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Fuji Instax SP-1 Printer

There are small moments in our lives that we need to remember. There are connections we make with other people that are random in nature, instant in connection, fleeting in time, and priceless for ages to come. Rarely are these small wonders documented and preserved with a physical memento. Maybe we stop to take a selfie and post it on Instagram. Maybe. The lifespan of something on our IG feed is measured in minutes and not in decades. I got to be part of someone’s beautiful and fleeting small moment which, in turn, became a beautiful and fleeting small moment for me. I got to be a part of it because I was paying attention.

Meg and I were recently in Paris enjoying a brief respite from our hectic lives of work and children. On one particular evening we were walking across the River Seine near Notre Dame. It was the end of the blue hour where the lights from the streets mix with the sky. The rain had stopped and everything was glowing and beautiful. We were full of good drink and Meg had just played the piano in the Shakespeare & Company bookstore. For that moment life was good and the things that create so much anxiety in our lives were nonexistent. We paused on the bridge to look up at Notre Dame and I noticed a young lady gazing at the cathedral, soaking up the city and the moment just as we were. I quickly pulled my camera up and took two photos of her and then Meg and I walked on across the bridge.

Then I stopped. I told Meg, “I need 90 seconds.” I had taken a photo of the girl because I saw that she was having some sort of moment standing on that bridge. Somehow taking a photo of her moment would help me remember my moment while standing on that same bridge. I had the photo for memory but she didn’t. She needed to have a photo of herself in that moment. Not one of, “Stand here. Look at the camera. Smile!” or an arm stretched out selfie, but a real representation of that moment that I caught when she wasn’t paying attention to anyone around her. I approached her with a smile and used the five words I know in French to say, “Pardon me. Excuse me. Please a photo.” I held my camera and my printer next to each other and made them dance and said, “One moment please,” as I turned the SP-1 on and its lights started flashing.

In about 20 seconds a print started rising from the printer. She cautiously smiled as I handed it to her and she asked if I spoke English. I told her that my wife and I were just standing next to her and I noticed she was having a nice moment on the bridge and I took her photo and I wanted her to have a copy. About this time the Instax print started to develop and she could see an image.

She was a little shocked by all of this but as her image began to develop she gasped and covered her mouth in surprise. I said, “Merci and Bonsoir!” and she stopped me.

Girl on a bridge in Paris. Shot with the Fuji X100T

“Please. I want to tell you something. I am from Mexico. I have a boyfriend there and tonight we decided that at this very moment I would stand on this bridge by Notre Dame. He is standing on a bridge at home right this moment and we are having a sort of time together like ESP or something. Thank you so much for this. I will cherish this and give it to him. I will always remember this. Thank you so much for doing this.”

Some dust suddenly blew into my eyes and I started watering up.

It’s these moments of people’s lives, the moments that have a story behind them, that draw me to street photography.


Sometimes it’s mundane.

Sometimes it’s romantic.

All of it is humanity.




The story above is the point I want to make with the blog post but, if I leave it at that, I’m going to get a gazillion questions about the printer. So — I’m going to go ahead and talk about the printer. Please note that I have no affiliation with the division of Fuji that handles Instax.



Fuji Instax SP-1 Printer

I’ve talked before about the Instax cameras and what a door opener those little things are. However, the SP-1 is replacing my Neo Classic camera in my bag for a few reasons: The main reason is I would take a photo with the Instax camera to give to my subject, and then I would take another shot with it to keep for myself because I love these little prints. Now with the printer I can shoot with my X100T or XT1, choose the shot I want to give away, and only print that one. If I want it as a print for myself then I can do that later.

The other reason is I have more control of focus, depth of field, low light capabilities, and exposure when shooting with my X series camera as opposed to the Instax camera. I will say that prints from the printer are not quite as sharp as those from the Instax cameras but for my reasons of using the printer they are totally fine and I’m completely happy with the print quality.

Fuji X100T in Paris



Fuji X100T in Paris



Fuji X100T in Paris


Fuji X100T in Germany

Despite the language barriers my little camera and my little printer became a magic potion that gave me the ability and confidence to approach all sorts of people for portraits on this trip. Meg and I met a number of amazing people thanks to this little combo opening doors for us. I’m pretty sure that I received more back in free drinks than the money spent on the Instax film.

