if u are a straight X100 photographer.

    wish list:

    Weathersealing but only if the body will not be bigger and the buttons feel the same.

    More MP?! Naaah, 16 is plenty enough and I am happy with APS-C.

    Flippy tillty thingy screen?! Not necessary, I’m an OVF/EVF fan.

    Keep improving the AF. It’s fine with the X100s but I tend to have some out of focus images even with the AF set straight to the face. Don’t know why but it still happens. I’m really looking forward to the t in this section. Hopefully AF tracking works. It’ll be handy on my motorcycle trips.

    P.S.: For all you x100/s guys check out the Toshiba Air SD card. It’ll give your x100 some wifi capability. Image transfer will be not the fastest but still usable. But my X-E2 is not very fast either. An I hope there will be a firmware updates for all the old x cameras. Classic chrome just looks awesome!

  110. Ken Andrews

    I have and X100 (haven’t been able to sell it yet…it’s glued to me I think) and an X100s….

    What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?
    (KWA: pretty much nothing, they got it right once again! It’s an evolutionary upgrade where X100s users don’t “need” to upgrade but it should compel those with the X100 to do so and bring in new users too)

    • What is your wish list for the X200
    (KWA: EVF the size of the X-T1 if physically possible without increasing body size. Get rid of the silly filter/hood attachment, go to a direct threaded version and a bayonet mount or just the screw in. I’d love a bump in lens speed, maybe to a f/1.4 or even f/1.8 would be nice, again, if possible without compromising the size too much. Finally, start paying attention to video IQ, IQ, IQ, IQ, IQ, IQ, IQ, IQ big time…on all cameras, I hate having to use the Sony RX10 just for video…I want 100% Fuji. That also means ditching the silly non-standard mic input, use the “right” one next time).

    • What day last week do you wish a Fuji digital medium format camera was announced? 🙂
    (KWA: Not yet, actually. Keep refining the APS-C for now. When they are ready for MF, do it in a big-bang sort of way: Body, 3-4 primes and call it a day. Skip full frame, no need to do that.)

  111. Kate

    I 100% agree with you about weatherproofing. This is something that’s super important to me. I use my X100s as my only camera when I travel and I need to know I’ll be able to use it without any worries, no matter the weather. I would absolutely pay to upgrade in order to get weatherproofing.

    I don’t need a full frame (35mm) Fuji X100. I have the same feelings about that as you seem to about a 24MP sensor. If they do decide to go full frame, that’s fine and I’m sure I’d enjoy it. But I have no problem with staying APS-C.

    • Bob K

      Here’s the thing… if I’m using a DSLR, I want full frame. I figure that if I’m going to lug around “L” glass, I might as well use it all of it.

      But if I’m using a mirrorless camera, then I want APS-C. I’m using mirrorless because I want something smaller and lighter, and APS-C makes for a nice-sized camera. And the quality is darned close to full-frame anyway.

      Tell them to see if they can make an MF that’s cheap enough to be a step up from the 5D/D800.

  112. David Watts

    I’m quite happy with the APS sized sensor. No interest in full-frame or medium format. Those efforts will be technically demanding and that will only dilute Fuji expertise and resources away from improving the current cameras.

    One reason Fuji could innovate so fast, as compared to Nikon and Cannon, is that they weren’t weighed down by a lot of scattered, legacy products. Let’s encourage Fuji to stay focused on exactly what they’re doing… Be like Apple. Do a few things great.

    Just my 2 cents.


  113. X

    Thanks for the preview Zack. Im really happy with my x100s. Like you, its changed my photography. I really want to upgrade, but when I look at it from the boring practical perspective, there’s nothing about the x100s that leaves me hanging, with the exception of the battery life/ battery meter. Yea, faster AF would be nice. Who knows, maybe I’ll give in…

  114. Paul

    Dear Fuji,

    Classic Chrome in a firmware/software update for my recently bought XT1 please.

    Thank you

  115. jarWoodson

    Cheers, Zack on the write-up…I must have one now!! My only kvetch is this wasn’t a “sequel” of sorts to your original write-up of the x100. I’d love to know whatever happened to Phase One, Leica, Canon, Nikon & everyone else in the camera obscura lounge….not to mention if anyone else showed up 🙂

  116. Jim Mondry

    Thanks for the info Zack, well said. In response to your questions:
    1) Like you, I wish this had weatherproofing (or at least decent “weather resistance”)
    2) I would rather have a fixed 50mm rather than use the 35 and add on a heavy adapter – it would be nice if they had an X200 with a 50 so us HCB wannabes can have a fuji version.
    3) Tuesday
    4) I would rather keep the cropped sensor than a full 35mm. Playing with the X-M1 versus my D600 – I don’t care about the full frame (there are a million other details that go into the choice of me using one or the other). I don’t see a huge value in the improved response to only go up to full frame. I would rather see a square cropped medium formatish (heck, don’t go full 6×6 – why not try 4.5×4.5) on a hand-holdable body than only a slightly larger sensor.

    Thanks for your posts. Looking forward to seeing more updates about the resolution you get when photographing a squirel.

  117. Dominique

    In December/January I sold my Nikon DX and 35mm film bodies and bought a Fuji X100s and a Nikon D610. I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve used the Nikon D610 since. I carry my X100s everywhere with me and use it all the time.

    I will not be upgrading to the X100T despite the improved viewfinder, 1/3 stop clicks on the aperture ring and wi-fi abilities which are the upgrades I’m most interested in. I’d rather save my pennies for the TCL (if this was an 85mm equivalent I would have already bought it by now). Besides I’m expecting some of the improvements to arrive as a firmware update for the X100s (customizable Q menu & Classic Chrome film simulation).

    I think Fuji releasing a 35mm equivalent digital camera would be a big mistake and would distract the great effort being put into the X-series lenses. When I want to get shallow depth of field portraits I bust out the Nikon and 85mm or my MF film gear… still waiting for an affordable MF digital system.

    In fact, build a digital back for the Fuji GX680 and I’d be a pretty happy guy. I loved that camera when I rented it back in the film days and I’d happily trade in my full Mamiya RB67 system for the Fuji. MF digital and camera movements? Sign me up – as long as it does not cost ‘new car’ kind of money… and I can tether it.

  118. Ernest

    Great. Time to triple up on the Beano. I feel a bad case of G.A.S. coming on…

    Wifi alone is enough to make me want to upgrade from my 100s. Really liking the results of the 50mm conversion lens as well.


  119. brett

    I had the original for a couple years and the S for a couple weeks.

    Have they fixed the shutter in Single shot mode so you can take multiple shots without focusing each time (by holding a half-press)? That drove me INSANE, and is unlike every other $300-5000 camera I’ve touched.

    Sounds like they’re finally giving at least moderate video function. Finally. I’m not serious about video work, but at least let me lock exposure! Even my iPhone has been able to do that for a few years.

  120. fabian Schwan-brandt

    dear zack , thanks for your Great , educative & entertaining work. i have Learnt a Lot from you.

    Love fuji x System , but RAW conversion quality in Lightroom seems to remain a Big weakness compared Even to simple canon gear. dear fuji Team – please Address this issue. and: please Adress Off Camera Flash . plus: make manual Focus Field (xe2) size adjustable.

    best regards from Germany ,


    • fabian Schwan-brandt

      plus: enhanced Video quality would make me invest more heavily in the System ( See Zacks Remark on gh4), being a Multi Media Producer – Video is now is still canon 5d M3 & canon xf 100 .

  121. Nick Lyle

    I agree with you in principal that Fuji should go straight to a medium format camera because it would be a much more significant leap in IQ. However, If this medium format camera is also a whole lot more expensive than X-series cameras it might not do me personally any good. I don’t see the point of Fuji developing an entire line of full-frame cameras and lenses, since they would not be that huge an improvement on the X-series and would have cost, weight and size penalties.

    However, I would like to see a full frame rangefinder-style Fuji with the improved hybrid viewfinder that is specifically designed to take advantage of all the 35mm format rangefinder lenses available (as well as all the other manual lenses out there). Fuji could make a few lenses to give this camera AF capability in the most useful traditional rangefinder focal lengths, let’s say 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm, and then move on to produce the medium format camera that you want.

    For a lot of us a FF XPro style camera that could be used for all the things that film rangefinder cameras were used for would be a great tool.

  122. Rich

    Thanks for the good review. I will likely keep my x100s and wait to see if the XPRO 2 shows up.
    I would like update firmware for the x100s to include:
    1. Chrome
    2. Custom q menu with the AE or flash buttons made customize able so I could assign both ND and ISO to buttons.


  123. Christoph

    I’m glad they stuck with the 16mp. I’d rather they work on lowering the noise and improve AF with the current sensor.

  124. Michael Matthews

    Which provides the best working view — the EVF in the X-T1 or the new HVF in the X100T

  125. what's up with the 6400 ISO wax skin?

    Did they fix the jpeg treatment of skin tones at high iso?

  126. Lex

    Massive nerd currently shooting an X100 here. Definitely in the throes of the early-Fuji love/hate relationship, but the X100 is strong enough to be my walkabout and daylight portrait camera. Zack, your review leaves me with a few questions, and some X200 thoughts.

    First, the electronic/mechanical shutter is a brilliant idea. From a technical standpoint, I wondered why no one was doing that. The flash sync circuitry may be built into the mechanical shutter mechanism, and from a marketing standpoint, Fuji may have considered their mechanical 1/4000sec sync speed sufficient. Certainly, it usually is, and only a small percentage of users will combine crazy-fast electronic shutters with flash.

    But there’s another problem. How many flashes have a duration below 1/32,000sec? I don’t know of any hot shoe flashes that can (http://goo.gl/iXEiHl), and there are probably very few studio strobes faster than 1/32,000sec. The Einsten taps out around 1/13,500sec (Action mode at 8 stops below full), which would be useful with “slower” electronic shutters, but that’s not much to go on. Heck, the leaf shutter remains one of the main reasons I bought an X100, and it’s been damn handy. Fuji’s still way ahead of the game on that front, even without the electronic shutter sync. But it would have been nice. Can you use an optical sync with the electronic shutter?

    For the X200, the main thing I’d like is weather sealing. I’m hard on my cameras. I’ve revived my Canon 60D twice after it died shooting in rainstorms, and since the X-series cameras are great walkabouts, hardening them makes a good deal of sense.

    Next, multiple focal lengths. I think Sigma’s got a great idea with their dp Quattro in 28mm, 45mm, and 90mm, and I’d love to see Fuji do something similar. Tested a dp2, and totally failed to fall in love. Fuji X200 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm versions would be awesome. Yes, the interchangeable X-mount cameras have those lengths (or similar), but they do not have the X100’s fast sync.

    Next, a battery grip. Yes, it flies in the face of the camera’s low-profile aesthetic, but it would be a nice way to stop worrying about battery life (even with the T’s improved life), and I much prefer using gripped cameras.

    More pixels, I think, are not necessary. 16MP is fine, especially when paired with killer high-ISO performance.

    I do want a miniphone flash sync port on the camera. Hot shoes are okay, but the added flexibility would come in handy sometimes.

    A 35mm Fuji… Meh. That’s hard territory to compete in, for starters. A more affordable medium-format system is definitely more interesting, especially if they can use a compact case with a fixed lens for a really high-quality street camera. Cool as it would be, that’s a small market.

  127. Brice

    Would you share the “classic chrome” firmware with us? 😀

  128. Maurice da Silva Solis

    Always a pleasure to read or watch you.
    I enjoyed Marrakesh, especially as I spent many years in Morocco working for the u.s. State dept. In the 1950’s as a very young developing architect. You captured the feeling and the light in a wonderful way.

  129. Larry


    I’m curious about the high ISO noise reduction in regards to skin tones. Will you please take the same ISO6400 portrait with both the X100S and X100T, and post the out-of-the-camera JPGs.

    Cheers, Larry

    • Zack

      I’ll try at some point to pull that off for you. No promises. I’m busy as hell right now but it’s in the back of my mind to do.


  130. DL

    Thanks for your great review. I think this now is the adult “carry always” digtal camera. Some time ago I asked in a forum if there’s a way to hack the film modes as my prefered color film was Kodachrome for some 25 years.
    Now it’s there, although “Big Yellow” was always Fujis competitor – great!
    I hope to find it in a firmware upgrade for my X-E1 any time soon. WiFi in perfection – using it with your iPhone you will hardly miss a tilt screen and you can leave your cable release at home. Hybrid OVF – EVF: YES! Sooner or later this lttle guy will find it’s way into my camera bag.
    Do I want a 35mm full frame from Fuji: Definitely no. APS-C ist perfect.

  131. Chris

    • What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?
    Weatherproofing. It was the primary reason for selling my X100S and moving to an Olympus OM-D E-M5. I’d love to come back because the Olympus has interchangeable lenses and I’m always looking for an excuse to spend money. With the X100 series, you can’t, so I’d love to come back for that reason alone.

    Being able to use a Pocket Wizard (or something similar) for a wireless release. I don’t own a cell phone, so the WiFi release means nothing over here.

    • How many of you are waiting for a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji? Is it a “must have” for you?
    After shooting with the X100S and Olympus OM-D E-M5 for the last year, and I still have my Nikon D700, I can’t say I’m ever waiting for the 35mm to come out. If the scene is well composed and the light is controlled, it’s hard to differentiate between the m43s and full frame images.

    Only reason I’m not getting rid of my D700 is I shoot a lot of sports for hobby. Most events are in poorly lit indoor tracks, so I need fast AF along with high ISO combined.

  132. Mats

    Just wanted to say that the first picture in the Classic Chrome section is gorgeous! The one with windows, childrens books books and stuff.
    Might even have a bit of Eggelston in it 😉

    Sure hope Classic Chrome comes to the X100S as well. Looks good.

    How is the focus speed on the X100T vs X100s? It’s the one thing I think still could get a lot better on the X100S. In less than good light it can be pretty painful. And I became more painfully aware of that after I got the Ricoh GR which is much faster.

  133. chuck

    I’d love to see a 50 mm lens on successor!

  134. Marco

    No update for me, still very much in love with my black X100s!!
    But realy hoping for a little firmware update…..Classic Chrome looks absolutely great!!

  135. Carlos Carvalho

    Hi Zack
    Is it so difficult to introduce a telemetric system in this X100 câmera?
    I’m looking at my M6 and the size is the same, and looking too to my old and much smaller Olympus 35RC, and I think that these engineers and designers of today never look to the past and follow the good exemples
    Shit with them. Why so many buttons, so many image gimmicks?
    These things are to be made in the computer, but a really rangefinder must be in the camera.
    Hope to see one day an affordable kind of Leica body, to make those guys tremble with concurrence

    • Zack

      Have you ever seen or shot with the Epson RD1? It was the first honest to God digital rangefinder. A real rangefinder. You even had to manually cock the shutter after taking a photo. It’s an amazing little camera and it’s a shame they never developed it further. I bought one off ebay last year as a collector’s item.


