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GPP PopUp Singapore

Greetings to my friends on the other side of the world! I’m excited to be part of the next Gulf Photo Plus PopUP event taking place in Singapore on May 3rd and 4th. I really love the format of these PopUP events. You’ll get on a track and cycle through classes with Joe McNally, Gregory Heisler, Louis Pang, and myself. Joe is going to be covering small flash and all that it can do from start to finish. Gregory is going to be discussing seeing and creating light and working it to your best advantage. Louis is going to walk you through bridal, lifestyle, and large group posing and lighting.

Here’s what I’ll be teaching. You aren’t a photographer. You are a director.

A director is usually thought of as someone who sits in a chair on a movie set and barks orders out to the actors and crew involved in making the their vision come to life. For the crew you have people in charge of the camera. People in charge of the light. People in charge of the sets and costumes. Etc. Etc. Everyone is working together to create the director’s vision. You also have the actors who are in front of the camera delivering the lines and emotions needed to fulfill the director’s vision. Dozens of talented people and millions of dollars are all coming together to create 24 still images per second.

On a photo shoot you are the director. You are also the camera operator. You are in charge of the light. You select the wardrobe. Everything is on you to make one image of the subject in front of your lens. When your subject is in front of your camera and under your lights your number one job at this point is being the director. It is your job to bring everything together to create the image you want. In this class I’ll walk  you through the process of being a director, a camera operator, and a lighting technician to create the image you need. You’ll learn about lights, lenses, moods, posing, directing, and seeing this process worked out from start to finish.

You’ll walk away from this class thinking less like a photographer and more like a director.

Check out the GPP PopUP site for more information and to register.

Want to go? Want to go for free? I can give one spot away here on the blog. Leave a comment below to enter and make sure you use a valid email address when you comment. Do not put your email in your comment. I’ll be able to see it on the backend of the site here. I’ll contact the winner next week when I chose one!

Also, Meg is traveling with me on this trip and it will be our first time in Singapore. What should we check out while we are there?



Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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    • Zack Arias

      Free seat! Airline and accommodations not included. That would be awesome though huh? 🙂


  1. Russell Adcox

    It would be hard to imagine a more incredible opportunity based on location and instructors.

  2. Joel Tng

    wooo i’m so excited about you coming here. too bad im dead broke to buy a spot TTATT

    you guys should try out our food haha best thing imo of this country.

  3. Matthew Walton

    To paraphrase Peter Hurley, You’re 10% photographer, 90% therapist. We’re eliciting emotion and personality from people to make our images have a deeper impact than just nice lighting or composition. Directing is a huge part of this puzzle to bring out meaning in our photographs.

    Would love to learn more about your process in Singapore.

  4. Ahmad Rashdan Mohamed Rashid

    A chance to be take part in this would be the best thing that could happen to me since I pickup my first DSLR 1 1/2 years ago. The topics covered would greatly help me to improve myself.

  5. Zhiyang

    Gimme a ticket and I’ll show you around! heh heh 😀

  6. Ekwyn

    Would love to join this GPP PopUP. I want to listen to you talking about one light photography and if possible street photography!

    Apart from the tourist spots like Marina Bay area, you can visit the Singapore Zoo to see Panda! And you can bring Meg to Orchard road for shopping too.

  7. David Charles

    Is this where we talk about our pity party looking at your GPP and Marrakesh photos and then get to go across the world to a (pop up) GPP after all? 😉

  8. Zeddy

    Give me. Give me! Haha.

  9. Mike Yamin

    Hi Zack! I’d love to be considered for this. I’ve been following you for a long time and am a big fan of your work. I’ve been to events with Joe and Gregory before, but not you… I think it’s time! I hadn’t yet discovered Louis, so thank you for sharing his name as well. While I’m currently a struggling wedding photographer, I feel that this event could help to give me the push to pursue the kind of work I’m *really* dying to shoot. Thanks so much for your consideration and I wish you continued success in your career!