Oh the people you will meet with a small camera and a little print! For instance — I started taking photos of people in a bar around midnight one night in Cologne and Meg and I ended up going out with them until 4am. Young single people of the world. Listen to me. Heed my words. Get an Instax printer. Get an Instax printer. Get. An. Instax. Printer. I’m grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you and telling you that you have to get an Instax printer.*

Because I’m getting a lot of questions about this thing on my social media feeds, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked:

• I’ve only been using this feature on the new X100T. Haven’t used it yet on my XT1.

• You can print directly from a Wifi enabled Fuji camera to the printer. No need to send to your iOS or Android device first and then print.

• You can print directly from iOS or Android devices with their free app. You can print photos from your phone’s camera or if you have another brand of camera that can send photos to your phone then you can go camera -> phone/tablet -> Instax SP-1.

• It takes about five-ish seconds for the X100T to connect to the printer and another 15 or so seconds for the print to be made and come out of the printer. It’s safe to say that you can shoot a photo and have a print in your hand in about 30 seconds.

• The achilles heel of this printer is the fact that it uses two CR2 batteries. UGH! I’ll be getting a few sets of rechargeable CR2’s for this thing. The literature says you can print about 10 packs of film on one set. That’s 100 prints. My first set lasted about six or seven packs of film. YMMV.

• I have ZERO affiliation with Instax. It’s a different division of FujiFilm that deals with Instax. I paid full retail price for my printer and film.

• The images above of are unedited JPGs from the X100T shot with the new Classic Chrome film simulation. I only downsized for web and added a wee bit of sharpening for the downsizing. All are shot without any of the conversion lenses. All shot aperture priority, auto ISO, and auto WB.

• Midwest Photo Exchange currently has them in stock.




Girl on a bridge in Paris. Shot with the Fuji X100T

Bringing it back to the real point I want to make with this post.

The girl on the bridge in Paris.

I saw her moment and was able to give it back to her.

More than that being the story of Instax, that’s the story of print. A physical tangible thing that never needs batteries or firmware upgrades. A physical memento that can be viewed for a lifetime. I have a lot of photos sitting on hard drives and the images that bring me the most joy are the ones I have in print. I have to print more. This Instax is helping with that.



PS – The photo of the girl on the bridge… Most amazing photo I’ve ever taken? No. There are some issues with it. It won’t be in my portfolio. Do you think she or I care much about that? Not one damn bit. Something to think about.

*A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat. Know what I mean? Know what I mean?

Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. Marc

    Paris, girl, bridge, twilight, surreal story line, ESP, fairytale-ish……Sounds almost like a Woody Allen movie script…:)

  2. kate hailey

    I agree Zack, indeed. It’s been on my wish list since it came out, I just haven’t pulled the trigger. If you’re a portrait photographer or a street photographer, heck if you work with kids, you should get one. At a Help Help-Portrait Seattle event I helped organise in 2012, we brought in our Fuji Instax cameras, the kids were more interested in seeing those prints that Santa Claus. One kiddo in particular was having a rough time with being photographed, so we taught him how to use the Instax and he got to take the photos, it calmed him down and he had a great time. The power of a photograph is one thing, but being able to give a person, a print, at that moment is truly something else.

    • Zack

      That’s a great story Kate! My kids LOVE instax prints.


  3. Jacob delaRosa

    For what they are instax prints are acceptable. What I really wish Fuji would do would make a fujiroid printer than does the same thing as the instax instead of treating their film division like a bastard step child and axing off their film stocks. An FP-100C print beats the shit out of an instax print.

    • Zack

      Listen… There are many within Fuji that mourn the death of their film stocks. It’s all a financial thing though. People simply aren’t buying the amount of film they used to. I spoke at their worldwide distributors meeting. The president was there. Several VP’s and board members. Etc, etc.

      I had 25 minutes to give a presentation and I used a bit of that time to mourn the loss of film and lead everyone in a moment of silence for 3000B.

      At the end of the day though… they were losing money on it. They couldn’t keep it alive. And it wasn’t Fuji killing it but the market. The market killed it. That shit isn’t cheap to produce and at some point you have to cut off a dying limb or it’s going to start affecting the rest of the body.

      I’d love to see a 100C printer! How great would that be? Instax is a huge hit. They can’t make enough of the stuff. So when you are as small of a company as Fuji is… and trust me… compared to folks like Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, and the like… Fuji is a small company… at some point you have to go with what is working and kill what isn’t working.

      Does it suck? Yes. Is that life? Yes.

      Just know they don’t see film as a bastard stepchild. They cherish their film. It’s what made them Fuji. But it was innovate or die. Look at Kodak!!! They are but a shadow of what they used to be and will most likely never return to their greatness. Look at Fuji… They were almost dead but they innovated and are growing as a company again. Sometimes to grow you have to prune. Ya know?