  136. Brian


    Have owned an x100 for about three years now and I’ve grown to love it tremendously. But today, after reading this initial review, I swallowed hard and pre-ordered the 100T, dude. And I JUST got my credit card paid off after having carried a balance forever. I’m telling you, if this thing disappoints, I’m gonna come to Atlanta and fight you.

    Though I’m pretty sure I’ll lose.

    Thanks for the great reviews on these wonderful Fuji products!


  137. mateusz

    No weatherproofing is a HUGE disappointment for me 🙁 Dear Fuji, at least build some waterproof case or something.

  138. lee

    Is now spot metering possible with non-center focus field?On my old x100 just the center one does spotmetering even if the focus field is on the outter side

    • Zack

      Spot meter can now be set to the selected AF point anywhere in the viewfinder.


  139. Janelle

    What happened to the X Pro 2? I thought it was coming now also. Haven’t seen anything about it…

    • Zack

      They are taking their sweet ass time with the X-Pro2. The patience of the Japanese is really showing with this particular model. That leads me to believe that it is going to be one hell of a camera when it finally comes out. Maybe they will have a preview of it at Photokina next week. Been a few rumors of that. I don’t know though.


  140. Tim

    Dear Fuji,

    I like the X100T and have just pre-ordered one. I LOVE your lens R&D decisions for the X-T1 (23mm f/1.4? 56mm f/1.2?? 90mm f/2??? AMAZING!) and it shows me that you’re dead serious about taking Canon and Nikon users away. I’d have liked a full-frame 35mm sensor in the X-T1, but now with the perfect lens selection and perfect price points … let’s leave it alone and just move on to an X-Trans sensor in a Medium Format camera! You were absolutely serious with when you knew 56mm f/1.4 would be fine, but you did it right and went all the way to 1.2 … so let’s go all the way to Medium Format!

    While we’re on the topic of Fuji completely taking over as the potential leader in digital photography, can you get your TTL info over to Profoto so I can get a firmware update into my B1 strobes? Running and gunning with an X100T leaf shutter and a B1 on TTL with some exposure compensation!?!?!?!? Not to even begin to dream about a smaller, lighter medium format rig with a B1 on TTL! Hang on; I’m starting to lose my breath. Give me a minute to regain my composure.

    Thanks! You’re the best!

    • Zack

      Not that I’m a TTL guy… it would be good for these systems to play nice with Fuji.


  141. LaMar

    I pre-ordered the X100T last Friday believing it to be weather sealed. What a HUGE kick in the head. Why, oh why…

  142. Vincenzo

    Thanks for sharing your review Zack.

    1- What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?

    Tilt screen.
    On the current X-series lineup Fuji is saying to his prospective customers “You want, on the same camera, a tilt screen and a viewfinder ? It’s $1,700 (X-T1 with the kit) babe, thanks”. Too bad for a company that otherwise is so good on design and user interface.

    2- What is your wish list for the X200 ?

    A 35mm (50mm eq. FF) F/1.8 lens with a tilt screen OR
    if the lens design would make the camera too bulky this DVD tutorial included in the box: “Zach Arias,The 23mm Portrait Wizard: how to shoot amazing head and shoulder portraits avoiding distorsion and making a great use of bokeh” 😉
    In a few words: 50mm eq. Is great for both street and portrait. The 35mm eq. (23mm real) though great for street, forces you to stick with environmental portrait only.

    3- Fuji medium format camera ?

    The only meaningful step forward in terms of image quality.
    However, view price involved, would make sense only for the pros and a very few wealthy amateurs.

    4- Full frame 35mm from Fuji ?

    Noooo Mr Fuji, please ! Don’t listen to pixel peepers.
    APS-C (together with micro 4/3) is today the best compromise between price, size and image quality.
    Save your money to invest in lenses, sensor technology, firmare updates, improving your assistance network (in Europe everything is sent in UK and they keep the gear usually around 4 weeks, painful for an amateur, terrible for a pro), organizing tours to allow your customers to try your gears before buying them (they are regularly organizing those tours throughout Italy, well done).

  143. Jay Stebbins

    Hey Zack,

    Glad to see Fujifilm dropped one of these for you to play with in advance. Great write up as well. Have you had a chance to play with the video upgrades? I have yet to see any video samples from this version.

    Thanks again,


    • Zack

      Have not had a chance to test the video yet. I’ll probably be doing that next week when I’m out of town.


    • Zack

      Repeat after me…

      “Before I buy a new camera, I’m going to check all the rumor sites first.”



  144. Carlos Sandoval

    Zack. Would you care to do a post about using the correct settings to use flash triggers, so we, like you, won´t have to curse our cameras? Thanx! Salud!

    • Zack

      To work with a trigger.

      Macro mode off.
      Silent mode off.
      Continuous shooting off.
      Any sort of bracketing (film sim, ISO, Exp, etc) off.
      3rd party flash ON.

      And now…

      Electronic shutter off.

      That should do it.


  145. Carlos Sandoval

    Sorry, about my last post. About the x100s with flash triggers. Thanx again.

  146. jseliger

    • What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?

    I said this in another comment, but I’m looking for a tilting screen. Zach: have you spent much time shooting with a camera that has a tilting screen? For me, it’s a “never going back” feature.

    • Zack

      The XT1 has a tilt screen. My GH4’s have a full articulating screen and THAT’s a tilt screen. I’d love to have the GH4 screen on my Fuji’s.


  147. Steinar Knai

    The X100T and the XT1 are convincing me to really go try the Fujis out and seriously considering getting rid of my Nikon DSLR gear. For me, FF is not a must in a mirrorless, but if yes, I think lenses should be MF, if not they become way too big and all the gains are lost. Just look at the 50-140 at virtually 1kg. I prefer the primes. To become pro grade, they must all be weather sealed (although Nikkors aren’t)
    Please Fuji, I feel that you have become the thinking man’s camera system. Please stay that way and you will succceed.

  148. Matt

    Dear Fuji,
    Please give us a medium format digital camera. I think you should start with an X100 style fixed body and then move to an interchangeable MF system after that. I also think that MF size needs to be addressed as MF comes in many shapes and sizes and nobody has seemed to address that.

    I was/am a Canon owner and my kit continues to collect dust as I moved onto Fuji (x100s & X-T1 currently, although I’ve owned 3 other fuji bodies). I now find myself leaving my fuji’s at home more and more as I’ve been shooting MF film (digital is too expensive). I would love to see you guys go 6×7. I’ve mainly been shooting with a Mamiya 7ii but would love to have a more compact digital version and get more then 10 shots per roll 🙂

    So forget full frame… go MF and go big MF….none of the 6×4.5. Make it leaf shutter as well 🙂

    I’m a customer as soon as you release it.

    Also, great work with the “Classic chrome”, I’m exited to see that added via firmware.

  149. William Cowan

    G’day Zack

    Thanks for the review of the new X100T, I own and love the original.

    If Fuji released a 56mm F2 version of the same camera, that would be VERY HARD to resist. It’s really the only upgrade I would pay for over my original X100. Those two cameras would go everywhere with me.

    • Zack

      I asked about a 90mm version and we could have one. They could make it. There’d be no OVF for it though. Something about math and science and focusing window and all that.


      • Jim

        THAT would be killer. How about a 90mm conversion lens at least.

      • William Cowan

        I could live with an EVF of the same quality as the X-T1, that works really well.

      • Miton

        90mm great 🙂 and what about 24mm ? Did you anything about…
        Indeed 28mm and 50mm are too near to 35mm…

        For the OVF problem, Fuji could put in a lens convertor switch to increase the magnification of the view finder ? But perhaps this is reserved for the x-pro1s or x-pro2 🙂


  150. Jeremiah Mullins

    Thanks for the run down Zack. I’m looking forward to more announcements over the next week 🙂

    @ Zack – If you could add the ability to +1 comments so that I can add +1,000,000 to @bruko’s comment that would be awesome.

    Dear Fuji,

    I love the x100s – and the new teleconverter is gold and has barely been off the camera since I picked it up about 6 weeks ago. Also I like what you’ve done with the x100t – more speed, built in wifi and that viewfinder… mmm…

    Stuff that’s not there that I want:
    – Turn the #*&^ hotshoe on!!! – It should fire no matter whatever setting the camera is on – this more than anything is the reason that I don’t already have a xt-1 kit going.
    – Weather resistance please – it doesn’t have to be able to survive a bath, but a sudden rainstorm would be nice
    – Dual card slots – I don’t know the demographic buying this camera but I’d imagine that there’s a whole lot of professionals who would love to use this camera all the time and it’s 2014. Lets go.

    Those three things would be amazing across the lineup actually – there should be a flagship with all of those. Pretty please with brown sugar on top.

    One thing I would like to see are lenses for the x series with leaf shutters. Not just for portraits either. Look at all the sports action photographers currently using HSS or some other trickery. Give us a rock solid autofocus and some LS lenses – start with the 35, 56 and 90 – and we’d make the back order for your past new releases look like child’s play.

    I could also get behind a 645 system – if the price is right – but I wouldn’t worry about a 35mm system.

    Thank you for listening!
    Jeremiah Mullins

    • Zack




  151. Mark

    Hey Zack! Thanks for the review. I may have missed it, but did you mention whether Fuji had changed the annoying way you have to click ‘up’ on the D pad to be able to select focus points on the X100S? This is one simple firmware update that I wish they’d sort out – have they done it for the X100T?

    • Zack

      I think I spoke of that in the post. You can turn the dpad into a full time AF point selector. Very nice indeed. Very welcomed.


  152. Ben

    Zack. Flash sync with electronic shutter! Are you able to confirm crazy sync speeds with electronic shutter? If we get this via firmware on the XT-1 in December, I’m hoping for better sync speeds. Fuji states it won’t work with flash. I hope that’s just TTL and not manual flash like the old Nikon D70s

    • Zack

      Word on the street is electronic shutter can not sync at fast speeds with a CMOS sensor. I need to confirm that. Stupid CMOS.


      • Ben

        You should be able to test. It’s just light right? Can’t see any real issues. See if the entire hotshoe and PC sync cord are disabled in electronic shutter mode. I hope it’s just TTL flashes that won’t fire.

  153. Paul

    If they’ve added 1/3 stops to the aperture ring (yay) I’d like to be able to program it so the control “wheel” on the back doesn’t change it. I have the 100s and love it but often bump this and change exposure a bit.

  154. Jocelyn

    Thanks Zack for all the infos!
    Your website is pure signal (joy) without any noise. Like an old tube preamp (tweaked).. It’s all warm and clear!

    Dear Fuji,

    I was expecting to see a tilt screen and a new hybrid EVF as big as the XT1 on the new X100T model. To me,the sensor size
    woudn’t have been a factor with these upgrades.

    I think there’s a lot of people like me who still prefer manual focussing and like being involved in the process. Don’t get me wrong, everything else is amazing (I had a X-Pro1 and X100s prior buying a used M9). The main reason I decided to sell my Fuji’s was because I didn’t like the electronic loop thing for manual focussing. I really liked the Nikon 135mm F2 DC paired with the Fuji X-pro1 for portrait tho… It was just to heavy.

    — Please add a real manual focussing lens with a focussing ring that stops.. Like let’s say a Leica Summilux 50mm 1.4 asph. (!)

    MF > FF

    Please leave the FF behind and jump to the next level (medium format) Zack Arias is right.

    The new Fuji medium format design (in my dreams):

    -Similar EVF as the X-T1 but hybrid viewfinder.
    -Range finder style camera.
    -Tilt screen + WIFI.
    -Real manual focussing lens.

    MF > FF

    Talking about Leica:
    Your Hi ISO (Fuji) are great but I still prefer the files from my beloved old Leica M9 (made in 2009) at lower ISO’s. I just use a flash when I need more light. Why is it easier to set an accurate manual white balance with a M9 compared to the X-Pro1 or X100 or X100s (using a white card)? Something is missing in the skin tones after in the Fuji’s (kinda yellowish) if you compare to auto WB.

    All the best.

  155. Jermaine

    Any comment on the quality of the lens on the T vs. the S? Are they exactly the same optical quality because they are unchanged mechanically?

    • Zack

      I think they are the same lens. I’m not seeing anything that would lead me to think it is a redesign. Other than the engraved texture on the focus ring. That is new. Optically though I *think* they are the same.


  156. Chris

    Id like to hear you thoughts on a X100R (R is for rangefinder)?

  157. Andrew

    Um, yeah… I’m not sure yet on the body design yet, as you and others have mentioned. I think I still like the X100/S body best. Any reason why they changed that front lever back to the original one found on the X100? Also, any reason why they removed the wheel around the D pad? As far as selecting a focus point, I’d like to use a thumb controller on the back, like what Canon has on their 5Dmark3 or 1D X. Include that across the X line and I’m a happy camper.

    As for a medium format Fuji, that would be hella sweet. I think it would be sweet if they could go for at least a 6 by 4.5 size, but that’s wishful thinking, and I assume too expensive. Nice if they’d do the X-Trans sensor on it, but I figure Fuji has that in mind already.

    • Andrew

      Also, I forgot to mention, it would be sweet if I could get multiple jpeg variants right when I make the exposure. Like, I’d want a jpeg in b+w+red filter, and one in that new classic chrome, with my raw file. I don’t know if that’s available on any current firmware, though.

  158. Dave C

    Does it use a proper electronic shutter, or the retro-but-useless screw-in plunger like the S? If they did a proper trigger that I could use with my triggertrap I’d be tempted to sell the S and get this. That’s one of the things that keeps me going back to the big camera…

    If we’re soliciting feedback, I also want:
    1) weatherproofing. Apparently this may have me waiting for the ‘U’ though I’ve gotten my S pretty damned wet. I keep a piece of tape over the hotshoe as a bit of ghetto weatherproofing.
    2) better flash controls, front & center (if I can put them into the Q menu that’d be awesome)
    3) access to all shutter speeds when in aperture-priority mode (currently stuck at 1/4s on the S, even if that way under-exposes)

    • Kevin B

      I’m with you on the low shutter speed — I see in the pix from Fuji that the T shutter speed dial goes down to 1 sec before T (the S only goes down to 4) so we can hope!

      I’m also hoping that the on/off lever is a little more rigid, I regularly turn the X100S off, by accident, when panning.

  159. Chirag Wakaskar

    I’m quite sold on this review! I would be getting this when its available for me (India) Weather sealing would have been the real cherry on the cake.

  160. David

    Hi Zack, thanks for the thorough write up. I’ve owned the x100 (sold) and now own the x100s, loving both cameras. Hope this answers your questions.

    • What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t? I was hoping for weather sealing & larger 24mp sensor or FF sensor. Most of what has been announced are software upgrades, other than maybe the upgraded AF tech.