  10. Adil

    Please ??? 😀

  11. Marc

    This would be an amazing opportunity! Thanks gor the chance!

  12. Jeff Cornejo

    What a fabulous opportunity! Thank you for making it available to aspiring photographers who could only dream of learning from such a great group of teachers.

  13. Stephen

    Ooh, yum yum.

  14. kenneth tay

    Hi Mr Zack

    I am new to photography and after watching the youtube of your trip to turkey, I had bought myself a x100s and will be visiting Istanbul as my graduation trip.

    Learned that you and your wife is coming to my hometown, singapore, immediately I am delighted and I goes shouting Yes!!

    Will like to attend this spore workshop and learn tips in improving my photography path. And have a photo taken togather with u and mag! Pls have an enjoyable trip in spore and will love to see you introducing my hometown, in your perspective. Do visit spore chinatown, haji lane and little india for streets gene. Thankyou.

  15. Andres Perez

    This seems like an amazing opportunity Zack! I would love to go to learn from the best.

  16. Sung Lin Gun

    Hey Zach and Meghan, it was fantastic to meet you in Dubai GPP. I don’t need the ticket, but I’d love to host both of you in Singapore. Will bring you out to eat all the delicious local cuisine.

    Lin Gun

  17. Marvin Lim

    Well dubai is far airfare is expensive. Hotel is expensive. But good thing Singapore is near the accommodation is manageable. Count me in.

  18. Adam Bowery

    Hi Zack,

    Loving the new DEDPXL site. Was hoping to make it to Dubai for GPP 2014 but couldn’t for family reasons (don’t ask!), so would love to make it over to Singapore for the pop-up event.

    Sorry I can’t help with the “to do” in Singapore, I’ve never been before. I hear Universal Studios is pretty spectacular!


    (Please pick me!)

  19. Vern Yew Lim

    I want to attend just to shake Zack’s hand and buy him a beer/coffee/any other beverage of choice. Come on, let’s make it happen.

  20. Jeff Crass

    To learn from such great photographers in such a great place would be the ultimate education!

  21. Zen Seng

    Hi Zach, wow free ride for your talk that awesome. So much I wanted to go but due to budget issues and now I saw a chances xD

    I stay in Singapore and pick up photography as a hobby, I follow your work as because I like the high contrast and lighting effect u create in your works. So hopping to have this chances 🙂

  22. Scott Kobner

    You will need to bring a shovel if you pick me. This would be absolutely mind blowing, and someone would need to clean up the mess.

  23. Chris D J Tabangay

    Wow! Hoping to win..

    I would like to learn from you live. So far I’ve been learning from your YouTube videos and your book. Btw, in case, can you please sign the book for me?

    Anyway, win or lose; thanks for the honest to goodness lessons and inspiration for learning more about photography.

    P.s. When you and Meg are here you might want to take a stroll around the Chinese, Malay, and Indian quarters here; aside from the ubiquitous Marina Bay Area.


  24. tristan

    Brilliant opportunity! Thanks Zack.

  25. Marco Flores

    That would be great! , fingers crossed.

  26. Stefan

    Hi Zack, please pick me! I had the privilege (ok, I paid for it, but still considered myself really lucky!) of attending a workshop with you and Joe McNally in Kuala Lumpur 2 years ago. I don’t shoot with lights (yet), but I’ve found that learning about lighting techniques has helped me to look for light, and to take better advantage of what I come across. I hope that my images demonstrate that.. The website link above is to more recent stuff that I’ve shot; you can find more here: I really need to get my stuff sorted!

  27. Anne Almasy

    Because Meg. And Singapore. And Gregory fucking Heisler.

  28. Jaspreet Kohli

    Hi Zack
    Been following you since a long time.
    I am 37 years old and started photography just a few months back.
    Been reading your blogs and learning.
    I stay in Jakarta. Singapore is just 1.20 hrs flight. Would love to attend.


  29. Peter Tan

    Once in a lifetime chance to meet and learn from the Z-man! Awesome!
    Plus GPP Popup Singapore is only a 45min flight away 🙂 +1,000,000!