      • Jacob delaRosa

        Truth. I just wish people knew more about all the cool stuff you can do with film. Emulsion lifts/transfers…making prints on glass…bleaching a fujiroid to get a negative…developing negs in coffee (cool but NaStY). Film is so much more of a tangible medium than digital. To me it means more to have something hanging on your wall than sitting in your hard drive. Hopefully it will hang around for a while :/

  4. Jim Robertson

    “Say no more!” 😉

    • Zack

      Wink wink!

  5. Bob K

    Does this actually do direct wi-fi printing with the XT-1? I can’t find any confirmation that it does.

    • Zack

      Let me go check! Be right back.


    • Zack

      I can’t find Instax printing in the XT1. I imagine that is going to be in the new firmware coming out soon that is bringing some other new features to the camera.


      • Patrick Magee

        I am really hoping for the XT-1 firmware upgrade to include direct-to-printer but I don’t see it listed in the new features.

        • Bayer

          According to the Fuji Guys channel on Youtube: “Our Engineers are always exploring potential updates. Stay tuned, as there will potentially be update(s) for the X-T1 coming.”

          It’s in the comments section here:

  6. Andrew Hollister

    Great story Zack. Now I want a printer, as if I need a fourth printer. But truly, a lovely story we’ll all carry with us for a long time.

  7. Tim A.

    I got the printer back when it was only available in Japan. It is fantastic. I love it. Even if I have to shoot with the X-T1 and then transfer it to my Android and then to the printer. Most of the time when I pull it out on shoots or with random people they have no idea what the hell I’m doing but it all changes in an instant. I’ve also used the Neo Classic as a way to get the attention of kids at a shoot too. To them this is magic. Analog magic.

    I have found that the printer is about a bit under a stop over exposed so…sometimes I have to tweak it on my phone so the face isn’t too washed out if they are really pale…but yeah…it’s a great little machine.

    Now…if only they would get that damn firmware for the X-T1 up so I can print directly from there. Too bad I’ll never be able to from my X100S…

  8. Jonathan

    Is there a way to print to the Instax with cameras that don’t have built in wifi? I got a X100s two months and would love to be able to use this (even if it meant hooking a cable up to the USB port).

    • Kevin Bjorke

      Yes you can use third-party Wi-FI SD cards like the ones from EyeFi and Transcend. I have used the Transcend with my X100s and also tried it with a Panaleica LX7. No luck with the Contax :p

      • Kevin Bjorke

        (that is, transfer from wifi card to phone and then to printer)

  9. claude etienne

    Great story, Zack. The pictures are beautiful. That classic chrome is fantastic. Fuji is a company that really gets it. I can’t wait to get my hands on that door opener combo.

  10. Sergio Moratilla

    What a story! This is what I love about photography.

    I have a story too. We were in Berlin in May, searching for a place to have a few drinks near Alexanderplatz. It was May, but at night it’s still pretty cold in Germany.

    When we entered the square, we started to listen a warm female voice singing, completely alone. But she didn’t care about solitude or freezing. We pass by where she was. The moment was so special, with the square completely empty, and the sound on the tram in the background, that a friend of mine wanted to talk to her but he didn’t know what to say. I was carrying my recently bought second-hand X100. Yeah, we used it just to “break the ice”.

    Days later, back at home, I tried to find a way to contact her and send the image because I wanted her to know that we remember that moment. I did’t think about that when I was there. Maybe, with a Instax printer, it would have been different 🙂

  11. Adam Bucci

    At WPPI earlier this year fuji was showing off their new wireless printer.

    I told the rep there if it were possible to print directly from camera to printer it’d be a huge hit.

    Now we just need firmware for the xt1 and xe2, and a pouch with a shoulder strap for the instax.

  12. jarWoodson

    *nudge nudge* 8^)

    Loved. This. Post!!


  13. ian

    When I can do this from an x100s I’m in for sure. And the x-t1. I hope they make it work on the S model though. That’s my main outdoors camera.

    • Patrick Magee

      The X100S has no WiFi hardware so it won’t support WiFi xfer to the SP-1 – ever.

