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Announcing the new OneLight Workshop video version 2.0!

Last year I retired the original OneLight video last year and began working on the second version. The new version is nearly seven hours of instruction from gear to exposure to shooting to post production.

This video is designed for those who are intimidated by flash and don’t know where to start. I’ll walk you through all the parts and pieces you need to get that flash off camera. Then I’ll walk you through how you expose properly for that off camera flash. I spend a lot of time talking about lighting modifiers and how to use them. You’ll then follow along on three shoots to bring all of the gear and exposure variables together.

The video is available now as a pre-order and is $25 off the normal price during the pre-order. The video will be released for download by March 31st.

Pre-order the OneLight now here!

Sample images from the new video…







Pre-order the OneLight now here!

Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. Alex leon

    So proud to have started and based my business off of your first dvd and now the long awaited 2.0 will surely sharpen me up. Thank you, for everything.

  2. guillermo

    hi zack!…great to see the sequel. i have one question..will have subtitles? (spanish) 😉


    • Zack Arias

      I’m going to be working on that. At first, no. But it’s on the list of things to do.


      • Rick Murray

        Zack, sincere props on your newest endeavor. Have your CL course on lighting.. How does the 1Lite V2 compare. I know that for the preorder price that it’s a no brainer, but curious to know what’s to look forward to.


        Rick Murray

        • DEDPXL Admin

          The original OneLight came in at around 4 hours of material and subsequently didn’t cover all of the bases – OneLight 2.0 will be close to 7 hours and you can expect some of the same information + a lot more.

      • Paco

        I can do it, free of charge, of course. Most of amateur and professional photographers who i know, they would like to enjoy your video but their english is very poor and they would thank you for the subtitles

        I cannnot give you a time schedule to finalize it but i would try my best.

        I have already bought a copy of the video so I could start right know if you like

        Regards, Paco

      • mariano

        Hello Zack, did you manage to get the subtitles in spanish? Thanks.

  3. Lissette

    Already pre-ordered Onelight V.2. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing wisdom.

  4. Ivan

    Hi Zack…

    Whats the download size of the file(s)?


    • DEDPXL Admin

      Ivan – We don’t have the total download size figured out quite yet but we will post that on the product page once we do. It’ll be large but we’re doing our best to make it as quick of a download as possible!

      • Richard Wintle

        Thanks – I’d like to know this too. Got to manage the download limits and bandwidth while the kids are chatting online and whatnot. 😉


      • Joe

        I have had no luck from your Contact section so I will try here, I pre ordered the Onelight V.2 and have not received the download Order #905 can you help me with this issue……….Thanks so much, Love the site!!!

        • Zack

          Hi Joe,
          I haven’t seen an email from you. Sorry! I’ve extended your download time and have sent a new email with fresh links. Let me know if that does not work for you.


  5. Hugh

    Hi Zack,

    Continued success on the new venture, congrats from Canada…yeah we’re still up here!


  6. Scott

    Just preordered. Pretty psyched for it. Learned a lot from the first DVD. Like your Dad, I’m just into Photography as a hobby. But want to be the best I can be anyway.

  7. norman

    Yup! Just preordered as well! Feels like Christmas waiting for a present

  8. Wenbo Zhao

    just pre-ordered your onelight 2.0! it’s gotta be great!!!

    awesome man! Zack

    Cheers! 加油!


  9. Harold Shim

    Hey Zack, Well I was so looking forward to meeting you in Dubai at the GPP One Light workshop you were putting on next week but I now have to fly out on business and will not be able to attend. Can’t tell you how bummed I am. On the up side I’m glad to see that you’re offering up the “One Light” 2.0 for download. I hope I’ll be able to pick up some of what I’ll be missing live through this. I just got the new xt1 and the 56/1.2 from fuji and I really wanted to see how you use these bad boys but alas maybe next year and maybe in your download. Hope you have a great time in Dubai. Cheers H

  10. Ricardo Figueira

    I just preorder your new OneLight 2.0 DVD. I hope you share the Sample images from the shoots in high resolution. Thanks

  11. L.M.

    Hi Zack,

    is it a stand alone video or a sequel to a first that we need to see ?

    thank you,


    • L.M.

      also when is the sale to end ?