    • What is your wish list for the X200. FF sensor to add better low light, IQ and detail, weather sealing, centre point flash always on – agree with you there, improved AF (haven’t used x100T yet), higher ISO performance.

    • What day last week do you wish a Fuji digital medium format camera was announced? I’d buy one immediately up to a value of $5000, which I think will soon be the benchmark price for mirror less MF before 2020.

    • How many of you are waiting for a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji? Is it a “must have” for you? Yes yes yes yes. I love Fuji’s APSC sensors, so it’s not a current problem as much as a necessesity to keep pace with Sony, Leica etc. I’m keeping and happy with my Canon 6d, but this camera from Fuji would make me reconsider systems, so long as the AF was comparable.

    Let’s hope we see a software upgrade for x100s users very soon. Most of the upgrades here are software related (not all like AF), so it’s possible. Many x100s owners may feel unloved if their investments aren’t upgraded.

    Cheers, David.

    • Frank

      I think a FF 35mm F/2.0 make a lot of sense. It only need a FF sensor and 1.4 time wider (in terms of diameter) glass, which still looks balanced. Do not bother FF 35mm F/2.8, which essentially has same glass as X100/s/t, and minor improvement of noise level.

    • Zack

      I’ll be lobbying for a solid x100s upgrade just like Hobby and I did for the x100. I’m sure it’s going to get a final refresh with some new goodies. They’ve done that in the past.


  161. Michael Rossiter

    Dear Fuji: I have owned the X Pro 1, X100, X100S, and XT-1. All were great cameras. I would like a full frame one in the future though. Or a medium format…IF it were affordable. Which is why I would “settle” for a Full Frame one. Please make it so.

    PS: Thank you for always upgrading the firmwares for all your cameras, even the older ones. It’s very considerate, and one of the reasons I always buy Fuji’s.

  162. DaveSC

    OK Zack, you said to leave comments and you would get them to Fuji…so here goes…for the X-T1…faster flash high speed sync, 1/180 is just way too slow, a bare minimum would be 1/250, 1/500 would perk-up a lot of heads, 1/1000 would knock it out of the park, please Fuji, bring a whole new revolution to flash photography, please address the slow flash sync speeds. I am actually surprised with both David Hobby and Zack Arias on board this has not yet been addressed.

    • DaveSC

      Fuji please add the Canon multi-controller to select Auto-focus points in addition to the 4 D pad buttons. The multi-control really is the fastest way to select an AF point because it lets you move on a diagonal.

    • DaveSC

      Dear Fuji,
      Put OIS in the 16-55 2.8 WR
      Put OIS in the 90 f/2

    • DaveSC

      Dear Fuji,
      My Elinchrom Quadra Ranger flash system with a “A” head plugged into the “B” channel will flash at 1/6000 of a second.
      My Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS flash system with an “A” head plugged into the “B” channel will flash at 1/5000 of a second.
      Please get the flash sync speed increased on the X-T1.
      ( hey Zack I went to Elinchrom based on your reviews, bought everything on Craigslist over time, very good deals. Thanks for all your work.)

  163. Frank

    Hi Zack,
    Great write-up. You asked people’s thoughts on a full frame Fuji. Here is my opinion.
    I think there are rooms for a full frame X100 style Fuji. Here is why.
    1). The X100/S/T lens is relatively small. It would be great if the lens was 1-stop faster, which would make the X100/S/T on per with Sony RX1 in terms of AOV and background defocusing.
    2). If the lens goes 23mm F/1.4, the lens will be only slightly different from 35mm F/2.0 for a Full Frame Sensor. I am sure the engineer at Fuji should be able to find room in the body to accomendate Full Frame Sensor.
    3). The end result of a Full Frame 35mm F/2.0 Fuji X100 style camera will not very different from X100/S/T other than a larger, but still balanced, lens. The additional cost will be much smaller then a redesigned MF one.
    MF is nice. But, it probably take much longer time to develop and to get mature, and cost much more. There will be people choose FF over MF for the reason of size, price, etc.
    Fuji already went too far on X-mount to switch to a FF inter-changable camera system. It does not make business sense for Fuji to switch. But, it make sense to make a fixed lens FF.
    I am a owner of X100S. I will pre-order on day one if FF X100 style carema to come to life. But, I will wait and see for MF.

    • Frank

      Dear Fuji, Please make X200 FF F/2.0.
      I guess FF F/2.0 probably costs $2K to $3K. MF north of $7K.

      • Zack

        If they could get MF to $7k…. holy shit. Sign me up for two. Seriously. I have a lot of things I want for that $7k though.


  164. Mark

    Zack thanks for posting this. I put myself on a pre-order list yesterday when it was announced. A couple of things I want to know:

    Currently the models are limited to ISO 200 for RAW, has that changed? I’m hoping to go down to ISO 100 in RAW.

    My current S model can really only shoot 1/1000th at f2.0 with a flash or strobe due to the design of the leaf shutter. I got all giddy when I heard about the electronic shutter and figured there was hope of going up to 1/4000th or higher at f2.0. But after reading the electronic shutter disables the hot shoe I got pissed. Is the leaf shutter still limited from an aperture standpoint for anything over 1/1000th?

    Can the Q menu be customized or is customization only for the buttons?

    Thanks and congrats on the effing flower being published. Now you can die happy.

    • Mark

      Oh and I could care less about a full frame on my X100xx series. Yawn….

    • Zack

      ISO 200 for RAW. Same chip. Same limit. Not sure why it works that way.

      Evidently syncing a CCD sensor with an electronic shutter works at high speeds… Seems like that is NOT the case for CMOS unfortunately. Effing CMOS. How great would that be though? Really great.

      Each Q menu “box” or “item” can be customized. You can move things around as you see fit.

      Dude. That flower shot. It will be on my headstone. 🙂


      • Mark

        Thanks. Be sure to be buried face down if the flower will be on your headstone….Hahahahahaha!

        • Zack



  165. Yorgos

    Dear Fuji. Please give us chrome and snappier a/f performance through firmware update(s) and I’ll be happy till the next weatherproof realization.
    My X100s is waiting for a replacement board @160€ plus vat for close to a month now due to a couple of droplets (literally) of red wine on its protective leather case.
    Definitely the new viewfinder is tempting.
    As for the wish list, weatherproofing and a flip/tilt screen for me (I’m tall).
    As for medium format…yes, a mirrorless handling like a GW670 but smaller, and the absolute winner…a high resolution digital reincarnation of the 617 (not for me though) !
    Eagerly waiting for the new X-Pro (weatherproof it please).

  166. Joey

    My wishlist:
    OIS for video with 24p. The video quality is actually pretty good, but it sure is shakey. Still use my old GH2 for video.
    Being able to change the color of the focus peaking
    Rangefinder mode – with the small rectangle (like the Leica) where you line up the image (not the split view)

  167. EH

    Dear Fuji,

    Please do NOT add a tilt screen to the X100 series. It would kill the soul and solid feel of this great camera. I do love the tilt screen on my X-T1 though.

    But weatherproofing. Oh yes oh yes oh yes. It would make the camera even more carry-it-everywhere.

  168. Jack

    My new ideas for the next x100 model:
    1. Fixed 64gb memory or double microSD card support
    2. 23 mm 1.4 fixed lens
    3. Bluetooth if it’s maybe less energy consumable…I don’t know
    4. Weather sealed
    5. Harder dials…my exposure dial on x100 always turns when I put the camera in the pocket..annoying
    6. Keep the round circular dial…for scrolling the pictures….the new one has now only buttons
    7. Wireless charging

    What doesn’t need to be changed:
    1. Sensor size..16mb is enough if you can deliver quality
    2. Tilt screen…it has WiFi so you can use your phone for that…it’s not like u use all the day camera in such position you would need it
    3. Size of the body…it’s perfect…maybe slimmer

    BTW…does this one has time lapse options like x-t1 with the energy saving on battery? And panorama like the older models?

    • Zack

      It has time lapse (intervalometer) and pano like older models. The Exp Comp dial also has harder clicks so it’s less likely to be bumped. Time will tell if that loosens up with use. It’s also a tad slimmer.


  169. greg

    • What were you hoping would be on this camera but isn’t?
    Weather sealed and tilt-screen… actually that’s the reason why I’m using an X-M1 on city-trips…
    • What is your wish list for the X200
    Full frame, ISO100, Weather sealed, tilt-screen… the rest is perfect for now.
    • What day last week do you wish a Fuji digital medium format camera was announced?

    • rg

      Someone mentioned this before and you might have missed this question.

      Is there any change regarding the noise reduction? did they ease up on it? or is it the same as the X100s where it was too strong even at it’s lowest setting. Any changes there? Like an off?

      thank you : )

      • Zack

        I haven’t gone low light with it yet and I want to get a production version of firmware before I start really pixel peeping. I’ve found, in the past, that pre-production firmware has IQ bugs here and there.


  170. Grant

    I would like to see any firmware upgrades that might eventuate for the X100S before deciding. I am also very keen to see what the next version of the
    X-Pro1 will look like. PS really enjoy the new web site. FYI, it was your review of the X100S that prompted me to buy it. I love it: it’s a much better camera than I am photographer so I have a lot of room for growth with it regardless. Maybe that’s the answer to whether I should upgrade.

  171. Kevin

    Preordered! Can’t wait for my black x100T. I’ve been holding out and finally broke with these specs. I have a full canon setup and really want to make the switch over to fuji entirely. The only thing holding me back is whether or not this and/or both an x-t1 can handle weddings. I feel much more comfortable with the new “70-200” equivalent coming out. But for receptions I’m worried about the flash capabilities and low light autofocusing. Any improvements coming to Fuji’s flash system Zack ? And do you think the autofocusing systems can keep up with a wedding day?

    • M

      I’m on Canon gear for weddings, and I don’t think we’re there just yet with Fuji. Especially not in the flash compartment. AF is not quite up to the test either if you ask me.

  172. Paul Treacy

    Good article. Thanks, Zach.

    I’m currently in the process of decommissioning my pro DSLR kit as have only been using the X100 recently.

    For work I’m going to get another two so that I have three bodies covering each focal length. Perfect set up for reportage work. If I can afford and X100t later then that would be great as it has the video capability I’ve been craving.

    For now though, I’m happy with the old X100.

    – Paul.

  173. Jamie Billett

    Buried near the end you say, “Multi target auto AF is now available. Haven’t tested that yet.” I would so much like to know what that is and if it works well.
    My *main* complaint with both the x100 and x100s has been having only single point autofocus. Trying to get a fast moving child or pet in focus has just been very difficult. I keep thinking there must be some mode I’m missing where you can turn on all the autofocus points as on my canon 5d and just about any other auto focus camera in existence. So I would love to know if this “multi target auto AF” means multiple autofocus points used at once to focus on nearest object.

    p.s. I would *love* a full frame camera. And a 28mm instead of 35.

  174. brian in atlanta

    Hoping to see on the new x100t:
    -new nanocoating
    -unrealistic wish: 23 1.4 lens

    Full frame fuji? Yes. God yes. Now please!
    Full frame x100 + fullframe x-pro + fast glass. Id be set for life.

    Fuji medium format? Absolutely!

  175. Thomas

    Hi Zack
    and what about flash high sync speed the 100s has? There is not available anymore on the T model? Or this “Note: if you have it on electronic shutter or auto the hotshoe will not fire” can change with a firmware update?

    • Thomas

      ok somehow i think you already answered on that…

  176. Dagny

    Why not weatherproofing and tilt screen? I live in Alaska and shoot in extreme weather. Weatherproofing is a must, and a tilt screen either makes or breaks it for me – which is why I gave up the beloved x100s. When those two features are available, I will consider another x100/200 series.
    owned XE-1, X100S,
    currently own the XT-1

  177. Richard

    Not really a T specific question but how well does the X100 work with glasses? I’ve never used a diopter for correction, I just squish my face against the camera with my glasses on.

    Any input if this is an OK method with the X100?

    • Dave C

      I never bother taking my glasses off to shoot, just mash it against my glasses. The big rubber eyepiece is fine. I might use it more if there was a more clear ‘zero’ point to the adjustment – it’s pretty fumbly to get it back to where I want it with glasses. You listening Fuji?

      • Zack

        Same here. I just smash it to my face. 🙂


  178. Brent

    Medium Format!! Yes, that would be awesome. I don’t care if Fuji never makes a full frame camera (but it does mean I’m keeping my DSLR full frame for certain professional gigs). But if there was a medium format option, I’d get rid of my DSLR and be fully converted to Fuji.

    As for the x100T, Fuji seems to have gotten most of the improvements I wanted to see, especially around layout and buttons. Love that it has a customizable D pad! However, weather sealing is a must. I avoid taking my x100s out in even the smallest bit of rain.

  179. CGL

    Zack, I put hair spray on my soft release, screwed it in, and it hasn’t budged in several months–and I use the camera almost every day. Before that, it fell out about twice a month and I’d find it on the ground, or not.

  180. rg

    Hey Zack,

    How is the focusing in low light is it still the same as the X100s?

    • Zack

      It’s improved. It’s still not a Nikon D4 but it’s getting better for sure.


  181. Austin

    One feature I would love, would be if the EV Comp dial worked when the shutter speed and aperture were set, but ISO was on Auto.

    • Zack

      It’s now set up to do just that!


      • Austin

        That is so damn awesome, the x100 gets a (default) ISO dial!

        Thanks, happy weekend

        • Austin

          This was not addressed in any firmware update, oh well. I just got an XT1 and would love to use the EV Comp instead of using the ISO dial (one handed).

    • Zack

      Yeah… I would not have picked most of those photos for the samples to show for a number of reasons but did you see the name under the one of the airplane? HOLY SHIT! Go look at that.


      • rg

        the airplane one is great. it’s the first one I was looking at and one on the escalator, I stopped there.

  182. Muji

    Nice writeup. Thanks Zach.
    I bought an x100s last year partly based on your work. Very, very, very happy with it.

    I’m not going to upgrade to the x100t. I’m happy that the x100s hasn’t been made obsolete in the slightest. Same great lens. Same great sensor.

    x200 eh? I’d like to see them:
    – go full-frame (not because it’s required, but if it’s technologically possible… then why not?)
    – weatherproofing
    – tilty swively touchscreen
    – slightly faster lens

    That’s all I can think of. The form factor is already excellent. The hybrid EVF is still in a class of its own. Hard to improve near perfection.

  183. Brian

    Nice write-up, Zack. I’ve been watching Fuji for some time now and am damn near close to making a purchase..but there’s been one thing holding me back. Rather than go into that, I’ll ask – what would you be shooting if you had to shoot in the neighborhood of ISO 6400 and above?

    • Brian

      Forgot to mention – There’s slim to no chance Fuji goes 35mm. They seem to be investing in APS-C lenses and I can’t really see them pumping out APS-C AND 35mm lenses. Not unless they were drowning in cash.

