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LumoPro LP180


The new LumoPro LP180  is my new go-to hotshoe flash. I’ve used a number of flashes over the years. From the Vivitar 285, to Sunpak 120j’s, to SB-80DX’s, to Yongnuo 560 II’s. While I really like the Yongnuo flashes, when they work, the problem is… “when they work.” Since they are so brutally cheap it’s hard not to be attracted to them. The problem, though, is their lifespan. I bought four of the 560 II models and only two of them are still alive. Two went down inside of a year. You get what you pay for.

I bought the Yongnuos because the LumoPro LP180 was not yet released. Now I’m only using the LP180’s and I absolutely love them. At $200 they are priced right for the quality you are getting. Also, LumoPro stands behind their flash with a two year warranty and kick ass customer service. I love these flashes so much that I approached them to be a sponsor of this site. Note that I was a customer of their’s before they sponsored DEDPXL.

Great things about the LP180 ::

• 1/4 20 thread built into the side of the flash. Perfect for mounting to a swivel adapter without needing a cold shoe!
• PC and Miniphone port.
• Multiple optical slave modes for use with cameras that have a pre-flash.
• Rugged build quality.
• Two year warranty.

Get the LumoPro LP180 flash at Midwest Photo Exchange.

I use a JCC FB1 external battery pack (Canon connector) on my LP180’s for faster recycle times and extended time between battery changes. It’s about $35 on Amazon. The JCC battery pack holds eight AA batteries and allows for one second recycle times on the LP180 at full power.


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