    • DEDPXL Admin

      This isn’t so much a sequel as it is an expansion – It’s been designed for people new to flash / off-camera lighting.

  12. Si GUY

    I figure v2 is purely a modern and extended version of the original, most if not all of the original message will be reiterated with experience add-on’s.

    One thing I’m hoping it will feature!!!.. That same hip hop beat, comon Zack u know the one – dum daaaa dum dadadada.. U gotta drop it in somewhere PLS!

    I am really looking forward to this and will be copping now!

  13. bottle of Broon

    Any copies being brought along with you to GPP2014 to co-inside with your one light workshop? wink wink wink nudge nudge?

  14. michael bowen

    Will have to start dropping hints to the family what i want for my birthday this year lol

  15. Kerri Clark

    Hi, I’m deaf and wondering if the video is subtitled/closed captioned? I would love to order it. Thanks so much!


  16. Kerri Clark


    Is this video subtitled in English/closed captioned? I’m deaf – thanks so much!


    • Zack Arias

      @Kerri – It isn’t yet but that is something I’m working on. I’ll announce it here once I get that sorted.


      • Kerri Clark

        Fantastic, Zack – thank you! There are quite a few of us photogs that are deaf and we would be really appreciative of your efforts! Cannot wait!


  17. David Kelly

    pre-order placed! Trailer looks cool, so can’t wait for the 1LV2 release 🙂

  18. Oscar De La Villa Jr

    Congrats on the new site Zack!
    I was looking forward to your workshop at WPPI but had to step out. Wasn’t happy about that! You and Peter Hurley are a constant inspiration for me. I hope you come out to the SF Bay Area soon. Also saving some cash to buy ONELIGHT 2.0



  19. Jim

    I also pre-ordered! The new site looks amazing! Looking forward to more content!
    Hopefully you’ll be coming be here soon! (Seeing Joe McNally here in the Netherlands on March 31!)

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  20. Laurent_Paris

    Loved v.1, can’t wait for v.2!
    Thanks Zack!

  21. Ioan

    How much will be gear and how much will be shoots and ideas?

  22. Ken

    Zack, one I download this video can I burn it on a DVD so I can watch it on my TV instead of the computer?

    • DEDPXL Admin

      You’re welcome to do that for personal use, we just please ask that you do not pass it around or sell it.

      • Ken

        That’s fair. Thanks.

  23. Steven Gotz

    I don’t even know why I felt like I had to hurry to pre-order a digital download. I guess I just wanted to make sure that I was not going to forget, or put it off, or come up with some stupid reason not to buy it.

    I mean really, if I don’t buy training from one of my favorite trainers, and then the price goes back up, just how stupid would I feel?

    So now I don’t have to worry. I will get it when it comes out and probably be forced to stay up all night watching it!

  24. chaosboi

    How long is the special price valid for? Don’t want to miss this price, but waiting for some extra $$

  25. Edward

    Hi Zack! How current is the content? I see in the trailer that in a few scenes you are shooting with Nikon D300 and I thought you left Nikon years ago to go Canon, then MF then X-Series (I have been a regular reader of yours for years). I have 1Light V1 so just wondering…

    Good luck with dedpxl.. Love ya work and you just seem to have the right mix of everything so you deserve all success.

  26. Bob

    Zack – just purchased OL 2.0 with proceeds from selling my Nikon D800 last week. I’m all in with the Fuji X system now. Love the X-E2 and the new X-T1…the new 56 1.2 is unbelievable and makes everyone that I use it on look great!

    Thanks for the inspiration and I wish you continued success!


