Me and my dad

Welcome to DEDPXL. This is where I was going to tell you about this new venture I am starting and describe the different features and content that I have in plan for you. Then I found this picture of me and my dad…

My dad was an amateur photographer. He loved reading reviews of new equipment and he swore by Vivitar Series 1 lenses like some dads’ swore by Buick or Pontiac. My dad gave me my very first camera when I was in fifth grade. It was a Vivitar tele 603 110. I loved the clicks and clacks that little camera made when you switched from normal to telephoto, and the noise it made when it advanced the film.


For The Record... My Dad Was A Canon Man.
No Wise Cracks You Nikon Shooters.


When I was fifteen my dad gave me his old Canon AE1 slr with a 50mm 1.8 lens. While I no longer have the Vivitar 110, that old Canon is now in the hands of my talented niece. She’s using it for her high school photography classes. That’s where I really got started with photography myself. In a very strange turn of events showing how damn small this world is — my niece’s first art teacher when she entered high school was my high school art teacher.

Look at that photograph above. How many things are going wrong with that photograph? Let me count the ways:  On camera flash. Ugh. Not the most flattering angle in the world. Dead centered “sniper” composition. There’s that little thing reflecting light at the top of my dad’s head. That’s bugging me. And… how about the dirty bottoms of those shoes my dad is wearing? Totally distracting. It’s a horrible photograph isn’t it?

You know how much I care about that? None. I cherish this photograph.

Aside from all the sentimental emotions I have attached to this photograph it reminds me of something very important that many of us photographers absolutely lose sight of. My dad had fun with photography. If I am going to be really honest, he wasn’t a very good photographer. Now, he knew his exposure triangle; he could talk all day with the guys down at the camera store about contrast, color, chromatic aberrations, features of this new camera vs. that other new camera. Technically my dad was a good photographer but his photographs were… meh. He enjoyed it though. He wasn’t trying to set the photography world on fire. He wasn’t hoping to be the next Avedon.

I lose sight of the joy and fun of photography. With every photo I take I’m trying to advance my art, my career, and my legacy. I’ll pass on photographic opportunities at times because I deem them unworthy of my portfolio. Photography is my job and sometimes all of it is work. Here at DEDPXL I hope to revive some of that love and joy of the craft. I’m hoping to capture a little bit of pure stupid fun again. I’m also hoping to be a resource to you good folks out there who are pursuing this craft for fun or for work. Let’s have fun with this — but let’s watch that composition. And get that flash off the camera. And watch out for those dirty shoes in the shot. And see that bright shiny thing above your subject’s head? Let’s get that out of there. It’s distracting. Maybe a higher shooting angle would be helpful as well.

We still have some dust settling around here at DEDPXL. We may run into a technical snag from time to time. You’ll see some formatting things get changed and tweaked as we start filling this place with content. Sign up for the newsletter. Stick this in your RSS feed. Please share this site with your friends. Please support the sponsors who are helping bring all of this to you.

Thanks for my cameras dad. I sure do miss you.


Zack Arias

A full time commercial and editorial photographer, Zack shoots everything from bands to CEOs to ad campaigns. A gifted teacher and communicator, he has an uncanny ability to meet and connect with all types of people.

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  1. Marcus Neto

    Congrats on the launch Zack. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  2. Don

    This looks like a great new beginning. Looking forward to it.

  3. Jorge Ledesma

    Nice intro Zack !! Getting on the bandwagon for the ride.

  4. Phil

    Best of luck with your new project, Zack

  5. Juma

    The third paragraph is truth. While we strive to create beautiful images, at the core of the thing is relationship, we should never lost that. Congratulations Zack.

  6. Jeff Weiler

    Very nice, Zack, very well said! You honor your Dad, which is awesome.

    My only question…you mean there was a time you didn’t have the beard?

    Thanks for the site, looking forward to it!

    • Zack Arias

      Hahaha! Yep. Just that once. 🙂


  7. Jay Scott

    We’ve been waiting so long and from just reading this you have made me so excited to see what’s to come and find more fun in my work.

  8. Terrie Thompson

    Zack- The wait has been long, but I am so glad for you, and for all of us admirers, that you’re about to launch!