  30. Jaspreet Kohli

    Well forgot to mention that been doing it as a hobby. Been pending for long and finally getting there. Use a Nikon d7100 wit a 35mm 1.8 and 18-300 3.5-5.6 lens.

  31. Ernest Garver

    Trip to Singapore to learn from my photographic idol’s, yes please. And if Meg can sing to us while we’re sleeping on the flight that’s just icing on the cake! Really though, that’s a once in a lifetime experience and I could only imagine the memories and friendships will can take away from that. Godspeed to whoever is chosen and enjoy it for the rest of us!


  32. Kevin

    Dedpxl just keeps on giving! Would be amazing to be picked – thanks Zack!

  33. Sean MacDonald

    Hey Zack!

    Remember that time on your Q&A Tumblr that some young 25 year old kid asked you what your dream camera store would be? Well I have spent the last 2 years building it! (pre-filled sand bags included) We have been open for one year in the historic district of Dubuque Iowa. I would love to come to Singapore and tell you all about the journey! Or you can just come swing by Dubuque some time and hang out!

    Thanks for all of the advice!

  34. Grant Meeks

    What a great opportunity! I’d love to be there front and center!

  35. John Campbell

    I live in North Dakota and drove to Appleton, WI for a workshop with your protégé in 2012. Best damn thing I did to help grow this tiny brain of mine! Me thinks it’s time to hear it from the horses mouth. Not that think you have a horses mouth…Werd.

  36. Mikey Hunt

    Amazing lineup. Would absolutely love to be picked for this, and am in the area at the time. Fingers crossed 🙂 Keep shining that light, Zack.

  37. Minse

    When I visited Singapore two years ago I absolutely loved the hawker centres, both for the food and the photo opportunities. There is one near Marine Bay so you can photograph both the must-see architecture and this outdoor food market.

    For your street photography I would recommend China Town, just like any China Town it is buzzing with life.

  38. Martin Philip

    You said ” if you can’t afford it, you don’t need it” , but in this case i really want it (need or not, i don’t know yet…will see) please sir count me in 🙂 thanks..

  39. Victor Guerrero

    Sign me Zack the man!!! love your ond light dvd v1.0

    ps. just get me to GPP’s door, I’ll take care of the rest. 🙂


  40. Miroslav

    What an amazing opportunity, and I want in 😀

  41. Mike Riley

    Me me me, – picture a small boy hand in air hopping about on a hard wooden seat like Im going to wet myself. Sadly not a small boy any more but despite being 47 I don’t feel a day over 12 – they’ll find me out one day…

  42. Aidah J.

    My fiancè, Dinie, is a huge fan of yours. I remember he ditched me one weekend just to devour your Q&A book! He’s also an avid fan of the rest of the gang. You guys have been such an inspiration to him. He would probably make Satay for you & Meg if you presented the spot to him.

    You can catch his works on Instagram @tripflarebear. I have attached his email address, if you think he deserves to learn a lot more, please drop him a surprise email!

    Keep continuing to inspire others Zack – Cheers!

  43. Abhishek Bali

    I just have to say that I have learned a lot from you Zack. Be it lighting or business part of photography, I was lucky to buy your one light plus Q & A. There are some amazing photographers but to also find a incredible teacher is hard. Thank you!

  44. Ben H

    Me! For years I have been hearing you and DH rave about GPP 😛

  45. Jay McIntyre

    I’d love to go, but then I’d have to expedite my x100s purchase for all the street shooting I’d want to do there. Tell you what, throw one in, and I’ll take the ticket off your hands for you 😉

  46. Michelle Tippmann

    I’ve always wanted to attend and would love to see Singapore!

  47. Calvin Huang

    Deeply inspired after watching One light DVD almost 3yrs ago, my life has changed from an amateur hobbyist photographer to a commercial photographer. I’m a Singaporean and will show you around Singapore and we will talk more. See you.