    • dani

      IMHO you can use some workaround, i use x100s and ipad mini with camera kit reader. also i use Moto G Android with US$3.0 USB On the Go kit.
      from iOS or Android you can print to Instax using InstaxApps.
      The plus is you can do some editing on snapseed or vsco before send it to Instax apps for print.hope it can help.thanks

  14. Anton

    I should stop visiting your blog. Every time I come here I walk away wanting something new and end up calling my guy at the local camera store like an addict calls his dealer.

    I purchased the Fuji Mini 90 and now want this little printer to compliment my X100S. The SP1 for passing around prints at parties, travelling, etc while the Mini 90 gets used for the kinds of photos you’re only allowed to take on the assurance that there’s no digital copy/negative to share 😉

    • Deane

      Anton, you could always scan your best prints and share

  15. Mark Viducich

    what a great post as i got some of that same dust in my eyes after reading it!

  16. Deane

    Photography without a print is a half baked idea – people value the physical print, not a Facebook selfie with a 2 second lifespan. Thanks Fujifilm for making the technology of ‘instant’ take on a tangible enhancement of what we do. Thanks Zack for an inspired practical lesson 🙂

    PS my spell-check doesn’t recognise ‘selfie’ and suggests ‘selfish’ instead – am I reading too much into that?

  17. James

    Oh, wicked. Wicked. You’re wicked. Eh? Know what I mean. Know what I mean?

    • Zack

      It never gets old!

      • Brian Bulemore

        You’re a man of the world, squire!!

        Also, BTW…any idea if using an Eye-Fi SD card in a fuji x100s would enable a jpeg file going right to the Instax printer? I’m guessing part of the link up is the actual Fuji “software”

        thanks for the great stories, Zack. Inspiring!

        • Zack

          I don’t think EyeFi can go to the printer. It’s a pretty closed system and trying to get one company’s card to talk to another company’s printer without some sort of API would be a nightmare. Know what I mean.


  18. Brock

    I’ve just come back home to Australia from a six-week trip around Europe with an Instax printer and an X100S and I hear what you’re saying and would like to add, to other young, single travelers NO SERIOUSLY GET AN INSTAX PRINTER.

  19. Andrew Richardson

    Ugh. I took my wife to Paris in June for our one year wedding anniversary, it had been a life-long dream for her and all of your pictures from your trip are making me miss it so much. We rented an apartment in St. Germaine for two weeks, but spent the last two nights in a hotel right off that bridge where you took the photo of the girl. That shot of Notre Dame? That was our view out our window. I want to go back and I need to go back. I took some of my best photos there.

    I used the trip as an excuse to make my long considered switch from Canon to Fuji. I took an XT-1, 56mm, 23mm, and 8mm fisheye and I haven’t looked back to Canon once. I told you all that to tell you this: I also got an Instax Mini 90 for my wife to use and we fell in love with that too. She kept a travel journal while we were there and the pages are filled with those little prints and we love them. Thank you for sharing your love for Fuji and helping us fall in love too.

    • Zack

      That’s awesome Andrew. I just made my first travel journal using these prints. I took Meg out for a drink last night and showed it to her. It was a great thing to make and look back on. I’ll be doing one of those for all of my travels now.


  20. Mark L

    OK once again…this story is just too heartfelt to be left here. It touches so many bases. Perhaps a video “reconstruction” with narration, kind of a follow-up to Transform. Why? People who have little or no time for photography will be moved by the human interest element, it’s simple and poignant. And we, the photographers, NEED to be reminded that it’s NOT all about pixel perfection and making Crossroads type deals in Photoshop Hell. That emotion and humanity cover a host of technical “flaws”…thank you, Eugene Smith, Don McCullin and James Nachtwey…and that a lot of people are now starting to think about a small portable printer in their kitbag. All because of that sweet kid on the bridge. Who’d have thought of making a commercial like that? Sometimes it does pay to go gently into the night. So please? Huh? You’ve got a GH4 and you’re not afraid to use it so…….love from Downunder 😉

    • Zack

      You’ve got me thinking about it. For sure.


      • Mark L

        I know it’s not manly to beg, but…..the thing is that since Transform you have PROVOKED me to do good stuff – real good, damn good, mighty good (you get the idea).
        Well, now I’m provoking back… 😉

  21. Steve Healy

    I think I had the same dust in my eyes!

  22. Adam Lanigan

    YESSSSS. I’ve been thinking about doing exactly this for a while. I shoot a few open street party events each summer and it would be great to be able to hand shots out to people through the day.

    I need this to be in the X-T1 update. I swear that I read somewhere that it was, but can’t find it now. I had even briefly flirted with picking up an X-M1 or X-A1 to fill the void, but would much prefer not to do that.