    I’m probably like your Dad, just really enjoy and have fun with photography. I bought my X100S last March after reading your 100 and 100S “reviews.”

  9. Jakob Gronkjaer

    Looking good Zack, best of luck with this, you’re an inspiration. Still won’t forget the soft box you made out of the cardboard box packaging for a toilet seat at GPP London, awesome stuff!!! :):):)

  10. Patrick "Nuksta" Owens

    Congratulations on your new site Zack – love the spirit so far and can’t wait to check out the rest of the site and what is to come…

  11. Graham

    Great first post! Really looking forward to this whole venture.

  12. Teresa

    Looking forward to getting involved with the assignments! Thanks for the initiative of the site and I LOVE the photo of you & your Dad!
    If I ever make it to ATL from MTL I’d love to have a beer with you & Meg!

  13. Marcin

    Great intro Zack! Looking forward to the new site. Best of luck, cheers.

  14. Eddy D

    Just as a family photo should be. Funny how you dont delete blurry photos of your kids, but any other time!

    Site looks great. looking forward to the One Light 2

  15. Barry

    Congratulations! I understand the part about only shooting hi-brow portfolio stuff, but it never stopped me from just rolling around with a camera. Any camera. Time to grab that Holga and get down to some serious fun my friend.

  16. Luis

    Thanks for this Zack! This is the first time that I catch something like this from scratch, hopefully I will be able to learn a lot as well as share anything from my side. Hope this builts into a great community… Cheers and Congrats!

  17. Jeff Givens

    Joy for joy’s sake is underrated. Let the fun begin!

  18. Patrick "Nuksta" Owens

    Congratulations on the the new site Zack. Love the spirit behind your intro post and can’t wait to check out what is still to come… having a resource for the FUN part in photography sounds like such a great and… hum… fun idea 🙂

  19. Jeff Dolan

    Welcome BACK! In force, with heart. Love it.

  20. Oliver

    It’s aliveeeeeee! Congratulations on the launch Zack. Been waiting for this. 🙂

  21. Brian Rodgers Jr

    I’ve been waiting for this site to launch for quite some time now. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community. Thanks to Zack and sponsors for making this happen!

  22. Tom Marriage

    Looking forward to this Zack. Thank you.

  23. Rideout Photo

    This first post, well, it makes me very excited for your new site. See, on my 16th b-day, MY Dad gave me a AL-1, with a 50mm 1.8. We lost it in a house fire just 18 months later. But when I started shooting in college, and told him that’s what I was gonna do… He broke out the old A1, and all the lenses, (including his favorite Vivitar series 1 28-90 f2.8) When I showed prints that were taken with that camera at portfolio reviews, people asked if I was shooting with a Leica, I said “Not even close” I had most of my gear stolen from my home a couple of years ago, but they didn’t get that old A1, and if they had I would’ve hunted them down, and done unspeakable things. I will NEVER part with that camera.

  24. Alex Ulleri

    Congrats on the launch.

    I got my first camera from my dad as well. A Konica Autoreflex T3. At 8 years old I would run around the house clicking away. I eventually learned film went in it…lol. I just loved the view of the world threw that prism. Lost pops a year ago and miss him too…ah shit now I’m crying. Thanks for memories and sharing this passion with me Dad.

    Good luck with the site Zack, it’s going to be great.

  25. Chad

    I’ve been looking forward to this launch for so long. I was in a nasty crash a while back and sites like yours and Hobby’s really helped get me through.

  26. Sean

    Awesome. Looking forward to seeing what is in store. Thanks for taking us on this photo adventure!

    p.s. your dad’s pants are legendary (and I mean that in a good way).

  27. Vivian

    Inspiring project! Congratulations! Now looking for lines!

  28. John

    Mmmmm photography content…..keep it coming. The photography community needs more people like you. It’s an exciting time to be a photographer and I look forward to seeeing where you take this!

  29. Todd

    Aloha Zack !

    Thanks for helping to “revive the Love and Joy” in our craft…Much Respect!

  30. Diego

    Awesome, cannot wait to see what you have planned!

  31. Vivian

    Congratulations! This is really inspiring!. Now looking for lines.

  32. Jeff Guyer

    Awesome stuff, man. Looking forward to the adventure.

  33. Vivian

    Congratulations this is really inspiring. Now looking for lines.