  184. Mike

    Hi Zack,

    I have an X-E1, 23mm f/1.4, 18mm f/2.8, and 35mm f/1.4. I find myself only shooting with the 23mm. I also find that I wax poetic about the remarkable way my X-E1 fails to focus on moving subjects. Does the X100T fare well in this regard? I am not really holding my breath on the X-Pro2 coming out anytime soon, and I can honestly live without the X-E1 and the other two lenses. I also don’t care about the 1 stop of light I would be throwing away.

    Honestly, I will end up selling it all and getting the X100s anyways, but I just want to know if the X100T is any better. I just want a camera I like that I can stick in my pocket.

  185. Aaron Thomas

    I’m a wedding photographer and part-time photo journalist for my local newspaper. I’ve been using the x100s for some of the candid shots at weddings this summer. I also convinced the newspaper to buy a couple x100s’ and we love them! I’ve noticed sometimes when auto focusing, it will back focus which really sucks when you don’t notice it in camera but later you see it on the computer! Also, auto focus is a little sluggish in low light (wedding photographers are always shooting if low light). I also shoot with a Canon 5D Mk III (with battery grip) and love it except for the weight at the end of a long day of shooting and 1/200 of sec flash sync speed.

    I could care less about a 35mm full frame sensor, heck maybe even a medium format system (haven’t ever shot with one), as long as Fuji can give me fast, reliable auto focus in low ass light, minimal noise, enough resolution to print a 30×40, and shallow depth of field. The shallow depth of field you get with a f/2.8 lens and 35mm sensor is plenty shallow.

    One of my biggest desires is to be able to shoot at f/1.4 or f/2 in high noon sun and be able to use speed lights at 1/4 power or 1/2 power. I WANT MORE LEAF SHUTTERS!!! Or electronic shutters that have a high flash sync speeds. I love this about the x100s but I’ve been limited by the look you get with a 23mm lens. I know! I need to buy the conversion lenses and that would solve some of that.

    Oh one more thing, TWO CARD SLOTS to write files to both cards simultaneously!!! I’ve had a Lexar pro card go corrupt on me and lost the wedding photos taken on the second camera (5D Mk II). Luckily it wasn’t the main camera! I put a 64 GB SD card in one slot in the 5D Mk III, and when I fill up the 16 GB CF cards in the other slot I change them.

    The new x100T and XT-1 silver addition look great! Good work Fuji! Keep it up! You keep up the good work too Zack!!! Thanks man!

  186. Amun Hotep

    In 2013 I had a crucial decision to make. After shooting my Leica M6TTL for over 10 years I wanted a digital camera that was small and quiet similar to my M6. The Leica M240 and the Fujifilm X100S had just came out. It was a natural thing to invest in the Leica M240 because I have both the 35mm summilux and the 50 summilux Asph and I need the ability to see with both eyes when I shoot (rangefinder style). Today I see I made a mistake. First of all it’s was way expensive and secondly the shutter is crazy loud to the point where people hear it and it changes their mood. It’s so expensive it’s not easily sellable. I have decided to just keep it but for street photography, the ability to turn off the shutter is priceless. I’m number 5 or 6 on the list for this Fujifilm X100T at B&H photo. The sooner I get it the better. I have decided not to stop seeking the best tool for what I do all because I made a big learning mistake (believing the hype). I’ll find a way to make my M240 a studio camera and own the streets with my Fujifilm X100T

  187. Ricardo Hernandez (Raist3d)

    I would love things:
    – native 50mm, not 35mm
    – crop mode like Ricoh GR, that honors all the way from live preview to RAW conversion (Ricoh GR is a 28mm that has a crop mode of 10MP 35mm, 5.6MP 47mm). A crop to 75 or 85mm would be nice.

  188. Tiago Pereira

    FF Fuji X100? Yes please
    MF Fuji X100? Yes please

    Every time I read someone comment that they don’t need FF or FF this and FF that I start to think that people are scared of a 35mm sensor. Like they have something to loose if Fuji releases such a camera… Everybody wins if they do that!
    Another point people keep forgetting is that moving up to 35mm does not mean just an upgrade on pixel quality/count. It means, especially for me, an upgrade on DOF and perspective.

    In reality, it’s actually a matter of preference and convenience. I happen to have a full frame camera but it’s too big to carry around. I also happen to have a compact camera that I carry everywhere but it’s too slow to operate. Most of the time I just use my smartphone. Now, if only I had a small full frame camera that I could easily carry around… man, that would be sweet. Better even if it could use interchangeable lenses…

    Pair a fast lens with a 35mm sensor and you can take advantage of gorgeous bokeh and DOF. I like it, I really do. Especially on wide lenses, like 35mm and lower. And then you might say “dude, just get a Phase One already if you like DOF so much”. But yeah, as much as like medium format DOF, I can’t carry that big ass camera around. And it would be slow to operate. And break my back… and my bank.

    35mm is an excellent compromise. Just look at a Leica M. If what’s behind the lens (the camera, not the photographer) wasn’t so crappy it would be a killer camera.
    Nobody complains about big, heavy Leica lenses… the only complaint is the price 😉

    • Jamie Billett

      Um, I think Sony made this camera for you: A7

      • Tiago

        I don’t want no mirrorless SLR! I want a rangefinder-like full frame beast! 😀

  189. Ulrich

    Thanks for the review. Very informative and fun to read.

    Fuji has done everything right with the T (except the unnecessary change of the body shape). It makes the X100 mature now.

    My wishes for a X200:

    1) Weatherproofing
    2) Weatherproofing
    3) Weatherproofing
    4) NO tilting display (it is fragile and adds bulk)

  190. Ulrich

    I forgot something:

    5) same resolution with better high ISO performance

    That’s it. Everything else is PERFECT and more than I really need to make great photographs!

  191. Alain BAILLOT

    Sorry, not what I was waiting for. I stay with my 100 S….

  192. 808

    Nice preview, as a owner of the x100s I’m really evaluating the possible upgrade, but I’m missing some points that maybe you’ll clarify with the next review:

    AF speed: it seems to have the X-T1 AF technology, is there really any improvement over the x100s in focus speed? (expecially in low light and critical situations)

    AFC: it’s not clear if this T has the tracking function or is just a continuos AF like in the x100/S

    Battery life: they (Fuji) claims that with the new OVF energy saving mode the x100T can reach 700 shots. I think it’s a bit optimistic, but that would be awesome non the less.

    Overall speed: improved in some way? It seems that the buffer can handle less pictures than the x100s, but maybe is faster? Any clue about the overall reactivity of the camera while writing on the sd card?

    Thank you very much Mr. Arias

  193. Jorgen

    Why is there a black strip on the right of the display that’s not used? Wrong aspect ratio?

  194. Alfred Lopez

    Hi Zack,

    Thanks for asking! 🙂

    I recently sold all my Canon gear for an X-T1/X-E2 and three lenses, including the 56mm f1.2. You ask if a fullframe Fuji would be a “must have”. I will say “no” if one has never had a full-frame because the bokeh look of the 56mm is very nice. It is, however, different from the images out of my ex-Canon 5D Mk II with the 85mm f1.2. Though I prefer the full-frame version for pure “bokeh-ness”, I’ve come to appreciate the bokeh out of the Fuji combination. It feels “organic”, especially when you stand more than the minimum distance from the subject.

    (not sure if anything I just said makes sense)

    Perhaps this has nothing to do with full-frame, but more like Fuji’s version and Canon’s version, but I wouldn’t know unless I see a Fuji full-frame image.

    On medium format. Hells to the yes! I’ve never shot medium, but I would very likely take a stab at it if Fuji were to release one.

    On whether I would buy the X100T, still not sure. I own a X10, which I bought to have a “nice camera on vacation”. Though I had some growing pains with it, I was actually impressed with the images, which eventually led to the “Canon demise”.

    In any case, instead of buying an X100T, I would buy the Fujinon 23mm and use the X-E2. Granted, I lose the every so silent leaf shutter and 1/4000sec sync speed, but I haven’t been in a situation where that’s needed yet.

    Still, it is a nice little camera!


    Alfred Lopez

  195. Cary Lee

    Hey Zack…nice review…if your having problems keeping soft releases on your camera…I just put a small washer on the thread of the release and it keeps it from unscrewing off the camera. You can just use a small piece for black colored cardboard and hand cut it to size and it works great.

    • Yann

      What I would like:

      Weather sealing and possibly stabilised sensor or lens. Now this is perhaps poshy, but It would be also cool to have it all make of metal and even a little eavier. May be I shouldl get a Leica for that, but it’s far too expensive.

      What Fuji could produce is an X100 with manual zooming lens. I would like it to be for landscape and architecture, so wide, say 10 to 40. Is there a way to produce such a lens in a tiny format, with a wide aperture?

      I would not mind the camera being a little thicker.

  196. Alex

    Hey Zack,

    does the AF-C work like a real AF-C? I was totally disappointed when I tried the AF-C with the Fuji x100s. The first picture was sharp and every other was not? It does not track moving objects. What about the Fuji x100T???

  197. nate

    Thanks Zack for the “review”.
    This X100T looks really sexy (both body and spec sheet!).
    What I’d like to see in a X200? Basically, a digital GW690 ! Yes, I, just like you, want fuji to take the shortcut to “popular” medium format.
    But I don’t see that one coming any time soon (R&D + manufacturing cost – demand doesn’t look like a profitable product, at least for now…).

  198. Dade Freeman

    Great review Zack, I have been holding off since the 100 and now it’s looking like I wont be holding off much longer 😉
    Well done to Fuji.

  199. Kaushik Parmar

    The launch of X100T does not make X100 & X100S a bad camera, X100 & X100S are still great cameras! Still if I take photo with old X100 and compare with new X-T1, it is awesome like before! X100 is still awesome in terms of IQ!

    Jack I am huge Fujifilm fan I wrote you in the past also, I have X100, X00S & new X-T1 with XF 56mm F1.2 and I am enjoying them. I wrote Fujifilm so many times to change buttons style. The print on the operating buttons should be not erasable and should be long lasting so as to endure years of use. The prints on my X100’s Menu & AFL/AEL buttons are not visible, and have totally disappeared after constant use. My suggestion would be a kind of embossed button or maybe first layer should have some transparent layer, which would protect the print from fading.

    You wrote that if someone would like to send message to Fujifilm, write here so send them my upper message. However Fujifilm, gives proper buttons in new X-T1, but still new X100T would have similar old buttons, and soon those prints will be disappear! I guess top layer of buttons should be transparent kind of so then those prints will not be erasable and should be long lasting!

    And yes Fujifilm need to work very hard on its video segment, I am right now using Panasonic GH2 since last three years now and soon going to buy new GH4, I believe there is substitute of Panasonic GH4 in terms of video!

    Kaushik Parmar

    Ahmedabad (India).

  200. Sara

    Weatherproofing!! Oh man, what were they thinking not doing that with this camera? I’ve been holding off on an x100s purchase, hoping that the next version would have wifi and weatherproofing. Hooray for the wifi, not so much for the lack of weatherproofing. So close Fuji, so close. The rest of the upgrades and the price point being the same as the x100s are still enough to snag me though. I just hope it hits the ground soon because I really want to get started using it.

    • Kaushik Parmar

      You can still enjoy X100T if you are buying it, I am using X100 & X100S, the day they were available on sale, and right now I am using new X-T1 also, I have two lenses 18- 55mm & 56mm, both are not weather sealed! But I love these products, I guess you should buy X100T, do not think much on weather sealing or etc.

      • Mike

        I don’t think people are necessarily knocking the X100T for not having weather sealing. I think it is more along the lines of weather sealing would make this camera perfect. I tend to agree. I live in an area that, during the summer, rain can be random and fleeting but enough to ruin a camera. Having weather sealing would be a nice way of protecting my camera. It’s not essential, but it’s nice.

      • Rajesh

        Hi.Just came across the Fuji X series and have been researching on You Tube on these cameras.I shoot news at times.Your advise on which would work better?the X100T which is unabtrusive or the XT1?or wait for the XPRO2?I have 2 DSLR’s that I use currently.Thanks.Rajesh

  201. Ed

    I’m jonesing for the Classic Chrome for the my XT-1 and X100S. Curious if any improvements were made to the auto focus point selection? It’s something I tend to fumble with (especially on the XT-1). Has Fuji made any improvements to the feature?

    p.s. please lobby for a medium format rangefinder. The Mamiya 7 is about it and it’s a gap that needs to be filled.

    • Kaushik Parmar

      “Classic Chorme” should be soon available on your X-T1.

  202. Wagga

    Chrome Classic??? wowo wowow Are you excited you stupid NERD…. Zero photographer, onlys ADVERTISMENT assholes… So called “Field testers” FUCK YOU.


      youre a dick

  203. Hux

    Good first look! Any way you could process one of those Classic Chrome photos in some of the other Fuji simulations so we can see the differences?

  204. Vipul

    As always, wonderful review Zack!

    How about adding a couple of OOC landscape photos? I would love to get them and check them out as I am evaluating a switch from bigger dSLR bodies and lenses to Fuji. I’ve heard Fuji’s aren’t great with landscapes but it’s a personal taste so if I am happy with what I am seeing, I am all for it. I do see landscape photos from others but they are heavily post-processed.

    Also if you can post a normal OOC photo and one with the Chrome filter side-by-side, that would be great (to see from a comparison purposes).

    Thank you as always.

  205. Daimler Naranjo

    Buen día la cámara es excelente, tengo la x100s las mejoras son muy buenas aunque las veo mas tiradas hacia el campo del aficionado,ya que el wifi es para compartir fotos y darle un aire de actualidad y el ajuste por tercios del diafragma puede ser mas como darle ese ajuste complicado a la elección.
    Agradecería mucho el tiempo sellado lo cual aumentaría la demanda de compradores al poderla llevar a lugares que exigen calidad en cuanto al clima, al igual que los puntos de enfoque en cruz y el formato completo seria genial para darle el toque perfecto de tener la calidad al punto máximo. seria una opción que aumentaría la venta de la cámara en un porcentaje del 1.000% . Soy un comprador de cámara fotográfica cada año y medio y no veo inconveniente en comprar una cámara de calidad. ya que las novedades no son determinantes pero si es de alta calidad no tendré problema en hacer la inversión cada ves que sea necesaria.

  206. Philip Foster

    Now I could imagine a 35mm X-Trans CMOS sensor in a Nikon body so as not to have to launch a complete new set of lenses. Call it the S6 Pro or some such but you know what? I’d miss the EVFs. I only have an X-E1 (saving for an X-T1), a Metabones Speed booster and a load of old Nikon AI and AIS primes and I’m loving the focus peaking and the loupe/magnifide view.

    • Philip Foster

      Sorry. Magnified.

  207. Jose

    Im soooo annoyed by this , i just updated my x100 to the 100s 3 months ago ,its not that the s is that old for fuji to issue a newer model , now i want the T , super annoying .

