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Sara Lando kicks so much ass. She kicked my ass during this year’s GPP Shootout in Dubai. Now she’s coming to the States to kick some ass over here.

Sara is a special kind of person. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. In fact, Meghan calls Sara her wife. She swears she’s going to marry Sara one day*. Sara has a personality and a way of thinking about photography that is captivating. Maybe it’s just her Italian accent. Or maybe it’s how driven and talented she is when it comes to photography and mixed media work. She’s quite talented with a camera. That talent is taken ten steps further in the physical and analog work she creates after the shutter is released. She thinks differently. She sees differently. This is why you need to come to one of her workshops next month in Baltimore or Atlanta.

I dropped in on her mixed media class in Dubai and was jealous that I couldn’t spend the whole day with the class. I walked in and there was a flurry of activity. People were shooting photos, shooting photos of photos, shooting through things, burning things, submerging photos and more things in water. It was like arts and craft class gone wild. The work the students were creating was fantastic. It fed right in to my recent desire to get my hands dirty with my craft again. I miss those days in the darkroom where I had a physical connection to the photographs I was making. There’s something to be said about the tactile experience in creating something. Pushing a mouse around just doesn’t do it.

Sara Lando


Sara Lando


This is what Sara will do for you as a photographer… She’s going to throw your head for a loop. She’s going to have you look past apertures and shutter speeds and which brand of softbox to use. She’s going to drill into the creative part of your brain. I know for me I get too technical and I have a hard time with the conceptual. Sara excels in this regard. I’m not saying she isn’t technically capable because she is. Quite so. For her, though, the technical fades to the back of her mind and the ideas start to flow. You really need to come to one of her classes.

You can get the dates and details on her web site. She will be in Atlanta August 16th and 17th. Saturday (16th) she will be holding two half day workshops followed by a smaller full day hands on workshop on Sunday (17th). She’ll then be off to Baltimore where David Hobby is hosting her for the same format August 23rd and 24th. There is already a waiting list for her full day Baltimore class and I suspect there will soon be for the Atlanta one as well.

Be sure to check out her site and David Hobby’s post about her upcoming workshops for more information!




*Meg here. Obviously I can’t marry Sara. She already has a perfectly good husband who has a fantastic beard and runs 50km races up and down mountains for fun. I already have a perfectly good husband who has a fantastic beard and rides his bicycle 2 km to the pub to get a beer. What more could either of us want? Still I pine for her. 😉 Also, I took a couple of her classes in Dubai, and, while I’m not a “real” photographer, I learned so much and had a blast; it was amazing to watch her work. Look at it this way, you could either spend your Saturday or Sunday or both days sitting around doing the same old same old or doing yard work OR…OR you could come to Decatur (ATL) and hang out with a beautiful Italian woman, learn fantastically interesting things while talking with ridiculously interesting people and having a stupidly, dare I say, unbearably good time with us?

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