  48. Ned Chapman

    Hey Zack,

    I’ve been lucky enough to go there a couple of times. Its always been work related so time was limited but my top list
    1) Marina Bay Sands Hotel (that big place in the back of your picture at the top of the page) It has the best swimming pool in the world at the top! Make sure you take Meg
    2) Gardens by the bay – go beyond the hotel – fantastic walk and great little eatery in the middle doing ice cold beer and chicken satay
    3) Use the subway – cleanest, most efficient, cheapest train station – busy!
    4) Use the food halls – China town and Little India – best food ever! and great feel to the place.

    I’d like to get over to the dock yards next time as they look awesome from the top of the Marina Bay but not sure on access



    few snaps from my last visit but not sure you’d want to share pictures that suck!

  49. Huy Tang

    I guess if Heisler’s going to be there, I’ll give this a try….

  50. Nick
  51. Nick






  52. Dalia

    I wish if its not only for the comment to win this trip. Imll do anything to join a GPP trip!!!
    Hope i’ll win…

  53. Ben W

    This is a great opportunity for one lucky dog. For all but one of us that aren’t selected – and I hope I’m not stepping on your toes, Zack – the movie “Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters” might also be a good touchstone for this mindset. Also, only very slightly OT, this interview with the brilliant Roger Deakins:

    This quote has stayed with me, “Sometimes a shot becomes too clever for its own good.” Not about directing per se, but sage advice from someone who has shot some of the cleverest frames committed to celluloid and/or sensor.

    Good on ya, Zack. Whoever wins is incredibly lucky, for sure.

  54. Sonal

    What an amazing opportunity. If I win I will find a way to get there!

  55. William Cohea

    wholly Shit!
    the other side of the freaking world to join a GPP trip! Thanks Zack!

  56. Muhammad K

    Would love to go to this……. pick me pick me pick me.

  57. Joseph Tutlo

    Can I borrow some money?

    Say, the price of a flight and hotel? Or maybe just crash on the floor.

    Can I bring my own beer? Not really sure what they got over there.

  58. Jon Holtz

    Well, As I sit here staring at the screen in fear, wondering if I am qualified for this I thought, “What the hell?” Dive in, don’t be afraid.
    So here I am.
    Thanks Zack!

  59. Chico Limjap

    hey zack, you’re so generous! hope you pick me =)

  60. Grant Hansman

    Be sure to listen to “Singapore” by Tom Waits before you go. I just checked out airfare and hotels and it looks doable. I’ll throw my name in the hat.

  61. Patrick

    Don’t chose me!! I can’t afford it a free seat… 🙁

  62. Rushdi Jamari

    I would love to attend GPP PopUP in Singapore. The best part of it, I live here in the little red dot. Loving your works, especially stuff done on the X system. Thank you for inspiring me on my photography journey to be a better photographer and director!

  63. Willis Lim

    Trying to organise my flights now to Singapore for this. Free ticket to GPP Singapore would mean my wife and 12 month old can join me in Singapore!

  64. Adam Jackman-Moore

    Definitely down for a free ticket if you want to throw one this way.
    Living in Perth, Western Australia means I can actually afford the airfare.

  65. Craig

    you’d appreciate my company… 😉

  66. John Wangelin

    I would love to go…but I can’t so don’t pick me. Glad to hear that Meg gets to go with you.

  67. Jon

    Really? May 4th is the day I fly into Singapore for a few days vacation. That would have been awesome to attend. Would buy you a beer or two if you were still around afterwards.

  68. Martin

    It would be awesome to get along to one of these GPP events, and meet some of the photography greats that I’ve been following on the web!

  69. Hasnulwizan

    Hi Z, i have been your fan since i join this Photography world and you inspire me to look at this world in different angle…i took your advise and follow your step, start small dream big…i hope i can learn much more from you and it will be like “Christmas on April” if i have chance to meet you in person…

  70. Arunkumar Boyidapu

    Hey Zack.. I would be interested to join your talk.. I’m a budding photographer, placed in Singapore.. So looking forward to meet you..!!