  208. Bo Andersen

    I agree regarding weatherproofing. That would be really be a huge selling point for me. That and a faster lens (aka f/1.4), but let’s be realistic. 😉
    Proofing would make a huge difference for me here in the rainy streets of Denmark!

  209. Fredrik

    Can you set the ND filter to be accessible from the Q menu?
    So far I have only seen screenshots of the Q menu with JPG settings only, I believe.

    Thanks for the awesome coverage. Keep it coming.

  210. Ivan Valvassori

    Bummed that it isn’t weather proofed! My X100 has been glued to my side since it came out – can’t count the number of times I’ve had to wrap it in something to keep it dry – how could they miss that!

  211. GregT

    Fuji to add in a FW update of X100 “classic”

    1. possibility to select one, two or three film simulations for JPEGs
    2. the new Classic Chrome film simulation
    3. any improvement in AF speed

    Wish list for future X100 series:
    * Weather proofing

  212. Anonymous

    Fuji wishlist:

    -XF 35mm redone with weather-resistance, quieter motor, and manual clutch for manual focus
    -a genuine macro lens

    For the X-T2:
    -USB charging
    -EV dial to work with Auto ISO in Manual mode
    -histogram option in the Digital Split Image mode

    • Anonymous

      1 more for the X-T2: leaf shutter or higher sync speed

    • Pierre

      I’m with you on these ideas.
      I want weather sealed too.

      And I don’t really care for a Full Frame as long as we have the quality.

  213. Tom

    Hi Zack,

    I admire your work. Very nice review and much appreciated. Below is my “Dear Fuji” letter:

    Thanks! – Tom

    Dear Fuji,

    I love your X series. I’m a hobbyist photographer and the IQ is amazing and I’ve loved it from the moment I first shot my X Pro1 which I got shortly after it came out. I eventually ended up buying a Leica because the Blogosphere convinced me that is what I should aspire to shoot. Truth be told, I kept going back to shooting my Fuji because it simply is a better camera. Full 35mm does not matter.

    I have sold my Leica and do not regret the decision. I’m thrilled with my X Pro1 and the 35mm 1.4 I got with it and still shoot with. My list of wants is actually quite short:

    1. Keep doing what you are doing
    2. Keep listening to your customers

    If I could have one thing, it would be a 33mm f/1.2 lens. Built just like the 23mm and ideally at 62 for the filter so I can use the same ND filters. Alternatively, a camera just like the X100 series but with a 33mm lens, ideally at f/1.4. That would probably be the last camera I ever buy, not that you necessarily want to hear that!


  214. Dave Smithson

    I’m still shooting on the X100… So ‘yesterday’ – but I love it. Shoot in the tropics where a camera dies if you don’t store it in a dry-box all the time you’re not using it. A little weather-proofing would go a long way… Dusty environment.

    I’d love a 2 ¼” retro-Rolleiflex-TLR-type, medium-format number – with auto-parallax-correction, etc. Would be a real joy to use. Kind of like… a perfect portrait machine.

    Best, Dave.

  215. Pierre

    I want weather sealed too.
    I want weather sealed too.
    I want weather sealed too.
    I want weather sealed too.
    I want weather sealed too.
    Then I’ll switch from my X100S.
    …and I want weather sealed too.

  216. Ralf Stockmann

    Great review.

    My wishlist for a x200:

    – Fullframe
    – AF Speed
    – AF Speed (I still feel a deep relief when I switch to my DSLR)
    – GPS (I HATE using additional devices)
    – Weatherproof
    – AF Speed

    I don’t care about software features at all.

  217. Andrew

    A very interesting look at this new model. The one feature that’s missing for me is waterproofing.

    I’ve had my X100s since near the beginning of this year, and it’s all I’ve been using since then. I was thrilled with it the first day that I took it out in the street, and still feel the same.

    I used to use Lightroom, but with the X100s, I’m so taken by the look of jpegs processed in-camera from raw, that that’s all I need for my purposes.

    It’s great to see the constant progress Fujifilm is making with new models, and to know that there’s certain to be a suitable model for me when I ultimately have to replace this one.

  218. Tony Bramley

    Nice review 🙂 So hopefully all this will go into an X Pro 2 plus duel slots, 24MP and weather sealing, then I am sold 🙂 Full frame? No, not with those fab lenses that are made for current X cameras, no need for full frame.

    Agree with you on medium format. If Fuji could do this and blow away Hassleblad on features and PRICE they would give them something to worry about!

    • Andrew

      Agree with all that, Tony.

  219. Peter Evans

    Hi Zack, great write up – thanks man. I’m still in love with my X-Pro1, so I’m cool for the moment, but one thing that really has me drooling is the Classic Chrome simulation. Oh man, some of your photographs had me pawing at the screen in rather a tragic, junkie way. Y’see I get really obsessed with colour in photography. My favourite look is the kind you get in Stephen Shore’s photography, and to a great extent also Gregory Crewdson’s. The shot of the kid in the woods really slapped me around the chops, as did the subtle colours of the two lads and their cereal bowls.

    I’ve dabbled a lot in Lightroom to find a look I’m happy with, and I figured I’d almost got there. But these look on the money for me and I can already tell that if Fuji give us some of that Kaizen love again that it’ll replace Pro Neg Hi for a lot of my work on my X-Pro1. I’m off to America to do small town photography in Pennsylvania in a couple of weeks, and I wish I had it ready to hand. Oh well. Anyway, thanks again. If you’re bored at any point (unlikely) my website be here: http://petetakespictures.com – I’m pretty happy with the US Civil War in the UK stuff on there.

    Keep bringing us those sweet, sweet images Zack!

    • Paul V

      Why are the sample photos you provide so blurry and (generally) under-exposed? I’m not impressed, I can take sharper, better exposed and snappier looking photos with my Android phone.

  220. Miton

    I’d liked x100t would have been weatherproof and that Fuji comes out once with 24mm (16mm) and 90mm (60mm) lens convertors 🙂
    For me APS is nice and good enough

    • Miton

      I should add some comment about APC vs “full frame”, I think full frame will mainly add weight and size to the camera and the lenses or if you’d like smaller lenses then you will loose aperture going down to f/4 or less…
      I had SLR cameras (yes without D so to say film cameras) with nice lenses 35mm f/1.4, 105mm f/1.8 and 20mm f/3.5, nice but the bag was too heavy so I finished by letting those material getting dusty…
      I finished with with small compact camera… But there the image quality was not that good and high ISO very bad (I don’t like flash, I prefer available light)… And I made less and less photography…

      But I one day I wated to go back to photography… I thought then buying a Fuji x20… Because of zoom… And nice look

      Then I read Zack’s articles on Fuji x100 and x100s and then many other articles…
      I took my SLR with the 35mm and tested if I could live with a fixed focal length…
      And finally Zack convinced me to buy a Fuji x100s (thanks for your articles 🙂 ), now I go every day to work with my Fuji and I’m happy. The image quality is great even at high ISO and if it were “full frame” I would get rapidely tired to bring it with me again…
      The hybrid viewfinder is the best thing ever seen… And returning to old fashioned controls is a must…

      One thing that could be great for the Fuji x100T+, apart weather sealing is adding the organic sensor that Fuji has patended and making the optical viewfinder increase to get 100% (and not 92%) of frame (yes I am old fashioned and I don’t like cropping photos)…

      So one again thanks Zack and Fuji or Fuji and Zack 🙂

    • Miton

      Oh sorry I forgot to tell that I also think that if Fuji should do anything else than APC they should move to medium format as you suggest.

      • Miton

        But indeed the price should not be to high if possible 🙂
        But that seems already to be Fuji politics

  221. Matias

    Regarding full-frame: I like the way Fuji has been releasing good APS-C sized sensors with new technology and a good set of lenses that go along it. Most APS-C dSLR generally have poor options for good primes, as these are generally targeted towards full-frame and they tend to be expensive and big.

    This is to say that I would only like a full-frame if the camera can still be small, light and is not overly expensive. And only if that does not mean loosing everything Fuji has achieved with its line up of cameras and lenses.

    And I have to say that I only like a full-frame camera on how it looks as it was shot on a 35mm film camera. I have no other reasons for a bigger sensor since the quality of images is outstanding already.

  222. Steve

    Currently have a x10 and I’m fairly happy with it. I use it for travel photography. I know the 30 is being released this month. The big advantage to me would be the wifi and better battery life. I do use the zoom – but still wind up cropping in Photoshop. I’m concerned about the fixed lens in the 100t. Which gives a better overall image- a cropped X100 or one that was “zoomed” in with the X30.

  223. Ben

    Are there any improvements to the AE bracketing? Do you think we will see that in a firmware upgrade?

  224. Johnny Marvel

    I got the X100 as a stop gap measure then ended up not getting a new DSLR.

    I was surprised to find the fixed camera lens to be liberating rather than restricting. Fast shutterspeed while still being able to use flash opened up new doors.

    Only downside is the low light and the focusing – which massively improved with the firmware update.

    I’m at the stage where the X100’s limitations are being felt so was looking at a solution for photobooths as well as concert and low light photography. I’m thinking the X100T ticks all the boxes.

    If I can get the Wi-Fi working reliably with a tablet and some photobooth software it may be a while before I go DSLR again.

  225. Leon

    Have shot Canon all my career, I feel this is the camera that is going to make me dip my toe in the fujifilm water!

    • Steven

      I’m a Canon shooter, and after renting the X100S for a week long trip I’m seriously thinking about switching. I’m young enough that I haven’t invested too much into Canon, so the price differential is particularly tempting. Of course the size difference is why I really loved the X100S. My 6D takes up so much room in my bag I tend to leave it behind, but I was able to fit the X100S in my bag and not even notice it. My girlfriend didn’t even mind the few times I stuck it in her purse.

      Right now the only thing holding me back is figuring out if we’ll be seeing any lenses capable of shooting sports.

  226. Justin Connors

    I am thinking of going all Fuji for my client work. (Until I can justify medium format 😉 ) I am stuck between the x100 series with converters or the x-t1 with the different primes. Can you help me make my mind up/show me what I should be looking at.

    I do a lot of environmental portraits for websites, some wedding, concert, and events.

  227. Paul

    “How many of you are waiting for a full frame 35mm camera from Fuji? Is it a “must have” for you?”

    I have a 5D-II for quite a few years now. I went full frame because of the possibilities of working with shallow depth of field and better noise performance (of course when the shallower DoF allowed me too).
    I think that Fuji has some interesting camera’s with very useful controls and the hybrid viewfinder. I prefer a OVF over a EVF, but a EVF has some great advantages. A hybrid is maybe the perfect solution.
    But…… Fuji doesn’t have a fullframe camera yet. I use quite some manual focus lenses: Zeiss 21/2.8, 100/2 and Minolta Rokkor 58/1.2 with full manual control, because the Zeisses are with Nikon mount. So using these lenses on a fullframe Fuji wouldn’t be any problem.

    So… Dear Fuji: please make “fullframe” interchangeable lens camera…..

  228. Dave

    Hey Zack. Thanks for the info. Something told me you had a pre-production version… 😉

    I currently have an X-T1 and was planning on getting an X100 rather than the 23mm lens for the X-T1 for a variety of reasons although I was holding off on the X100s as I was thinking the update would have a tilt screen. Oh well.

    I have an Oly E-M5 that I’ve used for over 2 years as a daily walk-around. Despite some limitations, it’s a feature-rich camera. So some of my Fuji suggestions are based on that user-experience.

    Fuji X system requests:
    As noted by many, weather-sealing and tilt-screen to X100.
    Resolve the flash issues/oddities and advance the capabilities.
    More robust custom-user settings than what currently exists that includes mode, focus type, drive, exposure settings, etc. and have them be assignable to CF buttons or accessible in the Q menu.

    Ex: Current physical setting: Aperture Priority at 5.6, Auto ISO, AF, Multi-shot; To: Manual
    Mode at 1/30 & f8, 200 ISO, Manual Focus, bracketing and self-timer, all with one menu/
    button select. My E-M5 is set-up like this to go back/forth from hand-hold to tripod. It’s

    You could also have configurations for indoor and outdoor, action, flash, etc. Once in the
    setting, you can make adjustments as needed.

    Perhaps consider some type of touchscreen capability that may be turned on/off, for things like AF point selection/actuation, menu nav/selection, zoom-in/out. Useful at times.


  229. Leif Hurst

    I’ve been about to buy the x100S for almost six months now as I really just need a camera to keep with me while not in the studio. I think the x100T fits the bill perfectly and while I’m not sure how much I will use it, the wifi thing I am intrigued with as I really just want a way to get jpgs off the camera and out to an ipad as quickly as possible.

    Thanks for the write up Zack!

  230. Shannon

    I see all the qualms about the T not being weatherproofed, and I too will feel their pains come Nov or whenever my pre-order arrives.
    I’m new to the Fuji Xsystem and my question is, are there any optional methods/cases/securitybubbles that can assist with the non-weatherproofed issue? In the winter, I see the temps falling to -30 if not colder with wind chills and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  231. Peter Scharff

    On the 100S the flash exposure comp for the internal flash is only +- 2/3 of a stop. Has that been increased on the 100T. Thanks

  232. Andy

    Hey Zack, i am in the market for a new camera not a pro by any means but i did recently take a look at the Nikon DF and the D610, and at the same time the Fuji X100s, and man the Fuji blew me away as soon as i touched the thing, i’m used to Dslr’s but the difference in size didn’t bother me as much as i thought, for some reason i believed that the size of this camera surely cannot compare to that of a Dslr, i suppose it can’t on a few aspects, but when this was in my hands it just felt right, so my question to you is: I am going to get the X100T but would like a interchangeable camera to go with it, preferably a Fuji, I’d use the ILS camera for landscapes and some macro, which can you recommend for this kind of shooting please?

    Regards, Andy.

    • Axel

      Hey, Andy! I can offer my approach, since it seems to be not so far away from yours. I have a history with 20 years of SLRs as an amateur, and the Fujis opened a new photographic world for me, in particular street shooting.

      My setup so far: an X100s for street/travel, with the tele converter for outdoor flash portraits that make use of the leaf shutter sync speeds. I now find the 23 (35 eq) focal length to be really universal and pleasing. Suitable for a lot of photo work. So for my ILS body I’m only interested in some extremes: I got the 56 mm because of its f/1,2 aperture. Finally a usable super-fast portrait prime! (Anybody want my obsolete Canon 1,2/85?) My landscape lens is not a Fuji, it’s a Samyang/Rokinon 2,0/12. Great image quality, great aperture and nice handling. I don’t need AF for a super-wide. For an ILS body I got an X-M1. This is the smallest package and it balances nicely with the Samyang 12. So tiny I drag this on every mountaintop without hesitation. And I love the fact that the tiny amateur camera still has the same sensor as the big guns. (Missing some film simulation modes, though!) Another reason why I got the X-M1 is that I’m waiting for an X-E3 or X-Pro2. The M1 is mostly to bridge that gap and to have a very small, inexpensive landscape body. I just don’t fancy the SLR-like design of the X-T1. A rangefinder body is so much more pleasing – for macro work you might find the X-T1 more balanced on the 60 mm lens though.