  34. Andrew Brosig

    Dude: There is nothing wrong with that photo! It’s perfect, by the true nature of what photography is supposed to be. Technically perfect? Maybe not. But it definitely tells the story.

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new site launch. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I could have written most of what you said about the reasoning behind the new site. More precisely, you could have been writing that about me. Best of luck with the site and I’ll definitely be back.

  35. Rich C

    Zack, glad to see the new site. I got excited with the e-mail the other week that it was coming, and very excited tonight to see it live. Yes, I’m easily excited and entertained.

    It’s been years since I started following along with you, and I’ll be happy to continue following along at this site. Enjoyed my OneLight V1, I’ll check out what’s up with the V2.

  36. Els

    Almost embarrassed to admit this, but I got all giddy when I saw the email come in announcing the site launch. But I guess that’s the point, right? Can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us who find inspiration in you and what you do, and what you manage to give back to us in addition. Cheers!

  37. Ryno

    Well done and look forward to it

  38. Elvis Vasquez

    Thanks Zack for all your hard work.

    Be blessed, 🙂

  39. Joe Justice

    Zack, Congrats on the new venture; looks great – and I love the photo of you and your Dad. Personal moments like this are absolutely invaluable.

  40. Kyle M.

    Congrats Zack! Looking forward to reading this on a frequent basis. I’m stoked for one light 2.0!


  41. Mamen Saura

    Thank you Zack & Meg for being such an inspiration! Truly looking forward to see how this new adventure evolves and transform.

    …and now all I see is lines… mmm… thank you for the hex (I mean inspiration)?!

  42. oscar

    Welcome back Zack! Great to see dedpxl up and running. Loving the tone you are setting and looking forward to reading your material and putting it to use.

  43. Geremy Magbanua

    I am actually really excited about this. I feel like I can totally relate to your whole story, about trying hard to better myself as a photographer and further my business. But a lot of times, I seem to lose touch of what made me love photography in the first place. I just like taking pictures. I see something, I like it, I capture it and I save it forever. I too must keep reminding myself that its not always about composition, lighting, subject choice. Sometimes it’s just about the moment.

    Really looking forward to this project!


  44. P. Waldie

    Zack, looks great, look forward to coming along with you as you continue to grow it your ever expanding creative way. Maybe you can show us how to build that soft box from the special carton in the Loo. You must have left an indelible impression on the Brits.

  45. Robert Mooers

    Awesome, Zack! Glad to see you’ve launched (again)!

    *added to favorites*

  46. fahfah

    Ahhhh. Now everything feels right in the world again. ZackIsBack.

  47. Brian Rodgers Jr.

    Really happy to finally see the premiere of I’ve been looking forward to this site for quite some time now. Looking forward to being part of the community. Thanks to Zack and all the sponsors for making this happen!

  48. Michael

    some say the first sentence is the most important. this is going to be great!

  49. Steven Gotz

    You are a great teacher Zack, and I am sure everyone will benefit from your efforts.

  50. J.J.

    Thank you for making OneLight available in the future! I was late to the party when it was originally available. Thanks to YouTube, I discovered you about a year ago and have enjoyed your interwebs life and Photography Q&A book (which I accidentally bought 5 copies, but gave away as gifts).


  51. B. Wendell Jones

    Refreshing. You have honored your father well. Mine passed on this day (miss him too) and I enjoyed reading your critique of the image of you and your father.

    As serious hobbyist, I just want to “make a good image” as my photographer friend comments when we are together on an assignment. Technical correct – yes. But more importantly – communicates a message. Any message. But something meaningful. Some different.

    Congrats on the launch. I look forward to more refreshing content.


    B. Wendell

  52. Scott Kingston

    Fresh! Time for a pint… or 6.

  53. Hollis

    All I have to say…Those PANTS!!!
    Well that & Dad gave me the photo bug too.
    He had the big Kodak carousel projector loaded with tons of family slides.

  54. Bryan Karl Lathrop

    Always signal, never noise. That’s why we love you, Zack. Straight shooter, no fluff, no BS. Rock on. Can’t wait to see what you do with this pup. I know it’s gonna be awesome. Kudos.

  55. Jared

    I was so excited to get that e-mail earlier. Happy to see the site up.