  27. Trevor

    Hey Zack…’s the 31st…..when will the video be up for download? Sorry to be impatient but I am very excited to watch it today. Cheers Zack!

  28. Emmanuel

    I think I know the answer to this, but I thought I would ask anyways just in case I might be pleasantly surprised. I bought OneLight V1 late last year at the closeout “sale” price of $65 (haven’t even had time to watch it yet), thinking that V2 would be priced at what V1 originally cost. Now I see that could have just waited just a little longer and purchased V2 for $50. Any chance of an extra discount for us late V1 buyers?

    I know, I know wah wah, stop crying.

    • Zack

      Well Emmanuel, I can’t really set up something like that. You know? OneLight v1.0 used to be $250 back in the day. I retired the last box of them for $65. So… buying both at $115 is, honestly, a hell of a deal. Especially seeing as the new one is nearly twice the running time as the first, is in HD, can be put on multiple devices, etc, etc, etc.

      And… you haven’t watched it yet? Go watch that one. Don’t worry with the new one until you’ve at least got your money out of that one first! 🙂 The first one has 100% more random drunk girls than v2.0!


      • Emmanuel

        Yup, I certainly understand. Just figured I’d try.

        Drunk girls?! Man I need to stop procrastinating and watch it right now!

        • Maurice

          The girls scene was great. “Come get your picture made!” Don’t know why, but that liner cracks me up. Then Here’s how to light a group in about 13 seconds flat.

          @Emmanuel the first video has been cornerstone for me. I’ve preorder the second and can’t wait.

          Hook us up Zack!


  29. Giles

    Pre ordered this for today… Where is the download? Come on guys, get this sorted please!

    • Zack

      Sorry Giles. Dan, the web master, has been up for 24 hours getting it sorted! Trying to fix the issue that came up yesterday. Keep an eye out for an email when it’s ready to download. We have to release small numbers of orders at a time as the mass delivery somehow give a bad link. So sorry.


  30. Maurice

    Btw- Zack I’m local bro, can I just swing by 🙂

  31. Giles

    Zack, any update on when the video will be up? I know the email yesterday said it would be fixed but I never got anything else. I am not sure if I was left out or we are all waiting but any update would be nice.

    • Zack

      We’re rolling it out in batches and watching the servers and other stuff that I don’t know much about. Really sorry for the delay and the muck up on the roll out. We are doing everything we can to get this ball rolling more smoothly. I’m hoping that everything will be going well today. I appreciate your patience and again, sorry for the delay.


    • Zack

      Hey Giles,
      I’m sorry. I did not reply to your comment as I thought I had. Saw your comment on FB and came over here to check. We’re working on the issue with the server. Everything is getting worked out and download codes are going out in batches. So sorry for the delay. We shouldn’t ever have this issue again (knock on wood). First day issues and all. I appreciate your patience.


  32. Mark

    Pre ordered this only confirmation I have gotten was it was paid for- no other emails some communication would be nice

    • Zack

      Hey Mark,

      Maybe check your spam? I sent out an email yesterday and have been keeping folks up to date on twitter, FB, and the like. We are really sorry for the hiccups one day one. Everything in testing worked great and then it went pear shaped once we threw the main switch. We are rolling it out in batches so you should be getting something soon. Again, really sorry for the muck up.


      • Greg

        Hey Zack,

        I, like Mark, have never received any email at any point despite preordering the video on 3/17. Only email I received was from paypal confirming my payment. I just checked my spam folder and nothing is in there. I guess if I don’t receive anything today I’ll email support tomorrow.


      • Glawe

        like Greg and mark, I have never received any email except from paypal confirming my payment 3/7.

        • Zack

          Hi Glawe,

          We’re so sorry for the delay. Everything worked in testing and then something went afoul yesterday. We are manually releasing batches of download links in from oldest to newest. You should be getting something soon. Again, really sorry for the muck up.