  23. Dave

    At what point does your wife say “Zack, please, put the f’n camera down?”

    • Zack

      A lot. A lot of the times. And I actually had that inner struggle standing on that bridge. But the camera that can be a barrier is also our passport so there’s a fine dance we have to make with my relationship with the camera.


      • Dave

        yeah, I struggle with it too…

  24. Richard Wintle

    Huge props to you for turning around and making a photograph for the young lady. And what a story it turned out to be. Huge props for sharing with us all and teaching us (yet another) lesson about what it means to be a photographer rather than just someone who takes pictures.

    I’ve been to Paris a couple of times but the last time was 24 years ago… and I didn’t have a camera with me(!). Your article, and some gorgeous photos from a friend who’s there now that he’s posting on Flickr (coincidentally with his new XPro-1) are making me want to go back…

  25. Tony

    Hi Zack,

    A bit OT but I cannot wait for the classic chrome firmware update! May I ask what film sim settings will get me as close as possible? I’m bringing my X100S on a tour around New Zealand and I wanted amazing OOC jpegs like yours 🙂


  26. JudyG

    I used my SP printer at my son’s wedding last weekend. Photographers galore but I was the one able to present the newly weds with some photos that captured the moments as they happened. They then could take the prints with them on their honeymoon and some prints to pop on my fridge to be a constant reminder of the day. Perfect!

  27. Jules

    I just bought one of these, with a ton of extra batteries!!! To take with me to Myanmar.
    I have been warned that I will be swamped with children and adults alike all wanting a print of themselves.

  28. David Lees

    Well, that was my favourite blog post (from anywhere) for a while. Great story.

  29. Bastian

    Hi Zak, that is a moving story. It is a really moving story with the girl in Paris and even I got some dust in my eyes. An amazing moment with a total stranger. That is why I love photography. First of all preserving my own moments and memories and of the ones around me. Or the ones who let me be part of their lives for a certain period. Unfortunately too many people do not care too much about good photography anymore. In the days of smartphones and selfies good enough is sufficient. Anyway, love the story. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Silvan Wick

    Hello Zack,

    absolutely love the story, case and point I will get the printer as soon as it becomes available here in Switzerland.

    I often travel in 3rd world countries and it is such a great way to give back since sending images is often prohibitively expensive, too impractical and simply not in the moment…

    cheers, Silvan

    p.s. check your site regularly, love your work..!

  31. Liam

    Hello Zack!

    I am 24 years old and about to embark on my very first travel trip around Europe. I will be leaving in two weeks and was really debating on getting this little printer if it helps me meet new people. I’m typically very shy so if this helps me walk up to the pretty lady at the hostel, then I’ll be investing in it.

    Thanks for the great article.

  32. Bruce Gill

    Damn. That dust gets everywhere! Great post 🙂

  33. Robert

    I’m getting one of these when my X100T comes.

    I decided last year that our family was missing something by not printing more pictures. No…not the huge “look at the great shot” sort of pictures…but the “4×6 blurry-in-the-shoe-box” pictures that we loved to look at when we were kids…sitting around the kitchen table on a Saturday night.

    I bought a 4 x6 printer and love it but it’s certainly not portable so…Instax! Here we come!

    I’m visiting my 86 year old mother in CA in December for the first time in almost 10 years and you can bet the X100T and Instax are going to be there!

    THIS is what photography is really about.

  34. john leonardelli

    Photography is about capturing moments and sharing the emotional bond to that photo

    Technology can help make that moment even more special because when they see the image in their hands they either laugh, smile or cry

    It’s interesting how when you lose a loved one….The photographs become very important

    Shoot lots and shoot fast!

  35. Bianca

    What a wonderful story! This is a beautiful post. Loved reading it. Wish Fuji made a printer for the Instax Wide prints though. It’s just so much nicer having bigger prints. I did notice a new Instax Wide camera body (it’s about time!!!) but a printer like this would be so sweet…..having said that, I probably will still bring home one of these cause it’s just so fun to have. Thanks for convincing me even more!

  36. Tyler Vance

    Hi Zack,

    I bought the printer based on your article, “X100t AND XT1…”

    The XT1 WILL NOT print directly to the instax printer, according to Fuji at this time.

    The X100T WILL send directly to instax.

    Am I missing something?



    • Zack

      Not missing anything. If you scroll up you’ll see where I checked if the XT1 can print directly and it can not. I think that is coming in the big firmware release this year.