  56. Jean-François

    What a great start!

    I still have great memories of my late father, handing me his camera, a Voigtlander Vitessa rangefinder…

  57. Danger

    You weren’t born with a beard? My mind is already blown!!

    I wish you lots of luck with the new venture, I’m sure it will be a success.

  58. Linda

    I have fallen out of the loop, but happy to be reconnected to you Zack, as I’m still on your email list. I recently lost my dad, and the minute I saw this photograph, I almost lost it. Very emotional for me. Love your authenticity and heart, wisdom and sage advice. Glad to be back in your world.

  59. marjorie amon

    I think the hands in the photograph are the key to this photo’s charm.
    I look forward to the progression of your new site!

  60. Eric

    Love the new site, Zack.

    I appreciate the comment about your dad because it sort of describes me. I’m not a great photographer, though I love taking (and talking) pictures all the same. But because of all the resources on the internet (like your stuff) and the ability to practice at hyper-speed with digital cameras, my photos are likely better than they would be if I were your dad’s contemporary.

    So many thanks to you!

  61. Michael D'Avignon

    Great pic. Looking forward to coming along on the DEDPXL adventure.

  62. Jay Loden

    Great to see the new site has launched Zack.

    I really had to comment though just to say man, you look exactly the same even as a little tyke! Sure, you have a beard now and all, but you could crop out a shot of your face in that pic without context and you’d *still* be totally recognizable. Too funny 😛

  63. Imke

    Congratulations on the new launch. A very nice story about your dad, I hope my kids will also pick up my love to photography, my 6 year old also just got his first camera and taking photos of everything, he is even smuggling the camera into school 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you at GPP next week, save travel to you.


  64. Jen Kessler

    ahhh little you looks exactly like you you minus the beard! i love old photos like this 🙂

  65. Ed Castillo

    Awesome! Thank you for all the inspiration and education on lighting and photography! You Rock!

  66. Danika

    This looks so awesome! I saw your link because someone posted on FB and I’m glad I came over to check it out 🙂

  67. Kathy Porupski

    Love the story Zack…So looking forward to more of your influence, inspiration and education. Congratulations on the launch! 🙂

  68. Bernardo Arce

    Zack! Congrats on dedpxl. You are truly an inspiring photographer, It’s weird to feel a connection with someone who doesn’t actually know you, but I must confess you do mean a lot me man! This post about having fun with photography couldn’t complement what you represent to photography in a better way. I had never written to you, but here I am saying, thanks thanks thanks!

  69. Kismet

    Yay! Congratulations on the launch!

    Dad’s are the best , aren’t they? They continue to inspire.

  70. Kevin

    Alright Zack! I have been looking forward to you newest online venture. I like the format. It certainly gives your community lots of opportunity to learn and participate. Hope we can add to your hard work.



    PS. Something in my heart went *twang!* and a little tear came to my eye reading about your dad. Thanks for sharing that memory about the joy that was behind his photography. That;s where I am – mediocre but trying to capture life and memories in the “best” way possible for myself and family.

  71. Kasia

    Good to see you back Zack, Master Of Inspiration!

  72. Ignace Maenhaut van Lemberge

    Congratz with your new project!
    Beautiful story of you and your dad…
    After 20 years as a professional photographer I’m still having a lot of fun in what I do not only thanks to my passion for photography but also thanks to guys like you who inspire me every day.
    Good luck with this project!
    See you on dedpxl…
    Take good care!

    From Belgium,

  73. wilfredo

    real nice dude. congrats!

  74. Joey

    That photo… I thought it was Hawke Danger. It’s so easy to forget that great people were once this small.

  75. Veli Rickhard Ojala

    Have a nice journey to wild seas of Blogostania! We hope you don’t get lost!

  76. Joel Antoine

    Thank you for this Zack. With all the hub bub of trying to get my business off the ground. I think I was loosing focus of why I got into photography, So its good to see a site like this. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  77. JofK

    Looked it through. Liked it. Congrats. Keep it coming.