      Hope that helps!

  233. Miguel

    Zack – Really enjoyed this post. The classic chrome setting looks great. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the AF once you get a chance to really shoot with the camera.

    Any chance you’ll be doing another travel video with the X100T similar to the one you did for the XT1?

  234. Jeff

    Okay, big question Zack, X-T1 w/27mm vs. X100T?

    HVF vs. EVF
    f/2 vs f/2.8
    rangefinder vs. DSLR

    None of the previews mention improved continuous focus with the X100T, but that would matter as well, right?

  235. Amitai

    Returned from a weekend in Rome with my x100.
    Waited for the final firmware before I bought it.
    Don’t see a reason to upgrade. It works flawlessly in all condition. Slight noise removal and it shines in high ISO as we’ll.
    Being an old school (upgraded from Canon EOS 10D), It’s enough for me, don’t understand the hype and the arm race.

  236. piXelRider

    Hey, does anyone know what T stands for?

    • piXelRider

      I’m stupid… T – Third *facepalm*

  237. claude etienne

    Hi Zack,

    Fujirumors posted the firmware updates coming in December. At number 10, PC shooting is displayed. Is this Fuji’s description for wired tethered shooting?

    • rg

      Hey Zack,

      Can you turn the noise reduction completely off now? is that an option on the X100T?

  238. Bastian Junker

    Thanks for the review – its always a pleasure to read your humorous reviews. I have the old x100 (with a TCL) thats all I need. I use to have FF Canon gear (5D) but I do not see any difference compared to the x100 – actually the X100 has better IQ especially the RAW files – my opinion. Anyways im not waiting for an FF camera. But I would be very interested (thrilled actually) if Fuji made a digital version of the old Fujifilm tx-1 (not the new xt-1) but the interchangeable lens 35mm panoramic (dobble) 35 mm rangefinder camera released in 1998. With this camera you could make almost cinematic photos. If you dont know this camera try to google it and I guess you will be just as thilled as I am. I actually think that making this camera would change digital photography into a new era

  239. Dominik

    I Love your reviews. Many thanks for your honest sharing of your experience with new Fuji gear. I always have the feeling that every word is real and not paid by anybody 😉 You damn devil made me buying a X-Pro 1 and I was completely pissed of after the first kisses. Now I am loving it… Thanks Zack!

  240. bdk


    How does the X100t perform set to auto (A+A)?

    I’m an amateur photog and typically use a DSLR, but my wife would prefer to just use a point and shoot. We’re having a baby and would love a small camera that we will both enjoy using. I KNOW I would love this camera, but need something that will act like a point and shoot for her as well. If you set the X100 to A+A, is it pretty simple to use?


  241. Jocelyn

    Hello Zack,

    Can you share some photos that shows the bokeh with the 50mm teleconverter and the X100T or X100s?

    All the best.

  242. Anders_HK

    A pledge,

    Please add 4:3 and 5:4 crop & frame modes in firmware upgrade to the 100T. It will make me grab one. Not only are the proportions of image more improved, but these will essentially make the now 35 equivalent lens into a 40. Why? Because superb field of view :).

    Regarding mediumformat, I now shoot Leaf 80MP on Hy6. What would make me very excited would be a Fuji tad like the old Fuji 6×9 rangefinders, or like a Mamiya 7ii, also incorporating panoramic mode. And, to possibly make me jump from Leaf. I know… I am asking a lot :), yet as an amateur I would be excited in the proposition of smaller camera that easier to carry and competitive. As far as pixels… for landscapes a dream would be 200MP…mmm… perhaps asking much (?), but I believe you get my point: large sensor and pixel count. Crop mode would make useful for portraits…



  243. ramsey

    Hey Zack,

    Sync is high speed?
    If someone is buying first time what should they add to the besides what’s in the box? All my kit is based on Nikon D700, Nikon lenses, pocket wizards and Lumopro speed lights with iMac.

  244. Stewart

    Hi, Does the wifi allow geo tagging of images?



  245. Christopher

    Dear Zack,
    Thanks for the time & effort you put into this First Look. Excellent job, man!
    A full frame Fuji would be nice if they keep the pixel count reasonable. There’s no reason to cram a ton of pixels into the chip just because space allows it. Keep it around 16-18 megapixels so that low-light level noise is at a minimum and save our hard drives from overload.

    Dear Fuji,
    OK, I’m BEGGING you for dual memory card slots. PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE? And, while the fixed 35mm equivalent lens is cool, I’d love to see a 24-85 zoom with a fast constant aperture. A true workhorse.

  246. Hanny Alshazly

    Thanks for the great review Zack. I am using X-t1 and been waiting for this camera for months to have it on my day-to-day to be in my laptop case. I just came across the new Lumix LX100, which looks to me like game changer, especially with the 4K video, which I want to get into. I was wondering if you have any comments on how the LX100 compares to the X100T for the still pictures? Thanks and look forward to seeing you at the GPP in March!

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  248. Paul R

    I bought a Fuji X100S a couple of months ago, and love it. I’ve bought the 2 lens converters since, but so far, have only used the wide-angle one — which I’ve found works well. I love Velvia, and Dramatic Tone, but am disappointed with the camera’s dynamic range — which could partly be due to the fact that it’s digital rather than film. I use aperture priority and manual focus most of the time, and love the photographic learning experience involved in having to use a prime lens rather than a zoom.

    Two features of the new X100T I like the sound of, are the improvements in the HVF, and especially in the OVF — which I found almost useless in the X100S when I used MF assisted with magnification. Also, I look forward to the Chrome picture style feature, the larger LCD screen and the new pad on the X100T replacing the fiddly wheel on the X100S.

    Finally, as I live in a sunny climate (Sydney, Australia), I trust the faster shutter speeds enabled with the electronic shutter will allow me to get good exposures at f/2 and f/2.8 in bright sunlight, something I’ve found impossible on the X100S.

    Thanks, Zack, for the quick look at the new model; I’ll probably upgrade to the X100T at some stage, but I’m still enjoying the X100S, which has replaced my Oly Stylus 1 as my take-everywhere camera.

  249. Axel

    Argh, I shouldn’t read about the X100T… Happy 100S owner here, and for me that small camera is the first digital camera I’m happy with. I couldn’t care less about “Full Frame”, which here in Germany is known as “Kleinbildformat” (that translates to “small image format”).

    For me there’s one thing a camera like the X100 series needs for its natural environment, the street: Speed. The combination of a quicker operation and the new AF point selection mode alone could make me buy the T and give away my beloved S.

    What am I missing? Hm, nothing much, I guess…. Yes, weather sealing would be nice, but I never had an issue with any of my cameras in rain.

    Maybe it has more than I need: I find myself using the EVF most of the time. I love the 100 % coverage of that, I enjoy the “WYSIWYG” feedback for image brightness it gives me, and I frequently use the ‘low-light amplification’ when flash-shooting in a dark environment. So what might impress me even more is a X-E with a fixed 2/23 and a leaf shutter, in an even smaller package.

  250. Miton

    M. Fuji
    I’d like to add a small firmware update wish, which seem not be a big point (I don’t know I admit) but I’d like to have more than 3 custom modes, or has the x100T already more than 3 custom modes ?
    The second wish would be the ability to rename them such as c1 -> normal, c2 -> low light, c3 -> BW red, etc…
    In any case thanks a lot for continuous kaizen evolution of your cameras 🙂

  251. Piotr

    Hi Zack,
    I’m curious about the new EVF. How does it compare with X-T1? Main reason I got X100S is the OVF but when I’m using the tele converter and a hood it covers 1/3 of the frame, sometimes I switch to the EVF when something crucial is in the right bottom of the frame… and I rather don’t like the EVF experience on X100S. It doesn’t refresh fast enough, the delay is annoying, it lags when moving the camera etc. I’d be grateful if you could write few words about your experience.

  252. Mangham

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  254. Keith

    I just sold my X100 LE and miss it like hell. I purchased an XPro1 with 18 and 35 to replace it with. I miss the small form of the X100 but it is early days yet. Having had 2 years with the fixed 23/35 mm lens I am finding it hard to get my eye to accept the 18 mm though with the 35 mm there will be less crops to consider. Now the X100T has arrived I wish I had waited. But true to Fuji pricing form it is always best to wait 9 months before buying into one. I may well do this next year and use it as my 23 mm lens. It looks like another winner for Fuji.

    • Rajesh

      hey Keith.some advice a si can see you are a Fuji x user.Am deciding which one to get either the x100t or xt1?have 2 huge DSLR’s.Needed an unabtrusive camera to cover News.many thanks.Rajesh


    hi Zack,

    so ive been following you for about 18 months.
    your book was tonic for this creative’s soul. thank you.
    and thank you for the assignments. loving you big time.

    my car was broken into on Saturday. they got my kit.
    I know, I know, I know! …but it happened:
    rebel t2i with 3 decent lenses (not L series but IS and canon: 17-85, 75-300, and a 50mm 1.4)
    two flashes: canon 430 ex ll, and a vivitar 285
    all my grip gear, except stands….(polarizer, gels, diffuser domes, swivels, triggers, etc)

    IF i can get insurance coverage here, and pay $1000.00 deductable, for replacement value….is this a good time to consider moving to a mirrorless system? or should I replace what i had, maybe with a used full frame 5D mkll? the price is comparable.

    i’m so stupefied and overwhelmed with the whole thing, i’m reaching out for a little guidance. I was only limited by the iso performance on that camera. it bridged me from a film guy in the 80’s and 90’s to a confident digital shooter.

    i’m delighted to hear any opinions of yours in this matter. you always seem to make sense of the chaos.
    much appreciated.

    jonathan ellul

  256. Brian Milo

    Hey Zack,

    Awesome review! Just wondering how the focus speed on the x100t compares with the xt1? I notice when I’m out doing shoots or on wedding days and I switch between the x100s and xt1 sometimes I have to remember that the x100s isn’t as snappy to focus as the xt1. I am close to replacing my canon system for weddings as I’ve been using the fuji stuff quite a bit more, they are much better for working discreet and saving my back. I know the dual card slot would make the camera a little bigger and slower writing files but I would have switched by now if the xt-1 had a dual slot for backup. The in-camera backup will never be used until you need it but when you do, and your on a wedding, you know I’d probably kick myself in the ass for not using a system that has it…. I’m torn, guess we can’t have it all. I enjoyed your review and your work, thank you for sharing so much with us!

  257. Dave

    How about zone focusing? Is it the same as x100 and you use the LCD dial only for distance?
    No snap mode I’m guessing?

  258. Socrates

    Hey Zack, today I went to the #Photokina in #Canada event organized by the @FujiGuys. Totally loved the X100T and Fuji really has the very best jpeg engine on the market. But I had a big problem – out of 40 pictures or so that I took with the camera more than 10 were with missed focus. That is to say I focused on somebody’s face using a small focus area but after taking the shot I saw that camera somehow switched focus on the background. I also noticed that this issue was particularly common at lower light while using the OVF. In that case almost every 3rd or 4th image was with missed focus. The FujiGuys saw the issue too and said it must be a problem with the firmware not being finalized but I don’t remember you or anyone else reporting this problem. Can you please test this on your own unit and comment please?!… I love that camera but if it misses focus so many times then I don’t think I would buy it…

  259. Nick

    Nice review!!
    Whats the battery life on the X100T ?
    Has it improved from the x100s ?

    • Zack

      It has been improved a great deal! I used to walk around all day with five batteries for the X100. Then three or four for the x100s. Now I can spend an entire day on the streets with two batteries with the x100T.


  260. john

    What i’d really like is another body with a small fixed 50mm equivalent lens. I would probably buy both!

  261. Peter James

    Love your reviews Zack. I own an X100 and resisted the upgrade to the X100S. Now I want to jump to the X100T on the back of your review for a trip we’re doing to the US and to Ireland. But we’re going Mid-October and back Mid-November. It’s maddeningly close to the release date. Any ideas how I could get my hand on the X100T for my trip?

    – Pete

  262. Richard

    A bit late here but how does the new command dial work during shooting now that the lens has 1/3-stop clicks?

  263. MIKELZ

    Hi Zack.
    Thanks for this great, thorough review. I love my X100s and am sticking with it, but I’m really interested in Classic Chrome. Any chance you can share the hack? Or, confident it will come with a future firmware upgrade?

    • Zack

      The hack came directly from very smart people in Japan. I didn’t have anything to do with that. It was a custom hack. If they don’t bring it to the S they are in for some shit.


      • MIKELZ

        Ha! Great. Thanks.

  264. Matt

    It is really nice to see the evolution of the X Products and how much investment, time and money Fuji are putting into them. But, for me the love is still with my X100 which has been with me a long time, and the X-Pro1.

    The X100T has, to be honest left me fairly underwhelmed. Yes there are some lovely features but I think I will wait for the next iteration of this camera.

    The same goes with the X-T1 when I looked at it. I was very impressed with what I have saw and heard (plus how light it is) but I did not feel the pulsating urge to buy it like I did with the X-Pro1. So I have decided to hold out and hope Fuji knock it out of the park with the X-Pro2.

  265. Miroslav

    Hello everybody, Zack,

    I would also like to know how to get the Classic Chrome on a x100s. Or if there will be a firmware including it? We already know that it will be available for the XT1. So any info on that is greatly appreciated.


    • Zack

      I don’t have a firm 100% confirmation but the hopes is Classic Chrome is coming to Xtrans cameras. Sorry I don’t have more info.


  266. Brett

    Hi. I’ve just been to Photokina and visited the Fuji stand to play with the X100T after reading your article Zack. And I have a beginner question: It was fun seeing the electronic framelines move to compensate for parallax, but I really had problems framing, especially scenes that were 4 or 5 metres away. I was naively expecting the framelines to change size once focus locked on. Can you give me some tips for framing? At what distance are the framelines on the X100T set? Many thanks, Brett

  267. Aaron Goodman

    How about image stabilization? Does the x100T have it? Need it?

    • Zack

      No and no.


  268. Joseph

    Dear Fuji,

    I’ve held and played with the X100T for a short while and over all I’m very pleased with it. Once it’s available, I’ll certainly go for it. Having said that, however, I hope the next upgrade (X100F?) will have articulated screen and weatherproofing, please. Thanks in advance.