      • Mark

        Email with download arrived short while ago down loading now -thanks for getting this worked out. can’t wait to watch it
        Thanks, Mark

        • Trevor

          Same here Mark and boy are the files large..a couple gigs each from what I see. This is gonna be a bit of a download. But, on the flipside, looks like it will be great quality and a lot of info. Hopefully get to watch some of it soon.

          Thanks Zack and his team for keeping us updated and getting this sorted.


  33. Zack

    Everyone should have an email with download links now. Again, so sorry for the hiccups. Everything seems to be running smooth now. If you did not get your email please check your spam folder.

    If you still don’t have it let us know at

    Thank you!

    • Trevor

      Just wanted to say Thanks again Zack for your efforts and for the video….absolutely love it. I have V1 and I really love that one, but this video is, dare I say, better. I really enjoy everything you brought into the production and the level of information you have provided. It is worth far more than what you are charging.

      On a side note….after the modifier section, I found myself wondering if you and your model have a eyes for each other, lol. I mean she is a little stiff..okay bad joke.

      Anyway…great video. It is obvious your heart is still in helping all of us become better at our craft.


  34. Jeff


    I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a great product; I learned so much from it & am sure I’ll use it many times as a great reference.


  35. Ivan

    Just wanted to say that the Arias Team has AMAZING, read that again AMAZING customer service!

    Zack, congratulations on a fantastic product once again!


  36. JerryR

    I downloaded and watched v2 and it’s excellent! Thanks very much for so much information at such a great price! I still have a few hours left but have enjoyed everything so far. It’s great to see you switching up cameras to head the trolls off at the pass. My compliments to your subjects as well. You picked some great people to shoot and it makes watching the videos that much nicer.

    The Cheetah QBox 24 you used was exactly what I’ve been looking for. I found similar stuff on Amazon but without the internal diffusers and I wanted something designed for a speed light. I’d heard of Cheetah Lights but not the modifiers and when I looked them up I was surprised to see they’re right here in Dallas.

    I called to see about local pickup and was delighted that none other than Edward himself answered and invited me to come by. When I told him I’d heard about the Qbox in your video he laughed and told me you’ve made him very busy the past few days. He told me he remembered your order but didn’t really know who you were and had no idea some of his stuff would be in this video and was caught off guard. Edward is a super guy who assured me that he stands behind everything he sells and warranty work is handled here in Dallas. He spent an hour showing me all the cool stuff he’s designed but very much had your “don’t buy it if you don’t need it” attitude, never once trying to up-sell me and several times telling me what I was currently using was good enough.

    Thanks again for the tremendous value in the videos and some tips on gear.


  37. James Osborne

    Hi Zack, I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the v2 video. Your approach to education is very supportive, and your knowledge is extraordinary. I know it’s not easy to simplify advanced concepts but you make it so accessible. And what a value for money, I think I still have 5 hours to watch!

    Anyway I’ve been a fan of your work and your presence on the photography scene for a long time and very much appreciate what you do. Many of us have the dream to be able to feed our families and earn a living from what we love to do, and you’re making that happen. And you’re so right, it’s not good enough to be mediocre in terms of your technical knowledge of photography, we need to know this stuff!

    Thanks again Zack and all the best. Eventually I’ll get up the nerve to submit for a private critique.


  38. JerryR

    BTW, I think the little Karma blip at the end of the videos deserves a spot at the front. Awesome!

  39. Carl Eksteen

    Hi Zack and Meg
    When will you be doing a workshop in Cape Town (South Africa) ?
    I can’t afford to fly you guys in!
    I might be able to convince my wife and boy that you can stay with us
    My boy (Kian) 7 years old said him and Hawk Danger can always go and fish while we learn about ONE LIGHT
    Keep cool bra

  40. Randy Ennis

    Hi, guys!

    Awesome new site – really enjoying the varied content.