  71. Andi Christian

    I live in Singapore, and i really really want to join the workshop..but the fee is to expensive for me 🙁 .. Would really appreciate if i can get the free seat 😀

  72. Cristopher

    Hi Zack,
    If you happen to be in Singapore. You can do street photography along Orchard Road while your wife doing some shopping. Hope I can get the free seat since this event falls on my birthday 🙂
    Your the man Zack. More power to dedpxl!

  73. Janet

    Wow Zack, this is an amazing opportunity. Thanks for giving someone the chance to learn from you guys!

  74. Joshua

    Wow this is awesome, took a look at the website and I think all of us could learn quite a bit and get to network with other professionals. Would appreciate it a lot if you could pick me to attend. I read this blog regularly via rss. 😀

  75. Andree Lawrey

    Here’s hoping! (fingers crossed!) Congratulations on DEDPXL, by the way — what a great concept. I had fun with the “lines” assignment and am looking forward to more. Nice to see Meghan there too!

  76. Tudor

    Man this would be fun.

  77. Geraldine

    Been waiting for you to come to Asia again, please pick me!

  78. Rick Johnson

    Could it help shy Norwegians take photos that don’t suck? If so, I’d go!

  79. Edwin Marelie

    I hope I’ll be the chosen one to learn from the pro. :))

  80. Stefan

    Hi Zack,

    first off, I am glad to see more GPP PopUps. I kinda freaked out when they first announced the London PopUp, as that was also in in range for. So I saved up for a while and got myself a ticket, to see you, Greg, David and Joe and have all of you blow my mind away. Sadly I had to cancel the trip because I got sick. And so I am just glad that GPP does more PopUps and I am waiting for them to pop back to Europe some time in the future. And I hope that you are gonna be on that one, too 😉

    I like the subject of your class in Singapore and wish I could attend it, but that’s quite a flight from Europe 😉 Rock the show!


  81. Susanna Avery-Lynch

    Just leave a comment to win a ticket? THE PRESSURE. It’s my own personal GPP Shoot Out. The theme: comment.

    Forget it. I’d drown quicker than Sara Lando’s cool creation.

    I love what you do, but most importantly, your style. You’ve got the ‘it factor’ indeed.

    I’d be beside myself if I attended PopupSING. Meeting Meghan would certainly be a highlight, as I’m a sucker for love, and those by our sides are so much better than us. Your tribute was beautiful, and so sincere. I read her 2013 post you hyperlinked to from your most recent blog post about the Shoot Out and was humbled by her honesty. What a woman.

    I’m not sucking up hoping you’ll choose me. I just watched the Shoot Out video and read your blog posting about it, so it’s still raw in my system.

    If we’re not able to come by the grace of your choosing, no worries. We’re not above eating inexpensive pasta for a few months if it means this opportunity is real. We live in Italy, so I’m halfway there!!!

    Best to you, Zach. I’m grateful for your raw truth with no hesitation.

  82. Thiago Turino

    I want to go!!!

  83. Susanna Avery-Lynch

    PRANK CALL!!! I just realized it is in 2014. I stupidly assumed you were advertising for next year’s Popup. No idea why I thought that. I won’t make it to Singapore in May, as we’ll be in Africa the second half of that month. I’ll keep my eyes open for other opportunities to learn from you all and hope they come sooner than later. We’re planning on GPP 2015, so there’s that.
    You’re still the coolest.

  84. Sheetal

    This is great. Iam looking forward.

  85. Jessica Mironov

    It’ll be my thirtieth birthday on May 20th. I can’t imagine a better way to leave my twenties behind than going to Simgapore!

  86. Jim Bonner

    I’ve been there, and shot it with just my X-100. I will show you around!

  87. Steve Duffey

    I’ll fetch your coffee (or beverage of choice) in between photo instruction. I have no shame.

