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It’s a funny thing.  You can’t contain it and it seems impossible to track down; sometimes it’ll blast into your brain like a lightning bolt with no notice at all, and other times you’ll spend months trying to track it down so it can ignite your brain and your creative lobe with fire and flame to get you back to working again.

Like the video above.  The team at DEDPXL wanted us all to come up with something about Inspiration.  I looked out my studio window thinking of what I could do, and as my eyes came back into the studio Muppet Sid was sitting on the shelf.   He wanted to speak.

My brain caught on fire, so I set up some lights, and a microphone and I asked Muppet Sid to talk to me about inspiration.

It can come at you from any angle at any time.  I love movies and film and music and toys and anime and comics and video games and stuff, stuff, stuff.  I surround myself by things that make my brain excited.

These things we do; creating and painting and baking and photography and movies and drawing and drafting and writing and signing – is all a mixture of love and craft and talent and vision and inspiration.  Keep your eyes open a little bit larger when you look.  Inspiration is like The Force – it’s everywhere and surrounds us.  Always be looking.



Sid Ceaser

Sid Ceaser is a commercial, editorial & fine art photographer based in Nashua, NH and is a monthly contributor to DEDPXL. In addition to shooting he also teaches workshops and runs a podcast with designer Dave Seah.

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