    Unfortunately, I have a problem of my own doing. I attempted to download the Onelight videos when the “OK, it’s fixed” email came out, and the downloads were pretty slow (I’m sure there was a good deal of load…), so I cancelled out to download later. Apparently, “later” just became “late” and I’m getting a “download expired” message for anything but the “Gear” download. Is it possible to reset this so I can download them?

    Sorry for the trouble — but like I say, awesome site!

  41. Chris

    This comment isn’t really for Zack, but more for anyone who has scrolled down this far through the comments wondering if they should buy these videos…the short answer is ‘Yes!’
    They are exceptionally good. Engaging, entertaining and informative…and best of all they make you want to go out and take better photos.
    This part of the comment is for Zack and whoever shot and edited the video…thank you. I haven’t been this excited about going from one episode to the next since ‘The Wire’.

  42. Shelly Linehan

    Hey Zack,
    I have paid for the V2 video but I have not received any email for down load just wanting to know what has happened?


    • DEDPXL Admin

      Shelly, I believe we’ve sorted out your problem, yeah?

    • Zack

      Shelly – Please email support @


  43. Lanye

    I’m so excited about this! I absolutely can not wait to use this knowledge to begin elevating my photography to the next level.

    I’ll be looking for your next educational ventures! Thank you for being so open and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  44. Brian

    Is it my connection or the delivery servers that are so slow? 84 KB/sec and 13 hours just to download part 1. At this rate I’ll be able to watch the whole thing in 3 days.

    • Zack

      Hi Brian. We rarely get reports of the servers being that slow. We are using AWS to host the files. They are pretty much at the top of the heap for speed, reliability, and uptime. Could it be an ISP issue for you?


    • Robert

      Zack and Brian, I am having the same issues. Am trying for the second time.

  45. Toño

    Other languages?
    Subtitles in Spanish?

  46. Brian

    Anyone have trouble with the download? I get an error message, sent an email to support @ but got no help yet.

    • Zack

      Brian, did you include your order number in the email? From the backend side here you have downloaded them a number of times. Are the files not getting to you?


  47. Jeff Hughes

    Hey Zack,

    Loved “Photography Q&A.” Very insightful. Not at all surprising, having viewed a bunch of your presentations out on the web. You have a true knack for presenting information in an entertaining, non-intimidating fashion.

    I’m going to try and find someplace where I can download OL 2. The challenge is that 17gb is a huge chunk of data for those of us with capped ISP limits. Mine is 10gb per month, after which usurious overage fees get applied. I’m guessing a fair number of your potential customers are in a similar situation. Having a delivery option on, say, a cheap thumb drive might help you reach that constituency. Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work, in any case…

    • Zack

      @Jeff – Yep! Working on a USB option.


  48. Gil

    Hey everyone,

    I just ordered the video. The download speed is painfully slow. I have tried on two different browsers and I have connected a RJ45 cable straight into my hub / no firewalls. I have 50 Mbps down 25 Mbps up, I’m currently at 53.5 kb.

    Can someone feed the server squirrel and tell AWS to open up the pipes?

    • DEDPXL Admin

      Gil – So sorry you’re getting those slow speeds! Can you confirm wether or not AWS is experiencing outages in your area? You should be getting around 2-3Mb/s.

    • Andrew

      I am having similar issues in Australia with download speeds.
      Do you by any chance have the files saved on an Aus aws server too?

      • Zack

        I’ll look into that.

  49. DANIEL

    salut Zack,
    ta video m’interesse ,malheureusement je ne parle pas englais
    prevois tu le sous titrage francais.

  50. Harry Trejo


    Is the OneLine v2.0 only available via digital download? Is it also available in a DVD or Blu-Ray format?

    Thank you,

    Harry Trejo

  51. Jeffrey Everett

    hey Zach,
    Just did your GPP course in Dubai (excellent I I must say) and was wondering if I could get access to video or any print material to have as hard copy for reference??