  88. Axel Widjojo

    Cool. Thanks for the heads up, Zack–I’m gonna try and make it.

    Most of the spots of note can easily be found on Lonely Planet, but here are a few places I’d personally want to check out (I haven’t actually gone to all of them since I’m usually Singapore for work, shopping or hanging out with friends and have family in tow):
    *. Chinatown
    *. Little India
    *. Merlion
    *. Raffles Hotel
    *. A bunch of temples all over the place
    *. Hawker centres

    I’d probably recommend not going to National Museum of Singapore and Sentosa Island (the latter might suck too much time out of your trip, dunno).

    Orchard Road is made for shopping, so you’ll end up seeing tourists plod from one corner to the other buying stuff they can’t get in their home country. There are some buskers and the infamous uncle that sells ice cream there though.

    It’s too bad I can’t recommend a good pub, but I think you’ll find some at either Clarke Quay or Holland Village. Or you can try having some cheap cheap beer at the hawker centre and chatting with locals…

    Don’t forget to grab a map at the airport, get an EZ link card and to travel on the MRT–if there’s one thing I like about Singapore, it’s how easy it is to get around.

  89. Peter Ort

    Ahhh! I will be in Germany and Austria hoping to get some amazing photos during those times or I’d love to go. Oh well.. maybe next time

  90. ayarxoren

    The 1st time i came over your blog was when i was searching for an off flash photography tutorial. Then i start to call you “zakaria janggut” since then and keep following your work. Back then, there’s no such as “big momma” or “alien bee” here in my place, Malaysia. Following your kind of lighting style push me to DIY most of the setup. Now, my understanding in lighting is far better than before. Thanks bro… 😉

  91. David Peake.

    Hi Zack.
    Singapore is very cool place to visit.
    You gotta go up on the eye at night. its spectacular with all sorts of crazy light inside the bubble.
    And the food OMG OMG
    Would so love to be coming but already booked to do a family party that weekend.
    I couldn’t cancel without serious repercussions.
    But here’s the thing.
    I thought about it for quite a while.
    Loved your shootout btw at DPP.
    Family counts for the most.
    You are doin good.

  92. Ben Scheele

    I recommend that you hike up to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It’s a jungle right in the city. Wear some shoes with good traction. It gets dark and damp in there, and there are lots of interesting critters. The national museum is pretty cool. And Sentosa beach might be worth hanging out at if that’s your thing.

  93. Sean Blanco

    Would love to attend. Singapore is a quick hop from where I am living in Hong Kong. Always wanted to attend GPP. This might be my best chance.

  94. kendrick

    Hi Zack,
    Dont waste your time..

    Been shooting in Singapore all my life and I doubt you can show me anything new..

    Well I’m free that day anyway, so if you give me a tix I may decide to turn up and see if you can surprise me..


  95. volker

    Would love to go there. 3 of my favorite photographers. What an opportunity!

  96. Graham P

    This is a great opportunity for whoever gets to go.

    Tis a shame I probably could not afford the airfare!!

    I met some brilliant people from Singapore the other year when shooting the northern lights in Norway.

    Have a good time whoever gets this, you lucky bleeder !!! 🙂

  97. Bill


    Would love to meet your inspiration, Meg.

    Safe travels,

  98. jen

    “The temple bell stops, but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.” Matsuo Basho dreamily opening the door to what I imagine Japan may be…

  99. Ming Yang

    I want to go! Please do give me a ticket. i would love to go and learn from all the masters that are going especially you. 🙂 i really really really want to go! It is so hard to get an opportunity like this to learn from you guys in this part of the world. I’m a Malaysian 😀
    and also, the fee for the workshop is kinda steep for me. :'(

  100. Lee

    I would love to be there

  101. Jacob

    Really impressed with the community you have and are trying to build Zack.I’m not sure how my wife is going to react but hey she is taking a week vacation without me during my birthday 🙂

  102. Jet

    Dear Zack,

    You are the reason I got back into photography, and why I picked up the XPRO-1. Would love to show you around Singapore and I’ll get you in touch with Creative Directors and Art Directors in the advertising scene here.