  78. David Kelly

    Congrats on the new site launch Zack.
    BTW It’s amazing how much Hawke looks like you as a kid, I actually thought that was him in the picture at first

  79. Mark Loader

    Poll position and great start! Will be checking here often. One request…at the risk of sounding elitist (the X series will do that!) and exclusionist (is that a word?) can we please keep the trolls/naysayers/dipsticks THE HELL OUT? I’ve walked away from DPR because of these zombies and really hope they dont show up here. Since Transform your whole thrust seems to have been “hey come WITH me, you can do this stuff too” and from experience I can say that enthusiasm begets enthusiasm. Let’s go 😉 Love from Downunder

  80. DLuker

    Y’all did a great job here! Congrats to you & Meg & everyone who got this baby launched.

    I’m very excited & most grateful that you’re targeting the amateur/hobbyist/enthusiast as well as professionals. This is going to be fun AND educational!

  81. John Kile

    Great first post Zack! Nice tribute to your dad as well!
    Looking forward to following your site,


  82. Si GUY

    Cant really explain what all of this means to me.. Vvv exciting.

    Everything looks great, you seem great.. Poppa’s back in the kitchen.

  83. Tomasz Kowalski

    Hi Zack – Godspeed and all the best from Montreal!

    I just did buy the X100s – because of you. It’s your fault… thank you 😉

    OK, let’s rock’n roll!!!

  84. Mike Sears

    Happy to see what fun you bring to us!

  85. Lindsay Dunton

    This makes my day! I can’t wait to follow along – thank you for doing this! YOU ROCK!

  86. Sandrino

    The best thing about your Dad is that, weather knowing or not he passed on to you the joy of having passion and having fun – via photography. We all thank him for that. He must be proud that you have taken that and passed that to your loved ones and the photograph world. You are doing it at an extra large scale and enjoying it….keep it up kiddo!

    We support your efforts.


  87. Benjamin

    Awesome! Looking forward to the things coming here!

  88. Rey Cuba

    Hello Zack, I am from Cuba and the first time I heard from you was through a friend who lives in Miami, I started looking at your blog and try to learn as much as possible, in a way I am really close to your father´s story because of my background I tend to put to much onto gears, so I lost the track some way, but what I haven´t lost yet is the found of pursuing photography. Thanks for remind it this. The best of lucks with your new project.


    • Zack Arias

      Thanks Rey! Are you still in Cuba? I’ll be there in April in Havana!


      • Rey Cuba

        Hello Zack,

        I live in Cuba in Havana, it will be really fantastic for me to meet you, Please reach me at my email to give you my phone number.



  89. Richard Wintle

    Thanks for the reminiscence, congratulations on the launch (re-launch?) of DEDPXL. Honestly, if this post was the only thing you ever put here, it would still be worth visiting every now and then to re-read it. But because I am greedy, I am eagerly awaiting more. 😀

  90. Vic Román

    This is going to be rad! Thanks for this Zack.

  91. Paul J. Colombo

    How many of us were just like your father?? We could quote specs on gear that we would never possess. Spend hours at the camera store and dream…and talk. Go to pick up some stop bath or something…and it would take hours not the 25mins it should have.
    Thanks for the kick in the ass Zack…..looking forward to a few more.. also looking forward to your talks at Photo Shop World in April. I get to commute it this time!!

  92. Martin Giphart

    Don’t know if I’m the only visitor from the Netherlands, but I’m sure we dutch photographers love this site’s content! It was worth the wait…..

  93. Mikeyyah

    Can’t wait! Nice site so far, Zack!

  94. Carl

    Great job on the new site. That picture of you above looks just like the one of your son at the beginning of the first OneLight DVD…

  95. Michael

    Pure, stupid fun? I think I’m in the right place.

    • Zack Arias

      I definitely bring the stupid! Thanks for joining me on this ride! 🙂


  96. Kevin Block

    Zach – Congrats on the site launch. Great to see you at WPPI and I enjoyed your presentation, although as you said…whose idea was it to have it at 8:30 on a Sunday.

    Good on ya!


  97. Rob Williams

    Congrats on the web launch. Am looking forward to the assignments as a challenge. Hope GPP 2014 goes well. I’m in Dubai but couldn’t afford any courses this year 🙁

  98. Nuno Lapa

    I found you a few month ago.

    Since then I saw yours wokshops and bought both your books, and I´ve learned so much. But what really touch me was the video you did for Scott Kelby – “Transform”.

