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While Sara Lando was in town our intern, Bernard, and I thought we’d have a little shootout with each other with Sara being the subject. We have picked two of our favorite shots of Sara and are now presenting them to you to vote on. Bernard and I have two ways to win. The first being who gets the most votes for the overall winning image. The second way we can win is seeing who gets the most votes total between their two photos. It’s kind of like a presidential election in the States. The images below are labeled 1 – 4. You can vote at the bottom of this post. We’ve stripped the EXIF data so don’t even bother. Plus, we might have traded cameras or styles or ways of doing things just to mess with each other and with you.

SL01   SL02   SL03   SL04
Who shot Sara best? Vote this week and we’ll announce the winner this weekend. This is just for fun. If I beat Bernard then it shows the master still reigns over the intern. If Bernard wins then it shows how good of a teacher I have been. See… I will find a way to make myself the winner no matter what happens. 🙂




3  came in first followed by image #1. 

We’ll reveal the winner next week when Bernard and I each post about our shoot with Sara. Thanks for voting everyone! Stay tuned for the story behind each one!


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