  103. Wes Taylor

    Don’t take me! Take my son the obsessed college freshman…
    I still want him to be an opthamologist… he just won’t listen…
    Ya know how those 19 year olds can be. 😉
    He actually knows who you guys are and would flip out and maybe, just maybe, you folks can talk some sense into him…

  104. Jorge Perez

    Hola Zack!
    Yes, absoultely, how could one possible not be interested. I’d love to keep discussing photo and subject choices, and geeky stuff too 😉


  105. Johnny Goh

    Wish to go and learn new things from world best photographers. This will be my 2nd workshop.

  106. Gil

    Wow, I’d love to go!!

  107. Mark

    Another great offer. Would love to attend.

  108. Mark Longos

    Hi Zack,

    Singapore will present its unique character to you when you go to Little India and its a perfect location for your street photography ( Orchard Road)

    Id be glad if I can take that free seat and tour you around singapore from a tourist pov.

  109. Firdaus Ginting

    Hmmm learning live in person from Zack n Joe.. It would be nice since i only watch ’em on the internet. Just want to know if they are as GOOD as the internet says they are.

    Theres a saying.. Seeing is believing

    Cheers :)))

  110. Dinie Halim

    I would love to bring Meg and you around in Singapore, even if I don’t get the free spot. 😀


  111. Jun P

    One Light from Z!
    always a fan of your works!

    btw check the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. Meg would love to see the
    whole of the city.

    best regards.

  112. Bruce

    @zarias if you select me I will forever be in your debt. And additionally you could use me in any sort of size comparison street photography class you teach. I might even publicly embarrass myself in gratitude.

  113. Mahaendra

    Hi Zack,

    Joe McNally’s been to Singapore so you probably already got some tips already, but as it would coincide with my birthday, I’ll buy the first round of SIngapore Slings at the Long Bar and we can take it from there. 🙂


  114. Brian Powell

    By some fate chance I am not already booked on that weekend?? 🙂
    Big fan of yours, McNally’s, and Heisler. Not sure if I can afford the airfare, but I would find a way to make it happen if I had a seat waiting!

  115. Natalie

    Singapore!?! Count me in!

  116. Eliseo Camagay Jr

    I’d love to go – or I could coordinate one here in Bangkok!

  117. Vaughn

    Sounds like brain overload between you, Joe, and Gregory! His new book is blowing my mind right now. I’ll have to check out Louis!

  118. Arno

    I’m packed and ready to go.

  119. Bill Meems Photography

    There’s no comment that would justify the excitement and experience gained by attending the GPP Popup event. I don’t know if my megapixels could handle it!! Thanks Zach 🙂

  120. Louis Stein

    I’m using my camera to pay for GPP Dubi 2015. But you sure could Singapore me a cold one with a free ticket!!

  121. AL

    Free ticket? I want it!

  122. Dilip Bhoye

    I have been watching videos of GPP and so much want to fly for one!

  123. Monika Göhmann

    You definitely should try food at the food stalls (hawker centre) and for a lovely beverage, try sugar cane juice. It’s freshly pressed when you order it. What to see depends on what you like, of course, but if it’s more shooting than shopping, than Little India is a must.

    Have a great time!

    I would love to go there, too, of course 😉

  124. Nathan Rodger

    A free seat to GPP PopUp? Why, I’d love to!

    (For once with these things, flight and accommodation are relatively affordable from Sydney!)

  125. Mangai Vetrivelan

    Wow! It would be awesome if my dream becomes a reality 🙂

  126. Celine

    Hi Zack,

    Really enjoyed your class at GPP last year. Currently visiting Singapore and just read about the GPP popup. I would definitely flight back from Beijing for a free spot 🙂
    Oh and meeting Meg would be cool too.

  127. Cristian

    That would be cool!!! Count me in!