    I´m starving to get out and apply all that knowledge in my photography.

    A big thanks for all the inspiration, from a guy in Portugal trying to be someone in this industry that we love.

    All the luck in the world for you.


  99. Jeff Wade

    Congratulations on the new site, Zack!

    Altho I read it the first time from the library (which purchased it at my request), my very own copy of Q&A is on its way to me now… it will be a solid reference for years to come…

    I think the first camera I really explored photography with was my dad’s old Contax with Zeiss lenses… probably from the ’50’s. It was all manual (as I recall), so I was learning all the basics of aperture, speeds, DoF, etc… I think I was about 10 yrs old. Good memories.

    I look forward to reading more on your site… 🙂

  100. Jason Pickering

    Just bought the one light video. Own your book as well. Thanks for doing this.

  101. David Vaaknin

    Hi Zack,

    I have been following your work and q&a tumblr for quite some time now and wanted to congratulate you on starting DEDPXL and to wish you luck and success in this wonderful endeavor.

    This opening post is simply touching and inspiring.



  102. joe martin

    nice look and fast refresh time looking forward to more updates.

  103. geo

    Who put the 1st New Castle in your hands??

  104. Barry Paffey

    Hey Zack,

    Unfortunately in this day and age there are very few photographers that I can honestly say I trust. What I mean by that is there are far too many who want you to believe what they say simply to get you to buy their latest DVD or product that they are sponsored by.

    It’s reassuring to find someone like you that speaks the truth and isn’t blinded by all the hype that appears to come with being a, so called, professional photographer. Thanks for being honest.

  105. Lewis Baker

    Congratulations on the new site Zack!

    I’m looking forward to more content in the future and to learn more from one I’ve already learnt so much from already.

    All the best from the UK!

  106. Jim Gillispie

    Hello Zack. What a perfect way to start this new venture.
    My dad made thousands of perfectly exposed, horribly composed photographs. He picked up early my fascination with cameras and I grew up with a Kodak X-15 close by my side. When I turned 13 or 14 he passed down his Clarus Model MS-35 to me; my first “real” camera. That was 35 years ago, and I still run a roll or Tri-X through it a couple times a year.
    I gave up the dream for all the wrong reasons when I was too young and ignorant to realize the mistake. But dreams die hard when they’re born of passion, and in ’08 I realized I needed to start shooting again and see what I could accomplish. Watching your journey over the past few years has been an inspiration; a reminder that while it isn’t easy, it’s worth it. Thank you.

  107. Tom Ditmar

    Hi Zack,

    I purchased an X-E2 last month for my birthday and discovered you while researching the Fuji cameras a few months prior. I am already having fun shooting my camera, but happy to be able to follow along on your new site and hopefully participate. I am a beginner, but somehow connect with your style and enjoy your videos and articles. All the best, Tom Ditmar

    • Tom Ditmar

      btw; as I look at that photo, which I also love because we must be close in age and it brings back memories of those photos, I see you as the subject in the right third of the frame and the only thing clearly in focus.

  108. Harry Dubetz

    Congratulations, Zack.
    Great site, love your stuff.
    You might want to keep looking over your shoulder though.
    I think there’s a group called WAZ, and they have you in their crosshairs.
    Oh, WAZ stands for Wives Against Zack. They discover their husbands are buying all this gear, and that they got the ideas and recommendations from Zack.
    My wife would be a member if she knew about you. I frequently get the ORE (one raised eyebrow) and the WG (withering glance).
    Yesterday I got both. My new XT-1 arrived. Hot diggety damn.
    I promised to sell the X-Pro1. Maybe I should sell the Nkon D800.
    Oh, the ongoing agony of acquiring gear.

    Keep up the good work,


  109. Brian Bohannon

    Zack, you rock. Thanks for sharing the way. Looking forward to the ride!

  110. Gary

    Screw the critique; that’s a great shot because it tells the story and tells it well.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with this venture.

  111. Harry Dubetz

    Put a beard and a beret on that kid and guess who?

  112. Daniela

    Im afraid I always think first about relationships and love before composition & lightning but in the end what makes me the happiest person in the world is hugging my grandma or be in love with my boy over 15 years, and its the firsr step to be passionate in what i do, thats how it works for me. Congrats you re a honest and iliuminated person! Thanks for so much sharing!!