  269. MrGubrz

    so, i just found this first look write up… despite the fact that ive read yer 100/s posts about a thousand times each(id figured id have seen this day 1!) and as im reading and scrolling and scrolling and reading, i see the scrollbar is ITTY BITTY as i move down the page… im thinking “ok, he has posted every single image he has taken with this camera in fullsize all in a long stack or something!” then i get to the end.. and… HOLY COW its the comments! is this the longest line of comments ever, or what?! *faint*

    i still have my orig x100, that i got because of your review, skipped the S as it didnt feel like ENUF of an upgrade… tho i did talk a buddys wife into buying it for him for his bday…. now im still unsure about the T…. i was really hoping for tilty screen and weather sealing, like you. i would have actually liked them to offer a lcd-less version, like that new leica that got announced, and just pump all the power into an even BETTER evf than the one its got.

    does it have, or does anyone else besides panasonic, that selectable focus, like the gh4? where you could choose b3, c7, f9, a1 (if the lcd were a battleship board, lol) for the areas on sensor that will be used for AF? i almost bought a gh4 JUST for that! im always thinking “if they keep touting rule of thirds, why dont they have an AF system where its just those 4 corners lit up and you can adjust the size of the boxes.. and the camera just looks for focus there!?”


    another good read

    still full of beard envy,
    Eliot O.*

  270. LG

    Dear Fuji,

    I have some canon gear (7D and 5D), and some glasses. I also got a x100s. Since I got my x100s I think I used my canon once. I would like to have a Fuji full frame (fixed lens or not). I’d sell all my gear to have that.

    The ideia of MF camera Zack commented is also great. Hope Fuji release something at great price point.


  271. Neil

    Really good piece – thank you! I wonder if Fuji will introduce a wider additional lens for the X100 range? I am about to buy a X100S or X100T still working out if it’s worth the extra spend (I already own a X100). I would use this new camera for all my travel work (I use a an X T1 for local restaurant and food work) So hence my interest in en even wider equivalent than 28mm.

    What do you think they might do?

    Very best and keep up the excellent work

    Neil Hennessy-Vass
    London UK

  272. Ryan Villanueva

    Thanks for the great sneak peak of this great camera. I owned an X100s before but sold it to upgrade to a XT-1. I loved both cameras and miss my X100s dearly. In fact I loved everything about it except for the low light autofocus. In places like dimly lit restaurants and pubs boy does the af struggles a lot. I wonder if the X100t address this…

  273. Rif

    A sync socket would be nice.:-)

    • Zack

      Why? Why would that be needed on this? PC sync sockets suck as it is. You can also throw a very small hotshoe to sync adapter on top of it and have that if you want. I can’t see, for the life of me, why I’d want a sync added to this. Just my opinion though.


      • Rif

        Ok, a screwlock sync socket. Why? Cos, 1) It’s a cheap addition for Fuji; 2) It’s a back-up to your Wein/PW/eBay trigger; 3) It’s a new marketing feature (yay!); 4) Shows Fuji understands what we are using their leaf shutter cameras for; 5) David Hobby says he hardwires the OCF when he needs to eek out as much sync speed as possible; 6) I can still use a thumbrest in the hotshoe.


  274. Ian Rose

    I’d like the citrus marinated olives, crispy quail,corn,shell peas and a sync socket.

  275. Andrew

    I would love to see facial recognition on the AF-Multi setting. It is not very sophisticated and very hit and miss at the moment. Any chances for a future upgrade?

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  277. Wave Dancer

    Hi I’m following your work since about 1 year, I do not only like your work, but also your attitudes and lifestyle. I’m just about to buy the X100T together with the FZ 1000 (I’ll do lots of 4K videos with it, during my planned expeidtions in SE Asia and the Pacific, I live in Cebu City, PHL (The GH4 with pro lenses, I can’t afford for the time beeing, but this is a goeal for the comming years).
    Wishes for the X 200? Yes:
    I agree with you fully: No 1 – weather sealing, and this NOT ONLY “pro forma”!!
    Next: May be a 75 mm TCL for portraiting? Next: The X-Trans II sensor with 4K in video, would be a dream. But I don’t know if this could be possible technically.
    Then, last but not least: A top tilt touchscreen like the GH4.
    All the best from Cebu and a long life!

    • Zack


  278. Wave Dancer

    The APS-C XTrans II sensor is in most aspects as good as FF, no need to go there. Better develop a medium format camera with the known Fujifilm perfection AND this somehow affordable and usefull for a serious amateur!

  279. Gunnar

    I have a x100s and love it (aside from the super annoying battery indicator issue). But the x100T’s improvements are too meager for me to even consider an upgrade. Before I do that I need a good tilting screen, weatherproofing, wifi control/transfer and a reliable battery indicator. Wifi alone is not going to be enough.

    Maybe next generation. But given the sluggish pace at which Fuji is iterating the x100 series I bet its two more generations. Which is fine I suppose, I’m not in a hurry to buy a 1300 dollar camera every year.

  280. L. Lovith

    This is a add, not a review or even a summary of his first impressions. I love my X100s and I praise a lot of thing Fuji has done for us in the last years, but this guy Zack is just a marketing instrument. As much as I admire Fuji for their work, I really think they’ve made an error relying on such “photographers” as M. Arias and his cheap propaganda.

    • Zack

      This is “an” “ad”.

      Fuji should rely solely on marketing executives to take photos with their cameras or maybe hire the accountant of a Canadian trucking company to blog about their cameras. God forbid they put these little gems in the hands of working photographers and solicit honest real world feedback from them. God forbid that ever happens.

      I’m glad you see through the veil. I’m glad you picked up on my statement that everyone should burn their Nikons, Canons, and Sonys and only buy Fuji cameras. When I tell people over and over and over again via twitter, IG, Facebook, etc that Fujis might be for them or not… You see that I’m really saying they should buy a Fuji.

      You love your Fuji x100s. You praise a lot that they have done. You admire them as well. I have you right where I want you. You are in my spider web of marketing and advertising for the great god of Fuji! All praise Fuji!!

      When I titled this “first look” I secretly placed “review” under the words. You can’t see them but subconsciously they are there. You say it’s not a summary despite the fact I went point by point of what has changed on the camera from previous versions. Some might think that’s called a summary. You have seen past my magical spell. You must be a grand wizard like myself. How dare you speak of this in public! You didn’t so much as offer up the secret handshake or the greeting of “Wally Walla Baba!”

      You might lose your next roll of the dice for that if the great Fuji Wan Kanobi finds out about this.

      Yes. I’m a shill. I’m the puppet of marketing. I’ve sold my soul to a tiny camera company in Japan. I’ve been found out. I’ll now be banished from the city and there shall be much gnashing of teeth and tearing at my flesh for my transgressions. “Woe to me!” I shall lament all the days of my life! WOE TO ME for speaking of a camera I really like made by an awesome company who listens to their customers. Cheap propaganda you say? This blog post isn’t cheap. It’s free! But the cost to your soul is great isn’t it? The time of your life here on earth has been stolen from you to never be returned.

      If anyone has some spare sack cloth I’d appreciate a few yards of it. I have some ashes already. The ashes of my soul.

      Zack a (air quote) photographer (/air quote)

      • Rif

        Zack the Zealot! Love it! 😉

      • Miroslav Dakov

        Wow, it’s getting funny over here :D, some entertainment going on… I think this short essay from Zack deserves an A,… I however don’t get it, how did Zack take from his time to compose that in honor of L. LOVITH, how did L. LOVITH deserve that,… I’m a bit envious,… oh I actually wanted to share the following elaboration of “sack cloth and ashes” (in case there are others like me, that are not familiar with that expression), as I wondered for a moment what does Zack mean with it:


        Zack, please, post a photo if you get the sack cloth on, please… sorry for the spam

        • Zack

          Hahahaha! That would be great! I should make a video about how I’m an evil wizard trying to rule the world from Mt. Fuji. Then I’m found out by another grand wizard and my soul is burned. Hahahaha!


      • Miroslav Dakov

        😀 😀 😀 haha, yes yes, please, I’m already envisioning it – lightnings, evil laughter, (you already have the beard), sack cloth, and the Fuji magic wand… but then – the other guy, hoho… cheers

  281. Paul

    Is classic chrome something that can be done in post-production? I shoot RAW.

    Also, what are the odds that the hybrid viewfinder improvement would find its way into an X100s firmware update?

  282. Lewis

    But will the Classic Chrome be available for the x10/x20 models? I hope so!

    • Zack

      Hope so! I don’t know though.


  283. Dana

    I tested out a Fuji X100s in Boston last weekend (better late than never) and was hooked. I love primes, and love the 35mm focal length – and I hate carrying around a D3s or D800E and a few lenses around all day. The Fuji felt like I wasn’t carrying anything. Using the X100s for a day convinced me to pre-order the X100T. I saw this photographer jump out of a car at one point….a couple of D4 bodies, a 24-70mm on one and a 70-200mm on the other. I stood there on the street corner watching and smiling…thinking to myself “wow, that’s what I normally look like” as she was walking confidently and quickly, getting her shots….while I looked like some schmuck out for a stroll with a crappy point and shoot. I wasn’t a “photographer” at that point (in most peoples eyes), compared to the person with $15,000 worth of gear strolling up and down Acorn Street in Boston. It was kind of a weird feeling, to be honest, but liberating at the same time. Oh, and weatherproofing is a must. Not sure why they wouldn’t do that. I’ve had my old D3 and D3s out in downpours, and never missed a beat. As a “street” camera, the X100T really should have weather sealing.

    • Zack

      Great story!


  284. S

    Hey Zack wanted to know if you felt any difference in how people reacted when taking a photo with the black fuji compared to the silver one. Although I’ve always read that the black one is discrete, I feel like people would be more open to take their photo with the silver because it looks “harmless” or less professional than the black one. Are people less cooperative to take their photo with the black one?

    • Zack

      I haven’t used it enough to see if there is a difference. I kind of don’t buy into the black is more discreet. I know some feel that way but it makes no difference to me.


  285. Brett

    Hi Zack,

    I’m really enjoying all your articles and videos.

    Is it only because of price that you chose an aftermarket lens hood for your X100’s?


    • stephan von der Decken

      Hi to you all from Vienna,
      thank you Zac for your reviews. They made it easier to sell my canon 7d and a couple of lenses yesterday to by the XT-1 today! I am shooting with the xe-1 for one year an although the 7d is ten times faster, has hundreds more features, the xe-1 was my choice, 9 times out of ten, BECAUSE OF THE IMAGE QUALITY!!!!!!
      Two things i would like you to adress to Fuji:

      Please, please, do not forget the xe-1 users concerning firmware-updates such as new film simulations, spot metering on the focus point, etc. I think, the xe-1 is not that outdated, that these updates should not be possible.

      Do not go for full-frame. Why? Full frame was always related to the lenses, not to the size of film. Since Fuji is making such great lenses for their x series, that fit to the sensor size, they have full frame. If you want to invent something really outstanding, make a huge x-trans sensor which is able to deliver 2 million iso without noise. That would be a great thing.

  286. Rejon

    Hey Zack,
    I have been reseaching smaller cameras to be able to take with me regularly as I am tired of lugging the dslr. After reading pretty much everything out there, I thought I decided on the x100t (mostly due to you and Hobby loving the 100s). Then I got to thinking (uh oh) should I get an X-T1 with 27mm pancake instead? They are roughly the same size and ballpark same price. I guess my thought was to be able to add different lenses later in needed.

    what to do? what. to. do.

    ps – love the site!

  287. Jason

    Sorry for a double post (I asked on your other blog, didn’t realize you had a new one). Thanks for this review, been following you for a long time. Looking for a little advice (from you or readers):

    I bought an Xe1 for myself about a year and a half ago with 35mm lens. Problem is, I haven’t shot a picture with it (it seems so complicated). So it’s sat on my shelf and I’ve been using my iPhone. Which is terrible. I’m contemplating getting the Fuji X100s because it seems easier to use, but really is that a step down from the Xe1 with the 35mm? Or should I look into the X100t in a month?

    I’m a little torn. Previously I had a Leica d-lux 4 and liked it a lot for the quality of images, but it was slow to focus and shoot.

    Right now I feel like I could sell my xe1 and lens for about what I’d pay for a x100s. Thoughts? I’m not a pro, but like to shoot and ease of use is important. I just want to take pictures again.

  288. Klondike Cheats

    I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and interesting, and let
    me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue
    that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something
    regarding this.

  289. LG

    Hey Zack,

    please please please can you review the lens adapters on the X100? I would like to know if the teleconverter behave like an 50mm lens. Not only sharpness and ca are important, but also the background compression and fall off. You know what I mean?


  290. hide

    HI, I am wondering how AF can be faster on X100T than on X100S. They didnt changed anything about AF system. Did I am wrong ?

  291. Bianca

    Hi Zack!

    Thank you so much for this review!

    I am so excited for this camera to be released. I’ve always wanted to shoot with an X100, but for whatever reason, never got around to. Over the past few months, I’ve come to realise that I pretty much stick to two focal lengths–35mm and 50mm for most of my shooting (which the TCL can help me with) so, I’m pretty set on this model. Will probably get the XT1 later on if the XPro2 doesn’t come out within next year, we shall see….

    However, I have a question about the customizable buttons which you might be able to answer. I currently shoot with a Nikon DF and it has a feature which I surprisingly use a lot especially when I’m tracking focus. I have the AEL/AFL button set to AEL only, and then I back focus using the AF-ON button (on the upper right side of the back panel), and then I take the actual shot with the shutter. Is it possible for me to do something similar with the buttons on the X100T? Keep my thumb on a separate AF button (also separate from the AEL) and click away with the shutter? I mean, I know there’s no actual back focus button on it, but can one of the customizable buttons be turned into such? It’s not a deal breaker but it would be interesting to know if this was possible since I’m getting quite used to this style of shooting with a DF when I’m on AF-C.

    Looking forward to your thoughts….


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  293. Mark Baigent

    > And dearest Fuji — We still want tethering to a computer.

    Please, please, pretty please Fuji

  294. Marco A Casco

    Great review !!! Very helpful !!! I own an X100, don´t know if you mentioned how incredibly well the flash works !!! I´m always amazed that this little camera with its little integrated flash can do sooooo well !!! Shot after shot the pictures come out just perfect !!!
    Just wanted to add that.
    Thanks again.

  295. Harold

    Dear Nikon, I can’t believe that RAW is not available at certain times, like when shooting with the extended sensitivities of 100, 12800, 25600 or 51200 ISO, or when using the bracketing options for ISO, Film Simulation, Dynamic Range or White Balance. This was frustrating for me as when shooting long exposure landscapes I often seek out the lowest ISO even if it’s extended, but on the X-T1 that means shooting in JPEG only. This is not acceptable to me. Is there a firmware upgrade that can fix this or should I buy another camera?

    • Harold

      I meant Fuji, not Nikon. I guess I am just used to Nikon having these types of major oversights as I have been a Nikon customer for 35 years. Now that I have had the unpleasant experience of purchasing a D600 that developed oil spots on the sensor, I am looking for another camera.