  128. Tim W

    Hi Zach,

    I really appreciate the work you’re doing with DED PXL. I’m finding all the content informative, if not entertaining. I work at an art school and have been sharing your stuff with a lot of students to get them motivated!

    Maybe sometime I’ll submit some images for you to tear apart in a critique. 🙂

  129. Tom

    Always wanted to see Singapore 🙂

  130. Tom

    Please count me in for this amazing opportunity!

  131. Anselm

    Count me in too!!!

  132. JD

    Yeah – I’d like to come to Singapore, its been a while. I’d also like to see you in Scotland at some point. It would be less airmiles for me – but you’d get a kick out of it.

    Go on…


  133. Joseph

    I’m packed and ready to go….not really but it won’t take long.

  134. Bill Manning

    In for the win!

  135. Jimmy

    After spending a great weekend learning from some of the best US photographers in Miami recently, now want to spend some days learning in the other side of the world.


  136. Arwan seat? I’m in Zack!!!

    I would love to come to Singapore cause I live in Indonesia. It’s very very close. And it will be amazing opportunity to meet and getting knowledge from you, Zack.

    So please please please pick me 🙂

  137. Josh

    Hi Zack…

    I have read the book, watch the videos… and this will be the next step.

    I was born in Singapore and left the countries some twenty years ago, this will be a interesting and soul searching opportunity, just to look at the country in a very different light, and under your instruction!

    By the way, Singapore is pretty safe so street shooting (of the photographic manner) will be very safe 😀

  138. Aaron

    Well shucks, I’ll throw in for a chance to hang out with you and Meg again for a few days.


  139. Luc

    Pick me, pick me!! 🙂

  140. Trenton Moore

    I’d love the opportunity to make this happen!

  141. Aleh Dabrynski

    Hey, Zack! I’d really love to go to Singapore to see you and all these photo gurus to learn more, to see more and just to hang out.)) You’ve inspired me a lot and I am sure there’s much more I can learn from you. Thanks in advance.

  142. Benjamin

    Wow!!!! What an amazing opportunity with so many incredibly talented people!

    You have to go check out the markets. They are all over the place. Clark Quay. ( key) is amazing at night as well as little India. The regular touristy places like Chimes, raffles, santoza etc are also a lot of fun.

    Wherever you go prepare for amazing food.

  143. Taif Rahman

    Free seat!!! I am in, Zack.

    Would love to meet and learn from three of my inspirations all in one place, greatest opportunity ever!!

    Love you guys!!


  144. GoGayleGo

    I must have been missing some of your e-mails…got the first one, then none until today. Glad I saw it, and this! And will get the OL v2 today while still on sale…

  145. Nathan

    Wow. I’m in if my comment isn’t too late.

  146. Peggy Yang

    I want a free seat! Count me in!

    Definitely have to try chicken rice, it’s sooooo good!

  147. mariani manja

    pick me! pick me!

  148. Jon Levy

    Count me in Zack! I’d love to have a reason to visit Singapore and learn lots. Cheers from Kyoto!

  149. Archie Mamawag

    I would love to see you shoot here in the streets of Singapore.

  150. Var

    Best place for authentic food: Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai…
    Try as much as you can, you’ll be amazed.
    Safe city, kindly people and most of them speak English.
    Enjoy your time in Singapore!..

  151. Messay

    Greetings from Washington D.C. Street photography in Singapore would be amazing!!! Cheers!

  152. Laurent_Paris

    Hey Zack!
    Greetings from Paris, France!
    Just checked the price on GPP website and, well, err… is your offer still valid? 😉

  153. Laurent_Paris

    And you know what? 3rd May is my Bday… (hint!)

  154. Grant

    Just a 4 hour drive away..:-)
    Crossed fingers.

  155. Grant Stewart

    Got my ticket today!
    Less than 24 hours notice, lucky I’m only a 4 hour drive away!
    Expect a dishevelled shambling, coffee inhaling guy rolling up at the last minute, but….
    Thanks Zack!! Really looking forward to this. Big time.

  156. ドSCN004