    • Phil Powell

      Just to tie this off, for any who are reading this now – I can confirm the X-T1 can indeed print direct to the Instax SP1 printer with the latest firmware – Yay!

  37. Matteo

    Hi Zack!

    How do you approach people with this camera/printer combination…? Cause I’m usually shy in those moments…! Do you just say “can I take a picture of you and give you a print…?”


    • Zack

      Believe it or not… I’m shy as well. I’ve always been shy. I’ve had to learn to smile and be bold and talk to strangers because my business depends on my ability to get out there and talk to people. Personally though it’s scary as hell to talk to strangers but I’ve learned that is my issue. I smile. I gesture a lot if we don’t speak the same language and yeah… I pretty much just ask if I can take their portrait. It really is that easy.


  38. Marco

    Just got an X30 & instax printer.
    Thanks for your inspiring blog posts 🙂

    • Ross Hipwell

      Full frame shooters can select a 4:3 crop on X30 to match aspect ratio of said printer.
      Alas X100T only supports legacy aspect ratio.

  39. Alex Kaplan

    Hey, Thanks for the info, can you tell me how to set this up with the x100t ? Thanks in advance for any info 🙂

  40. Mikee

    Hi Zack. Great review! It’s what ultimately led me to getting an sp-1. I do have a question, I’m having a hard time getting prints to look similar to my (sold) neo Classic 90. Is there a secret to it or are the prints from the sp-1 just not as good as an instant fujifilm camera? I’m finding mine a bit more dull, but I’m more worried about the sharpness. I used a whole pack to figure out how to get the color right but thought I’d ask about sharpness before I start applying and printing. Thanks!

    • Mikee

      Never mind, I must have missed that sentence about not being as sharp. The only downfall to a pretty cool instant print of any photo in your library

  41. dani

    I just read your beautiful article Zack.Really inspiring. Just share for x100s user.IMHO you can use some workaround, i use x100s and ipad mini with camera kit reader. also i use Moto G Android with US$3.0 USB On the Go kit.To transfer from SD card fr x100s to phone or ipad.and then
    from iOS or Android you can print to Instax using InstaxApps.
    The plus is you can do some editing on snapseed or vsco before send it to Instax apps for print.hope it can help.thanks

  42. James

    Actually, I love that photo – it’s the little flaws, and the moment, which make it. I also love the sound of that printer – thanks for this!

  43. adam

    zack – i was chatting with a rep from fujifilml usa at CES yesterday about the instax and i mentioned you had written about walking around with the printer and the x100t. he said he knew you and had spent some time with you in germany. i asked if there were plans for a ‘holster’ for the instax and he said you had fashioned one to go on your belt.

    any chance we could see a picture of that?

    i also asked if there were plans for producing the printer in other colours, like a dark grey or black – he said he didn’t know, but you never know.

  44. Chip Quinn

    You should spend your life on the street with a camera.

  45. Steven

    What a wonderful story; it’s nice when you make an impact on someone’s life like this, no matter how small the impact. A great gesture…

  46. Mark

    LOVE this story. I just found out about the SP-1 the other day while watching the Fuji guys talk about the 3.0 firmware for my X-T1. Gotta have one by May for a trip to Haiti. This thing will be a huge hit with kids that have very little to celebrate. Thanks for this story Zack

  47. Sri

    Thank you SO much for this! I was having a hard time deciding between the printer and the neo instax! I felt the SP-1 didn’t give that ‘polaroid’ filter feeling which came with the flash but then the camera would waste film if I didn’t take the picture properly. I have decided to take the SP-1. Lovely pictures by the way! 😀 The article was so delighting to read and I will definitely follow this blog from now on.

  48. Michael

    Zack, thank you for this beautiful story. I just got my instax printer and love it! With the x100t, it’s awesome! I’m shooting my friend’s kids bday party tomorrow, and will be bringing it with plenty of film!

  49. Brian

    Absolutely amazing story of connecting with people thru photography. As someone that is genuinely shy to the prospect of meeting new people, and whose camera is often something to hide behind, it is inspiring to see the ways in which people can share a bond with strangers through imagery. You’re a legend!

  50. dedknipser

    The pic of the bridge girl is turned 90 degrees, so the white strip is up. Had this on both SP-1 and SP-3, and I actually found out why:
    Pictures are turned only if I print directly from my X-T1 or X-E2.
    For printing them the right, you have to enable auto rotation in the display settings of your cam BEFORE you print pictures. And if you don’t like this orientation on your display, just turn it off after printing again.