LumoPro Umbrella Swivel Adapter · DEDPXL


You’re going to need a strong umbrella swivel adapter as you get into off-camera lighting. This one from LumoPro is all metal and priced right around $22. You can also check out the Manfrotto 026 model. It’s about $13 more. I use both. Both are great.*  The LumoPro has teeth on the swivel so it locks at an angle more securely when using heavy modifiers like the 50″ Big Mama Apollo softbox.


*Meg here. This reminded me of a Brian Regan stand-up bit. You gotta listen up to the 1:50 mark:

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  1. Frank Forte

    Wondering if you are doing any workshops this year? Thanks

    • Stan VanDruff

      Why does the male spigot have a hole in it? I know the Manfrotto has it and everyone seems to copy their swivel adapter exactly. But doesn’t that hole limit where you can point the accessory screwed on to the 1/4-20 (or 3/8) stud? Inquiring minds want to know, Zack.