  113. K

    I love Zack Arias so much I would name my next child Arias. Just kidding! (Kinda, sorta. I really did consider it). I know I’m slow but I just stumbled upon your Q&A blog this week and love your writing style and honesty. It’s great. You’re great.

  114. Zoë G

    I like to tell my clients that I met my great-grandparents through the photos on my grandparent’s mantel. You’re going to introduce your grandkids to your dad this way.

    This is why we do photography. All I have of my father is photos now, too.

    DEDPXL the book is my go-to. Thanks for coming back to the noise.

  115. GUDRUN

    Sometimes when the youth speak you should listem thanks to my nephew Nick for telling me i should stop by. I guess i will joining this months challenge.

  116. Bob Mielke

    I want you to know that it makes me feel ancient when you say things like, “old Canon AE1 slr with a 50mm 1.8 lens”. because I was shooting that newly released gem back in the day. Now had you said, “That old Yashika Mat 124G” I still was shooting that camera as well. LOL – Bob

  117. Jennifer

    My dad was older as well when I was conceived; I was born when my father was 38. I miss my father too–he died from lung cancer.

    Sometimes I feel a little cheated because he was so old when I was born, so I didn’t get that many years with him. But there are those that never even met their father, so that puts things in perspective.

    I love photography but I don’t think he ever operated one a single time in his life. He did pass on his fiddle playing skills to me though and got me my first violin.

    Love your work Zack, thanks for setting up this site!

  118. Murray - Real Focus

    Zack, good luck from London Town. I will be reading with interest.
    Much agree about finding the fun element again..

  119. Dwight Parker

    Glad to have found the site…looking forward to your insights and learning a thing or 2….

  120. Ioannis Imamidis

    Just found you. Great site and mentality! Hope it grows bigger. I am certainly joining the ride from now on

  121. Jim Kuhr

    What a great legacy and thanks for sharing the story. The goals you outlined are perfect for me, I’m not a great photographer but every now and then I get a photo that I actually think is pretty ok. Either way I enjoy the heck out of the hobby and sharing in both growing my skills and the pure craft as a part of this group sounds like a real opportunity.

  122. Andrew

    A photo like that would obviously be priceless to you, Zack. Nice memories then. Photographically speaking, mine start with my father bringing home a Praktica SLR with Carl Zeiss Jena lens, when I was about eleven…

    And by the way, I’m coming backwards to this after having discovered the blog through a Facebook link to the X100T post. Glad to have found your blog, Zack.

  123. Lars

    Love the words. Really inspiring! Hope I get the chance to visit on of your workshops some day. Cheers from Berlin.

  124. Ryan Hostetter

    Im looking forward to this new site, I have noticed that im not having much fun anymore, and I only do this part time.. time to get back to fun and not worry about the rest.

  125. Mathew Donovan

    It’s funny, the things I noticed (some were the same) but you noticed far more than I did… it’s that critical eye that really separates the good photographers from the amazing ones indeed. Also… that’s an awesome captured moment, regardless of the flaws you see

  126. Matt Wing

    Good luck with it all, looking forward to seeing what the new venture brings.

  127. j

    Oh man can I ever relate to this post about your dad. It was because of him and Paul Simon that I became a “Nikon man”. My dad taught me all about photography and to this day nothing and I mean nothing can equal the feeling – the sheer gut reaction – brought on by the CRACK of a Nikon shutter and film advance.

    I have so many photos just like the one in your post.

    Cheers mate. thanks for bringing back some good memories.

  128. Richard

    Another great photography blog to keep an eye on! It’s great to see other people’s work, it’s inspirational…

  129. Axel

    Hey Zack,
    I’m a french student in mechanical engineering. But I really love photography, that’s maybe why I didn’t do it as a daily work. I’ve already seen most of your videos and posts. You’re one of the reason why I love photography. I feel I want to read your posts again. So I’ll go through every single one.
    This comment may not have any sense but I needed to write it. Sorry if it’s unusefull.
    I really your philosophy about photography, so thank you to share all that stuffs, I suppose it takes a lot of time to do.
    Thanks !

  130. Samuel

    Thanks Zack!