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I’ve used a lot of cameras and I know that this bag of cameras is not done evolving yet but it’s pretty solid right now and this gear will last me for some time to come.

Let’s start with the Phase One XF100. As I say in the video, this is the most ridiculous camera I have ever owned. I’m working on a post on the XF100 so I won’t go into much more detail here.

Next up is my beloved XPro2 from Fuji. It is my favorite small format interchangeable lens camera in the Fuji lineup right now. It’s a beautiful camera to look at. A beautiful camera to shoot with. It’s such a huge improvement to the original XPro. The main reason I shot with the XT1 for so long is simply because there was no XPro2. The XT1 was a stopgap until this camera came out. The only thing it lacks is the ability to shoot tethered like the XT2. If I’m shooting tethered though I’m going to shoot with the Phase One.

I’m currently traveling with five lenses for the Fuji. The 27mm pancake, 23mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2, 16-55 2.8, and the 10-24 4.0. Sometimes I drop the 35 f2 in there but my camera bag is pretty full as it stands so those first five are typically always packed in there. My least favorite lens in this line up is the 16-55. It’s a fine lens. It’s sharp. Fast. All that. It’s just awkward on the XPro2 as far as balance goes but it’s a good run and gun lens.

Finally I have my Fuji X100T in the bag. There’s still this part of me that wants to build a kit with Two X100F’s, three flashes, and the two conversion lenses for the X100. That whole kit would cost far less then the Phase One 35mm leaf shutter lens that I eventually want to upgrade to. I could shoot plenty of magazine and commercial jobs with just that kit. The ultimate minimal kit. One day I’m going to lose my mind and build that exact kit. One day.

“Zack. Why don’t you just do that then?”

“Because medium format. It’s just so effing gorgeous.”

“Why not sell the Phase and get the GFX then?”

“Errrr. Um. Yeah. I ask myself that question too.”

I had a pre-production model of the GFX for five days and that camera is beautiful. It is as easy to use as a DSLR but brings image quality up ten notches from smaller format cameras. I call it medium format to go. It’s far easier to hand hold and run and gun with the GFX than with the Phase. I’m still considering selling off the vast majority of my Fuji X mount system to upgrade to the GFX. I sold my Canon gear because at the end of the day my Fuji cameras could stand up to the quality of my DSLRs. But that GFX though. It spanks the DSLR world for the kind of work I shoot.

The GFX would be a great back up to my Phase and would then be my handheld run and gun camera. I’m telling you, once you shoot medium format you want EVERYTHING you shoot to be medium format. There’s no going back once you go medium format. At least not for me.

If you have any questions about any of this or would like to see posts and videos that go further in depth on something I’ve talked about here just let me know in the comments!


List of gear in the video

Think Tank Airport International v.3
Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 v.2
Ona – The Brixton – Leather Bag

Phase One XF100

Fuji X-Pro2
Fuji X100F (I have the T version but will be upgrading to the F)

Fuji 23mm 1.4
Fuji 27mm
Fuji 35mm f2
Fuji 56mm 1.2
Fuji 10-24mm
Fuji 16-55mm

Fuji X100 Wide Converter
Fuji X100 Tele Converter

Think Tank Cable Management 20
Think Tank Cable Management 10
Think Tank DSLR Battery Holder
Think Tank CF Pixel Pocket Rocket
Think Tank SD Pixel Pocket Rocket

Black Rapid Street Breathe (For my Fuji’s)

JBL Bluetooth Speaker



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