  296. Francesco

    Thank you for your review.
    Question: any difference in skin tone rendition between X100 and X100S/T that you have noticed in the SOOC Jpegs?

    Thank you

    • Dave C

      Thanks for helping me spend more money on cameras, Zack 🙂

      One thing that really bugs me on the X100s is that it doesn’t re-meter exposure in burst mode. Did they fix that with the ‘t’?

  297. Jakob

    Great preview Zack! One of my issues with the x100 series is the skin smearing. It was especially strong on the x100s, even in RAW. Did you see any improvement there? Cheers!

  298. Aldy

    When I first saw the above photos from the ‘classic chrome’, somehow they are so familiar to my brain. Then you mentioned Eggleston and I realized. “Chromes’, “Los Alamos” immediately came to mind. I like Mr. Eggleston. No, I love him. And yes I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion. For me, this film emulation alone is enough to justify buying another fujifilm camera.

  299. Jeremy Meier

    Ok, I know I’m a little late to the party on this comment but I’m going to make it anyways… I am currently shooting the X100 LE kit and I love it. It’s the only camera that I’ve spent do much time struggling with the idea of do I keep it or not? I’ve sold it and bought it back 3 separate times now, and I just can’t get it out of my system. I’ve had the X-Pro1, Nikon Df, D300s, some m4/3rds variants and all I kept wanting back my hands was the x100.

    I’m excited to buy the latest edition it becomes available and it’s one of those things that you live or you don’t. Clearly I do because I keep coming back to it. As Zack had mentioned, the perfect upgrade would have been weather sealing as many people take it out to the streets and knowing that it could handle getting rained on would open up the fours to do many opportunities for image creation….

    Keep the best camera in the world rolling fuji! 🙂

  300. Volker Wolf

    Dear Zack, dear Fuji

    most fotos I take while traveling. After the digital revolution … I missed a camera like … the X100. So I started withe the X100s and I love it. The handling is like an old analog one – just great! After the release of the X-T1 I started thinking about buying one. One point is the weatherproofing, the other the XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR. Sounds like a perfect travel zoom. Then I recollected the last travells I did – and in 99% I don’t need a tele zoom. I am happy with my X100s and the equivalent 35mm. But! I loved my outdoor actvities and travels with my Nikonos in past times.
    So dear Fujiteam I am really looking forward a weatherproofing X100.
    That would be really great!

    Regards from Germany

  301. Tom Diakun

    Hi Zack,
    Thanks for the great review of this new camera. I am seriously looking to get one when it is released. I think I have my wife convinced that “we” need a new lightweight camera for travel instead of lugging the DSLRs around.

    Does the built in flash have a manual mode so I can optically trigger a Lumopro flash off camera? Or do I just need a couple of Pocket Wizards to trigger my flash?

    I do envision this as a “walking around all day” lightweight camera, but I admit to a serious strobist addiction and will need to satisfy those urges from time to time. It’s tough having a monkey on your back. 🙂


  302. Ben Blair

    Really great article– the writing is clear, concise, and informative.

    I’ll be picking up the ‘T’ tomorrow from my local ma/pa.

    Wondering Zack– I know you don’t use UV filters, but do you know of/have experience w/ any compatible 49mm adaptors that are not lens hoods… I’ll be in Kingston, Jamaica in a couple weeks and am looking for a way to attach a clear (non-uv) filter without extending the depth of the camera. Not a fan of lens caps and want to keep size down at all costs…


    • Dieter

      Mit dem was ich habe,bin ich glücklich.Mit dem was ich bekäme,weiß ich nicht.Ich brauche nicht immer das Neuste !! Es macht mich nur Undankbar und eventuell krank.

      Bleibt gesund,auch im Kopf.

      • Andi

        Da hast Du nicht unrecht, Dieter – aber an meiner x100 (der Ur-100er) gibt es einige Dinge, die an der x100t nun doch wesentlich besser umgesetzt sind. Deshalb werde ich – dankbar und gesund – aufrüsten.

        Beste Grüsse


  303. Chaz

    Zack, quick question about the intervalometer. Does it just take the series of photos, like the X-T1, or does it actually stitch them together into a time lapse in camera? I really liked that my old E-M1 did it in camera, albeit not the best quality, but good for quick time lapses that I don’t want to put together or fiddle with in post. Thanks for the heads up on the upgrades. It was very helpful in my personal decision.

  304. Paul of the Mission

    Here’s hoping many of the firmware features of the X100t make it to the X100s. I would love improved video. What are the odds?

  305. Jeff

    I would have liked the new xpro to be full frame. It isn’t a must have, but I certainly would pay 2 grand for it if it offered the same image quality. But the xe2, x100 and below? No. Keep aps-c. It is a bit annoying looking at lenses and having to factor in the crop factor.

  306. Carlos Aoun

    Having tried the Fuji XE2 with the 23mm-35mm and 56mm some time ago, I completely fell in love with the Fuji system. I dropped my EOS 6 and sold my M9 Leica which I found totally “outdated” for an M system and completely agree with you that the X are the new Leica.
    I am now using the XT1 as my main camera and started exploring the x100s this week, mainly for its ND filter and Leaf shutter.
    What would lvd to see from Fuji, is a Full Frame X100.. with all the features of the X100T + weather sealing and a swivelling screen which I use extensively on the XT1.
    The X philosophy which says “Small but Great affordable cameras” should be kept even if going Full Frame.
    It would be amazing also to couple a medium format on the Fujinon lenses. The results will surely be unique. I wished Fuji introduced the mirror less medium format as a pioneer. Phase One took the credit with their recently announced mirrorlless Medium Format.

  307. Harv Emter

    I have just received my Fuji X100T and have been going crazy tring to set the AEL/AFL button to “back button focus.” I can set it in the menu but when I push the shutter release button half way down it resets the focus. Is there a way to turn off the focus on the shutter release button?

  308. dean

    classic chrome for the x100 please 🙂

  309. Tim G

    Just for fun, please take a low angle shot of a tricycle with the Eggle… er, classic chrome simulation.

    I was lucky enough to see some of his prints up close at the Art Institute of Chicago years ago.

    Just another thing to look forward to – if I can ever jump on the Fuji train.

  310. Daniel

    First off, Zack, you are an inspiration an thank you for all the honest hands-on and reviews. In the ‘X200′ i too would love to see weather seals to inspire confidence out in rhe elements. And I would also like to echo the request for an 85mm equivalent teleconverter. Thanks and keep on keepin’ on!

  311. Frank Petronio

    I got my X100t yesterday and ACR was updated just as I loaded the first test shots ;-p I tried the X100s when it came out and wasn’t happy with it but this one seems to have licked all of my main gripes – it feels more responsive and the controls are just right – nothing wiggles or feels too loose, the focusing and dials have just the right amount of feedback and tension.

    Complaints are minor, mainly it seems like Fuji really wants you to shoot jpgs based on the features and interface. That’s not going to happen for me. Wifi, Classic Chrome, a lot of the features are jpg-only.

    The grip is kind of small and on the slippery side, you need something – wrist strap, thumb-thing, front grip, neck strap. I’m going to try it with straps for now before making it thicker with add-ons. I wish it had a more pronounced grip and a front dial selector like a pro-DSLR.

    Zach is right – weatherproofing!

    He’s also right about doing a Fuji Medium Format mirrorless with a versatile lens mount and minimal gee-haws. $5000 is burning a hole in my pocket.

  312. Thomas Mack


    Have you used the fujifilm x100t on B&W with a 25Red filter attached to it? And if so, what is your thoughts about it?

    many thanks,


  313. Shaun O'Berry

    Hi Zack,

    I just got an X100t and having been playing the Classic Chrome and B&W film simulation modes. You mentioned that your Classic Chrome sample images were shot auto WB, auto ISO, aperture priority, some sort of exposure compensation. Could you also share your other default Q settings – I’m particularly interested in what NR, Sharpening, and Tone settings you used.

    Thank you,

  314. Stephen

    Great post! Convinced me to go out and buy it. Now that I have it, I’m putting all the pieces together and I’m wondering what exact soft release button you purchased for yours. I’d like to buy the same one. Thanks!


  315. Lisa

    I took my buddy’s x100 out for a spin because of all the raves and reviews about the Fuji system. Spent a day doing street photography with it in Toronto and a couple days around home with my kids, etc. I ran it through a battery of tests (ISO capabilities in low light, AF, over all IQ, response time etc) and I gotta say, I walked away downtrodden.

    The AF was great, pretty much nailed any shot I took with it at active speeds but I noticed that if a person was heavily backlit, the camera would not focus correctly. But, taking a picture of my kids running turned out good each time.

    The ISO up to 800 was good, anything above that displayed very noticeable grain in the shadows and looked somewhat muddy. To compare, I took the same photo with my Canon 60D and the image was a lot smoother and cleaner.

    When shooting street, the camera would bounce around slightly on as I walked. This caused for it to somehow dig through its own menus and choose “Panorama” unbeknownst to me, so when I went to take a portrait, I could not. I did not know what the hell I was doing and lost that shot as a result. Later on, I had to google it and find my way out of the menu system just to get back to regular shooting. Additionally, the menu, dials, and buttons are incredibly finicky.

    In conclusion, I was very much let down by the camera. I really wanted it to work for me. I considered trading/selling my MK2 + 24-70 to offset the cost of going Fuji, but not now. Even with some of the shots I took that turned out, even with the fact that in good light the IQ was stunning, I was just not sold. For some of my portrait work, the Fuji just did not deliver.

    I understand this is a first generation system and apparently, Fuji’s been able to haul ass and make better but based on this first impression, I wasn’t happy.

    Being said, I do plan on giving Fuji a second chance and taking an x100t out for a spin, because I am very much in the market for a compact system.

    But I’mma keep my MK2 for a while 🙂


  316. Lars Ginge

    Yo Zack. The old trick you gave on the original X100 putting protective glass in front of the lense. I assume this will not work when using the converter-lenses right?

    Anyone got any other solutions? Perhaps not to buy the conversion lenses;)

    • Lars Ginge

      Solution: Forget the converters. Buy the X30. Run with 2 cameras;)

  317. Dieter

    ………was bezahlt Fuji für solch einen langweiligen,unobjektiven Kommentar?Für mich ist es absoluter Schwachsinn.Abgesehen von dem etwas größerem Display,einem etwas schnellerem Focus,ok,ist sie kaum redenswert. Es ist die gleiche Kamera.Eine Gute! Von der Handhabung,vom Gebrauch, so von der Qualität.Es ist wie immer, natürlich für unsere “Must Have-Typen”! Und die Firma hat mal wieder Dumme gefunden.(Wohl wäre sie für mich interessant gewesen,bei dem Vermerk”Weatherproofing”)

  318. Chris

    Dear Fuji,

    Please come out with something like the XT-1 but with a full frame sensor.
    Also please listen to Zack and come out with a medium format as well at a less than ridiculous cost and shake up the market a bit.


    P.S. Zack
    I’ve ready your “Crop or Crap” article and agree.
    My older APS-C sensor can’t compare with today’s cameras however and I was really looking forward to my next camera being full frame.
    I’m really interested in the Fuji line-up however and if they had a full frame camera I would have bought it in an instant. Instead I’m on the fence and the X100t or XT-1 would be purchased as secondary after I upgrade my current Nikon to a D750 or D810 when I next have the funds.
    (If I could only afford it all….)

  319. Regan

    I was planning to get the X100T, but when I went to buy it at the store, I was talked into buying a XT-1 with a 27mm, pancake lens instead….should I return this setup for the X100T? Which one is better for a beginner like myself?

  320. Justin

    Thanks for the article; how did you attach your aftermarket lens hood? I just received my X100T today and am angry that Fuji removed the threads on the lens.

  321. Daniel Stern

    have x100, do you feel that the x100t sensor has lost a certain image quality/mojo despite the bump to 16 MP’s? last, whats your feeling on keeping my x100 and for the same $$$ without the cost of lens- go for the X-T1

  322. J Wilson

    Zack, for all I know, you’ve spoken with these guys at Fujifilm in Japan, but for the rest of us, Fuji’s design team talking about Classic Chrome:


    And in your visits with Fujifilm, have you ever got to hang with the X100 and XT designer, Masa Imai?

  323. Grant Ferstat

    “…I’m heading to Europe this week and I’m not taking a big camera bag nor am I taking a laptop. I’m taking this X100T, two conversion lenses, and an iPad Mini…”

    Hey Zack. Curious about what you’re method is travelling this way. How are you managing things. I’ve been wondering if travelling with something like an iPad mini is a viable option to lugging my MacBook Pro as I usually do.

    • Grant Ferstat


    • Zack

      For non work related travels I just take an iPad mini these days. As long as I don’t need to download and do postproduction while out of town, I just go with an iPad.


  324. christian

    hey zack,

    now that read your blog post, i am again asking myself wether to switch to the x100t, or stick to my x-t1 with the 23. that typical comparison .. 🙂

    but i’ve got a question: you mention the option to charge the battery via usb in the cam. does this work with the x-t1 as well? now that the fw3.0 has been released .. this would be really helpful!


  325. matus kicka

    i own x100s and i love it more then any camera i ever had…but..but .. but i do use canon fullframe for profesional work i would love to use fuji but but but detail i know its amazing as is it my work need more detail in files please more pixels or FF and im committed to sell all my canon and go for fuji full time may be 24px will be better?

  326. สอนทำกุญแจ

    It’s actually a cool and useful piece of info.
    I’m happy that you just shared this useful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  327. Yvan

    I’m a “beginner”, and i want to buy a caméra that delivers very good pictures… Then came the Fuji x100 =D
    Do you think i could that good countryside picture with it, or si it only fitted for the familly and street?

    Congrats fot your pictures and review.
    Merry xmas

    • Rajesh

      hey zack.sorry for the earlier post.I left out a letter in my email and am resending the post with corrected email.Compliments of the season.I am lucky to have in the last few days come across your work.I have seen most of your work,history on You Tube.Almost a fan now.Simplicity and honesty.Agree 100%.Now I am almost converted and wanting to some advise.Yes, I am a mark 3 owner and shoot (events,corporate,news) but needed unabtrusive camera for odd News/Street.Can I shoot NEWS with either the x100t or xt1?is the x100t used by photojournalists?your advice would be appreciated a soonest as i have managed to track down both cameras to my local store by tomorrow.Should I wait for the Xpro2?my site needs to be updated.thank you for your time.Many thanks,Rajesh

  328. Marc

    Hey Zack,
    I currently have the x100t and I love it. I was offered a X-T1 with a 14mm lens. Do you think this is a great trade or should I stuck with what I have? I shoot alot of landscapes and architecture. Thanks for any help

    • Rajesh

      Hey Marc.Hows the x100T?as compared to XT1?I need to make a decision.I needed an unabtrusive camera so maybe the x100T may work and then keeo the xtra cash for the xpro 2 when its released in 2015?Appreciate the advise.Thanks Rajesh