An Ambitious Lazy Procrastinator · DEDPXL

Hey everyone, I’m Caleb Arias and I’m the oldest of the four boys in our house. I’m 15 and was going into the tenth grade, but this year is different because I’m being homeschooled.


 My interests include:


Shooting and editing video

Drawing (Pen and paper & also on a Wacom tablet)



Story telling

Video games

Fresh grapes



I really don’t like school. I developed this dislike in the 5th grade and 5 years later I’m finally doing something about it.

In eighth grade I watched a lot of videos about the educational system and TED talks about homeschooling and it really caught my interest. Some of those videos include:

About halfway through eighth grade, I asked my parents if I could be homeschooled and they told me to think about it more and that they would also think about it. So summer goes by and I’m thinking about all the pros and cons and what it would be like to be homeschooled. I could come up with only one con at the time and it remains the biggest con: Not being able to hang out with my friends as much. The hardest and absolute worst part about being homeschooled is I only get to see my friends about two to three times a week (which is partly my fault) but I have to make plans and check with more people. It creates this whole new process to be with them as opposed to just walking out of school and instantly being with them for several hours and then going and doing it the next day. The only other con that I can think of is that it can get pretty boring on some days.

To get back on topic, near the end of 9th grade Meg and my dad came to me and told me that if I still wanted to be homeschooled that they would be willing to try it out. Obviously I said yes! On what would’ve been my first week as a 10th grader (starting August 4th) I got to assist on a photoshoot for Mellow Mushroom, go on a GOYA, met a guy who could give me an internship, shoot a video for DEDPXL, and spend time with my awesome cousin Grayson — who I sadly don’t get to hang out with as much as I’d like to — all because I’m homeschooled. That for me is what makes me happiest. I get so many more opportunities homeschooling as opposed to traditional school.

So here’s the thing with me:
I am good at lots of things but I’m not FANTASTIC at any of them.

I’m no better at drawing than I am at long boarding and I’m no better at shooting video than I am at editing it. It’s like instead of having a Masters degree in one thing I have a certification in about ten, and I love all of those things. The problem I face is deciding where to invest my time, money, and effort. I’m fortunate to have everything I need to create what I create, but the problem is I don’t create enough. There are zero excuses for me to not be making something awesome. I have everything I need. I have it too good. I have all of these things but no drive. No ideas. I’m always thinking of things to create but I get caught up in how much effort its GOING to take and how MUCH work I’m GOING to have to put into it to get the results I want. I think too much about how much it’s gonna suck MAKING the product and not the extreme glorious beautiful heart warming sensation a completed project brings me. Every time I say I’m going to do something, and then it gets done, and I see what I’ve created and I’m happy with it, there is no better feeling in the world. I inspire myself. (Explosion in the background while I look out into the distance with an eagle screeching inspirational quotes.)


I shoot and edit about 93% of all the videos on DEDPXL and when I saw the finished Crop vs Crap video I had this feeling of, “Yeah I did something!” My heart skipped 7 billion beats when it got picked up by all these websites and blogs and seeing the views go up just gave me this immense joy incomparable to anything.

I want what ever I do in life to give me that kind of joy. I feel like everyone deserves that kind of joy in their lives someway if through work, children, friends, religion, whatever. That’s what I want myself and everyone on this planet to have. Maybe that’s what I’ll do for a living. Make everyone happy by doing something that makes me happy.

So DEDPXL community I am asking you a favor: How should I invest my time, money, and effort into the work I do? When youre in a creative funk and don’t know what to do, how do you get your ass up off the couch and create a finished product? What gives you motivation? Thank you.


An ambitious lazy procrastinator (AKA Caleb)